5 Things Everyone Should Know About Pinterest


If you’re a parent, you probably recognize Pinterest as the place where overachieving parents go to make the rest of us feel inadequate. No more is this uniqueness demonstrated than in the PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats Pinterest page. Pinterest is engineered for monetization.

6 Tips to Become a Pinterest PR Pro


Pinterest has evolved a lot in the past few weeks. Why should your brand be on Pinterest? Sales messages and overt PR announcements don’t and won’t work on Pinterest. Leave it at home when planning PR activities for Pinterest. What are your tips for Pinterest as a PR pro?

Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business

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Pinterest has been around for quite a while now, at least in terms of a social media platform. The post Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business appeared first on Ronn Torossian 5WPR Founder Blog.

Pinterest Versus Instagram: Which One is Best For Your Brand?


I recently spoke with the director of marketing for a popular food brand who told me her organization was debating the pros and cons of Pinterest versus Instagram. Pinterest and Instagram are great ways for organizations to connect with customers. Who uses Pinterest?

Yes, You Need A Pinterest Business Account

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Are you still using a personal Pinterest account to promote your business or profit-earning blog? If so, read on to find out why you need a Pinterest business account. Why Do I Need Pinterest for Business? In the meantime, this is why you need a Pinterest business account: 1.

Instagram and Pinterest announce targeted ad features

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are an important and growing part of social media, accentuated by recently announced Instagram and Pinterest features. Pinterest is on the visual and mobile marketing bandwagon as well. Pinterest is also testing animated pins, which will move when users scroll.

Pinterest or Instagram for Pharmaceutical Marketing? Spoiler: It’s Both.


Especially since Pinterest and Instagram are basically the same: Both are image-driven social media platforms, using visuals in marketing that encourage sharing and engage your target audience. Pinterest and Instagram have distinct purposes and applications, so a better question is: Why would you limit your reach and capabilities by choosing one over the other? A Pinterest user focuses on discovery of other user’s content in common areas of interest.

Pinterest opens to third-party apps

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In an effort to compete for brands’ and fans’ affections, Pinterest has opened its application program interface to all third-party tools. Earlier this summer, Pinterest opened its API to a select group of developers, which led to integrations with companies like Polyvore, IFTTT and Topshop.

Pinterest launches native video, “Explore” feature

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Pinterest has announced a pair of updates that might help the visual social media site catch up to competitors such as Twitter and Facebook. The first is native video offerings that include autoplay features for Pinterest partners (read: advertisers).

10 ways PR and marketing pros can use Pinterest

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Pinterest isn’t just for organizations in the fashion, food, sports, homes and retail industries. A software organization started pinning its blog posts to Pinterest. Pinterest users are not their decision makers, but they do influence purchase decisions.

Pinterest bans affiliate links, moves towards 'buy' button

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Pinterest announced Thursday it would shut down affiliate links, a move that has made many bloggers angry and has others wondering what the visual social media site is planning. So #Pinterest is removing all affiliate links from this day forward??? Pinterest bans affiliate links.

Toon Time: Pinterest to the Rescue

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Toon Time: Pinterest to the Rescue. Erin Feldman Guest Posts Social Media Waxing Off With Sarah and Sheldon clutter organizing pinterest SarahErin Feldman is the marketing communications manager at TouchSystems , a touch screen company based in Hutto, Texas.

Pinterest goes after Google with new search ad product

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Pinterest is making a play to cut into Google’s dominance over the search ad market. It’s a natural progression for Pinterest, which has evolved into an important search tool for consumers seeking ideas on anything from what to have for dinner to which sofa to purchase.

Pinterest opens ads to all brand managers

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Pinterest is about to make a lot more money—theoretically, anyway. That means even the mom-and-pop shops can now reach the more than 100 million users on Pinterest. Pinterest will enable brand managers to upload databases of customer emails—much like Twitter and Facebook currently do.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

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Here’s the case for why you, a savvy marketer/social media manager, should add Pinterest to your company’s online presence. Pinterest = Plenty of People with Purchasing Power. Pinterest just surpassed 100 million users , Pinterest reports, which is a major milestone for the company.

Is Pinterest the most underutilized tool in social media?

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Pinterest. After all, Pinterest is still growing at a pretty significant clip. Historically, Pinterest has done a fantastic job of driving traffic, often one of the Holy Grails of measurement for the modern marketer. 75 percent of Pinterest usage takes place on mobile devices.

Pinterest and Instagram marry social media and shopping

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Pinterest on Tuesday announced the arrival of “buyable pins,” which will enable users to search for pins within a certain price range, choose a color for products such as clothes and buy directly through Pinterest’s app. Rich pins (those that have information such as the ingredients to a recipe or items needed for a project) also have “buy it” buttons, enabling users to buy the list of products without leaving Pinterest. Shopping on your smartphone is about to get easier.

Pinterest and Flipboard features focus on visual curation

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Thanks to Pinterest, you can now do even more with your smartphone or tablet. Pinterest also announced two other features: “Instant Ideas” and “Shop the Look.”. Shop the Look enables Pinterest users to find—and buy—products within the pins they find and curate.

Pinterest debuts video ads

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There’s further proof that video is completely taking over internet content: Now Pinterest supports video advertising. Pinterest was previously the last major social media platform to not allow moving picture advertisements.

Pinterest on track to make $169 million next year

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Those who are wondering if Pinterest is worth adding to their marketing strategies should know that the platform is growing by leaps and bounds. Pinterest has been the lone holdout in making an initial public offering so far among the major social media networks.

