11 tips to earn media coverage for your construction company

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Did you know that positive news coverage helps to improve your construction company’s reputation? Far too often, customers don’t know which company to turn to when they have a construction need because all of them seem the same. construction news media

Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Construction Company

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Are you happy with the leads your construction company is generating? Just like investing in construction revenue protection to ensure your company stays protected and profitable, it is also crucial that you invest money in digital marketing if you want to remain competitive and relevant.


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Eight Ways a Construction Company Can Manage Damage to its Reputation

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Construction companies are only as good as their last mistake. Just like getting contractor insurance to safeguard your construction business, you also need to protect your company’s reputation at all times if you want to stay competitive. crisis communications construction

How construction industry marketing will evolve after coronavirus – and what you can do to prepare

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The rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused major disruption for a vast number of industries worldwide, including the construction industry. construction

When is a collateral warranty a “construction contract”?

Practical Law Construction

Or should that be, when is a collateral warranty not a construction contract? Toppan Holdings Ltd and Abbey Healthcare Ltd v Simply Construct (UK) LLP. Can a collateral warranty be a construction contract?

Cranes on the horizon: construction arbitration abroad

Practical Law Construction

It is common in many construction contracts for dispute boards to be used as part of a tiered dispute resolution mechanism. How it chooses to deal with construction projects and disputes will doubtless have an impact on the entire country.

Dangers of construction insolvency

Practical Law Construction

For many years, the construction industry has suffered more than most with insolvencies. In 2018, it was the hardest hit economic sector, with construction insolvencies representing 17% (3,001 from a total of 17,454). This trend continued into 2019, with provisional figures indicating construction insolvencies accounted for 18.6% (3,198 from a total of 17,197).

Ireland’s Construction Contracts Act 2013 before the courts

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Some of us are old enough (just) to remember life before statutory adjudication was a thing, before the Construction Act 1996 was enacted and came into force. Jonathan and I have been writing about Ireland’s Construction Contracts Act 2013 since long before it came into force in 2016.

Supply shortages and the impact on construction projects

Practical Law Construction

As has been well-known in the industry for some time and is also now being picked up by the mainstream media, UK construction is currently under considerable pressure due to global shortages of key materials.

A final account problem – JSM Construction v Western Power

Practical Law Construction

Can a final account procedure be implied under section 110(3) of the Construction Act 1996? This was one of the questions the TCC faced in the recent case of JSM Construction v Western Power.

Calculating the final date for payment under a construction contract

Practical Law Construction

Rochford Construction Ltd v Kilhan Construction Ltd. I’ve always thought section 110(1) was one of the more straightforward of all the provisions in the Construction Act 1996 (and it is one that wasn’t amended in 2011).

Recent COVID-19 related force majeure decisions: what do they mean for construction contracts?

Practical Law Construction

Indeed, it is uncommon to see terms such as “pandemic” or “infectious viral disease” referred to in a construction contract’s force majeure clause (whether this changes will be the subject of much debate among drafters going forward).

Cranes on the horizon: construction disputes in Russia

Practical Law Construction

This post is part of a series covering issues that frequently arise in construction law disputes, each with a specific regional focus. The Russian construction sector has experienced significant activity in recent years.

Copyright in construction: some common queries

Practical Law Construction

Questions about intellectual property rights routinely arise during construction contract negotiations and serve as a refreshing reminder that COVID-19 issues are not the sole focus of negotiations at the moment. Why are copyright works critical to a construction project?

Strunk and White’s step-by-step manual of sentence construction

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In first section, “Elementary Rules of Usage,” Strunk, the Cornell University egghead, and White, the author of the beloved children’s books “Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little,” move step by step from the smallest details (apostrophes) to greater matters of sentence construction. “Do The post Strunk and White’s step-by-step manual of sentence construction appeared first on PR Daily.

Journalists Offer Constructive POVs on The PR Pitch

Ishmael's Corner

The post Journalists Offer Constructive POVs on The PR Pitch appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. The relationship between the media and PR can resemble a tug of war.

Transport for Greater Manchester v Kier Construction: Notice the little things

Practical Law Construction

For those of you like me, the recent case of Transport for Greater Manchester v Kier Construction Ltd shows that we are right to worry about these things. Preparing and sending contractual notices always makes me nervous.

BIM-used copyright: Dealing with emerging technologies in construction

Practical Law Construction

We have explored various topics as part of our intellectual property in construction series. For example: The Construction Act 1996 provides that payment must be made in instalments (so the designer is not held to ransom awaiting the entire payment at the end of the contract).

Everybody needs good NABERS – accommodating the new rating scheme in construction contracts

Practical Law Construction

The scheme encourages projects to commit to achieve a certain NABERS rating in post-construction performance, based on a scale of 1 (poor) to 6 (market leading) stars. There’s a new kid on the energy efficiency ratings block in the United Kingdom.

Drones in construction – designing for urban air mobility

Practical Law Construction

While data collection is a common and continuing use of drones in the construction industry, their potential goes much further. Data collection in the construction industry. It is clear that the use of drones will continue to increase in the construction industry.

Hands off! Ownership of goods and materials on construction projects

Practical Law Construction

There is significant financial uncertainty in the construction industry. If there are no such provisions the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (for construction contracts) and Sale of Goods Act 1979 (for supply contracts) will apply. The future is very uncertain at the moment.

