Airlines adding “fire containment” bags

Ronn Torossian

Maybe it’s a step in the right direction, a down payment on paying it forward or an example of smart preparation, but some are saying the recent decision by major airlines to include so-called “fire containment” bags actually makes passengers feel less safe. The post Airlines adding “fire containment” bags appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

American Airlines Soars Through A Potential Crisis

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

At least one company learned something about PR and reputation from the United Airlines fiasco earlier this month. This time it was a scuffle between an American Airlines flight attendant and a passenger who had tried to put a stroller in the overhead compartment. Other companies, both within and outside of the airline industry, should take note. The post American Airlines Soars Through A Potential Crisis appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.


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United Airlines Dog Disaster

HMA Public Relations

United Airlines has made headlines again—and not in a good way. Airline officials are calling United’s most recent blunder a “tragic accident" and now everyone is wondering how they plan on fixing it. The post United Airlines Dog Disaster appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Crisis Communications Featured Airplane Crisis Airplane Dog Flight Attendant Dog French Bulldog Public Relations Crisis Communications united airlines United Airlines Crisis United Airlines Dog

How Southwest Airlines creates meaningful, memorable content

PR Daily

Read on for the airline’s tips to make your storytelling soar—even during turbulent times. If you’re struggling to achieve meaningful social media liftoff, Southwest Airlines is a terrific source for storytelling fuel. It’s all about capturing moments that matter.

United Airline’s Latest Customer Letter Hits the Right Notes

Ishmael's Corner

The post United Airline’s Latest Customer Letter Hits the Right Notes appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. It’s easy to pile on United. More than the mistakes, it’s the type of mistakes, lacking that quality known as common sense.

Does brand reputation even matter to Spirit Airlines?

Communications Conversations

I mean, we’ve seen negative comments about airlines before, but NOTHING like this (outside of maybe Comcast in the past). What they DO care about is staying true to who they are (the bare-bones airline operation offering the lowest fares around) and making money. They orchestrated an “Unleash the Hate” survey where they actually asked customers and potential customers what they HATE about airlines (not just Spirit). Look no further than Spirit Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines policy ruled not discriminatory … but will that fly?

Ronn Torossian

When two businessmen from American Samoa wanted to pre-select seats on Hawaiian Airlines, they were denied due to the airline’s new policy against improper weight distribution. Department of Transportation claiming discriminatory practices on the part of the airline. The post Hawaiian Airlines policy ruled not discriminatory … but will that fly?

How United Airlines Is Communicating Its Vaccine Mandate to Employees


In August, United Airlines announced that all of its 67,000 employees must receive COVID-19 vaccines or risk losing their jobs. The airline, the first U.S. 13 titled “A Special Forum on United Airlines’ Vaccine Mandate Rollout” hosted by PRSA’s Silicon Valley and Colorado Chapters.

Frontier Airlines' newsroom just got an upgrade


Frontier is an airline with over 300 daily flights to over 80 destinations in the US, Canada, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Like many other PR departments, the folks at the Denver based airline spent many hours servicing media inquiries manually as journalists found it difficult to find the digital assets and press releases from its native newsroom archives. NewClient,Frontier Airlines,Aviation

How Airlines Like Delta Hold Parents Hostage

Sword and the Script

For a mere eighty-eight additional dollars, the airline was kind enough to reassign us in a row together. The airlines are counting on it, indeed, I’d contend airlines, including Delta, prey on such emotions to separate a few more dollars from the consumer wallet. Other Airlines Prey on Parent Emotions Too. Delta isn’t the only airline that will book a young child or a toddler several rows away from a parent or guardian. Airline customer must be regulated.

American Airlines denies 'collusion' accusations

PR Daily

airlines colluded to keep prices high and availability low. In a message to American Airlines employees, CEO Doug Parker writes, “On behalf of your entire leadership team, let me be crystal clear: there has been no illegal behavior on the part of American Airlines. An ongoing Justice Department investigation seeks to learn whether several U.S. One of those carriers, American, is responding.

WOW Airlines offers no apology after stranding passengers

PR Daily

WOW Airlines, the discount provider based in Reykjavik, Iceland, closed up shop overnight, leaving stranded passengers to mutter its name in frustration. The airline had been in talks with rival Icelandair and equity partners to find new capital, but talks fell through and the news was abruptly announced that the airline would cease operations. Passengers were stranded in both North America and Europe, and the airline had little comfort to offer them.

