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How Social Media Has Changed the Hotel Business

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Guest post by Ann Manion , president of Hotel Advantage. As a specialist in hotel reputation management, I’ve watched hoteliers confront companies such as Trip Advisor and request the removal of unfavorable reviews from their profiles.

Hotel Fines Newlyweds $500 For Negative Reviews – What Were They Thinking?

Melissa Agnes

Union Street Guest House, a hotel in Hudson, New York, is being slammed for a policy they put in place in order to prohibit wedding parties from posting negative online reviews about them.

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Friday Wrap #138: FCC warns hotels, Snapchat delivers news, the Uber model proliferates, and more

Holtz Communication + Technology

FCC warns hotels never to try blocking guest WiFi —After Marriott withdrew its petition for permission to block guest WiFi, the U.S. Flickr photo courtesy of It was another big week for news, reports, posts, and updates of interest to communicators.

The Purpose Hotel, Dyson’s New Robot Vacuum And Target’s Big Bet On Kids | Issue #24

The Influential Marketing Blog

Every week I visit Kickstarter to back quirky or interesting projects, and this past week one of my choices was The Purpose Hotel.

Yorkshire’s most romantic hotel–OX Pasture Hall

Norton's Notes

Last weekend I was kindly invited to Ox Pasture Hall to sample the hotel and see what I thought about it and the surrounding area. The hotel is widely known to boast an excellent reputation for outstanding food with a fine dining feel and excellent service.

Trump Hotels rebrands, shifts focus to millennials

PR Daily

Reports say Trump Hotels is among the first to suffer. This week, execs announced that its newest hotels will no longer feature Trump’s name—long a hallmark of the company’s properties. The new hotel line—a luxury brand marketed to millennials—will be called Scion.

Will a Trump Hotels rebranding woo a new audience?

PR Daily

For Trump Hotels, it’s everything. What’s the point of staying at a luxury hotel if you can’t Instagram your room’s million-dollar view? The travel site Hipmunk recently announced that Trump Hotel bookings had declined nearly 60 percent in the first half of 2016.

Strengthen Your Marketing Channels in 2015

David PR Group

The event was sponsored by Intercontinental Hotels and Bacardi , and the publicized goal was to choose a signature specialty cocktail that will be showcased in the hotels next year. The hotel chain’s goal was fairly clear to me from the outset.

On Writing and Advice from Ernest Hemingway

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When Ernest Hemingway suggests you do something with your writing, you stop and listen. Here are books he advises you read, how to overcome writer's block, what to do about the art of revision, and more. The post On Writing and Advice from Ernest Hemingway appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Oscar Nominated Films and Their PR Takeaways


Uncategorized Birdman Boyhood business Differentiation Film Grand Budapest Hotel Movies Oscars PR public relations storytelling Takeaways Wes Anderson The Oscars are finally (almost) here! Every year I look forward to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s star-studded event.

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Hotel Review – Applegarth Villas Bowness Windamere

Norton's Notes

We did the usual extensive search online and TripAdvisor and came across an adults only hotel called Applegarth Hotel which is located about a mile from the boat port of Bowness. To the back of the hotel is a quiet field which means you aren’t overlooked.

Tripadvisor and how to get fined for negative reviews

Norton's Notes

Tony and Jan Jenkinson, had been on their way to Oxford to visit family, when they stopped off at a Blackpool hotel to split up their journey. The couple then felt they received a poor quality of service at the hotel and in turn wrote a negative review on Tripadvisor. The hotel then decided to take £100 off their card as a fine for this review. The Broadway Hotel had imposed the fine on the couple after they described the hotel as a “rotten stinking hovel.”

Hilton, Choice Hotels garner positive PR for extended parental leave

PR Daily

The move garnered some positive feedback for the hotel chain on Twitter: @Probstisms , maybe we should switch from @Marriott to @HiltonHotels ! Choice Hotels announced that it would extend its parental leave and family care benefits in the United States.

An open letter to Marriott: I’m staying elsewhere as long as you want to block my WiFi hotspot

Holtz Communication + Technology

Dear Marriott: Your focus on the business traveler experience has made your hotels my first choice when I have to hit the road for work. In the petition, you claim these hotspots can be used to hack the hotel’s network and compromise guest privacy.

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Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience Today

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What is it about a hotel pool that makes it so exciting? I remember being ridiculously pumped as a kid about staying at a hotel and playing in the pool. When I find out I’m staying at a hotel that doesn’t have a pool, I automatically feel bummed and ripped off.

What Consumers Think About Travel Technology


Many are using digital travel technology, a trend that is changing the way consumers interact with airlines, hotel chains and other companies. While many airlines and hotels have created booking apps, those apps have not caught on.

The Moscow Marriott

Flatiron Communications

” Of course, the guy lounging by the Marriott Hotel pool, tablet in hand connected to the Internet via his cellular network, has no intention of fomenting an uprising against hotel management. Marriott Hotels Russia Vladimir Putin

Big Data and the Human Experience


Last week, I had the pleasure of spending 14 hours talking, thinking, and theorizing about the future of Big Data at Dell’s 1-5-10 Big Data event at San Francisco’s Clift Hotel.

How A Holistic Approach to Social Media Can Improve Brand Performance


For many, the name MGM Resorts International conjures up images of the big green hotel on the Las Vegas strip, aka the MGM Grand. In the case of MGM Resorts International, there are hotels that serve distinct audiences. Hotel chains have operated similar programs for years.

Moving Target: How Technology Changed the Travel Experience


While most hotels and airlines have yet to adopt wearable technology, one major brand has: Disney. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at a hotel after a long trek only to find that your room isn’t ready.

