How the Enterprise Is Shifting Toward Corporate Social Responsibility and What It Means for Comms

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In August 2019, one of the most influential business organizations in the world, the Business Roundtable, released a new Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. Enterprise Executives PR & Comms Planning & Strategy Reputation Management

The 4 types of corporate cultures

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When HR executives tell me that they want to improve their corporate culture, they often imagine a workplace where employees are socially connected, people collaborate, leaders are empathic, and there’s a friendly atmosphere. 4 types of corporate cultures.


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Free webinar: Grow your business through enterprise social

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New advancements in enterprise social and AI unlock opportunities to connect with and engage employees while driving behavioral and procedural change. Learn how to improve workplace culture, boost employee morale and watch your company thrive by attending our free webinar, “Driving Business Outcomes Through Enterprise Social.”. You’ll learn how to: · Use enterprise social to align the workforce and co-create culture.

Engineering the Enterprise for Content Marketing

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How to Energize the Enterprise for Content Marketing. On the other hand, by teaching people to share corporate content, they can see the immediate benefit both to themselves and to the company. The post Engineering the Enterprise for Content Marketing appeared first on Sword and the Script. Marketing content marketing corporate culture employee communications marketing strategyRecently a puzzle like the one nearby made rounds on the web.

Corporate email: Too much of too much

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Corporate communicators sent 72% more emails in 2020 than they did in 2019, according to a new study by PoliteMail. Emails have become a part of our corporate experience, not necessarily our preference in the corporate experience.

Want Big Global PR Results? Time to Think Small

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Enterprise Executives PR & Comms Corporate Comms Planning & StrategyWhen your business is international, it’s only natural to ask the question “should our PR agency be global too?” ” But, increasingly, some companies are finding it’s a better fit to… Read More >>>.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists

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This year we’re assessing the work of brands and agencies from around the world in PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Next the judges will review this pool of finalists to name the category winners of PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Bank of America Corporation 2015 Business Standards Report and Environmental, Social and Governance Addendum, Burson-Marsteller with Bank of America. Giving Back, Domtar Corporation. ·

Financial Times reporter calls out corporate communicator over 'threat'

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Then there are times that it’s probably best to leave it alone—as Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s head of marketing, Henry Gomez, recently learned. Corporations should not bully a free press. There are times when calling out a journalist can serve you or your brand well. Factual errors come to mind, or unwarranted attacks on one’s character. Those are instances where some back-and-forth with the writer in question is a wise PR move and could help to clear up some points.

How PR Pros Can Build Epic Personal Branding For Corporate Leadership

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Like fluffy yellow chicks marching in line after their mama, many companies are stuck in push marketing tactics of the past, favoring carefully crafted, conservative external messaging and expecting their executives to rigidly follow corporate directives when it comes to having (or not having) a digital voice. It’s a valuable piece of overall corporate trust and visibility? Three Essential Ways to Help Corporate Leadership Build a Personal Brand Online 1.

Integration of Corporate Functions Remains Elusive—and That’s Where PR Comes In

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Large, public companies, midsize firms and tiny operations, to some degree, all find communication between parts of the enterprise to be a challenge. The post Integration of Corporate Functions Remains Elusive—and That’s Where PR Comes In appeared first on PR News Blog. “No man is an island entire of itself…”John Donne wrote in 1624. Ah, but get that man, or woman, to work and he or she can be positively insular.

Global PR Trends And Practices In An Age Of Uncertainty

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Every two years, the New York-based Corporate Communication International ( CCI ), conducts an in-depth survey of senior PR and communications officers at Fortune 500 companies about the latest global PR trends. As a sort of “state of the communications field” analysis the CCI Corporate Communication Practices and Trends Study 2017 offered some fascinating insights into the challenges and trends noted by today’s top communicators.

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B2B Marketing: When You Finally Achieve Thought Leadership, Don’t Let it Slip Away

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most importantly the blog was attributed as a touchpoint on the sales cycle for 1/3 rd of deals closed for an enterprise SaaS product with an ASP of $1.3 The text was stiff and corporate. Marketing B2B marketing blogging content marketing corporate blogging thought leadership

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What the Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn means for corporate communicators

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And, huge news in the social enterprise software space as this move gives Microsoft a pretty big stake in the game (along with its acquisition of Yammer years ago). But, as I look at this deal, I have a number of thoughts–and can think of a number of ways this deal will impact us as corporate communicators: No sudden moves for at least six months. That means more features and tools for us, as corporate communicators, to take advantage of.

