The Importance of Sports PR

Ronn Torossian

Sports PR helps promote teams, players, and organizations through different channels of communication. In the sports industry, athletes and teams require the support of the public and other organizations. The post The Importance of Sports PR appeared first on.

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Notable Sports PR Misfires in 2019

Ronn Torossian

As 2019 draws to a close, it could be instructive to look back at some of the notable sports PR misfires over the past year. The post Notable Sports PR Misfires in 2019 appeared first on.

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The top 10 sports journalists in 2021

Muck Rack

The top 10 sports journalists in 2021

Crisis communications 101 for sport webinar

Stuart Bruce

I recently did a webinar for the PRCA (Public Relations and Communications Association) on crisis comms in sport.

Sports Public Relations: How to Do Sports PR (w/ Examples)


The story behind the story defines sports public relations better than any other industry. Wins and losses are just one part of sports. Teams, athletes, coaches, and broadcasters benefit from sports PR because specialists share stories that attract fans, often for generations.

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How Sports #PR has Changed for the Better (Mostly)

Deirdre Breakenridge

This is even more evident in the sports world. Sports organizations would conduct their PR through traditional forms of media; newspapers, television, billboards, things like that. When people share these posts and use hashtags, it doesn’t cost sports teams like Manchester United anything. The great thing about the rise in social media for sports organizations and fans alike is the rise of live content. Most major sports leagues stream their games online.

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How can brands capitalize on a ‘Summer of sport’?

Agility PR Solutions

You don’t have to speak to many people to hear someone mention the Summer of sport we have just entered. Whatever sport you like, your needs will be catered for over the next few months. The post How can brands capitalize on a ‘Summer of sport’?

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Osaka Episode puts Media, Sports and Celebrity on Trial

Flack's Revenge

What is an athlete’s obligation to the sport that helped make her a star (she’s the world’s highest paid female in sports)? Do the media have an inalienable right to put athletes up against the wall at the pleasure of sports fans?

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A Lifetime of Sports

HMA Public Relations

Sports have been an important part of my life since I could remember. The post A Lifetime of Sports appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR and Sports baseball commitment experience fans Football Sports teamI danced for 17 years, played tennis for 12 years and attempted soccer […].

The Sport of Communicating Injuries

HMA Public Relations

Injuries are a part of sports. Especially big-time sports. But how they are communicated is vastly different from sport-to-sport. Just this past weekend, Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks […] The post The Sport of Communicating Injuries appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR and HMA PR Scott Hanson sports communication

The Sport Of Spelling

HMA Public Relations

Who considers spelling a sport? The post The Sport Of Spelling appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR and Sports espn spelling pr an sports pr and spelling scripps spelling beeWell, the 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee was broadcasted on ESPN, so it might have to be added to that category. Click below for more].

Sports influencers: Why only considering current stars as athlete spokespersons should be avoided

Agility PR Solutions

As the Super Bowl and Beijing Olympics nears early in 2022, the sports reports will be filled with glorifying past and present “heroes.” The post Sports influencers: Why only considering current stars as athlete spokespersons should be avoided appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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New PR and sports marketing thinking needed more than ever, although it was needed years ago

Agility PR Solutions

The post New PR and sports marketing thinking needed more than ever, although it was needed years ago appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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4 tips to help you build a sports PR career

Agility PR Solutions

Sports is one of the most popular career paths to embark upon, and there are plenty of reasons why people want to get involved in this field. Still, with the value of sports continuing […].

30 sports idioms to earn your communications extra points

PR Daily

The sports world offers a rich collection of colorful terms that can enliven your communication efforts. This post lists and defines terms derived from two or more distinct sports that can serve you well in other realms of endeavor outside athletics. cheap shot: a hurtful or unfair critical comment (an illegal hit during a contact sport). The post 30 sports idioms to earn your communications extra points appeared first on PR Daily.

Too many PR pros underplay the risks of sports promotions—here’s what I learned

Agility PR Solutions

My first job in the media business was as a sports reporter. But after a few years covering fun and games I knew, as did many sports reporters before me, that there were much more important subjects to cover—like war and peace and politics.

