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Community management lessons from the Guild Community Summit

Stuart Bruce

The global pandemic and work from home has seen an explosion in interest in community management and professional communities.

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Why monitoring external factors is key to corporate reputation


Corporate reputation has surpassed profitability in its importance to business success—today’s customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders have many choices, and they are leaning toward companies with a stellar public image. In the age of social media, managing corporate reputation is a complex undertaking.


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McKinsey declares community to be the big idea in marketing for this decade

Stuart Bruce

You might not be familiar with the term Community Based Marketing. I wasn’t when I first heard it.

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What is Good Corporate Citizenship?

HMA Public Relations

Being a good corporate citizen starts at the top of an organization. Find out what company leaders should consider when getting involved in the community with Scott Hanson.

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Corporate PR Index: Two Cool New Indices Track Corporate Reputations and Risk Exposure to Misinformation [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Two different PR tech vendors have launched Corporate PR indices; one tracks corporate reputations and the other tracks risk exposure to misinformation . One aims to track corporate reputations and the other to track the risk exposure corporations face from misinformation. Signal AI launches a corporate reputation index.

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Our Communications and Our Community: Our Third Space

Landis PR

By Landis Communications Inc. What role does the community play? And how can communications impact the results? In her speech, Brenda said we should think of society in terms of three spaces: the first, our home, our friends and family; the second, our work; and the third, our community. At ODC, Landis Communications Inc.

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Importance of Corporate Communications


While corporations have always been legal entities in their own right, new communication technologies have forced a change in the way companies communicate. Now, corporations are expected – and face a backlash if they fail – to project an image of accessibility and inclusiveness.

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