MWC19 roundup – the future of mobile technology

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MWC, the world’s largest tradeshow for the mobile industry, has wrapped up for another year and, like every year, mobile technology manufacturers have come together to launch a plethora of intelligent and innovative mobile products. This year’s show was titled ‘MWC19 Barcelona: Intelligent Connectivity’ and it showcased some of the most advanced technologies the mobile industry has seen. Blog News Technology mobile news technology

Traveler Expectations for In-Flight Technology


Want to learn how travel technology impacts your brand? Read Cision Global Insight’s free “Integrating Travel Technology Into the Customer Experience” white paper today! Not long to go now boys…For those of you taking an electronic device eg ipad, ipod touch or android don’t forget to download the free Virgin Entertainment app so that you can access the wireless in-flight entertainment. Featured Trends travel technology

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Obsolete technology – what the kids won’t understand

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This month, we were all taken on a trip down obsolete technology memory lane by the Telegraph, with its round-up of technologies most kids today wouldn’t recognise. The pace of change in technology is so fast and the technology of the day can quickly be outstripped by rivals. So what might be the next technology we see fade out, and something our children will find totally alien? And finally (light relief) Blog Technology

In #PR This is all You Need to Know in 2016

Deirdre Breakenridge

Just ask Qualcomm Wireless Reach. Mobile, Wireless, and Cordless take all, as the future is about streaming (rise of Netflix, Spotify, etc.), Rebekah is currently the Chief Strategy Officer for AirPR , a technology platform to increase PR performance. Technology Public Relations Strategic Communications AirPR Analytics media PR Measurement PR Strategy Rebekah IliffThe following article originally appeared on the AirPR blog. . Ahhh, the new year.

Our tech news roundup as the year rounds off

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Airbus’s solar-powered aircraft successfully delivered wireless internet from the stratosphere down to Arizona on its 18-day long flight. Blog Christmas communications PR tech news technologyWith December on our doorsteps, Christmas fever is about to take over the nation.

Hot Startups Join Axis Innovation at NYSE

Flack's Revenge

Beam Semiconductor : Develops active phased array wireless transceivers to support multi-gigabit per second data rates. Events Marketing Networking NY Tech Tech PR Technology Israeli NYSE startup techI enjoyed last year’s Axis Innovation NYSE event, which showcased hot Israeli startups and also included a visit to the floor at the opening bell (you can read more about it here ). So when Axis CEO Ed Frank invited me back, I quickly said yes, and attended yesterday.

The Art Of Analyst Relations: A PR POV

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

But for B2B companies — particularly in the technology space — sometimes the best way to get in front of a key audience isn’t just with trade and business press, but through industry analyst reports that influence media and customers.

How to use Twitter Audience Insights for Marketing

Shift Communications

You also get mobile data such as wireless carrier and device types. Vice President, Marketing Technology. Analytics Data Marketing Marketing Technology Metrics Social Media TwitterTwitter just rolled out its Audience Insights tool to all Twitter Analytics and Ads users. How can it benefit your marketing and communications program? What It Tells You.

56 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Research Assistant with Center for Internet, Communications & Technology Policy , American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC. Vice President, Communications , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Director, Public Affairs , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Communications Associate , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Coordinator, Communications & Policy , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC.

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Visible’s Pearl Savant on Creating Meaningful Connections With Consumers


Experience means everything to Visible , the first all-digital wireless service in the United States. They also brought along a hot pink mechanical bull to various Austin venues for an activation that showcases that Visible is wireless without the “bull.”.

Ragan celebrates 2022 CSR Awards: See full list of winners

PR Daily

Cricket Wireless: 12 Days of Cricket. Infineon Technologies: Infineon Technologies. Winners were celebrated at a special awards luncheon in New York City on July 14.

Personal Tech PR Must-Haves

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So we are loving the HooToo TripMate Elite Versatile Wireless N Travel Router because it solves a few problems. It’s a portable Wi-Fi router , so if a hotel room only allows one gadget over wireless, you can connect the HooToo using Ethernet, then connect with multiple gadgets. Brands from Coca-Cola to Warner Brother s have been toying with the technology for a few years now.

Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Ebony Vaz

Solo PR Pro

Through Above Promotions, Ebony is able to combine her interests and has one key goal in mind: to be a leader in the market for implementing science and technology into storytelling and customer experiences. Ebony Vaz’s path to PR was a bit untraditional. “I’ve

7 sins of startup marketing

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Having worked with approximately 250 startups and as the marketing mentor to Plug and Play Technology Center, the world’s largest incubator/accelerator, we have identified seven of the key mistakes startups make as they grow when it comes to their marketing program: 1.

