Time Magazine Journalist Points to Wikipedia as Proof of Fact

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Webinar Recap: The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Business Wikipedia Pages

Solo PR Pro

Last month, Josh Greene , author of “Wikipedia for Business 2021: The Rules & Latest Developments that Businesses & Communicators Need to Know to Succeed,” shared his insights on the ins and outs of Wikipedia in a webinar moderated by Solo PR Pro President, Karen Swim.


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After touting Wikipedia image campaign, North Face quickly apologizes

PR Daily

That’s because the agency gamed Wikipedia by replacing the photos for several popular tourist destinations, including Huayna Picchu in Peru and Guarita State Park in Brazil, with product-placement images. The Guardian reported : In April, the ad agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made, filled Wikipedia entries of Brazilian landmarks with professional shots featuring the brand, with the intention of causing Google to display the same images in the top few search results.

How to avoid a conflict of interest when editing your company's Wikipedia article

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Wikipedia articles are edited by volunteer contributors and are meant to have a neutral point of view. There are companies that hire public relations (PR) professionals to edit Wikipedia pages and ethical ways to make changes to a Wikipedia article.

So you want a Wikipedia page?

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Wikipedia remains a subject of great interest in PR and marketing circles. The site continues to confound even the most experienced marketers as Wikipedia’s notorious editors work hard (and even neurotically) to avoid being manipulated by marketing people. Wikipedia is both a search engine darling and a status symbol for individuals and companies. If you would like a personal Wikipedia page or one for your business, here are a few things to remember.

The Marketing Power of Wikipedia: 8 Tips for PR Pros


As PR and marketing professionals – and consumers – we often forget about the sheer power and influence that Wikipedia has on our daily lives. Wikipedia is a permanent part of our public culture. All jokes aside, Wikipedia does have a distinct influence on the business community. Shareholders, employees and clients rely on your company’s Wikipedia profile to learn about your company’s strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures. Wikipedia

PR firm Sunshine Sachs called out for editing Wikipedia entries

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The album, titled “Babywoman,” was a “critical and commercial failure,” according to the model’s Wikipedia entry. That is, until her PR firm removed the criticism, violating Wikipedia’s terms of service. On Monday, The New York Times reported that Sunshine Sachs—an agency specializing in celebrity PR and crisis communications—paid editors to alter clients’ Wikipedia pages. Neither Bueno nor the other editors involved disclosed their conflict of interest on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia founder to PR pros: Don't edit articles

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A couple times a year, a story will emerge whose headline (with some variation) reads, “PR firm makes changes on client’s Wikipedia page.”. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has addressed this practice with The Huffington Post. If a PR pro sees a discrepancy on a client’s page, he or she should reach out to Wikipedia via email with an edit. The New York Times published a few examples of this last month. It’s embarrassing for the client, and it’s embarrassing for the PR firm.

How to get your company on Wikipedia

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A Wikipedia article is an effective way to spread the word about your company and keep people informed about it. And, Google often uses Wikipedia summaries at the top of its search results, which is great coverage for your company. So, how exactly does one get a Wikipedia page? There are several tough guidelines you must comply with before moderators will allow your company to appear on Wikipedia. How to benefit from marketing and PR strategies.

Does Wikipedia Present Risk to your Organization or Industry?

Melissa Agnes

Wikipedia , “the world’s most successful online encyclopedia.” There are rules to keep each Wikipedia page “by the people” and not prejudicially written by the person. When building up your online reputation, it’s a good thought to have a Wikipedia page, but there are rules involved with having it created. This post is about the potential risks Wikipedia may present to your organization and/or industry.

Don't use Wikipedia to repair your client’s online reputation

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Wikipedia! Yes, Wikipedia seems like the obvious place to turn, and I will explain why. But a new book by Wikipedia expert Mike Wood, Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool: How to reap the marketing benefits of Wikipedia , makes a compelling case not to go near Wikipedia when your client’s reputation is on the line. Since Wikipedia pages outrank other pages on almost every topic, reputation rescuers immediately think of creating a Wikipedia page.

On Today’s Multi-Agency Wikipedia Statement

Where the Fishermen Ain't

PR Leaders Today Affirm a Commitment to Abide by and Evangelize Wikipedia Community Norms. Last February, William Beutler , principal of Beutler Ink and publisher of The Wikipedian , convened a meeting of digital leaders from multiple agencies, as well as notable Wikipedia volunteers. The topic: PR’s oft-contentious, well-publicized relationship with Wikipedia. In fact, one of the most annoying things someone can do on Wikipedia is engage in argumentum ad Jimbonem.

Why isn’t my company listed on Wikipedia?