Guidelines for delivering constructive criticism

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Constructive criticism, ultimately, is an act of caring. What’s the best way to tell someone they’re not cutting the mustard? An infographic produced by Headway Capital offers guidance for navigating the sticky wicket of reproaching a colleague. The graphic opens by affirming that negative (and specific) feedback can lead to higher performance and more cohesive teamwork. It has to be a two-way street, though: Managers should create a space in which employees can voice their own concerns.

COINS appoints Firefly to spearhead COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge

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Firefly has been appointed by Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) to handle the international PR surrounding the inaugural COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge (CCIGC). This puts us in charge of an exciting opportunity to promote and encourage sustainability in the construction industry. The post COINS appoints Firefly to spearhead COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge appeared first on Firefly Communications.

18 questions a private equity company asked our PR agency about our PR experience for construction companies

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A private equity company recently asked our public relations firm 18 questions as they seek a strategic PR partner.

Supreme Court’s decision in Bresco is ground-breaking for construction insolvencies

Practical Law Construction

The Supreme Court has handed down a judgment that will fundamentally affect construction insolvencies by allowing insolvent companies the unfettered right to start adjudications. As a consequence, debt recoveries for insolvent construction companies has historically been very poor.

Construction Starts in November Slide 12% Nationwide

Karen Freberg

Less activity reported for the month in nonresidential building and public works

Constructing the Organizational Narrative: PR definition in the making

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Graphic recording by Liisa Sorsa of "A Heart to Art Chat" unconference at the Art Gallery of Ontario. There’s an insidious, four-letter word that continues to haunt and largely define the public relations industry (at least in the public’s estimation): Spin. We know this. We fight it. But a big part of the problem is that the average person still does not know what it is we do. For that matter, some practitioners appear confused, limiting PR to media relations and/or publicity.

Living The Heretically Productive Life [Redux]

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A while back, I was asked by the estimable Thursday Bram to contribute to a blog post on Constructively Productive that would focus on “heretical’ productivity. That’s constructively productive. Business Career Shonali Burke back yard squirrel constructively productive cw bulletin heretical productivity iabc lateral action thursday bram Ed: WUL will be back next week with brand new posts, but for now enjoy this post that originally ran on July 14, 2010.

Corporate sustainability goals measurement—delivering tangible results remains a challenge

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Is the ICC’s expedited arbitration procedure an international alternative to adjudication?

Practical Law Construction

International arbitration is the dispute resolution forum of choice for most international contracts, in particular in the construction and energy sectors. It applies to the vast majority of construction projects in the UK (subject to certain exclusions ).

Why does your company's website need a sitemap?

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A well-constructed sitemap can boost your search engine optimization efforts and help you stand out in search results. What is a sitemap? A sitemap acts as a blueprint of your website.

Collateral damage (again) – Parkwood and Toppan

Practical Law Construction

As readers may recall, in that case Akenhead J decided that a collateral warranty (CW) given by Laing in favour of Parkwood was a construction contract for the purposes of the Construction Act 1996 , and that accordingly Parkwood could pursue a defects claim under it by way of adjudication.

How The Right Brand Partnerships Can Build Audience Loyalty

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Brands that constructively feed off each others ideas, perspectives, and resources can effectively expand both audience and reach through collaboration. Hence, successful brand partnerships can optimize brand loyalty through maximum exposure. While consulting metrics about media engagement proves useful in mapping future campaigns, deeper rapport is built when your brand’s message is integrated into every… Continued.

At Crenshaw Communications, We Stand For Racial Justice

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We will continue to use this space for updates on our progress on this front and we’re open to constructive suggestions. We hope to be among the many who are determined in ways large and small to make this crisis work for constructive change.

Axia Public Relations promotes Clarissa Schearer

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She works closely with regional and national construction, home services and professional services clients. Axia Public Relations promoted Clarissa Schearer to public relations associate.

Can you exclude or limit liability for a deliberate breach of contract?

Practical Law Construction

In Mott MacDonald Ltd v Trant Engineering Ltd , the claimant (MM), an engineering contractor, brought a claim for alleged non-payment of its fees by the defendant (Trant) for the provision of design consultancy services in relation to the construction of a power station in the Falkland Islands.

Training adjudicators in Canada

Practical Law Construction

It is almost four years to the day that I blogged about Ontario’s plans to introduce prompt payment and adjudication provisions to construction contracts.

5 Benefits Of Interning At A PR Firm

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So, ask questions, observe, take risks, be open to constructive feedback, and adjust in order to succeed in your present and future environment. . Guest post by Crenshaw Communications intern, Murphy Pressley. College is a transformation for students.

Find your brand archetype to boost your business image

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A good image is incredibly valuable for a company of whatever size, but if you’re just starting, you should take the opportunity you have to construct one yourself.

Can’t simply “read across” UK case law into Irish adjudication enforcement

Practical Law Construction

That arrived in the summer with the judgment in Principal Construction Ltd v Beneavin Contractors Ltd. We now have another one, this time in the form of Garrett Simons J’s judgment in Aakon Construction Services Ltd v Pure Fitout Associated Ltd , which was handed down last month.