Hotspot blocking continues to trouble Marriott critics

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The question at hand is what measures a network operator can take to detect and contain rogue and imposter Wi-Fi hotspots used in our meeting and conference spaces that pose a security threat to meeting or conference attendees or cause interference to the conference guest wireless network. They say Marriott simply wants to collect often-expensive wireless Internet access fees. Smartphone users are hopping mad at Marriott.

Ragan’s CSR & Diversity Awards finalists announced

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Cricket Wireless: 12 Days of Cricket. Infineon Technologies: Infineon Technologies. Winners will be announced at an event at the Yale Club in New York City on July 14. Communicators are on the vanguard of change.

AT&T, Verizon delay 5G over FAA concerns, top places to promote a podcast, and IBM’s IT services becomes Kyndryl

PR Daily

The major wireless trade group, the CTIA, said last week that companies should be able to use C-band 5G “without causing harmful interference to aviation equipment,” Reuters reported.

12 tips to make webinars more engaging and entertaining

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The Sennheiser OfficeRunner wireless headset is a wise choice.). When you present using virtual technology, you don’t have the same emotional cues as you would when face to face with an audience, so go above and beyond to establish an emotional connection. Webinars can be a great vehicle to convey information, expand your audience and establish expertise— if you’re able to overcome the limitations of the technology.

Motorola’s comms leader shares virtual events tips

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The company had important products to promote, including the Motorola razr 5g, its latest phone primed for the growing consumer demand for devices that can handle 5G wireless connections. Can you still generate excitement and motivate stakeholders with virtual gatherings?

Robocalls’ downside: The deluge is washing away consumer trust

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Especially given technology like “spoofing”—in which an organization can trick caller ID to show a number other than its actual phone number, and even indicating a false location—consumer trust is taking a hit. phone carriers install new technology to authenticate real calls and flag potential spam by the end of this year. If another wireless carrier doesn’t flag a spam call, Verizon’s network might not recognize it’s a problem and let it go through.

Pfizer says third dose protects against Omicron, business travel meets hesitancy, and an alliance forms to combat AI hiring bias

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telecom industry has maintained that the new 5G service doesn’t pose a safety threat to aircraft, pointing to other countries’ experience with similar wireless services. Also: The largest marijuana brownie grabs headlines, AT&T and Verizon respond to 5G restrictions from the FAA, and more.

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Brand managers celebrate Groundhog Day, Verizon commits $10M to helping small businesses, and JetBlue highlights Black florists

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If your reaction is aligned with this tweet from Verizon’s wireless customer service team, you’re not alone: After the way 2020 went, that furry little bugger better give us an early spring. — Verizon Wireless CS (@VZWSupport) February 2, 2021. This multi-year effort underscores the role financial assistance, technology and training will play in rebuilding small businesses for both short-term and long-term economic recovery.”.

How to prevent embarrassing tech mishaps during your presentation

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If you’re like most businesspeople, technology has become an integral part of your presentations. Although your audio and visual aids undoubtedly add value for your audience and make it easier for them to quickly understand your message, there’s a downside to relying on technology. Who hasn’t experienced a technology screwup that spoiled a presentation? Members of the Professionals in Speaking Mastermind recently shared lessons learned from technology mishaps: 1.

The Essential Guide to Mass Communication: History, Methods, Ethics, and the Future

Masters in Communications

As technology advances, we require up to the minute information quickly and efficiently. Mass communication is a subarea of communications studies in the US, and social science with some elements of physical science - especially when designing systems and technology to transmit messages.

Dear PR People: Calm Down


Quite the opposite really: I was feverishly working on a set of talking points that were due in 90 minutes when my wireless connection crashed. “I When I worked at a technology company, for example, I never saw an engineer run through the hall in his socks. I imagine that the housekeeping staff at the Las Vegas Westin has seen their fair share of early morning shenanigans.

Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint rip AT&T for fake 5G

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It read, in part: The potential for 5G is awesome, but the potential to over-hype and under-deliver on the 5G promise is a temptation that the wireless industry must resist. That’s why we’re calling on the broad wireless industry to commit to labeling something 5G only if new device hardware is connecting to the network using new radio technology to deliver new capabilities.

Verizon apologizes for throttling California firefighters’ data

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In combatting the unprecedented wildfires ravaging California this summer, firefighters have relied on mobile technology for support. My Information Technology staff communicated directly with Verizon via email about the throttling, requesting it be immediately lifted for public safety purposes.". This customer purchased a government contract plan for a high-speed wireless data allotment at a set monthly cost.

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A telecom company holding a red carpet PR event? Verizon kinda pulled it off.

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I say “unique” because it was pitched as a red carpet event where Verizon would show off its latest holiday technologies and gadgets. ” After all, virtually everyone is a target for the types of technology they were rolling out on the red carpet. They had people showcasing drones, waterproof technology (using a fish tank, which was kinda fun) and even ‘smart’ soccer balls.