Axia PR

You may have noticed that many companies are achieving online success and recognition from Wikipedia, and you may wonder why your company isn’t listed. Not too long ago, Wikipedia had a questionable reputation and often contained many factual errors. Now, Wikipedia for business has become an effective part of marketing, branding and converting customers. 3 important requirements that you must meet to have a Wiki page.

How to create a Wikipedia page that passes the notability test

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While the task of creating a Wikipedia page for your company might be daunting, having Wikipedia deem your page notable is the real struggle. Notability guidelines are possibly the most subjective part of Wikipedia. There are several rules of thumb to follow to ensure your Wikipedia page stays up and gets the attention it deserves. 4 tips to make your Wiki page stick.

Letter from 30,000 feet: airplane mode

Stephen Waddington

Wifi in the sky, fake news toolkit, Wikipedia’s gender bias, ethics of AI manipulation, marketing and PR measurement, and farewell social for Lush. Challenging Wikipedia’s gender bias: 90% of editors are male David B. Grinberg called out Wikipedia this week for gender bias. I flippantly suggested to Grinberg that he should call it out to Wikipedia editors on the Talk Page but quickly learnt that it isn’t that simple.

Internet Defamation: How Executives Can Handle Disparaging Online Content

Melissa Agnes

To illustrate this, I wanted to use the example of two unique websites, Ripoff Report and Wikipedia. Meanwhile, false information about you may also be posted on Wikipedia, whether in articles about you or your company. Wikipedia. Wikipedia is most concerned with reliable sources. In general, however, Wikipedia has set a fairly high burden for the deletion of most other articles. By Whitney C. Gibson. Today, no company is immune from damaging Internet posts.

The marketer’s challenge of the shrinking attention span

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Researchers in Denmark studied a range of media types; from movie ticket purchasing habits, popular books, Tweets, as well as Wikipedia attention time. Those doing a deep dive on Wikipedia are engaged for far longer.

Why monitoring external factors is key to corporate reputation


According to Wikipedia, ESG is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors.

30 words and phrases from the 1920s that are ‘cat’s pajamas’

PR Daily

Definitions from Merriam-Webster , Wordnik , Dictionary.com , and Wikipedia.). It’s been a hundred years since these words were part of the everyday American lexicon. Do any of these old sayings deserve a closer look in modern times?

Trick or Tweet? The Damage of TMI

Flack's Revenge

Yes, it does, according to technology activists (and Steward Brand, who coined the phrase; see Wikipedia). So, does information really want to be free? It does if you are an insider trading apologist or fair disclosure objector. As I wrote on this blog , research has shown that Regulation FD can be harmful. But others may not agree.

How to Research Industry Trends Hassle-Free

Shift Communications

Wikipedia Top 25 Report. Wikipedia Top 25 Report. Similar to Google News, the Wikipedia Top 25 Report is usually illustrating trending news topics. While Google News is more malleable and can be filtered by industry, categories, or certain key terms, Wikipedia’s should be seen more as a cultural trend snapshot. While most of us communication pros are ringing in the new year with hefty planning, how seriously are we taking our research?

Twitter to fight misinformation through crowdsourcing

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It also places more power (or burden, potentially) in the hands of users, much in the way Wikipedia or Reddit are platforms whose communities are self-governed by users.

#CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Week of September 29, 2014

Melissa Agnes

How to Successfully Submit Your Article to Wikipedia. Wikipedia tends to prove a frustrating challenge to many. And yet it’s important to have a Wikipedia page that reveals accurate and timely information. Welcome to this week’s #CrisisRoundup! The summer is officially over and Autumn is in full swing. That’s fine by me as it’s my favorite season!

It’s the End of the Truth as we Know it – is PR fine?

Flack's Revenge

Flipboard CEO Josh Quittner wrote about our loss of innocence, in the story The Truth about Fake News : When Wikipedia started to take off… I believed that finally, the world was racing toward one, glorious kumbaya moment. With the Internet being driven to every corner of the globe — and one Wikipedia for all — at last we would have a universally agreed upon baseline for Truth.

The surprising origins of brand names

PR Daily

Definitions courtesy of Wikipedia.) Many common company names once started as acronyms for longer—sometimes cheeky—organization monikers. Do you know where these brand names come from? Consumers are exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 brand mentions per day. Yet when it comes to the brands you are most familiar with, you might not know the simplest things about them. Consider M&Ms. They’re the small chocolate candy many consumers have eaten since childhood.

Our collective attention span is shrinking—and you can blame social media

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In addition, they gathered years of data from Google Trends, Reddit and Wikipedia. Twitter trending topics lose luster more quickly, book readership is down and … and … and… hey, did you see that new baby otter video? Social acceleration” is real, it’s being led by social media networking, and it’s ruining our attention spans.

