Free webinar: Grow your business through enterprise social

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New advancements in enterprise social and AI unlock opportunities to connect with and engage employees while driving behavioral and procedural change. Learn how to improve workplace culture, boost employee morale and watch your company thrive by attending our free webinar, “Driving Business Outcomes Through Enterprise Social.”. You’ll learn how to: · Use enterprise social to align the workforce and co-create culture.

5 best practices for thriving digital employee communities

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As an internal communicator, you already know how important is to keep employees connected to their teams, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—but how are you helping them rebuild lost communities during remote work? Keep communities open by default.


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How Humana measures the benefits of its enterprise social network

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Enterprise social networks, or ESNs, get their share of scrutiny. says Brenda Rick Smith, former community manager for Humana’s thriving enterprise social network. Jeff Ross has since become the community manager, and Smith has transitioned to a new role leading new role leading social listening and social intelligence efforts.). Measure the impact of your enterprise social network ,” Smith explains how to establish ROI.

When approaching DE&I, lean on your communities

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She spoke with Ursula Llabres, global head of enterprise executive programs for Facebook in a fireside chat on Sept. McRell says the data has been strong, with “2X” the rate of engagement in D&I community groups, as well as new groups forming to work on racial justice workstreams.

Engineering the Enterprise for Content Marketing

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Initiatives that take a few days to begin in a start-up community, take weeks, even months to begin in large companies. How to Energize the Enterprise for Content Marketing. The post Engineering the Enterprise for Content Marketing appeared first on Sword and the Script. Recently a puzzle like the one nearby made rounds on the web. Fifth grade students allegedly can solve this problem in 20 seconds or less.

Year Atlanta mountain community that is old includes advanced irrigation system


Year Atlanta mountain community that is old includes advanced irrigation system. SITE Minnesota’s Education Day contains speakers covering current business topics together with the potential for a number of the perfect networking in the enterprise! It particularly affects the business community. The post Year Atlanta mountain community that is old includes advanced irrigation system appeared first on

System 120

Tips, Tools & Templates to Fuel Your 2018 Enterprise Marketing Strategy

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We expect a similar sentiment in 2017 as it’s still a primary challenge for many enterprises. What’s more, Smart Insights reported, “Highly data-oriented enterprises are 3 times more likely to improve their decision-making processes.”. PR 20/20 launched the hub in 2016 to be a community by marketers, for marketers, and is packed with how-to content for everyday marketing use cases. Disclaimer: this is not your average end-of-year tips and tools blog post.

Why Your Marketing Team Shouldn’t Lead Community Outreach Efforts


While this varies from company to company, I think a brand has to be really careful if its community outreach lives within the marketing department. Developing New Community Outreach Metrics. By adjusting your metrics to focus on impact in addition to more traditional marketing/PR/communication metrics, you can continue to measure impact on the community, as well as impact on your bottom line—ensuring the desire to truly do good isn’t being hijacked by sales-driven metrics.

Building a Community: The Next Frontier for Social Media Professionals

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We are seeing more brands, professionals, and even enterprise audiences gravitate to creating their own communities. Why set up your own community? There are a lot of different benefits here for creating your own community here beyond your personal brand, such as: You get the chance to become a resource on a subject you are passionate about. Keep in mind, you have to be active and willing to invest in this community. The Social Media Professors Community.

Guest Post: 3 Ways To Promote Your Business

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It is also an art, when applied and mastered carefully, that we can use as female business owners to promote our businesses and social enterprises. We wanted to provide news to women to help them launch their startups or scale their enterprises. Develop a community. We needed to develop a community that was inspirational and empowering. branding communities empowerment lioness magazine natasha clark PR promotion Relationships Women

Cybersecurity Pubs Every PR Pro Should Be Reading

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Dark Reading is perfect for enterprise IT and network security professionals, providing the most up-to-date information about products, management strategies, architectures and security policy.

How agencies can benefit from R&D tax relief to drive innovation

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A discussion in The House of Marketing, Media and PR community of practice suggested that R&D tax relief credits provided a direct intervention for established companies.

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More Australian businesses than ever have a presence on social media (but they could be a lot more social!)

