Popeye's opens an online 'biscuit apparel' shop'

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Apparel on the site ( found here ) ranges from around $20 for a T-shirt or a hat to $33 for a sweatshirt or sweatpants. Do you love Popeye’s biscuits? Who doesn’t? But do you love them enough to express that affection on your clothing? I can’t imagine why you would, but if you fall into this category, this is a fine week.

American Apparel updates code of ethics

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Clothing store American Apparel and the word “ethics” have never gone exactly hand-in-hand. Schneider said her goal was “to make American Apparel a better company, while staying true to its core values of quality and creativity,” according to Fortune. Its recently ousted founder, Dov Charney, is generally considered to be among the worst business leaders ever, but the brand is trying to change its image.

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Skate apparel company comes under fire for 'IRA' name

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That’s exactly what the folks at Impact Reduction Apparel are quickly learning. Instead of touting its rad skater gear, IRA (the apparel company) has been forced to address tweets like this: @IRA_Apparel but seriously, this is as offensive as me making a company and naming it KKK or ISIS even if it isn''t intended. Here’s a quick lesson on branding: Check to make sure your brand’s acronym doesn’t align with any terrorist organizations.

American Apparel files for bankruptcy—again

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On Monday, American Apparel filed for its second bankruptcy protection in 13 months. Reuters reported : … [American Apparel] emerged from bankruptcy in February under the ownership of a group of former bondholders led by hedge fund Monarch Alternative Capital LP. Under mounting pressure, American Apparel hired investment bank Houlihan Lokey earlier this year to explore a sale. However, Gildan does not plan to buy any of American Apparel’s physical stores.

American Apparel seeks to rebrand (and rebuild) in new location

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It’s transition time for American Apparel. American Apparel has also hired an investment bank to explore a possible sale, Fortune.com reports. According to court documents, former employees are suiting American Apparel for “wrongful termination, failure to pay overtime and retaliation for expressing concerns about working conditions and discrimination.”.

Clothing retailers Aeropostale, American Apparel fight to stay relevant

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Another clothing retailer, American Apparel, is getting creative with its customer outreach as it emerges from bankruptcy. The brand, which ousted its controversial founder, Dov Charney, after accusations of sexual harassment and misuse of company funds, is reaching out to small businesses and individual vendors to pitch them on accessories that they could sell through American Apparel.

American Apparel says casting call with off-color terms does not represent brand

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That’s because some folks work at an agency called Photogenics explicitly do not want “Instagram hoes” at their casting call for American Apparel models. A leaked email reveals their preference—and it comes in the wake of American Apparel ousting its founder and former CEO, Dov Charney, for (what else?) While a Photogenics rep said the comment was “made in jest,” American Apparel wasn’t laughing.

In apparent culture shift, American Apparel hires a woman as new CEO

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After effectively firing him in June , American Apparel announced Wednesday that it has officially given former CEO Dov Charney the boot. In his place, the company has hired Paula Schneider, who has served as an executive at a number of other retail and apparel companies, as the new CEO effective Jan. Schneider fits the bill perfectly," David Danziger, co-chairman of American Apparel’s board, said in the release.

American Apparel to close all U.S. stores and lay off 3,400 employees

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The American Apparel saga is finally over. Gildan spokesman Garry Bell said his company never intended to keep open any of American Apparel’s stores. American Apparel filed for bankruptcy twice in two years, most recently in November 2016. I'm glad American Apparel is closing. I remember when employees and models of American Apparel came forward with sexual harassment lawsuits.

Apparel company takes multi-faceted approach to deepening customer connections via Instagram

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Sustainability demand has grown during COVID—and noncommittal brands may lose business

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Cotton Trust Protocol explores how sustainability programs at brands and retailers has changed in a post-COVID world, revealing that more than half (54 percent) of sustainability leaders at apparel and textile brands say they’ve seen their customers’ demands for environmentally sustainable practices and products increase since the beginning of the […]. New research from the U.S.

When is crisis a four-letter word? Just ask Nike.

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Crisis communications befell Nike this year when the sports apparel manufacturer rang up not one, but two crises. Managing one can be an onerous task, but two? Crisis One Duke University’s rising star freshman basketball player, Zion Williamson, fell during a big game at which President Obama was also in attendance. The fall was a result […]. The post When is crisis a four-letter word? Just ask Nike. appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations crisis

Consumers still afraid to shop in-store as more retailers say “mask up”

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Even as more major retailers require customers to wear a mask in-store, new research from digital product testing and decision-making platform First Insight found that the vast majority of women (80 percent) feel unsafe trying out beauty products, 68 percent feel unsafe trying on apparel in dressing rooms, and 61 percent feel unsafe trying on […].

U.S. brands see growth in surprising new markets during COVID

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Driven by apparel, footwear and sporting equipment, U.S. While U.S.-based based retail sales recoil amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, new data revealed by cross-border commerce firm eShopWorld found that U.S. brands are seeing significant global e-commerce growth when quickly tapping new markets outside the U.S. brands saw the highest volume growth in April in Israel (up 178 […]. The post U.S.

