COINS appoints Firefly to spearhead COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge

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Firefly has been appointed by Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) to handle the international PR surrounding the inaugural COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge (CCIGC).

Journalists Offer Constructive POVs on The PR Pitch

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The post Journalists Offer Constructive POVs on The PR Pitch appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. The relationship between the media and PR can resemble a tug of war.

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Constructing the Organizational Narrative: PR definition in the making

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Graphic recording by Liisa Sorsa of "A Heart to Art Chat" unconference at the Art Gallery of Ontario. There’s an insidious, four-letter word that continues to haunt and largely define the public relations industry (at least in the public’s estimation): Spin. We know this. We fight it. But a big part of the problem is that the average person still does not know what it is we do. For that matter, some practitioners appear confused, limiting PR to media relations and/or publicity.

How To Tell A (PR) Client They’re Wrong

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When constructive criticism is offered at the outset, it sets a precedent for the ongoing relationship. It’s not only face-saving, but it enables a constructive dialogue and lets you avoid political traps.

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Living The Heretically Productive Life [Redux]

Waxing UnLyrical

A while back, I was asked by the estimable Thursday Bram to contribute to a blog post on Constructively Productive that would focus on “heretical’ productivity. That’s constructively productive.

Getting an Edge; Why Your Elevator Speech is Crucial to Job Search

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Much has been written about 30-second missives but I have yet to see prescribed how best to manage such a construct. Landing an interview, let alone a job has never been tougher as we enter 2013. Job seekers still outnumber jobs available by four to one, not very good odds.

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Top 10 Reasons To Work At A PR Firm

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A team project fosters give and take, building on an idea to improve it or learning to take constructive criticism if warranted. Millions of college students graduate this year, and if my inbox is any indication, many would like to work in public relations.

4 Tips to Create PR Campaigns that Stand Above Competitors


To expedite the path to purchase, savvy marketers have pivoted to instead focus on constructing memorable campaigns through creative messaging. Capturing consumer attention has become increasingly difficult in a cluttered and ever-expanding ad space.

4 content marketing lessons from Caterpillar

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Yes, Caterpillar, the 90-year-old company that makes heavy-duty construction and mining equipment—all those bulldozers, backhoes and excavators. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four lessons you can learn from this construction equipment manufacturer: 1.

When Trump Attacks: Turn Mean Tweets Into Positive PR

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After Trump tweeted for canceling the construction of Boeing’s new 747 Air Force One due to its $4 billion cost, Boeing’s stock price dropped , temporarily wiping out $550 million in shareholder value before rebounding somewhat the next day.

Troll Control: Fabulous Tips From Four Experts

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Keep feedback constructive. Every community manager worries about trolls.

How PR and marketing pros can handle negative feedback

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What separates your average internet troll from someone who wants to offer genuine, constructive criticism? Take courage: Though sifting through the vitriol to find constructive criticism can be hard, it can be done.

How to Come Up With Sound Bites for an Interview


What you need and what will be most effective is a carefully constructed sound bite – a brief statement that sums up your mission in a clever, easy-to-remember manner. The point of public relations is to spotlight you and your business.

How we plan comms campaigns with the PESO model

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The digital board is in Trello and we construct our physical board using our PESO kit. Reading Time: 4 minutes Communication professionals are increasingly turning to the PESO model when planning their PR campaigns.

NBA Star, Michael Jordan Breaks the Silence – When athletes become leaders, not celebrities

Return on Reputation

Presenting something complex and difficult in an accessible, constructive manner, managing expectations and defining success? We are a culture that celebrates and values athletic achievement.

Burnish Your Brand by Sculpting with Social

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See “Constructing an elevator speech.” Linkedin : Construct your LinkedIn profile to reflect the character and language of your resume. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Agile working requires total theoretical change

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As long as an issue is being discussed the meanings given to it remain under construction. ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change’ Charles Darwin.

How to Electrify Your Resume

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I have written extensively about the resume over the years including these posts, It''s About the Accomplishments , Is the Resume Dead , Constructing a Compelling Resume , Rebooting Your Resume , among others.

Stories: Better than Cuddling?


One way they deal with the complexity is to construct their own stories from the record. But rather than let audience members construct their own stories, let’s craft stories for them. Give readers a shot of the love drug, oxytocin.

Responsible communication leadership: putting employees first

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At the core of this view is the assumption that leadership is co-constructed in social interaction processes. Being open to feedback and constructive criticism. By Dr Kevin Ruck.