How Do I Split My Marketing Budget?

Spin Sucks

Ann is president at Hotel Advantage and she is a huge advocate of social media. I “met&# her only a couple of weeks ago, but have been really pleased not only with her level of engagement (see this newsletter on Hotel 71 ), but also at her ability to take on some risk and try new things.

United Flies Into Another PR Storm

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It offered as much as $800 and a hotel stay to anyone who would volunteer to take a later flight, but it had no takers. The public relations team at United had probably just started to breathe easy after the infamous “leggings” crisis when a second PR disaster hit.

Talent Unleashed Awards finalists highlight thriving UK tech startup sector

PR in High Definition

Next week we’ll be heading down to the Haymarket Hotel for the awards night, where we’ll find out […]. Last week we announced that we’ve been involved in helping to run the UK Talent Unleashed Awards and yesterday we announced our shortlist.

Where will you be sleeping on 3rd October 2014?

Paul Stallard's PR Blog

Your bed, maybe a relaxing hotel while on vacation? Wherever it is I am sure it will be warm and safe. I will be spending the night along with eight other colleagues sleeping on the streets of Reading to raise awareness and funds for abused and homeless children across UK & Ireland. With the current […

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How The UAE and Saudi Arabia Are Doing Great Things on Social Media

Melissa Agnes

I had to dip my toes in the Persian Gulf – and take a picture with the only 7 star hotel in the world, The Burj Al Arab. I loved the title of the Hotel Al Qasr’s concierge reception. This was one of the views from my hotel room.).

5 Lessons From Shockingly Honest Marketing Campaigns

The Influential Marketing Blog

Focus On The Story (Hans Brinker Budget Hotel). While you might not be familiar with this hostel located in the middle of Amsterdam, for more than a decade they have been using one of the most interesting and unexpected marketing strategies you will ever see from a hotel chain.

Five Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

Spin Sucks

If an article pops up in your news feed, and one includes a gorgeous rendering of a luxury hotel, and other just has a headline that says “new hotel,” which one would you rather read? By Rebecca Devine.

Social Media Fatigue

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I’m coming to you from a hotel room. But last time I recorded from a hotel room my friend Damian Dayton very kindly suggested I place myself in front of a window. Does it feel like it was JUST Facebook question of the week time?! Today is Thursday. Right??

Just Because You Get Away With Something For A While, Doesn’t Mean You Will Forever

Melissa Agnes

Last week I wrote about the Hotel that had a policy where they would fine newlyweds $500 for negative online reviews , whether written by the newlyweds or by any of their wedding guests. (If

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What You’re Really Paying For When Hiring A Photographer


And if it’s far enough away, you will need to start thinking about hotel and per diem expenses during their trip. “What? 1500.00 to hire a photographer? It’s just a picture. Anyone with a phone can do this. Tell you what, I’m willing to shell out 200 bucks.

Content discovery: The new Holy Grail of PR and marketing

Holtz Communication + Technology

Four Seasons Hotels, for example, launched a Pinterest campaign in 2013 called “ Pin. Big name digital properties have been making a lot of moves lately to make it easier for their users to discover great content.

Customer Loyalty in a Changing World

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Do you know that all the shampoo, shower gel, soap, and body lotions I use are almost all exclusively samples from different hotels? What’s the allure of random hotel bath items? By Laura Petrolino.

Nervous? Use the RAIN Meditation Tool to Calm Yourself Down

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A few years ago, I was standing in the lobby of a hotel, talking to Jay Baer. By Gini Dietrich. He was about to go on stage, in front of 200 or so PR firm leaders, to give one of his first speeches on The NOW Revolution , the book he co-authored with Amber Naslund.

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3 Tips to Build Your Reputation on TripAdvisor

David PR Group

Owners of some hotels and restaurants love it because it has cost-effectively leveled the playing field between small and large destinations and attractions. Above all, reviews are driven by customers and their experiences with the hotel, restaurant or attraction that they are patronizing.

PR Tactics in 2015: What’s Changed & What We Can Improve


As a newbie publicist, I wasn’t sure when to push back on client demands to jam-pack the itinerary, so my first trip had lots of early morning wake-up calls, hotel site visits, lengthy dinners with hotel managers that ran late and absolutely no free time. No boring hotel site visits!

Friday Wrap #140: News on Snapchat, Facebook immortality, Google’s healthcare move, life for print

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Flickr photo of a wrapping machine at work courtesy of of Rachel Tayse I’m drafting today’s Wrap from a hotel room in Santa Fe, where I presented the second of a two-day workshop on polishing web writing with the great writing coach/consultant/trainer, Ann Wylie.

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Public Relations is Everyone’s Business

Waxing UnLyrical

If you’ve ever stayed at any Ritz-Carlton hotel, you know just how terrific they are. They had Q-tips (most hotels don’t)! What terrific public relations ambassadors they are for the hotel.

Friday Wrap #149: Foursquare for sale, GE on TV, a hologram protest, brand emojis, fake reviews

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Selfies are useful in hotel marketing —You may be sick to death of them, but selfies can prove beneficial for hotel marketing efforts. Flickr photo courtesy of Michael Coghlan.

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Who will be first with Virtual Reality B-roll?

Holtz Communication + Technology

Marriott is using Oculus Rift technology to let visitors to its hotels find themselves on a Hawaiian beach or in downtown London. Which company or agency will be the first to include Virtual Reality files as part of a PR pitch? Journalists today are jonesing for videos and images.

Companies must prepare for the possibility of a Trump Crisis

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Vanity Fair —After the 33-year-old magazine published a blistering review of a restaurant in one of Trump’s hotels, the president-elect tweeted that the publication was “dead.”