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United Airlines: When a Crisis Means it’s Time to Fire the Client

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Between Pepsi, Sean Spicer, and United Airlines, it's been a crazy week for crisis communications. The post United Airlines: When a Crisis Means it’s Time to Fire the Client appeared first on Spin Sucks. Communication Crisis abbie fink big question close more clients don dao keep more clients Oscar Munoz Pepsi power outage sean spicer Southwest Airlines United Airlines

American Airlines Soars Through A Potential Crisis

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At least one company learned something about PR and reputation from the United Airlines fiasco earlier this month. This time it was a scuffle between an American Airlines flight attendant and a passenger who had tried to put a stroller in the overhead compartment.


Flying the Unfriendly Skies: The United PR Black Eye Won’t Soon Be Forgotten

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By now you heard about the incident that led to an unprecedented PR crisis for United Airlines. Related Stories United Airlines: When a Crisis Means it’s Time to Fire the Client The Brave New World of Crisis Communications Six Questions to Define Your Crisis Communications Plan.

A Look at Malaysia Airlines’s Crisis Communications During the Crisis of Flight MH370

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By now, we’ve all heard of the terrible crisis Malaysia Airlines is facing with flight MH370 appearing to have vanished out of thin air with over 200 passengers and crew members aboard. So how is Malaysia Airlines handling this crisis? Malaysia Airlines (@MAS) March 13, 2014.

Airlines adding “fire containment” bags

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Maybe it’s a step in the right direction, a down payment on paying it forward or an example of smart preparation, but some are saying the recent decision by major airlines to include so-called “fire containment” bags actually makes passengers feel less safe.

Does brand reputation even matter to Spirit Airlines?

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I mean, we’ve seen negative comments about airlines before, but NOTHING like this (outside of maybe Comcast in the past). What they DO care about is staying true to who they are (the bare-bones airline operation offering the lowest fares around) and making money.

Five Easy Ways to Put the Social Back in Social Media

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United Airlines, What Were You Thinking?

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When a passenger was physically and brutally dragged from his seat aboard United Airlines’s flight 3411 earlier this week – and when the footage of this scene went viral around the globe – the airline’s crisis response was shameful on multiple levels.

What You Don’t Know About Malaysia Airlines and How They’ve Handled the Crisis of Flight MH370

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For example: The processing of an airline ticket. The Act applies to Malaysia Airlines and they so state in their privacy policy. Over a week ago one of Malaysia Airlines planes flight MH370 never made it to its destination – Beijing, China. of Malaysia Airlines.

United Enters the Third Stage of a PR Grieving: the Shake Down

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It’s been a rough week for United Airlines. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Comparing Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia's crisis responses

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Next time you’re looking for a case study in crisis communications, think of 2014 and two airlines with very different approaches. Malaysia Airlines suffered two separate disasters over the course of the year.

Preparing for a Hard Landing: Today’s Crisis PR 101


This week’s United Airlines incident has by far created the most inquiries from people asking me, “What would you recommend United do now?” The airline took nearly 18 hours after the incident happened to respond. Overbooking is a part of the airline industry.

What American Airlines’ crisis response can teach brand managers

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American Airlines seems to have learned—largely from United Airlines’ recent tone-deaf response—what not to do in a crisis. The recent incident prompted United—as well as Delta and American Airlines— to change overbooking and crew policies , but it wasn’t the only negative incident.

United Flies Into Another PR Storm

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As of midday Monday, the airline had issued the following statement. According to other passengers on the flight, the airline said it needed four seats to fly its own employees to Louisville. The airline offered up to $800 for anyone willing to give up his seat and fly later.

Six Ways to Use Social Listening in Crisis Communications Planning

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How Airlines Like Delta Hold Parents Hostage

Sword and the Script

For a mere eighty-eight additional dollars, the airline was kind enough to reassign us in a row together. The airlines are counting on it, indeed, I’d contend airlines, including Delta, prey on such emotions to separate a few more dollars from the consumer wallet.

Malaysia Airlines inadvertently reminds Twitter followers of lost flight

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Malaysia Airlines has to be the least self-aware company on the planet. The airline said the post “was intended to inspire travellers to explore deals offered.” Malaysia Airlines (@MAS) November 28, 2014. In September, the airline offered another glaring lack of self-awareness when it launched a promotion called the “ My Ultimate Bucket List ,” which asked sweepstakes participants to tell the airline, “What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list?”.

How Southwest Airlines created a multimedia comms department

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Before you spend another late night at the office, cranking out dull infographics or dreary corporate photos to be tweeted and forgotten, spend a lunch break with Sonia Avila of Southwest Airlines. At Southwest Airlines, they call such excursions "mandatory fun.".

Four Secrets of Successful Hashtag Marketing

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One example I often like to use is #Tweetameet through Qatar Airlines. This Twitter-based contest encouraged participants to pair up and tweet about a destination of their choice served by the airline.

Does brand reputation matter to Spirit Airlines?

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We''ve seen negative comments about airlines and brands before, but nothing like this (outside of maybe Comcast). What they care about is staying true to who they are (the bare-bones airline offering the lowest fares) and making money. Look no further than Spirit Airlines.