Case Study: Amplify Media Relations with Paid Social Advertising


Consider this example: We worked with a local construction company on a PR campaign designed specifically to support their business development efforts around breweries. When there is an opportunity in the marketplace you need to strike quickly and effectively.

How to Make Facebook a Career Book

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Take every opportunity to construct a smart and compelling trail of your talents and triumphs. The revelation that companies are asking potential employees for Facebook passwords got me thinking about how Facebook has rapidly evolved as both diary and biography.

Handling Social Media Complainers

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morgancarrie Working with products I’ve found the most constructive and often insightful information comes from users in pain. Trolls. Complainers. Haters. They’re unavoidable on social media and most of us quake in fear at the thought of handling them wrong.

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Teaching Crisis Communication: Embracing the Research to Practice Model

Melissa Agnes

Have them do primary research looking at crisis issues and construct measurements and scale items to fit their research inquiries and questions. Post by Karen Freberg.

How to Establish Brand Identity: Top Tips From Jeff Barrett


Constructive criticism could point you in the right direction toward strengthening your identity. When you think about big brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s or Walmart, your mind conjures up specific images and feelings. These associations aren’t by accident.

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Digging Deeper: The Power of Niche Influencers


For example, marketers at an interior decor company also check out fashion blogs, DIY blogs and construction blogs looking for interesting overlaps.

6 Steps for Driving Sales Through Content


Step Three: Construct the Foundation. Eighty-three percent of B2C marketers and 84 percent of B2B marketers say sales is an important content marketing goal, according to an annual report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

JCB HYDRADIG Social Media Case Study

Norton's Notes

The vision from the outset of the project was to design and engineer the most innovative solution in response to five key challenges facing customers in today’s construction sector. This article was originally written by good friend Dan Smith who posted it on his LinkedIn.

Do the Best Business Storytellers on the Planet Have Shoes?

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Reverse-engineering the content and studying the construction of the story will surface lessons that can be applied in business.more. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Journalists, particularly journalists at business and mainstream publications, show the way when it comes to applying storytelling techniques to business communications.

5 Tips To A Successful PR Career

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For thought leadership campaigns, PR teams put together interesting content like blogs, white papers or bylined articles for clients on subjects as varied as clean energy and construction. Public relations is a $13 billion industry employing 100,000 people in the US.

Can You Hear me Now? How to Handle “Radio Silence.

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Here are some constructive ideas: Be patient. There is nothing more frustrating in a job search than the lack of response by hiring managers or recruiters. You follow all the rules of a compelling cover letter.

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How to Save Face After a Social Media Meltdown

PR in Your Pajamas

It also makes you seem resistant to constructive criticism. Nobody’s perfect, and even the best of us can commit a gaffe in social media. In today’s guest post, discover the do’s and dont’s of managing a social media faux pas. Elena Verlee.

How to Pitch Better Brand Stories


DIY project, construction). For example, explain why you are taking on a construction project by yourself instead of hiring someone to do it or why the renovation needs to be done. As a former TV reporter and anchor, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I get on TV?”

Media Training: 3 Essential Lessons


Nevertheless, if you understand how to construct effective messages, recognize the importance of preparing for every interview, and know how to bridge back to your messages without annoying the reporter (or the audience), you’re on your way to becoming a star.

Media Training Class: Top 9 Mistakes Even Trained Spokespersons Make When Talking To Reporters

Doktor Spinn

Here’s how this happens (and how to avoid it): The Scenario: An Accident At Work Imagine the following scenario: Two construction workers get severely injured when a structure collapses at a building site.

4 simple rules to help avoid ridicule with your next news release

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There are missing commas, singular/plural confusion, and some of the sentences simply are not clear or are poorly constructed. There is a press release circulating among my PR professional friends that is generating considerable discussion for a variety of reasons.

Putting the “PR” in Partnership Relations


This will help you construct a program that is mutually beneficial and unique. Editor’s Note: Anne Green is presenting Why “Partnership Relations” Is the New PR at the PRSA 2016 International Conference on Sunday, Oct. 23, 4:45–5:45 p.m.

Stop With the Exclusionary Entrepreneur Statements


Perhaps someone in your network could use some words of encouragement or constructive feedback?

Getting serious about the social science of public relations

PR Conversations

I could probably construct half a dozen or so propositions. I often have email conversations with my PR Academy colleague, Kevin Ruck PhD. about public relations and communications.

5 Common Misperceptions of Social Customers


Most businesses construct sales funnels with social at the top, and still many have unreasonable expectations for social’s utility and (especially) its measurement ( for more on rectifying that read here ).