These were the top technology publishers in 2020


We looked at the top technology publishers for the last year, ranking them by overall Facebook engagement. . We are going to begin with technology publishers. The top technology publishers of the last year. Top technology content.

The Web is Not Flat

Doctor Spin

The web, however, has been flat since the start. However, the challenge with holographic projection is that the technology requires projectors from multiple locations and good lighting conditions. However: As marketers, we’re still struggling with how to conquer the flat web.

Web 73

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These were the top technology publishers in 2020


We looked at the top technology publishers for the last year, ranking them by overall Facebook engagement. . We are going to begin with technology publishers. The top technology publishers of the last year. Top technology content.

2016 PRTech Awards Recap


Last week in New York, we held the third annual PRTech Awards honoring individuals who work to bring together PR, marketing, technology, and media selected from 100+ nominations.

Radio 278

Let’s Steal from Web Developers to Make our Content Lean

PR Breakfast Club

I’m talking about taking from web developers processes to make lean content. They have a unique advantage: They created their workflow on the fly as technology has evolved over the last decade or so. Those of us in the content world were hobbled by existing workflows passed down from years of print and desktop practices. Many shops still write their copy in Word, which is notoriously difficult to translate to the web.

Web 37

Huffington Goes Viral with Data Science – You can Too

Flack's Revenge

They reported the experiences of social teams and editors at some of the largest broadcast, print daily and native web outlets. Only a small percentage of their stories get significant page views on the web. Cross posted on Hack the Feed.

Viral 170

News planning, tools and workflow to build an editorial calendar

Stephen Waddington

The chip paper phrase originates from the 24 hours news cycle when newspapers printed two editions per day. The reality of modern media is that news stories are published to the web instantaneously. Documents can also be easily exported in a virtual, physical file or print format.

Tools 233

Newspapers Getting Their Game On

Flatiron Communications

A few years back at SXSW, the ubiquity of QR codes earned that promising AR-like technology the conference crown, in spite of its obvious flaws. Lost in Oculus at Web Summit. Mobile, social and enhanced content creation and display technologies have changed everything.

Earned Media vs. Media Relations [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Summary of monthly PR tech news: Critical Mention adds a media database; Talkwalker acquires Nielson Social; Watch out for fine print in media monitoring contracts As a term, earned media made a big splash in search trends in late 2004 or early 2005…and then interest waned.

Ten Tools to Help You Become an Informed Voter

Scott Public Relations

Vote411 offers a similar service to a few other resources on this list, but it really comes in handy with its provision of print-friendly voter guides that you can actually take with you to the polling station. It is the web that ties these resources together—it only takes a quick search.

Tools 52

5 Tips For Launching A PR Program In APAC

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The Asia Pacific region contains many of the fastest-growing and lucrative business markets, especially for technology companies. Advancements like 5G, robotics, AI, and mobile technology infrastructure give it an edge. Yet Indian-language content on the web is limited.

Local 156

Letter from Middlesbrough: 13 lessons from Mary Meeker’s 2019 report

Stephen Waddington

Radio is under indexed (12% vs 8%) and print is over indexed (3% vs 7%). #4 It’s seen as a highly effective form of media buying that dynamically automates pricing and payment in the time that it takes a web page to load. Technology is also enabling a remote workforce.

Report 111

What PR professionals can learn from the New York Times’ transformations

Media Bullseye

Understanding the way they’ve evolved their business and media model can provide useful lessons to PR professionals and communicators looking to keep up with changing technology and trends. He explained that these evolutions occur to keep up with changing audience expectations and technology.

Print 95

A Brand Is a Business Risk to be Understood and Managed; Off Script No. 40: Brianna Carroll Boyle

Sword and the Script

It can range from the technology tools marketing uses – to measures aimed at prevention and user education around the products sold. BCB: Technology has made a massive impact on PR, and the importance of digital can’t be overstated.

Community for Career Development: A Look Inside One NAVUG Community Member’s Journey


I looked to the online communities again and found Web Tech University, where I took free web design and PaintShop Pro classes. I used those skills from Web Tech University when I returned to work and began down a new road as the Print and Cyber editor at our church.

Lockdown letter: humanising business and media

Stephen Waddington

Graphic designers and web conferencing providers have spotted an opportunity to provide professional backdrops for meetings. This week we’ve been thinking about the future of print media. In celebration of the humanising effect that the crisis is having on business and media.

Crisis 104

Future of PR: 2020 edition

Stephen Waddington

Tackling fake news and disinformation: an ethical issue that strikes at the heart of practice The great hope of the web was that it would democratise the publication and sharing of information. The web and the internet have enabled communities to form around an organisation, topic or issue.

Ethics 124

How COVID-19 will impact PR practice and skills

Stephen Waddington

Construction, engineering and manufacturing closed down, but technology and infrastructure are booming. That will continue, impacting outdoor, experiential, events, meetings and print Brands need to own and control their own media to engage with stakeholders.

The “Smart Communications” Revolution: How to Optimize Earned Media Programs


Paid advertising and owned media solutions have harnessed the powers of technology and data to target, distribute, and measure with a high degree of accuracy. Now, technology is making it possible to optimize earned media programs, just as it revolutionized owned and paid media before it.

