PART 1: Big Data 101 for PR


I’m not sure when it began, but it seems that “Big Data” is becoming THE catch phrase in every business meeting. The emphasis of each Big Data conversation may be different: it may be making sure no data is lost, or the privacy and security concerns of using the cloud, or the automation of analytical […]. All About Tech big data big data 101 PR PR education public relations storytelling

#DataTalk: Harnessing Big Data to Propel PR


Does anyone else feel like everywhere they turn there is some reference to Big Data? Big Data really is impacting every industry and what’s better, it’s rocking the PR world in a ridiculously awesome way. All About Tech big data DataTalk Experian PR PR education public relationsWhile that statement may be steeped in a bit of hyperbole, there is some truth to it.


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Big Data and the Human Experience


Last week, I had the pleasure of spending 14 hours talking, thinking, and theorizing about the future of Big Data at Dell’s 1-5-10 Big Data event at San Francisco’s Clift Hotel. All About Tech big data data analysis Dell human experience self-actualization The conversations included thoughts and insights from some of … Continued.

PART 2: Big Data 101 for PR


All About Tech big data big data 101 big data for PR Frank Jing PR PR education PR tips public relations Ryan Rapp storytelling technologyWe know, we know…sequels so rarely live up to the hype of originals, but I can assure you this part duex is guaranteed to deliver as much punch and pizzazz as what came before. A few weeks ago my colleague and engineering partner-in-crime, Frank Jing, knocked it out of the park with his succinct and […].

The Big Data Opportunity for Communicators


Maximize the Impact of Your Earned Media Programs with Data-Driven Insights. Big data is behind many of the greatest technological breakthroughs of the 21st Century. Data transforms industries by uncovering new opportunities and enabling data-driven decision making, leading to better outcomes. Google uses big data to show you as many useful ads as possible when you search for things online. Insights Featured Earned Media Big Data

Beets, Tomatoes…Big Data?

Shift Communications

The chefs are faced with only the data the ingredients provide and their own intuition. First, we observe and take data and insights we find from our “ingredients,” and then we make something cohesive out of seemingly unrelated odds and ends – our finished meal, so to speak. The chefs grab their beets and lamb; we collect our data. As marketers, we are bombarded with information and data from all directions. So what comes next after the data collections?

Share of Voice Gets A Big Data Makeover: Meet The Improved Power of Voice™


Power of Voice reimagined this process using AI and big data to provide a more consistent, more accurate, and more scalable metric than can ever be expected from human readers alone. The post Share of Voice Gets A Big Data Makeover: Meet The Improved Power of Voice™ appeared first on Onclusive. Increasingly in PR and communications, simply measuring the quantity of content that you publish or the number of earned media pieces you garner is not enough.

How to Improve B2B Blogging In the Era of Big Data

B2B PR Sense

How can big data boost your B2B blogging efforts? Many predict that big data will become as integral to PR as social media -- practically necessary for success. The strategic advantage you gain from big data has huge potential for B2B PR. Let’s look at how this data can improve your PR -- especially when it comes to B2B blogging. Before you can use big data, you have to understand it. Value -- This is the objective of big data.

2021 Big Data and AI study provides progress report on state of corporate data initiatives

Agility PR Solutions

A newly released executive survey from data-driven business transformation advisors NewVantage Partners of senior C-suite execs explores the topics of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence business adoption in 2021.

Big Data is Meaningless

Zignal Labs

The post Big Data is Meaningless appeared first on Zignal Labs

How to Use Data to Ensure Content Success


Earlier this year, I was a guest on the #DigitalPR Twitter chat in a conversation focused on the use of Big Data by public relations professionals for content success. The first question chat host Sally Falkow asked was whether or not the participants believe Big Data is the future of PR. Being a PR Engineer, […].

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PRSA Expert Express Talk : PR Expanded ( Global, Disruptive Tech, Big Data )

PR Expanded

However, I managed to share three big trends along with three new practices for PR professionals in an Expert Express Talk at the PRSA International Conference in Washington, DC ( #PRSAICON ). Here are the THREE big trends that communications professionals need to pay attention to closely, as they sharpen their skills to handle 21st century communications: Embracing Disruptive Technologies: Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Sensors. Keeping an eye on Data and Data Education.

What does the future hold for AI, Big Data and analytics?

Agility PR Solutions

2018 was an unmatched year for the tech industry, with several sectors including artificial intelligence, big data and analytics garnering increased investment and innovation. The post What does the future hold for AI, Big Data and analytics? With 90 percent of enterprises already investing in AI technologies, the steady momentum shows immense opportunities for growth—for both technology providers as well as the customers they serve.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Public Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

Public relations professionals must sift through the millions of status updates, photos, videos, check-ins and other digital breadcrumbs to uncover meaningful, valuable insights and then decipher the best ways to act upon that data. This year, PR professionals need to learn how to harness the power of big data to listen and engage, or face being left behind. So, what is big data ? Leveraging real-time data during a crisis. Guest post by Jim Delaney.