Overcoming PR challenges in the sporting fraternity

Agility PR Solutions

Let’s take a detailed look at the importance of public relations in the sporting fraternity in order to understand exactly what these clever professionals can do with the best fit solution. It’s the job of the sporting PR to look after a club and its athletes, but how do they do it?

2021 Sports Calendar: Plan Your Coverage, from the X Games to the Bowl Games


Here's a list of major sporting events for every month of 2021 to help sports writers plan their coverage. Media Blog

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Naomi Osaka’s struggles: Destigmatizing mental health in professional sports


Though the tournament made an effort to make amends, the stigmatization of mental health in professional sports has been an issue in multiple leagues, worldwide. The award, which is named after the tennis great, is given each year to a person whose contributions transcend sports. .

Bet on It: How PR Can Help Sports Betting Companies Find Acceptance

Ronn Torossian

Last year, the Supreme Court finally lifted a ban on sports betting- and you can bet money on this decision having made a lot of firms very, very happy. From professional sports leagues, fantasy sports websites, casinos and racetracks, sports lovers and betters alike are now able to enjoy a pastime as old as time […]. The post Bet on It: How PR Can Help Sports Betting Companies Find Acceptance appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

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What to Expect in Sports Through the End of 2020


Planning sports coverage during the pandemic is tough, to say the least. Here's a look at the (tentative) upcoming events for the remainder of 2020. Media Blog

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Pro Sports in the Time of COVID

Konnect Agency

What businesses can learn from the strategies of professional sports teams during the pandemic. However, no corner of the sports world has had a typical year as we battle a global pandemic. in a bid to keep sports fans tuning in.

Top 10 Sports Radio Stations in Texas


Now that the Houston Astros have won the World Series for the first time in franchise history, let’s take a look at all the sports radio stations that have been chatting about their historic win. Here are the top 10 sports radio stations in Texas rated by Nielsen Audio ratings. KILT-AM Sports Radio 610 — Houston — 447,100. The post Top 10 Sports Radio Stations in Texas appeared first on Cision.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods doubles down on removing guns from stores

PR Daily

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a new message about removing firearms from its stores: It’s good for business. Gun rights advocates criticized the chain, and many swore to buy their sports gear and apparel elsewhere. USA Today reported : Dick’s Sporting Goods announced Tuesday it will remove firearms from 125 of its stores, according to news reports. Shares in the sporting goods store fell 11.2 Have you ever bought a gun at a Dick's Sporting Goods store?

Professional Sports Without Fans Will Increase Social Media Usage

Critical Mention

Since the rise of COVID-19, many sports fans have been on the edge of their seats regarding upcoming seasons and tournaments. Either way, we can conclude that sports fans will have to adjust to several differences this year.

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Sports PR—Larry Baer domestic-violence video creates ‘Giant’ crisis

Agility PR Solutions

The post Sports PR—Larry Baer domestic-violence video creates ‘Giant’ crisis appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. On March 1, San Francisco Giants president and chief executive officer Larry Baer was seen on video courtesy of TMZ having an argument, and then a physical altercation, with his wife Pam. In the video, he is seen attempting to forcibly take back his cell phone from his wife, prompting her to fall out of […].

Talk Sport Radio Interview

Mark My Words

[link]. Click 15:30-16:00, from there its 6:10 – 13:05. Mark Comments talksport 1486386000 listen radio click http

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How to get into sports PR

Agility PR Solutions

A sports public relations rep is an individual who works specifically to ensure that the athlete, club, franchise, or organization that they work for is well represented at all times. The post How to get into sports PR appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. It’s a tough industry to crack into and it’s an incredibly difficult one to find success in, but, with a lot of hard work, a […]. Public Relations profession

Media Moves at Bloomberg News & NBC Sports Chicago, Black News Channel Launches


Hailey Waller relocates to Bloomberg News in London, Gordon Wittenmyer swaps Chicago Sun-Times for NBC Sports Chicago, and more. Media Blog

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Making the connection between your forty-winks and sporting success


Here at Prohibition, we’ve been working with the world’s number one bed brand, Sealy UK, to highlight how sporting success and sleep are intrinsically linked. To help, we worked with Sealy UK to highlight this important link by creating a World of Sport campaign, and teamed up with a number of sporting heroes, sponsoring and gifting them a brand new Sealy bed, whilst following their sporting progress.