American Airlines shows support for hub’s Cubs

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Brand managers at American Airlines exemplified their digital know-how—and Chicago connections—by tweeting about their Cubs-inspired décor on a recent flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. American is also the official airline of the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Content Marketing with Your Reputation in Mind

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American Airlines denies 'collusion' accusations

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airlines colluded to keep prices high and availability low. In a message to American Airlines employees, CEO Doug Parker writes, “On behalf of your entire leadership team, let me be crystal clear: there has been no illegal behavior on the part of American Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines Catches Heat For “Bucket List” Contest

The Stalwart Blog

TIME recently shared Malaysia Airlines Asked for Travelers’ “Bucket Lists” in Ill-Advised Contest and my immediate thoughts were: How many people reviewed and approved this idea before the contest launched?

Are Airlines Being Descriptive Enough in their Galaxy Note 7 Warning?

Melissa Agnes

The post Are Airlines Being Descriptive Enough in their Galaxy Note 7 Warning?

Malaysia Airlines remains cautious as speculation about debris abounds

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Though officials in charge of the search for wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are “increasingly confident” that they’ve found a part of the plane, the airline itself is keeping largely quiet. The airline also posted that statement to Twitter, separated into two tweets.

3 ways to impress execs with social media metrics


It’s also a skill the communications team at Southwest Airlines has mastered. Southwest’s communications team experienced a big “ah-ha” measurement moment a few years back that impacted how the airline boarded passengers. “We

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Spirit Airlines touts automated social media customer service

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While most businesses go out of their way to employ best practices in all areas of marketing and operations, Spirit Airlines somehow survives by employing some of the worst practices. While all other airlines have made it a point to show that real humans work on these accounts, Spirit goes out of its way to try to convince you that they use a robot to manage their Twitter account. “A

Report: Airlines receive an abundance of social media hate

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Airlines have become a frequent target for social media hate, a new study finds. tapped Crimson Hexagon to analyze tweets about five major airlines, including United, American, Delta, Southwest and JetBlue. The results were about as expected for anyone who has been corralled into one of these airlines’ massively uncomfortable tubes or has spoken with one of their customer service representatives. This comes after the airline suffered a tragic 2014.

If You’re Not Measuring, Then You’re Not in PR

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Measurement Barcelona Principles Business Wire dashboards Hill & Knowlton Johna Burke Katie Paine measurement media relations public relations Serena Erlich southwest airlinesIf that new car you’re shopping for doesn’t have the latest bells and whistles, it’s likely you’ll opt for the one that sports the coolest technology and whose dashboard displays practically everything except your blood pressure and daily calorie consumption.

The Power of Storytelling: An Interview with Linda Rutherford of Southwest Airlines


Linda Rutherford, Southwest Airlines. Linda Rutherford, Vice President and Chief Communications Officer of Southwest Airlines, knows a thing or two about storytelling.

American Airlines receives backlash over lost-luggage communications

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American Airlines faced heavy criticism for poorly communicating to hundreds of customers their bags never made it onto flights from Miami late last week. The conveyor belt system in Miami had some kind of breakdown this morning,” American Airlines spokesman Joshua Freed told.

PR Rock Stars: Sun Country’s Brittany Chaffee

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Let’s hear all about her in this month’s installment of PR Rock Stars: You’re the marketing manager for Sun Country Airlines–and you’re a boomerang employee, back after a few years away. What does influencer marketing look like for an airline?

Southwest Airlines responds to criticism after removing passenger

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Southwest Airlines’ media relations managers are on the defensive. This week, reps worked to clarify allegations that circulated earlier this month that the airline removed a passenger for speaking Arabic on one of its flights.

United, Delta and American Airlines adjust overbooking policies

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In the wake of one of the worst PR disasters in United Airlines’ history, the airline is changing its policy on overbooking passengers. After no one volunteered, the airline’s crew chose seats at random to rebook on another flight. American Airlines.

Norwegian Airlines offers free (passenger) shipping

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While many retailers are offering to ship their wares to consumers for free this holiday season, one airline is taking a more clever approach to the incentive. It’s all about reminding people that the airline flies to more destinations than just Norway.

How’s the Storytelling in the Facebook Page from North Korea’s Airline, Air Koryo?

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I didn’t exactly pull Air Koryo, North Korea’s airline of choice, out of a hat. BusinessInsider published a story on Air Koryo back in March, highlighting that “Air Koryo is the only airline in the world deemed bad enough to earn a 1-star rating from Skytrax.”.

Delta the latest airline to stop shipping exotic animal trophies

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Delta You just became my favorite airline. Delta joins Air France, KLM, Iberia, IAG Cargo, Singapore Airlines and Qantas, all of which recently announced bans.

Gin and Topics: Monkeys, Seals, Apologies, and Tight Pants

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Consumers lash out at American Airline's latest campaign

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If you travel often, you probably also noticed how airlines are slightly less comfortable, far less efficient and significantly more expensive than your average city bus. Social media users took to Twitter and voiced their criticism: Not happy flying crappy American Airlines?