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New advancements in enterprise social and AI unlock opportunities to connect with and engage employees while driving behavioral and procedural change. Learn how to improve workplace culture, boost employee morale and watch your company thrive by attending our free webinar, “Driving Business Outcomes Through Enterprise Social.”. You’ll learn how to: · Use enterprise social to align the workforce and co-create culture.

When approaching DE&I, lean on your communities

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She spoke with Ursula Llabres, global head of enterprise executive programs for Facebook in a fireside chat on Sept. Facebook uses its own internal communications system, Workplace, which offers its trademark social media functionality to corporate teams.


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Engineering the Enterprise for Content Marketing

Sword and the Script

Initiatives that take a few days to begin in a start-up community, take weeks, even months to begin in large companies. How to Energize the Enterprise for Content Marketing. On the other hand, by teaching people to share corporate content, they can see the immediate benefit both to themselves and to the company. The post Engineering the Enterprise for Content Marketing appeared first on Sword and the Script. Recently a puzzle like the one nearby made rounds on the web.

What Does A Community Manager Do? +Bonus: The CM Toolbox

Doctor Spin

I like to think of the community manager as a classical conductor, dedicated to showing the online community (the orchestra) how to get in sync, never through force or coercion, but by using the magical powers of suggestion alone. ‘Community Manager’ has become an increasingly popular job title. But what exactly is the role of a community manager? What does a community manager do? Here goes: Community Management As A PR Specialisation.

Why Your Marketing Team Shouldn’t Lead Community Outreach Efforts


Who owns corporate social responsibility? While this varies from company to company, I think a brand has to be really careful if its community outreach lives within the marketing department. Developing New Community Outreach Metrics. Here are just a few examples of non-financial metrics to track for your community outreach campaign: Number of Individuals Served. How have your efforts changed the level of unmet need in the community you are serving?

Announcing PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists

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It’s also important for employer branding, media coverage and a positive reputation in the community. This year we’re assessing the work of brands and agencies from around the world in PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Next the judges will review this pool of finalists to name the category winners of PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2016, Arrow Electronics.

Should Communications Pros Use LinkedIn Stories? Blog

LinkedIn Stories offer an easy way to share experiences and insights and build meaningful relationships with your professional community. Enterprising brands were quick to try the new format, according to the Drum. Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay.

B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success

Sword and the Script

Businesses that engage corporate blogging with professionalism and process can boost visibility, grow a community, and ultimately, have a meaningful influence on sales. At another company, the blog was a touch point on a sales cycle for roughly one-third of enterprise deals with an average selling price in excess of seven digits. To keep things simple, I tend to categorize metrics into broad buckets: visibility, community strength, quality and marketing or business impact.

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New PR Tech Products, Integrations, Independence, Names and Markets; PR Tech Sum: OnePitch, Cision, Critical Mention, Signal A.I. and Intrado

Sword and the Script

There’s a lot that’s happened over the last month among vendors that make technology for public relations (PR) professionals – and I can’t wait to show you this month’s summary of news from the PR technology community. I asked co-founder and COO Jered Martin about pricing for the new model and here’s what he said: “We are launching our pricing plans starting in September and will offer four tiers: free, beginner, professional, and enterprise. TrendKite West Corporation

Announcing Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards finalists

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Community Relations. Talcott Resolution: 2020 Community Involvement Response. UMass Memorial Health Care: Office of Community Health Transformation and Community Benefits/Anchor Mission. COVID-19 Communication (Corporate). Kroger Corporate: Associate Communications.

Can Technology Companies Achieve Diversity?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, corporate America is trying to walk the talk when it comes to matters of racial justice and equality. Nike pledged $40 million over four years to support black communities.

4 employee engagement tips from Volvo, Microsoft, NRMA and more

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Increased connection, easier sharing of information, faster problem solving, empowering the frontline—these needs read like a shopping list of why you would use an Enterprise Social Network,” Pete Johns, digital employee experience manager for NRMA, said in a blog post.

How PR and corporate communications can use animated gifs

Stuart Bruce

As public relations and corporate communications needs to become increasingly more visual gifs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it. For consumer PR and marketing it’s not hard to imagine how you can use these gifs, but corporate PR, public affairs and corporate communications professionals often find it harder to to see how animated gifs will benefit them. Seven ways PR and corporate communications can use GIFs.