Are Emoji Appropriate in Employee Communications? Blog

More companies find that emoji improve internal corporate communications. For instance, at enterprise cloud software company CircleCI, a bear symbol on Slack indicates a meeting summary, reports The Wall Street Journal. Image by Pixaline from Pixabay.

Should the Public Relations Report to the CEO or CMO?

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A model I’ve seen work for large enterprises is to retain a corporate communications department but push dedicated PR talent down to support the business units. PR B2B public relations business of PR CEO CMO corporate communications internal communications marketing organization

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Hidden PR Tools In Top Movies

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At the confluence of advertising, marketing, and public relations was the genius stunt by the fictional Wonka Corporation to release golden tickets hidden inside their popular candy bars throughout England. Michael Corleone moves his family to Nevada as part of a larger reputation management initiative to establish the enterprise as a legitimate business. PR Fish Bowl public relations corporate communications PR lessons PR movies PR tools

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Do As I Do, Not As I Say!

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Yet again corporate America comes ashore with another stark example of why "behavior is all that matters." The Wells Fargo Board's tardy response to its latest crisis is or should be a a wake up call to the enterprise that behavior not platitudes is all that matters to reputation. Basics for PR Brand Corporate America Corporate Behavior Do as I do Ethics Honesty Reputation Reputation Management Transparency

The changing face–and strategy–of today’s corporate online newsroom

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The online corporate newsroom has undergone big shifts in the way it looks and operates in the last 15 years–for sure. Remember when online corporate newsrooms used to consist of a list of news releases and nothing more? Heck, many corporate online newsrooms still DO look like that. The cold, hard fact is this: Corporate online newsrooms really haven’t evolved as much as we’d like to think in the PR industry.

Should Communications Pros Use LinkedIn Stories? Blog

Enterprising brands were quick to try the new format, according to the Drum. LinkedIn Content marketing Corporate Communications digital marketing Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Stories marketing online marketing PR PR pros public relations social media social media marketing Stories

How Long Should a Blog Post be in 2019? [And Other Key Blogging Statistics You Should Know]

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Graphics and imagery in corporate blogging work best when it’s relevant, seeks to draw readers in and conveys an idea. At another company, in its third-year blog was very clearly an important part of the buyer’s journey for roughly one-third of enterprise deals with an average selling price for SaaS product with an ASP of $1.3 Marketing PR B2B marketing blogging content marketing corporate blogging surveys

CSR Trends for PR and Media Relations Professionals


While the concepts underlying corporate social responsibility (CSR) are hardly new , our current framework of understanding for CSR in the United States started roughly in the 1950s. There’s even a new US business structure based on CSR, the B corporation. This new form of for-profit corporation adds corporate social responsibility as a legal requirement along with the requirement to maximize shareholder value. Corporations are taking stands on polarizing issues.

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New PR Tech Products, Integrations, Independence, Names and Markets; PR Tech Sum: OnePitch, Cision, Critical Mention, Signal A.I. and Intrado

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I asked co-founder and COO Jered Martin about pricing for the new model and here’s what he said: “We are launching our pricing plans starting in September and will offer four tiers: free, beginner, professional, and enterprise. A corporate account will have liberties – like adding a seat for your agency – that an agency account won’t be able to do for clients. 4) West Corporation rebrands as Intrado…but who was West? TrendKite West Corporation

How agencies can benefit from R&D tax relief to drive innovation

Stephen Waddington

Sophie Smith Agencies can claim a proportion of research and development investment costs against their Corporation Tax. Up to 230% of the cost of a company’s R&D can be offset against Corporation Tax providing that it is commercially relevant.

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3 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers B2B Marketing can Borrow [Study]

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These habits are applicable to corporate blogging where a blog is a central platform in a content marketing strategy. One of the most successful corporate blogs I’ve managed published five days a week like clockwork. Success means, by the third year, we determined the blog influenced about one-third of enterprise software with an ASP north of $1million. Marketing blogging content marketing corporate blogging gated content long form surveys

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6 Ways to Get More from your PR Agency

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Sure, we’d have a meeting every few months where he’d give us the pitch from the company’s sales’ deck (most journalists don’t buy enterprise software), but other than that we got nothing. The things I’ve picked up from my agency days have served me well on the corporate side of PR (never forget where you grew up). Corporate communicators get a gazillion emails. The worst thing in corporate world is an unanswered email. by Frank Strong.