Shoppers are heading back to stores—but how do they feel about dressing rooms and sales associates?

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As stores reopen across the country, a recent study by digital product testing firm First Insight found that the majority of consumers (54 percent) are ready to buy apparel in-store, followed by home improvement (36 percent) and footwear (32 percent).

How younger consumers are redefining luxury fashion shopping

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The average luxury consumer in these generations owns nine luxury fashion items across accessories, apparel, and footwear, according to new research from The NPD Group and Stylitics. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are embracing luxury fashion. But, they have a different style when it comes to the purchase journey. This younger luxury consumer favors the convenience and extensive […].

General Mills to cut 600 jobs

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American Apparel layoffs seem eminent. American Apparel recently said it will cut nearly 3,500 jobs. American Apparel said it sent a notice to employees to comply with California law, and that “layoffs are not certain.”. Earlier this year, Canadian company Gildan Activewear agreed to purchase American Apparel’s intellectual rights and other assets. General Mills will eliminate as many as 600 jobs as it enters a restructuring phase.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Founded in 1966 as a mountaineering retail store , the outdoor apparel and equipment company has become one of the most well-known and profitable brands in the world. The North Face landed on The Brand Finance Global 500 2017 list of the world’s most valuable brands and made the top 20 on the Apparel 50 2017 list of most valuable apparel brands. There is a familiar chill in the air—at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Nike pumps up CSR with ‘Manufacturing Revolution’

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Nike announced in its annual Sustainable Business Report that it is using recycled waste materials from its own manufacturing efforts in 71 percent of its products, including footwear and apparel. detailed Adidas’ 2020 goals: Apparel material suppliers will reduce water usage by 50 [percent]. Nike is winning praise for its corporate social responsibility efforts, which include the use of recycled materials in nearly all of its products.

Stylish marketing stunt aims to prove product value

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tells his story—from starting up his apparel business to training for the half marathon on the streets of Boston. Ministry of Supply’s suits are intentionally made like sports apparel, and include wicking fabric that allows for greater range of movement. Would you run 13 miles to promote your company? That’s exactly what Ministry of Supply co-founder Gihan Amarasiriwardena did—13.1 miles, to be exact—all while wearing a suit and tie.

Indonesian clothing company apologizes for sexist labels

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Indonesian apparel company Salvo Sports spent International Women’s Day defending itself against charges of sexism. This tweet, depicting the wash and care instructions on a Pusamania Borneo. jersey makes it clear why: How sexist is this #SalvoSports pic.twitter.com/2Cdr9pO5Fg. Ovandi (@idnavO) March 8, 2015. It’s customary for brands in this position to apologize, promise to never make the same mistake and move on. Clearly that’s what Salvo Sports did, right? Not quite.

The straight skinny of Forever 21’s Crisis PR situation

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A case in point was Forever 21, the designer apparel store for both men and women, got into a bit of hot water when they caught some social media flack from certain individuals who complained that they received a free Atkins diet bar with their online purchase. Some days even the best-intended actions can cause a crisis PR.

Slammed in op-ed over maternity policy, Nike stands its ground

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Nike partners with athletes worldwide to help sell its performance apparel and gear. She wrote: Many athletic apparel companies, including Nike, claim to elevate female athletes. I am just now catching up on this excellent @nytimes piece on @Nike @ASICSamerica & other apparel companies not supporting female track athletes when they get pregnant. Olympic runner Alysia Montaño, writing in The New York Times, said the sports gear company penalizes athletes who get pregnant.

How Lucky Brand wisely used social media to win customers

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There’s no doubt that social media has changed the way customers covet fashion apparel brands. Brand ambassadors are nothing new, but until recently, the fashion apparel industry hasn’t been as accessible. Every time consumers interact with a message, they're acting as foot soldiers for brands, influencing peers to desire what they do. The measured cadence of seasonal trends has been outpaced by demand for new and unique items.

Black Milk Clothing apologizes for Facebook blowup

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Black Milk Clothing, an Australian company that sells apparel—including a line of “Star Wars” clothes—online, tried to do that by posting this image to its Facebook page : Fans immediately reacted with anger, saying the image is misogynistic, an act of body shaming, and violates Black Milk’s own rule that commenters shouldn’t “make critical comments on other women’s bodies.”. Some said that the company’s license with Disney to sell “Star Wars” apparel could be in danger.

Urban Outfitters takes heat for tapestry that resembles concentration camp uniforms

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The apparel retailer in the news this time for selling a tapestry that resembles the uniforms that were forced upon gay men during the Holocaust. It''d be reasonable to think Urban Outfitters is doing this on purpose. There’s seemingly no other explanation for why the brand offends a group at least every few months. The Anti-Defamation League is livid , and it is calling on Urban Outfitters to ditch the product. From Abraham H.