A lesson in suspense from Harper Lee

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He''s a well known and polarizing figure in the Wikipedia editing community for his borderline mad obsession with "comprised of" in Wikipedia articles. He''s written a 6,000 word essay on "comprised of" and built a software program designed to detect and fix uses of it on Wikipedia. Each week, Evan Peterson rounds up stories from across the Web that scribes of all stripes should check out.

When should a PR pro give away advice for free?

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That’s why I elucidate the intricacies of Wikipedia in a free white paper. For freelancers, the question of how much to volunteer is ever-present. Here’s a scenario all freelancers will bump into at some point: I recently completed a project running LinkedIn ads for a client.

Burger King hacks Google Home devices to market its Whopper

PR Daily

Google,” the Google Home device beside the TV in the video lit up, searched the phrase on Wikipedia and stated the ingredients. But within hours of the ad’s release — and humorous edits to the Whopper Wikipedia page by mischievous users — tests from The Verge and BuzzFeed showed that the commercial had stopped activating the device. Burger King recently tweeted this: The key to success is believing in yourself. Especially when you want a Whopper.

Public Relations

Reputation Us

Wikipedia defines public relations (PR) as the practice of deliberately managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public. What does PR mean to your organization?

Multi-National Marketers Take Note: What’s Different About Canadians


Drawn from impeccable online sources, including BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Wikipedia and Tumblr, these facts and stats will astound you. Source: Wikipedia . Happy Canada Day! July 1st is the day we celebrate the founding of our great country 147 years ago—and friends gather in our backyard for our annual rib-fest. As you read this post, I’m either filling a cooler with beer, making some last-minute butter tarts , or dancing to Rush as the day winds down.

What PR pros can learn from tech-support reps

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For example, when a Wikipedia prospect contacts me, I ask for half-a-dozen links that document his “ notability.” We’ve all become more familiar with the IT department during WFH, and these crucial team members can offer some sage advice to PR pros engaging their clients. “My

The PR Industry Needs More Than Just Better PR

Doctor Spin

On the Internet today, everything is marketing, and everything is paid—except perhaps for Wikipedia and a few remaining journalists not hiding behind paywalls. You and I must save the PR industry. PR is in constant flux, and our industry must evolve. But we’ve already messed up.

Start Collecting Those 2015 Editorial Calendars, PR Peeps

Rock the Status Quo

I find the Wikipedia pages particularly useful for bookmarking lists of commemorative days and commemorative months. It’s officially fall! You know what that means? Guzzling uber-fattening pumpkin lattes at a thousand calories a pop, yes. Dusting off Halloween decorations, um hum. Doing the mad happy dance when Phoenix sidewalks don’t melt your shoes, oh, yeah. Loving it.

3 tips on navigating the metaverse

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The confusion extends to mainstream media and sites like Wikipedia, which defines the metaverse as “a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection.”. A brand strategist shares how to see through the hype—and when to make the jump. Don’t worry, you’re not late to the party.

Secret Sauce: What it is, and How to Apply for best PR Results

Flack's Revenge

Going back even earlier, Coca Cola famously guarded its secret formula, as described in Wikipedia : The Coca-Cola Company ‘s formula for Coca-Cola syrup…, is a closely guarded trade secret. It can go by various names. IP (short for intellectual property). Or proprietary tech.

How machine learning is making an impact on media analysis

PR Daily

Artificial intelligence promises to dramatically change the way PR pros measure their campaigns. Here’s what the technology now allows—and where it is headed.

#CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Week of September 29, 2014

Melissa Agnes

How to Successfully Submit Your Article to Wikipedia. Wikipedia tends to prove a frustrating challenge to many. And yet it’s important to have a Wikipedia page that reveals accurate and timely information. Welcome to this week’s #CrisisRoundup! The summer is officially over and Autumn is in full swing. That’s fine by me as it’s my favorite season!

Maxim Behar: Testimonies of Time - The Bulgarian Meetings with King Charles III

Maxim Behar

these people know everything because they read this long ago on Wikipedia. Maxim: Perhaps for a monarchy, tradition is half of what it is, i.e., all hereditary and not only hereditary rules and manners must be followed.

PR Golden Turkey Awards

Flack's Revenge

Wikipedia attributes the phrase to a 1981 Mel Brooks movie, History of the World. I thought I’d bring back a feature this year that I haven’t done in awhile – my PR Golden Turkey Awards. Sound Opinions, one of my favorite podcasts inspired this year’s theme. Their November 18 episode focused on Turkey Pardons. Hosts Greg Kot and Jim DeRagotis absolved popular bands that were low on critics’ lists.