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49% of small businesses and 42% of medium-sized enterprises still don’t have a social media presence – potentially an opportunity lost right there! ”, roughly half of small businesses (51%) and medium-sized enterprises (48%) indicated they did. Along similar lines, roughly six in 10 small-to-medium-sized enterprises and over eight in 10 large businesses engage with people who provide feedback via social media.

Do Well By Doing Good


And we’d much rather attend an event for an aspiring entrepreneur, support social enterprises or raise money for innovative nonprofits than just hand out business cards at a professional (boring!) TeamGeben Social Good Community building community service doing good Geben House Rules give more to grow moreGeben hires exceptionally talented people, all of whom could have their pick of jobs. Every day, individually and collectively, we make a choice to work here.

Domain Authority, Trust, and Thought Leadership

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These once small startups understood how to leverage the new dimensions of trust and grew into thriving enterprises. Build a community online and nurture that group with relevant content that builds trust and loyalty. Listen to your community.

Can Technology Companies Achieve Diversity?

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Nike pledged $40 million over four years to support black communities. Wal-Mart has ponied up $100 million in community grants… and the list goes on. Starting with startups is a real key to building a more diverse technology sector and community.

4 employee engagement tips from Volvo, Microsoft, NRMA and more

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Increased connection, easier sharing of information, faster problem solving, empowering the frontline—these needs read like a shopping list of why you would use an Enterprise Social Network,” Pete Johns, digital employee experience manager for NRMA, said in a blog post.

My Biggest Surprise During the COVID-19 Crisis


We operate within a specialized community of entrepreneurs, executives, venture capitalists, reporters, analysts, influencers, and agency partners. This pandemic has disrupted the rhythms of our daily lives, but this is a time when a company can feel all the more like a genuine community.

Does your office work out loud?

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Presenters include Don Shell, corporate communications/enterprise community manager at. Spectrum Health; Brenda Rick Smith, community manager for the enterprise social media team at. Open workspaces were conceived to break down barriers between staffers. They ended up creating a culture of employees insulated by headphones, messaging one another from three feet away. Ragan’s virtual summit Intranets and the Digital Workplace , which airs June 28 from 11 a.m.

A Guide to Pride Without Pandering


If the past year has taught you anything, then it should be that the price of admission to the LGBTQ ally community is now much higher. Educate yourself about the rich history of our community, and understand both trailblazers and current leaders and influencers.

Brand Story We Love: David Peck


Why David is awesome: He currently manages SoChange , a social enterprise which works alongside members of the non-governmental community in areas such as fundraising, advocacy, and donor relations. Here’s something you don’t hear very often… “He’s a gifted public speaker, a talented university and college lecturer, a social entrepreneur… and an award winning magician.” ” Yup. An award winning magician… Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to David Peck of SoChange.

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How Big Data Will Modernize Your Crisis Communications Plan


For every enterprise, brand or organization, a crisis always looms as a persistent — yet inevitable — threat on the horizon. For a global enterprise that has built tremendous brand equity across its product portfolio, a crisis can translate into lost sales and public trust, and erosion of shareholder value. When Volkswagen disclosed the news, the conversation spread and was visibly seen as a “scandal” in the automotive community.

How PR Helps Turn Prospects Into Customers

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That Forrester Wave can influence purchase of enterprise software for years. The experience of strangers in the same professional community can be as persuasive as that of experts. The best programs work to create brand advocates through special offers and incentives, but also by building communities of regular customers. A social community where a brand interacts with fans and customers is an obvious start. A great PR campaign will obviously build brand visibility.

B2B 201

Steps to Find The Career


In countries across the planet, such as the USA and also the uk, the afternoon raises people’s knowledge of and concern for literacy issues in their communities. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with unique members of this community to chat about issues related to advocacy or simply chat about everything your desire. There are a variety of concerns you may want to think about when you’re picking out the best children’s business enterprise.

The Indispensible Role of Today's Public Relations Pro

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Public relations is essential to a functioning of society and its enterprises. PR practitioners are counselors who actively advise and guide organizations in honestly communicating and behaving in the best interests of society and constituents such as customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities in which they operate. As we enter 2015, the importance of public relations today can not be underestimated.

Meet the Media: Nathan Bomey, Business Reporter at USA TODAY

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At USA TODAY , I cover a wide range of business news with a focus on short-term enterprise and some breaking stories. My journalism career actually started in high school in Saline, Michigan, when I joined the school paper and concurrently began working for the community weekly.