Does your office work out loud?

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Presenters include Don Shell, corporate communications/enterprise community manager at. Spectrum Health; Brenda Rick Smith, community manager for the enterprise social media team at. Open workspaces were conceived to break down barriers between staffers. They ended up creating a culture of employees insulated by headphones, messaging one another from three feet away. Ragan’s virtual summit Intranets and the Digital Workplace , which airs June 28 from 11 a.m.

Growing Up MWW: A 15 Year Lesson in Life, Business and Self-Discovery

Return on Reputation

And the success of the enterprise frequently rides on the ability of the people to create a community of effort within each era.” – James A. General Corporate MWW Group A Note from Carreen Winters: From time to time we feature guest posts from clients, industry experts and other MWW leaders. Today, we feature a post from Joe Cohen – who is a legitimate leader — of our firm, and our industry (he’s the National Chair of the PRSA).

How transparent leaders empower employees

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Outstanding corporate cultures are led and nurtured by executives who engage and inspire employees during times of crisis. We call it “If I Were the CEO” and it never fails to create more transparency in leadership communication and corporate culture. “If

The Indispensible Role of Today's Public Relations Pro

PR Job Coach

Public relations is essential to a functioning of society and its enterprises. PR practitioners also serve as strategic content developers and storytellers, helping their organizations formulate key messages that are resonant with the corporate culture and nature of the organization. PR professionals are enablers and connectors, helping organizations stay grounded, stay human, and stay sensitive to the needs and desires of their communities.

58 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

Media Bullseye

Social Media Specialist , Northern Virginia Community College, Fairfax, VA – apply by May 29. Development Assistant , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Research Assistant, Economic Policy , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Research Assistant, Office of the President , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Corporate. Government Relations Specialist, Corporate Responsibility , JPMorgan Chase, Washington, DC.

How to build your PR Tool Stack

Stephen Waddington

At the same time public relations has become elevated as the eyes and ears of an organisation not just in the public sector as means of public engagement, but in corporate communications, internal communications, and marketing.

Tools 154

COVID-19 opportunities: Where is the money?

Stephen Waddington

Rethinking events Corporate events will never be the same again. The future is likely to be a mix of the two which will mean investment in shared community work spaces and home offices. Longer term brands need to realign with their markets and the communities that they serve.

How Big Data Will Modernize Your Crisis Communications Plan


For every enterprise, brand or organization, a crisis always looms as a persistent — yet inevitable — threat on the horizon. In today’s digitally-fueled world, the tiny spark of a crisis can erupt into a massive fire overnight, leaving a corporate brand and reputation in a heap of smoldering ashes. In September, 2015, Volkswagen suffered the wrath of the global community after disclosing that the company’s diesel cars were designed to cheat on tailpipe-emissions tests.

37 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Senior Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations (pdf), Catholic University, Washington, DC – apply by June 27. Associate Director, Government Relations , Alliance of Community Health Plans, Washington, DC. Admin Coordinator, Communications & Public Affairs , Alliance of Community Health Plans, Washington, DC. Communications Assistant, Poverty Studies , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Corporate. Looking for a new career opportunity?

Why PR pros should worry about ‘Dark PR’

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Journalists reported objectively what they learned through their own enterprise. Dark PR is migrating from its traditional hovels of politics and espionage to the arenas of corporate, business and marketing communications, where positive messages have traditionally prevailed.

Ethics 162

55 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

Media Bullseye

Foreign & Defense Policy Studies, Communications Assistant , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Corporate & Community Partnerships Manager , Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Manhattan Beach, CA. Regional Community Engagement Manager , Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Manhattan Beach, CA. Social Media Community Manager , United Way, Alexandria, VA – apply by Oct. Corporate. Looking for a new career opportunity?

Why telling sustainability stories is important year-round

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Purpose-driven storytelling should be told year-round, not once a year when your corporate social responsibility report is published. Storytelling around your environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) should be central to your communications strategy.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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The company’s South Nevada chapter is looking for a vice president of marketing, community management and fund development in Las Vegas. Candidates should have at least five years of experience in community management and media relations and have impeccable writing and oral communications skills. Account coordinator—Corporate Ink Integrated Marketing & PR (Massachusetts). Community manager—Holiday Retirement (Kentucky).