Penman PR’s Talicia Bosso shares hope for 2021

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Bosso: My wireless headphones! Complex, disruptive and innovative technologies are still being developed and utilized, and companies must continue to seek to rise above uncertainty. This Washington, D.C. pro says it’s time to acknowledge we are at our best when facing a challenge. What has been the biggest change in your life since the beginning of the year? Many PR pros are noting what a massive shift it is to travel less—including Talicia Bosso, executive associate with Penman PR.

My Internship Mantra: There is No Growth in Comfort

The Hoffman Agency

I allowed myself to sit in those feelings and then reminded myself that I’m an intern, and I’m not expected to know every finite detail about technology and public relations. By Megan Ryan, Account Coordinator.

Sony fires Mike Richards from ‘Jeopardy!’, how moms left the workforce during COVID-19, and New Orleans comms tech fails during Ida

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Hurricane Ida disrupts communications technology, channels. The Washington Post reports: “Our technology is antiquated,” Tyrell Morris, the district’s executive director, said Monday.

How to Write Concise and Compelling Press Release Headlines

Beyond PR

Headline Before: XYZ Corporation, a Technology Company, Partners with Leading Consumer Electronics Brand ABC at ConsumerTech 2016 to Launch Wireless Earbuds. and ABC Brand Debut Wireless Earbuds. Writing a short press release headline that packs an informative punch isn’t easy. It may be tempting to describe your story in full right out of the gate, but lengthy headlines can overwhelm readers and compromise their interest.

5 PR truths in the 'age of unicorns'

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This too was the storyline when I cracked into technology PR back in 1998. Today, it’s smartphones and cloud; the ubiquity of wireless Internet access and cheap Web infrastructure combined with a computer in every pocket. When the tech industry booms, so too do PR firms that specialize in technology. I’ve seen this movie before: An economic boom helps limited partners become flush with cash.

The Evolution of Event Marketing; Off Script #27: Mark Granovsky on Why Events are a Microcosm of Industry

Sword and the Script

While most of us take conference registrations, badge scanning, and conference apps for granted as attendees, there’s a lot more to the underlying technology. And that’s how G2Planet got started in creating technology platforms to manage marketing events. Event marketing is now far more refined in terms of the science and data analysis enabled by all the technology advancements with mobile and wireless. His first client came in 2002.

Top IT News Picks of the New York Tech Crowd

Flack's Revenge

Anonymous (Instructional Technology Specialist). RCR Wireless News. Someone posted the question “HELP! What are the top sites where you get IT news?” ” on the NY Tech Meetup mailing list last week. This prompted a frenzied exchange of emails. I chimed in, and followed the conversation with great interest. Why is it at all interesting what a few NYTM members think about IT news?

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IBM stops facial recognition work, employees seek fewer open workplaces, cosmetics brands drop talc, and more

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The tech company’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, wrote a letter to Congress stating that the organization would no longer help in developing facial recognition technology. As we’ve seen in recent months, wholesale adoption of a new technology could happen overnight if the right pressures are applied.

My Business Is 20 Years Old! 20 Lessons for Longevity

Solo PR Pro

From the world’s first portable wireless data modem, the Mobidem from Ericsson GE (yes, wireless email was possible in the early 90s, though it was expensive and didn’t gain traction until more than a decade later), to Bellsouth’s sponsorship of the 1996 Olympic Games, I was fortunate to have had opportunities to work alongside and learn from some of the best. This month, I’m celebrating 20 years as a Solo PR Pro.

Why Zoom has changed the game for Montieth & Company

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The technology has allowed me to virtually meet with the whole, global team on weekly company-wide calls, and to facilitate important check-ins with everyone individually. But I also learned a couple of weeks ago that I cannot go a day without my wireless router, which I upgraded. The videoconferencing tool has allowed managing partner Montieth Illingworth to connect with clients around the globe, push D&I efforts and boost employee morale.

TCIP #032 – The National Weather Service’s Crisis Communication Strategy with Daniel Noah

Melissa Agnes

Their collaborative and explorative mindset, their use of social media and mobile technology – they’re an interesting case study and a great example for others to be inspired by and learn from. The NWS’s Wireless Emergency Alerts – How they use mobile and geo-targeting to distribute highly critical information to the masses, in real-time. Welcome to episode #032 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Daniel Noah.

Google, Microsoft and Verizon challenge Zoom, retail sales decline to new low, and PlayStation launches ‘Play at Home’ campaign

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Verizon is acquiring Blue Jeans Network, The Wall Street Journal reported , to “bolster Verizon’s business group as the carrier rolls out faster 5G networks and pitches new applications of wireless technology to its largest corporate customers.”.