How Big Data and AI are accelerating business transformation in 2019

Agility PR Solutions

A comprehensive new study from data-driven business transformation advisors NewVantage Partners reveals that more than 9 in 10 leading companies (91.6 percent) are increasing the pace of their Big Data and AI investments, with 55 percent of firms investing more than $50 million. A full three quarters (75 percent) cite fear of disruption from data-driven […].

3 ways big data can improve your content

PR Daily

Is harnessing big data the future of PR? As a PR engineer I believe in data, but we must be thoughtful about using the data we track and collect. To avoid data intimidation and fatigue, PR pros must learn to make the most of the information at hand. Knowing how to collect, analyze and interpret data can help you identify key performance indicators, which can expand your business. You’re probably missing 80 percent of the data.

How to Craft a More Strategic Communications Plan with Big Data

Stern + Associates

The post How to Craft a More Strategic Communications Plan with Big Data appeared first on Stern Strategy Group. Marketing/PR Strategy Public Relations/Communications big data Data Analytics key performance indicators metricsAhh, fall. Crunchy leaves, cool, crisp air and, of course, pumpkin spice everything. For marketing and communications professionals, pumpkin spice latte in hand, it’s also time to look back, reflect.

What the Heck is Big Data?


My favorite description of big data comes from Lisa Arthur of Forbes. She writes, “Big data is new and ‘ginormous’ and scary –very, very scary. Big Data is just another name for the same old data marketers have always used, and it’s not all that big, and it’s something we should be embracing, not fearing. What I meant to say is that big data is as powerful as a tsunami, but it’s a deluge that can be controlled.

Big Data, Small Data: Making the Most of the Data Available [Webinar]

Media Bullseye

Businesses now generate and store mountains of data about their work and customers. With more available data than ever before, professionals have the opportunity to analyze and learn from it. Communicators in particular can review data to tell compelling stories and improve how they share information. Many professionals, however, lack experience with and knowledge of data, both big and small, and struggle to process and leverage these sets of information.

How Big Data Will Modernize Your Crisis Communications Plan


Based upon Zignal’s experiences, three trends ring true for every modern crisis: A modern crisis is fueled by data: In today’s modern marketplace, companies are inundated with massive amounts data. In fact, major enterprises manage petabytes of big data every day. This influx of data grows exponentially due to the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and the digitization of consumers — generating an incredible 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.

PR targeting: Using big data to personalise the approach

PR in High Definition

Most of you reading this will work in the PR and communication industry so will be as excited as me to hear about a new tool that crunches data from a person’s online presence to give you tips on how to communicate with them. The post PR targeting: Using big data to personalise the approach appeared first on Firefly Communications.

Forget Big Data—“Fast Data” is the new black for retail marketers

Agility PR Solutions

By 2025, it is estimated that enterprises will experience a 50-fold increase in the amount of data they will need to manage. With the increase comes a transition from “big data” to “fast data” as companies seek to harness actionable insights from this tidal wave of data, reveals new research from data storage firm Condusiv […]. The post Forget Big Data—“Fast Data” is the new black for retail marketers appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Big Data and Open Data—can they help with PR efforts?

Media Bullseye

Big Data” seems to be one of those terms that many people use but in practice has yet to be truly adopted by a wide range of businesses. Thus far, it has been the big businesses that have the money to acquire the data and use it to effectively reach customers. Big Data has been used for sales for years. There are a couple of reasons for this, and yes, the cost is a big one. Big Data is now integrating with IoT.

It’s Not Big Data, It’s the Right Data

Zignal Labs

The post It’s Not Big Data, It’s the Right Data appeared first on Zignal Labs

Big Data or Big Brother? Will analytics soon assess consumers’ mindset in real time?

Agility PR Solutions

With the rise of big data, marketers not only have the opportunity to better predict consumers’ behavior, but also to understand and respond to their immediate psychological needs, according to Columbia Business School researchers. The post Big Data or Big Brother? Marketers have long relied on demographic information to identify, get to know, and predict the behavior of their customers.

How to Craft a More Strategic Communications Plan with Big Data

Stern + Associates

The post How to Craft a More Strategic Communications Plan with Big Data appeared first on Stern Strategy Group. Marketing/PR Strategy Public Relations/Communications big data Data Analytics key performance indicators metricsAhh, fall. Crunchy leaves, cool, crisp air and, of course, pumpkin spice everything. For marketing and communications professionals, pumpkin spice latte in hand, it’s also time to look back, reflect.