Betting on Sports Gambling

Mindful Marketing

Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law that largely outlawed sports betting, thereby giving states authority over such gambling. Several states, like Delaware and New Jersey, quickly legalized sports betting , and many others are poised to follow suit. It’s hard to imagine policymakers resisting the revenue potential sports gambling represents, which is the same reason Buffalo Wild Wings is considering adding gambling to its menu.

A handy guide to common sports metaphors

PR Daily

it’s your job to correct those metaphors, so you can communicate clearly with your audience, but when it comes to sports metaphors, some pros can quickly strike out. Sports metaphors (or phrases or idioms) are used universally in the workplace. For those of us who have never played sports, don’t follow sports, or only comprehend enough about sports to make awkward small talk, sports metaphors can be a headache.

You can’t tell the sports marketing program sponsors without a scorecard

Agility PR Solutions

But one that will not is the business of sports. Regardless of the event, sports marketing sponsors will continue spending billions of dollars a year on advertising and public relations programs, attempting to distinguish themselves from other sponsors as […].

How 4 sports organizations handled PR issues

PR Daily

Three sports, four public relations snags. Here’s how the National Football League and teams from Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association are handling criticism and potential reputational crises: Alex Rodriguez's 660th home run. Starting with baseball, New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is within one home run of tying the great Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time list of home run leaders in Major League Baseball history.

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Internal comms takeaways from the sports world

PR Daily

It makes a bigger difference than you might think in sports and business alike. Every sports franchise—like every company—has a distinct communication culture. A sports-minded approach may help, as noted by Harvard Business Review : Sports-related internal communication programs can create cohesion, elicit pride in the company, and enhance perceptions of it as a vibrant “winner” or leader in its industry. Most sports teams are broken up into distinct factions.

Clubhouse nixes SXSW appearance, sports fans split on teams’ ties to Russia and Rivian CEO’s apology letter walks back unexpected price increases

PR Daily

A survey from Morning Consult shows Americans are split 50/50 about whether they’d boycott their favorite sports team if it had a sponsorship agreement with a company with ties to the Russian government.

Sports PR Gone Good – PR for Andy Murray

HMA Public Relations

Rachel typically writes about PR "gone bad" in the sports world; however, her blog post today focuses on the exact opposite, thanks to tennis pro, Andy Murray! The post Sports PR Gone Good – PR for Andy Murray appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR Observations and Preferences Andy Murray Sam Querrey Sports PR Sports Public Relations tennis pr tennis public relations Wimbledon

5 Things You Should Know About Twitter Live Sports


This past week during Wimbledon, Twitter demonstrated the delivery mechanism for live events: Twitter Live Sports. Unlike their mobile-enabled Periscope platform, Twitter Live Sports is high definition, not embeddable, and shows searchable Tweets (integrate “second-screen” functionality) in real time to the right of the video. Here’s a speculative rundown of why Periscope isn’t handling sports live streaming.

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Sports influencer marketing is taking off—here’s the play-by-play

Agility PR Solutions

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming a staple marketing channel for amateur and professional sports teams—with no signs of slowing down. In fact, new research from Cascade Influencers finds that more than 65 percent of sports marketers agree that influencer marketing programs are a necessity for a brand’s success in today’s digital world. The post Sports influencer marketing is taking off—here’s the play-by-play appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Sports PR—how Gen Z is redefining consumption and sponsorship

Agility PR Solutions

Cultural tenets regarding Generation Z have led to disruption within numerous industries, and sports is certainly not immune. Broadly, Gen Z values creativity, innovation, skill, and hard work, and its members are open minded and progressive—and according to new data research from sports entertainment media brand Whistle Sports, this trend manifests as an extremely inclusive […].