Top 10 PR Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter

Critical Mention

Follow her for a fantastic collection of industry articles from around the web. ” David’s ideology is “the new rules of marketing & PR is that they’re vastly different on the web than in mainstream media.” In the PR world, connections are crucial.

AP Style: How relevant is it in 2019?

Communications Conversations

It began as a way to standardize rules around editing based on mass media–specifically, mainstream print media. In the golden age of print, AP Style reigned supreme because editors and reporters used it–therefore, PR types like us were forced to learn it and use it.

How PR has shifted over three decades

PR Daily

The media landscape: You would be hard pressed to find too many people under 30 years old who read the print edition of a newspaper every morning. Many of our clients still prefer print over online, and most will always consider it a bigger “win” to land that print placement.

Print 171

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

Communications professionals who can write well stand a higher chance to see their stories in print. You should also have at least three years of experience editing Web content and experience managing content production.

Pubs Converting Contributed Articles to Native Ads is Another Reason to Build Your Own Audience

Sword and the Script

Years ago, contributed articles were a badge of honor since there was a limited number of opportunities in a printed world. For a long time, the venerable contributed article has been a mechanism for surfacing new or big ideas.

Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, declared “ data-driven journalism is the future.” The immersive aspect of VR could dramatically change how we respond to news coverage, as it can activate empathy in ways that print and video may not.

Announcing Cision Social Edition and Cision PR Edition!


As a culmination of integrated technologies from Cision, Vocus, Visible Intelligence and Viralheat, these platforms meet all the needs of today’s communicators. Analyze sharing activity for any piece of content across the social web.

Icons: Drucker, Einstein and the Final Confessions of David Ogilvy [UML]

Sword and the Script

To the best of my recollection, it appeared the book was out of print, yet there was a seller on a little startup called willing to part ways with a hardcover copy. The copy I bought of David Ogilvy’s “ Confessions of an Advertising Man ” roughly 15 years ago was used.

Print 146

Using Twitter for PR events

PR Conversations

Likewise, a sign off can be created for all emails sent about the event and any printed materials that will be used. It can also be useful for those using geosocial networking technology to be able to connect on arrival and with others. Wifi technology. Classic PR Conversations PR Techster Audience Blogs Comment events Journalists Public Relations Social media twitter Web 2.0How should you use Twitter for public relations events?

3 Cases Studies of Augmented Reality in B2B Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

This is also an important point because marketing technology is only useful if people actually use it. They used AR to communicate their complex design, measurement and visualization technologies in their annual report to investors.

April Tech News Roundup

PR in High Definition

But with so many businesses and individuals alike flocking to Zoom, there have been reports of potential security flaws, with half a million Zoom users’ details found on the Dark Web according to The Daily Mail.

Hold the front page: the news business remains a work in progress

Stephen Waddington

Print, not news, in decline The quarterly Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) data is a depressing read. Print has ceded to digital in all but a few niches. A regulator may be needed,” said Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the worldwide web. Technology is a possible solution.

Print 117

Media relations is thriving

Stephen Waddington

The rise of mass media, namely print newspapers, magazines, radio and television, provided a shortcut to large audiences and it enabled the business to operate at scale. At the same time, the ability to print fast and cheaply bought about a concurrent revolution.

Media Relations: Proven Ways to Get More Out of It

Sword and the Script

My media relations and outreach efforts had secured an interview with CNBC for a technology client and the reporter had flown in to conduct it in person. CNBC was one of just a few possibilities for business or technology stories in broadcast news.

The Top PR Trends For 2017

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

That may be changing in the near future, particularly as content marketing has reached a saturation point.The Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi predicts a resurgence of print content led by brands and points to Airbnb, which recently launched a print magazine with Hearst.

Trends 136

6 Common Problems Holding You Back from Content Mastery

Contently - Strategy

My friend is a web engineer for a large media company, and whenever we talk shop, I’m always surprised at how big of an impact his tinkering can have on the content we read. According to Scott Brinker’s 2018 supergraphic , there are 6,829 marketing technology solutions.

B2C 109

5 PR truths in the 'age of unicorns'

PR Daily

This too was the storyline when I cracked into technology PR back in 1998. Today, it’s smartphones and cloud; the ubiquity of wireless Internet access and cheap Web infrastructure combined with a computer in every pocket.

Should you feel ashamed for reading the hard copy newspaper?

Communications Conversations

Those that poo-poo print newspapers claim they can get their news elsewhere on the web. Now, I know the print newspaper has its downsides. Here’s another millennial slam on print newspapers–no “interactive” content.

Should your C-suite tweet? Maybe!

Stuart Bruce

Oliver Smith, technology, media and telecoms reporter, City AM. That includes face-to-face, print, radio, TV and today online including Twitter. The social web is no longer new, but should be an integral part of how a successful company operates. ‘Should the C-suite tweet?’

Top Trends From State of the Media 2016


Emerging technology continues to change the way readers consume the news and how media outlets report it. This year’s report found that 92 percent of media outlets have or are currently adopting a mobile-friendly Web design.

Trends 227

How The Washington Post Shifted Gears


How have traditionally print newspapers made sense of the changing media landscape? What we do from a digital media perspective is engage audiences from around the Web. Ann also discussed how technology has changed how The Washington Post publishes its stories.