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B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success

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Businesses that engage corporate blogging with professionalism and process can boost visibility, grow a community, and ultimately, have a meaningful influence on sales. At another company, the blog was a touch point on a sales cycle for roughly one-third of enterprise deals with an average selling price in excess of seven digits. Weaving relevant shares is an effective way to illustrate the value of a corporate blog and weave qualitative measures into quantitative reporting.

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PR measurement by valuing intangible assets–brand and reputation

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It is a view shared by the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting’s chief executive Charles Tilley: “With continued importance being placed on the value of intangible assets, and with intangible value representing an ever-growing part of an organisation’s enterprise value, accounting for the whole of the business helps organisations to take better decisions and to tell their full value creation story.”.

If Yankee Stadium is the House that Ruth Built, We’re the PR Agency That HP Built

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I got my first exposure to problem solving when HP’s corporate communications function informed the ASD general manager, Marc Hoff, that he wasn’t allowed to hire me since “I wasn’t sanctioned by corporate.” Keep in mind the media gravitated toward HP’s cash cow – the printer business — and to a lesser extent the enterprise servers. Uncategorized business storytelling corporate communications global public relations HP public relations

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Celebrating workplace inclusion—the 50 best companies for diversity

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New rankings from Black Enterprise, in partnership with the Executive Leadership Council, presents the corporations that have committed to take action so that African American stakeholders can reap the benefits of inclusion. The org’s new listing of the 50 Best Companies for Diversity, as featured in its November/December 2018 issue, focuses on diversity and inclusion in Corporate America.

3 Strategic Ways to use Press Releases for Meaningful Influence

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For example, an enterprise software vendor I engaged had a large deal with an insurance vendor that had been pending for an extended period. Most corporate press releases begin with a lede sentence that reads something like this: “ACME Company, Inc., Every corporate announcement looks the same and generally have these seven attributes. PR B2B corporate communications PR strategy PR tactics press releases

Cybersecurity Pubs Every PR Pro Should Be Reading

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Dark Reading is perfect for enterprise IT and network security professionals, providing the most up-to-date information about products, management strategies, architectures and security policy.

How to assess and communicate the financial value of the organization

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A valuation is an estimation of the economic worth of a business asset, unit or the entire enterprise. enterprise value (EV). Enterprise value (EV). Matt Ragas is an associate professor of public relations and corporate communications at DePaul University.

How philanthropy and PR—a seemingly unlikely mix—are finding common ground

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However, with the rise of savvy nonprofits, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility, there is room for philanthropy and purpose in the public relations world. Public relations and philanthropy may seem a bit counterintuitive. Sponsorship of events like the Invictus Games proves that there is room for purpose that is authentic. The 2018 Invictus Games, which took […].

ReputationU Now Available to Prepare Leaders for Crisis Response & Reputation Protection

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Protector Enterprise (available Fall 2021), an entire corporate team approach to reputation management and crisis response. Draw on wisdom from reputation management specialists experienced on the front lines of corporate issues.

How PR and corporate communications can use animated gifs

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As public relations and corporate communications needs to become increasingly more visual gifs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it. For consumer PR and marketing it’s not hard to imagine how you can use these gifs, but corporate PR, public affairs and corporate communications professionals often find it harder to to see how animated gifs will benefit them. Seven ways PR and corporate communications can use GIFs.

Clearing the Two Biggest and Heaviest Cultural Roadblocks for PR/Communications’ Data-Driven Journeys


Organizational culture consists of the collective values, beliefs, norms and principles which influence the behavior of people as members of the organization – akin to a ‘corporate personality’.

Data 212

The Rise of the Corpsumer: Why You Should Tell Your Business Story to Non Business Audiences

Return on Reputation

It is a generally accepted premise that corporate reputation provides a halo effect across all of your stakeholders – influencing decisions about where people invest their money and apply for a job and providing opportunities for premium pricing for products. A recent study by the Reputation Institute revealed that Millennials buy into the company based on their perception of the enterprise, more than their perception of the products – almost two to one.

47 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Corporate Relations Program Manager , Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority, Arlington, VA – apply by Feb. Development Assistant , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. External Relations Associate , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Conference Assistant , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Conference Associate , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Video Editor , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC.

PR’s Unsung Technical Visionary: Patrick Liang Promoted to CTO at Onclusive


All those data and innovative analytical tools are delivered through three media monitoring systems beginning with our flagship Enterprise product which incorporates the highest-end analytics including Power of Voice and PR Attribution.

The 15 Best PR and Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020


This awards event celebrates the best of the best corporate, agency, nonprofit, and education teams, and the work they produced during the entry period. The world of marketing and PR evolves rapidly.