How tech companies can—and should—improve D&I efforts

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In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, corporate America is trying to walk the talk when it comes to matters of racial justice and equality. Nike pledged $40 million over four years to support black communities. Wal-Mart has ponied up $100 million in community grants.

What B2C Can Learn From B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Promoting marketing automation software to corporate executives is very different from marketing luxury shoes or helping a whole-grain snack bar reach health-conscious women, for example. Customer acquisition in B2B categories like enterprise software or corporate accounting can be a slow process, in part due to steepness of the customer education curve. The most compelling consumer PR programs leverage corporate culture, community commitment, and overall business practices.

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63 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Research Assistant with Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Research Assistant, Education Policy Studies , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Research Fellow, Education Policy Studies , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Policy Analyst , Enterprise Community Partners, Washington, DC. Corporate. Looking for a new career opportunity?

How to create a compelling, more engaging LinkedIn profile

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This business services enterprise focused on customer relationship management makes exemplary use of native video. Greenhouse also makes use of LinkedIn’s new Associated Hashtags feature, clarifying that they are part of the recruiting community.

The Most Interesting PR Tech Announcements in 2019 [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

The feature enables “enterprises to analyze customer conversations from owned data sources” and let the Talkwalker AI engine analyze it. In fact, the release points to various potential customers from across verticals such as entertainment to healthcare to the investment community.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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It used data from the latest version of the 2018 Cost of Living Index from The Council for Community and Economic Research to compare the cost of goods and services in different cities across the U.S. Senior PR and corporate communications manager—Fila USA (New York). Assistant editor—Enterprise Media Group (Nebraska). Before you jump at an offer to work in a major U.S. city, make sure you can afford the cost of living.

Purpose, diversity and inclusion: Why take a stand?

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They want to see that they’re making a positive impact in their communities, that they are demonstrating purposeful behavior beyond the working day,” says Rosy McGillan, executive vice president and head of purpose practice at Porter Novelli.

How comms services providers see the future of communications

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We asked our community of vendors and agencies how they see the future of the PR world after COVID-19. Jennifer Friese, Business Wire: “Corporations and agencies have been resilient and have demonstrated the ability to pivot quickly as authentic and trusted communicators.

6 Ways To Use PR To Build Brand Marketing

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Looking to buy enterprise software? A successful narrative doesn’t have to be about a Bezos or a Branson, but it does usually need to involve people – customer testimonials, community impact, employee motivation. Of course the campaign promotes the brand, but it offers plenty of educational content that conditions the market for the CU’s products and services while actually helping the community in the process.

How and why B2B companies must embrace CSR

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Corporate social responsibility efforts such as sustainability and human rights are no longer a mandate solely for consumer-facing enterprises. How is your organization stepping up? It’s marketing 101 for consumer companies: What you stand for is as important as what you sell.

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The Future of Online News: How To Attract “News Lovers” to Premium

Doctor Spin

Examples of premium-only features for “news lovers” Premium community for news lovers — The future of online news must attract “news lovers” (news consumers who craves a deep and total news experience 1 ). A premium business model doesn’t include paywalled news.

Study: Executives don’t recognize the value PR can offer

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In recent years, PR has taken on a negative connotation for many consumers who assume these corporate spin doctors are warping the truth. This should be a focus for PR pros, because the research also shows that as awareness increases, so does a favorable opinion about the enterprise. If you run a big PR firm, maybe it’s time to write an op-ed or contribute a guest post to print or online publications that target the business community.

Study 131

How communicators can change their organization’s objectives

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It’s a fundamental change in the way businesses are talking about themselves—and an attempt by corporate leaders to stay relevant as society looks ahead to the future of work. Can corporations, facing regulation and political challenges from both parties, convince the public that they are good for America’s future? Major employers are investing in their workers and communities because they know it is the only way to be successful over the long term.

Free Report! The Keys to Building a Successful Social Media Team


Every associate in our organization contributes to the customer experience; therefore, an enterprise-wide approach is critical to ensuring we’re able to deliver a consistent and great brand experience.”. No matter your industry, reach as many people as possible to build your community. Wal-Mart aims to inform their audience through social media not only about their business, but also about their charitable efforts, in order to boost their corporate reputation. Drive traffic.