How starting a conversation boosts social media engagement

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As algorithms begin to favor user interaction and community sharing, how can brand managers adapt their campaigns to get better organic reach? A community member who retweets content that you’ve posted offers the perfect chance to increase brand engagement by simply asking them questions about the article. How are you inspiring conversation and community interaction on social media, PR Daily readers? Perri Robinson is an enterprise marketing manager for Meltwater.

Announcing Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards finalists

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Community Relations. Talcott Resolution: 2020 Community Involvement Response. UMass Memorial Health Care: Office of Community Health Transformation and Community Benefits/Anchor Mission. Keller & Associates, Inc: Creating a Community of Difference Makers.

Why innovation in PR tech is so slow

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Cision, Meltwater and Kantar are aimed at the enterprise agency and in-house market and are expensive. Thank you This blog post started life as a discussion in the Marketing, media and PR community of practice. A market gets the tools that it deserves.

58 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Social Media Specialist , Northern Virginia Community College, Fairfax, VA – apply by May 29. Development Assistant , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Research Assistant, Economic Policy , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Research Assistant, Office of the President , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Looking for a new career opportunity? Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently.

How PR pros can elevate positive news stories

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People are hungry for stories about the ways individuals and communities are solving problems. Those of us who work with social enterprises and other problem solvers know there are many more stories to tell, but it takes effort to understand solutions journalists’ needs and craft pitches that show the outlines of a balanced story. PR pros can help reporters by suggesting enterprises that are working to solve aspects of huge issues like climate change and economic inequality.

Astellas Pharma’s strong employee culture an antidote to the current crisis

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In addition to her five years with Astellas, which includes her current role as president of the Astellas Global Health Foundation, Knight has served as director of global community relations at Baxter and has held leadership roles at Ogilvy and Kraft Foods.

Marketing emotion of the year: empathy

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Here’s how you can show your organization cares about your community. Generating positive emotions towards your product, service and company is ultimately the goal of marketing, as “affinity” is the psychological driver most closely associated with the long-term success of any enterprise.

4 ways you’re ‘overthinking’ your hospital marketing—and how to stop

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Here are a few examples in hospital branding that have been the subject of overthinking: Naming a new hospital or branded enterprise We have worked with three organizations this past year that were evaluating name changes and suggestions for hospital facilities or branded enterprises. After all, it’s the “fun” part of the business and who doesn’t enjoy seeing their organization’s name out in the community. Hey, let’s just keep it simple. It’s easier that way. Overthinking.

Virtual experiences, not virtual events

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By Lisa Pantelli simplyIC is Europe’s largest digital workplace festival for those working in internal communications, HR, and enterprise communications technology. The platform enabled us to create rooms for specific content or communities (e.g.

Free webinar: Inspire your workforce to engage in productive conversation

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It’s easy to get lost in the hype of social media—even when it comes to your organization’s internal social community. The goal is to engage, collaborate and better connect with your staff through your enterprise social network. Do you often find yourself wondering: “What do I post?”. “Is Is anyone even listening to what I have to say?”. How can I get employees to interact with one another?”.

How transparent leaders empower employees

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Both senior executives and their teams point to a desire to operate with a greater degree of transparency and to work within enterprises that value and model transparent leadership.

Do we need PR in 2019?


As long as reputation, stakeholders and relationships are important to organisations – across nonprofits, private enterprise, government and more – PR will continue to be useful and valuable. Perhaps you can give more to charities in your community, offer placements to more interns, initiate a scholarship, or improve the environmental impact of your business. With 13 days until 2019, let’s turn our attention to whether organisations still need PR. The short answer: yes.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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The company’s South Nevada chapter is looking for a vice president of marketing, community management and fund development in Las Vegas. Candidates should have at least five years of experience in community management and media relations and have impeccable writing and oral communications skills. Community manager—Holiday Retirement (Kentucky). Digital marketing advisor—Dominion Enterprises (Virginia).

37 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Associate Director, Government Relations , Alliance of Community Health Plans, Washington, DC. Admin Coordinator, Communications & Public Affairs , Alliance of Community Health Plans, Washington, DC. Communications Assistant, Poverty Studies , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Research Assistants (scroll to find), American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Looking for a new career opportunity?