How to Drive PR Decisions with Data


My co-panelists Deirdre Breakenridge of Pure Performance Communications and Todd Murphy of Universal Information Services shared examples of practical PR measurement for bottom-line results including the types of data PR and communications professionals should be focusing on when creating their strategies. Industry Insights & Trends big data for PR data analysis media measurement PR measurement

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Smart Speak: Ditch the business jargon to build trust


Musings AppBoy big data business data-driven insights Dell disrupt jargon paradigm Sir Mix-A-Lot social selling wordsAs a professional communicator and nearly obsessive people observer, one thing I often find myself doing at events is listening in on conversations between individuals and groups of people. Some may call this eavesdropping; I like to think of it as … Continued.

3 Ways IT and Marketing Can Improve the Use of Big Data

PR 20/20

The term “Big Data” has come into play more and more since 2011. Google defines big data as: Extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. 
. An example of big data in action is Walt Disney’s use of the wireless tracking “MagicBands” in their parks. Disney analyzes the data to make better decisions to improve visitor experiences.

Is PR data bias holding you back?


Often, when a PR professional views data that shows the […]. Industry Insights & Trends big data for PR data bias PR data public relations dataWhen it comes to marketing analysis, public relations has been known for output — media relationships developed, placements gained, awareness garnered, and perceptions changed. In-depth analysis and measurement of PR outcomes is a fairly new practice.

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Data Science and Big Data Experts Wanted for Marketing and PR


More and more job listings for both PR and marketing are asking for experience with data science, especially Big Data. Big Data and digital understanding provides better analysis of the results (or lack of them), and such skills also help to pin down and target those who are likely to be most interested in the client’s products and services. It’s sometimes hard to remember, but Big Data has moved to its current position of prominence over just five years.

PRTech Will Make You Love Math


Knowing how to collect, analyze, and interpret data allows you to identify key PR metrics rather than rely on subjective determinations of success. While all the PR data that’s now available to us via the PRTech ecosystem may seem daunting to those who are […]. PR Education big data PR advice PR data PRTechPublic relations is undoubtedly an art, but it’s also a science.

How to Use Data Insights to Craft a Clever Content Strategy


By gathering data from visitors and customers’ actions, you can design and deliver a better experience for them. A successful entrepreneur is one who knows how to use data insights to make better business decisions. But you can’t make a well-informed decision or craft a strategy unless you democratize data. Dove is considered a pioneer when it comes to leveraging data. Sometimes data generated by big data tools amount only to noise.

Data 235

The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Digital Media and AI on October 25th

PR Expanded

Public relations professionals must understand and embrace artificial intelligence (AI), machine language, and big data, from the resources that keep them up to speed to how brands are using advanced technologies that may affect their roles in communications. What do communicators need to know about artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning? Technology PRStudChat PRTech AI Artificial Intelligence Big Data Machine Language Martin Waxman Public Relationsh

Huffington Goes Viral with Data Science – You can Too

Flack's Revenge

At last week’s NY Data Science Meetup (at Metis NYC ) we learned how the Huffington Post , the largest social publisher, is using data science to better understand which articles can benefit from a promotional push. The meetup was about Data Science in the Newsroom. Geetu Ambwani, Principal Data Scientist at Huffington Post, recalled the days when their editors monitored searches trending on Google to inform content creation and curation.

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Social media algorithms and how they rule our lives

Doctor Spin

You interact with social media and the platform owner collects your user data to serve you more content that in turn will keep you engaged and thus increase your exposure to third-party advertising. We all know how social media algorithms work, right?

4 Ways to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Campaign with Big Data


Fortunately, the meteoric rise of big data in the business world has made given brands the ability to execute an influencer campaign with the upmost precision. This is what gives you a data-backed idea of what people are entering into the search bar, what their intentions are, and how you can position to your content accordingly. There are many data-driven tools out there to give you the proper insights you need for this task. This is where big data enters the mix.

3 Ways to Gain Insights From Big Data


In fact, there has been more content and data created in the last two years than in the entire history of the human race. At their recent webinar, “ Making Sense of the Big Data Mess ,” Cision’s Heidi Sullivan and Dave Lundstrom explored the basics of big data and explained how to analyze the information, concentrate on what matters most and glean useful insights. Want to get the most out of big data?

Data-driven Storytelling with Matthew Lynley

The Hoffman Agency

Data!’ According to Matthew Lynley , who graciously instructed the Hoffman team and guests in the power of data-driven storytelling, this is because there is more data than ever before. Why use data-driven storytelling? What’s the appeal of data?”.

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Say hello to my Replika AI friend

Doctor Spin

Behavioural profiling and data harvesting. Isabel, and other AI companions like her, might just evolve the big data landscape. Psychographic data is arguably far more impactful than the much more discussed facial recognition software made available by