What Pinterest Marketers Must Know About Copyright


So this just happened: One of my more than 3,000 pins on Pinterest was just DELETED! Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has provided me with a space to collect content from around the Web, such as recipes, quotes, home decorating ideas, life hacks and fashion inspiration. Pinterest

Content creation expands with new Tumblr and Pinterest features

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Tiffany Beveridge turned her Pinterest boards about Quinoa—her “ imaginary well-dressed daughter ”—into a book of the same nature. On Tuesday, Pinterest announced that “ promoted pins ,” or advertisements within users’ home feeds, are now open to all U.S.-based

Pinterest credits machine learning tactics for rise in pins, repins

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Brand managers who use Pinterest to connect with followers and customers should success depends on machine learning. Pinterest has been improving its platform over the last few years using data science.

YouTube and Pinterest seek to stop spam

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YouTube and Pinterest are combating spam and rogue advertising on their respective platforms. Meanwhile, Pinterest seems to have found the secret sauce in combatting spam. percent,” Marty Weiner, Pinterest''s "Black Ops" manager said in a blog post.

In it to pin it: Pinterest loses two trademark suits

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It may surprise some of you to learn that social media giant Pinterest didn’t invent the verb “pin.” Although Pinterest has lost a couple of battles in this arena, it is determined to win the war. Pinterest cannot prohibit other companies from using the word pin to describe that well-known operation, which is exactly how the evidence demonstrates that Pintrips uses the word pin here,” according to the court ruling in the U.S. Don’t use ‘pin’ or ‘Pinterest’ in the name.

Facebook unveils ‘Reactions’; LinkedIn and Pinterest beef up groups, search

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Pinterest introduces international search options. On Thursday, Pinterest announced localized search options, which give users results customized by language and country. Nearly half of Pinterest’s 100 million active users live outside the U.S.,

Pinterest releases its 2016 diversity goals

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Pinterest is making strides towards fixing Silicon Valley’s workplace diversity problem—a move that could garner some positive PR. Pinterest’s blog post states that though many organizations publicly share their workforce data, not much progress in increasing diversity has been made.

Facebook and Pinterest enhance marketing offerings with targeting, location features

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Facebook and Pinterest are advancing their ad platforms—and exposing those platforms’ maturity levels in doing so. Pinterest is adding ad features that users can already find in more mature ad platforms like Twitter, Google, Instagram and Facebook.

Pinterest to provide marketers in-store sales data

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Pinterest is working with Oracle’s Data Cloud to prove that online pins are translating to in-store purchases. Pinterest’s study also found: Consumers who engage with brand posts on Pinterest are three times more likely to be existing customers.

5 Key Takeaways From Social Media Marketing World


Be Seen on Pinterest. If you haven’t already, it’s time to claim a place for your brand on Pinterest. Nearly all pinners (98 percent, according to Peg Fitzpatrick) have tried something new that they saw on Pinterest. Measurement On the Road Pinterest

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13 Visual Content Tips to Break Through Online Clutter


In fact, 80 percent of Pinterest pins are shared content (versus original). Leverage Pinterest. Don''t forget about Pinterest as part of your online content strategy. Not only is the image-intense Pinterest social channel visual in nature, it’s a great traffic driver.

Four Points to Remember When Adopting a New Social Network

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Unless you’ve been under a rock since the beginning of 2012, by now you’ve heard of little thing called Pinterest. Business Guest Posts Marketing Social Media harrison kratz pinterest social networksGuest post by Harrison Kratz.

The Startup Bad Pitch: Klip Social Video App

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Smart apps like Instagram , and websites like Pinterest , make it easy to sign up and use their platform by accessing your Facebook or Twitter profile information. Color facebook instagram klip mobile marketing mobile sharing Pinterest social video Socialcam startup Tout twitter Viddy

Twitter entices marketers with dashboard; LinkedIn and Pinterest offer more

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Pinterest focuses on e-commerce. Though LinkedIn is helping marketers share their wares with consumers, Pinterest is taking a different approach: It’s connecting users to specific products they can buy through the platform.

Manwich: A Case Study on Social Media Listening

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Wouldn’t a Pinterest page possibly be worthwhile, so that you could pin the creativity of your customers? Guest Posts Howie Goldfarb Marketing Social Media Twitter flickr listening manwich pinterestYou knew this day would come.

Social Media Strategy Template

The Proactive Report

Pinterest has seen remarkable growth in the last three years: 11 (2%) F500 companies had a Pinterest account in 2012. Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here. link].

How Manwich Could Use Twitter Without Even Being On It

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Wouldn’t a Pinterest page possibly be worthwhile, so that you could pin the creativity of your customers? Guest Posts Howie Goldfarb Marketing Social Media Twitter flickr listening manwich pinterestEd: seeing as how it’s “holiday week” here in the U.S.,

Social Media Strategy Template

The Proactive Report

Pinterest has seen remarkable growth in the last three years: 11 (2%) F500 companies had a Pinterest account in 2012. Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here.

Guiding Customers from Inspiration to Action


“You need to map customer behaviors to solutions,” Eric Edge, head of global marketing, communications and industry relations at Pinterest said while speaking at this year’s Dx3 Canada conference.

Better Late Than Never: Oct. 16 #measurePR transcript

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Erin Greenfield asked a great question about Pinterest measurement, and it’s a question that will grow in importance as companies develop their strategic use of Pinterest. Guest Posts Measurement MeasurePR Social Media jen zingsheim phillips Pinterest analytics PR measurement