Female Founded Startups


Ruby Love is an apparel company rooted in the belief that periods should never stop women from doing, being and going. March is Women’s History Month, and to celebrate, businesses are recognizing the women who make them successful, and taking the opportunity to bring awareness to the issues women still face daily, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Target to stop sorting children's merchandise by gender

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In some cases, like apparel, where there are fit and sizing differences, it makes sense. If you’ve ever shopped for kids’ stuff at Target, you can tell that the store (like many others) has distinct ideas about which products boys and girls like. The store is sectioned off accordingly, but that may not be the case going forward. Girls and boys can find equal enjoyment from dolls and robots, the retailer has realized. And it extends beyond toys to bedding, home décor, entertainment, etc.

Wet Seal CEO: Store closings were a ‘difficult decision’

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Apparel chain The Wet Seal announced in a brief press release Wednesday that it would close 338 of its stores, effective immediately. This was a very difficult decision to make, but after reviewing many other options since I returned to the Company in September, our financial condition leaves us no other alternative than to close these stores,” CEO Ed Thomas said in a statement.

Want To Work In Tech PR? Here Are 5 Questions

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But it turned out that a small group of designers were creating veiled racist apparel and selling it through the service. Public relations is an intensely competitive industry. Jobs are more in demand than ever, as brands in every vertical and size have come to recognize the value of positive reputation and third-party endorsement. As it has grown, PR has become more specialized, which has affected recruiting.

Adidas rejects employee claims on diversity, employee welfare tops ranks of reopening concerns, Publix stays the course on BLM attire, and more

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The apparel company has made bold promises in recent days about adding leaders from diverse backgrounds and hiring more people of color for roles throughout the organization. The grocery chain has come under fire for a decision to ban employees from wearing apparel that shows support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Things Your PR Firm Should Tell You (That You May Not Want To Hear)

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We once had a client who set out to market a high-priced item of luxury women’s apparel under a brand that was contrived and downmarket in its style and tone. The PR agency/client relationship can be a delicate dynamic, especially when things aren’t all rosy. The fortunes of a company and its PR agency are inextricably linked, and a good PR team must have the confidence and courage to deliver bad news when necessary. After all, PR pros are in the communications business.

Sears turns to new slogans, smaller stores for rebound

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They won’t sell apparel and instead will focus on home goods like appliances and mattresses. CNBC reported : They won’t include apparel, something other department store chains are increasingly struggling with selling today. The retail giant is looking to emerge from bankruptcy and years of store closings with a new plan for scaled-down shops and a narrower brand mission. Will customers come back?

Why Rex Chapman is the best modern-day example of the power of content curation for brands

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He could be promoting whatever it is he wants to promote (apparel, new startup he’s invested in, etc.), Rex Chapman. Does the name ring a bell? For many in 2020, you probably know him as that guy on Twitter who shares mostly awesome (and funny) stuff in your feeds.

Nike’s stock price and brand image falter after NCAA star’s shoe blowout

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million shoe deal with Nike, which will be a major player in the crowded competition to ink Williamson to an apparel contract once he declares for the NBA Draft. A few brand managers ridiculed the footwear and apparel brand on Twitter, as well: Yo @Nike , you guys need a beer? Video of Duke basketball phenom Zion Williamson’s shoe ripping apart have made a big splash online. Here’s how the footwear company is defending its brand.

Target explains website problems during launch of designer line

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In terms of sales, Target’s launch of its new collection of apparel from designer Lilly Pulitzer was a massive success. Customer satisfaction was another story, though. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune , the line sold out at many Target stores “within minutes” Sunday. Online, demand for the designer’s clothes was so huge that Target’s website didn’t work for some customers. About an hour after the 5 a.m.

Clorox names first female CEO, Lifetime announces inclusive holiday film lineup, and Chipotle merchandise highlights sustainabiliity

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Hello, communicators: Following in the footsteps of several brands, Chipotle announced a new line of apparel and accessories, including clothing and tote bags dyed with “upcycled avocado pits from its restaurants.”. By purchasing apparel made with organic cotton from Loomstate for its Goods collection Chipotle expects to prevent the use of a significant amount of synthetic pesticides.

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Walmart, Sears to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise

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asked spokesman Brian Nick about belt buckles, T-shirts and other apparel that include the flag’s design, he offered this statement: We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer. As South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was publicly urging lawmakers to vote to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds. Monday, Walmart was apparently already removing merchandise that bears the flag from its stores. When CNN.

3 affordable types of videos to boost your marketing

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Here are three brands using livestream video to connect and engage with their audiences: Women’s apparel company Oiselle takes viewers behind the scenes at road races. Carve out some space in your budget for livestreams, interview pieces and helpful how-tos. Want to cut through the messaging clutter and reach potential customers? Use video. In a recent survey, 85 percent of consumers said they’d like to see even more brand-centric videos.

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Singles’ Day on Chinese Social Media

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However, JD.com has been gaining in areas like clothing, and has called apparel the “most important growth engine” for JD Mall. This latest in our PR in Asia series was contributed by guest blogger Eiffy Luo , a multimedia story teller who discovered her passion for business and journalism through work at TheStreet.com , Reuters and the New York Times. The post is about Singles Day (11/11), which started out as a Chinese holiday but has grown into an international phenomena.