Airline restarts flights to Russia from Abu Dhabi in ‘risky move’ – ‘Could be a disaster!’

Mark My Words

Many international brands are boycotting the country and airlines are still imposing flight bans as well as ongoing sanctions from the EU, UK and USA. Etihad, Emirates and FlyDubai are among the Middle Eastern airlines operating to Russia from the UAE. “The airline is resuming its operation to Moscow to meet travel demand for passengers wishing to fly to and from Russia from the UAE capital.

United Airlines, What Were You Thinking?

Melissa Agnes

When a passenger was physically and brutally dragged from his seat aboard United Airlines’s flight 3411 earlier this week – and when the footage of this scene went viral around the globe – the airline’s crisis response was shameful on multiple levels. The post United Airlines, What Were You Thinking?

Comparing Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia's crisis responses

PR Daily

Next time you’re looking for a case study in crisis communications, think of 2014 and two airlines with very different approaches. Malaysia Airlines suffered two separate disasters over the course of the year. AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines took two very different approaches in the days after these disasters, and Malaysia Airlines in particular didn’t exactly help its cause in the months following.

Airlines reveal partnership on Afghanistan evacuation efforts, Facebook releases transparency report, and GM explains second electric car recall

PR Daily

Here are today’s top stories: United Airlines touts its efforts to support evacuation efforts in Afghanistan. American Airlines took the opportunity to express empathy for those stuck in Afghanistan and put its employees first.

Airlines share holiday travel operation plans, American teens prefer TikTok to Instagram, and Time’s Up publishes transparency report

PR Daily

Here are today’s other top stories: Airlines share strategies ahead of Thanksgiving travel surge. As commercial airline travel rebounds to pre-pandemic levels, the airline industry has shared how it plans maintain normal operations during the busiest travel season of the year.

Frontier and Spirit Airlines announce merger, advisory warnings to users reduce negative Twitter posts, and Amazon spends big on salaries

PR Daily

Here are today’s other top stories: Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines announce merger. Budget airline Frontier is buying competitor Spirit Airlines.

Music festivals emphasize pro-LGBTQ values, economic confidence dips as Delta variant rages, and Spirit Airlines’ customers tweet their displeasure

PR Daily

Spirit Airlines passengers share outrage on social media after canceled flights. Spirit Airlines canceled hundreds of flights at the last minute on Sunday and Monday, leaving hundreds of passengers waiting in line for hours to request a refund, and forcing many to camp out at the airport.

1 in 5 Americans won’t travel until 2021—heightening crisis for embattled airline industry

Agility PR Solutions

Airline travel became one of the earliest industries to feel the sting of the coronavirus, and new research suggests it could he one of the last to recover.

Airline reputational woes go global

Media Bullseye

From dragging passengers off planes, a pilot ranting about her divorce and the election , combative flight attendants , to throwing passengers off a flight over stowing a birthday cake , it has not been an impressive year for American airline carriers. Perhaps it is something in the air (pun intended), because at the end of September, Ireland-based low-cost carrier Ryanair entered the airline crisis maelstrom.

Does brand reputation matter to Spirit Airlines?

PR Daily

We''ve seen negative comments about airlines and brands before, but nothing like this (outside of maybe Comcast). What they care about is staying true to who they are (the bare-bones airline offering the lowest fares) and making money. It orchestrated an "Unleash the Hate" survey that asked customers and potential customers what they HATE about airlines (not just Spirit). Spirit asks customers why they hate airlines like Spirit. Look no further than Spirit Airlines.

United Airlines Scandal

Mark My Words

BBC Radio Global, 10.04.17. Listen here. Mark Comments

United Airlines Scandal

Mark My Words

Virgin Radio, 11.04.17. Listen here. Mark Comments

United Airlines Scandal

Mark My Words

Talk Radio, 12.04.17. Listen here: Mark Comments

United Airlines Scandal

Mark My Words

BBC Breakfast, 12.04.17. Listen here: Mark Comments

Airline CEOs push to drop masks, which companies earned kudos on fixing gender pay gap and Spotify brings social audio to its core app

PR Daily

Here are today’s other top stories: Airlines’ request to drop mask mandate gets mixed consumer response. Several major airline companies called on President Joe Biden to lift the mask mandate and other COVID-19 precautions for air travelers this week.

Airlines announce vaccine mandates, Golden Globes touts increased member diversity, and 75% of marketers to increase social media spending

PR Daily

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue announce employee vaccine mandates. All three airlines said there will be an approval process for medical and religious exemptions. “As airlines,” Alaska said Thursday in a staff note.

American Airlines offers tepid apology after booting cellist from plane

PR Daily

American Airlines has a problem with cellos. The airline removed a Chicago-bound cellist and her $30,000 instrument after changing its mind about the appropriateness of carrying the large instrument on a Boeing 737 aircraft. The airline does allow oversized instruments to fly in the cabin, provided they have their own seat and meet certain weight limitations. The airline insists he was signaling to ground staff that there were now two free seats on the plane.

Report: Airlines receive an abundance of social media hate

PR Daily

Airlines have become a frequent target for social media hate, a new study finds. tapped Crimson Hexagon to analyze tweets about five major airlines, including United, American, Delta, Southwest and JetBlue. The results were about as expected for anyone who has been corralled into one of these airlines’ massively uncomfortable tubes or has spoken with one of their customer service representatives. This comes after the airline suffered a tragic 2014.

United only airline to mandate staff vaccinations, videos with longer descriptions rank higher on YouTube, and Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene again

PR Daily

Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have announced that they will not require employees, including flight crews to be vaccinated. The announcement makes United Airlines, which announced last week that it would require employees to be vaccinated by Oct.

United Airlines celebrates employee vaccination numbers, how viral content can hurt your brand, and Blizzard Activision settles EEOC lawsuit

PR Daily

Here are today’s top stories: United Airlines spotlights employee compliance amid unvaccinated departures. United Airlines made headlines as one of the first businesses to require a vaccine mandate for its employees and the only airline to do so.

Malaysia Airlines inadvertently reminds Twitter followers of lost flight

PR Daily

Malaysia Airlines has to be the least self-aware company on the planet. The airline said the post “was intended to inspire travellers to explore deals offered.” Malaysia Airlines (@MAS) November 28, 2014. In September, the airline offered another glaring lack of self-awareness when it launched a promotion called the “ My Ultimate Bucket List ,” which asked sweepstakes participants to tell the airline, “What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list?”.

Airlines celebrate return of international air travel, most comms leaders report to the C-suite, and Walmart completes regular driverless deliveries

PR Daily

Here are today’s top stories: Airlines celebrate U.S. Why it matters: As domestic commercial airlines take measures to ensure they have adequate holiday staffing , the launch of new initiatives and features demonstrates proactive messaging in action.

How US airlines are driving engagement on the web and social


The post How US airlines are driving engagement on the web and social appeared first on NewsWhip. […]. Brands Communications & PR

Web 85

American Airlines to cut 19,000 jobs, McDonald’s investigates its HR department, and New York Fashion Week is online

PR Daily

American Airlines to lay off 19,000 employees. American Airlines counted more than 140,000 employees in March 2020, expecting to close out the year with less than 100,000 members of its workforce.

Instagram unveils new safety features for kids and parents, comms leaders identify their most important roles, and American Airlines CEO announces retirement

PR Daily

American Airlines CEO announces retirement and successor. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said that he will step down from his leadership position next March and be replaced by the airline’s current president, Robert Isom.

Boeing defends safety practices after Indonesian airline calamity

PR Daily

If it's true, it is beyond comprehension that Boeing did not tell the airline and pilots about this," said CNN aviation correspondent Richard Quest. He added that if important information hadn't been communicated to pilots, it would be a matter for aviation regulators, rather than individual airlines. Critics point to Boeing’s attempt to limit airlines’ transition costs—and stay competitive—as the reason it failed to impart crucial safety data.

Malaysia Airlines remains cautious as speculation about debris abounds

PR Daily

Though officials in charge of the search for wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are “increasingly confident” that they’ve found a part of the plane, the airline itself is keeping largely quiet. Malaysia Airlines seems to be waiting for official confirmation before making a statement. As of Friday morning, there’s nothing about the recent search in its online press room , nor has the airline posted any statuses about it to Facebook.

TCIP #016 – Malaysia Airlines Crisis Management with Jonathan Hemus

Melissa Agnes

Malaysia Airlines has suffered through two devastating and traumatic crises this year. These are two major crises, ultimate nightmares for any airline, and Malaysia Airlines faced both within months from one another. Faced with this utmost and devastating challenge, how did the airline fare in their crisis management and what lessons can you take away to strengthen your own organization’s crisis plan? Take a look at Malaysia Airlines’s YouTube strategy.