How brand journalism fills the void as media outlets dwindle

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As they report company news, they write in a journalistic style, cite industry experts and emphasize facts over fluff. In addition to following recommended best practices of brand journalism , PR and corporate communications can study the following examples of exceptional brand journalism.

8 Conversational Writing Tips That Will Boost Engagement

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What is conversational writing? It is a way of writing that imitates everyday speech. Writing conversationally is not just about relaying facts. Let's look at some conversational writing tips that will help you to succeed. you might write, "I've seen how companies.".

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9 Blogs To Make You PR-Smart

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One of the best ways is to stay on top of key PR industry blogs as well as more general sites that offer a fresh take on business, creativity, and content. Blogs That Can Make You Smarter. Industry or Workplace Blogs. The Cision Blog. Pop Culture/Creativity Blogs.

5 steps to writing guest blog posts

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One should be guest blogs. The definition of guest blogging is to publish content on a third-party website or blog. Use the following steps to turn into a guest blogging pro. Before you ask a blog owner or manager if they are interested in your content, know your material.

Zuckerberg defends Facebook with 1,000-word Wall Street Journal op-ed

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The platform has shared blog posts and tweets from security experts. Now, Zuckerberg is trying an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. His latest peace offering is a Wall Street Journal op-ed titled, “The Facts About Facebook.”

Why 99% of companies should completely forget about brand journalism

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Relatively recently, Verizon joined a number of big companies in the business of brand journalism. ” It’s hardly the first brand to try brand journalism. But, will this brand journalism trend continue?

3 Factors That Shape Your Brand Journalism Strategy


Today, audiences turn to blogs, online reviews and social media before making decisions. That’s where brand journalism comes into play. Unlike content marketing , brand journalism places people front and center, rather than the products that affect those people.

'Discover' feature brings brand journalism to Snapchat

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A Snapchat blog post. I remember sitting in a journalism lecture a long time ago and hearing a professor talk about how journalists of the future will need to know how to tell stories on mobile devices.

15 PR, marketing and journalism pros to follow on Twitter

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Start with this list of 15 communication professionals who are experts in journalism, PR, marketing, social media and writing: Journalism. Brad Phillips is the president of Phillips Media Relations and the author of “The Media Training Bible” and the Mr. Media Training Blog.

Blogging Upstream

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Tootzypop , the lifestyle blog I founded for savvy women over 40 , is no exception. In women’s online media, the formula is one part fashion and beauty, one part yoga and fitness, one part recipe swap, a ginormous dose of mommy blogging; mix and cover with a thick frosting of e-shopping.

Should everything you write sound like Hemingway?

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It's become common to hear the writing advice, "You need to write more like Ernest Hemingway!". The writing expert usually means your writing should be more concise, with more muscular verbs. However, one can’t help but wonder, is that really the best/only way to write?

10 corporate writing crimes

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Corporate communicators with years in the trenches are all too familiar with seeing writing transgressions every day. Writing for your boss rather than your audience. Whether it’s a press release, a feature article, or a blog post, begin with your audience in mind.

Defining Thought Leadership in a Business Blog

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Such dot-connecting points to blogging as one of the best platforms for thought leadership. At the risk of stating the obvious, defining the objectives for a company blog goes a long way toward determining whether a blog truly delivers on the promise of thought leadership.

Journalism tactics for telling your story and securing coverage

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One time, an editor declined my offer to write about an emerging artist. FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ]. Often, they select the pitch they can write quickly and with the least effort. Where’s the human interest in your story?

Why and how you should prevent your CEO from blogging

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Their CEO will be calling them from her leadership conference to announce she is starting a blog. Intranets across the land are populated by the ghosts of well-intended executive blogs. RELATED: Senior-level comms pros, join your peers for a brand journalism deep-dive discussion ]. CEO blogs have three unfortunate tendencies that we need recognize up front and either resolve or use as the reason they should find something else to do.

5 writing secrets to bolster your email campaigns

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Writing great subject lines is the first step to eliciting clicks and opens. FREE GUIDE: The 7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism ]. The post 5 writing secrets to bolster your email campaigns appeared first on PR Daily.

24 great B2B and B2C brand journalism sites

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All three are examples of a trend that has accelerated in the past six years: brand journalism sites. Why practice brand journalism? If you want your company's story told, you'd better write it or shoot it yourself. Brand journalism is not a product pitch,” he says. “It

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Should you write for free?

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Should you write for free? How does one get paid to blog? Write for free : There''s never been a better time to find writing gigs. So what of the value of having your byline published, building your brand, your published writing as credential?

Flawed Dot Connecting from Washington Post Correlates Rise of PR to the Fall of Journalism

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Since Craigslist eviscerated the classified ads business in newspapers, journalists have been writing the “poor me” story. At some point, it became fashionable for these “poor me” stories to blame the PR industry for journalism’s shrinking job pool.

“Dear Marketing Diary,” or Why Marketers Should Keep a Journal

Shift Communications

Many marketers and PR professionals keep a blog. But how many keep a journal? Written content can pose a particular challenge, as anyone who blogs can tell you. Many a marketer has suffered the frustration of sitting down to write a blog post….

6 ways artificial intelligence is transforming writing

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Are we going to see computers writing the next Great American Novel? Over the last decade or so, though, AI (artificial intelligence) has become increasingly sophisticated, and it’s influencing the world of writing in a number of interesting ways.

Jeff Bezos confronts crisis with a bare-all blog post

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A salacious blog post, published on Thursday by Amazon chief and The Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, has done the latter. His blog post is, well, a blog post. It reads like a blog post Bezos stayed up late to write.

New website powers Denver Water's brand journalism

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on its new brand journalism website, " Tap." Researching and writing a pitch takes time and effort that is wasted if the reporter hits the delete button on your email. RELATED: Attend the PR and Media Relations Summit in NYC and find what it takes to produce better brand journalism. ].

New website powers Denver Water's brand journalism

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on its new brand journalism website, " Tap." Researching and writing a pitch takes time and effort that is wasted if the reporter hits the delete button on your email. RELATED: Attend the PR and Media Relations Summit in NYC and find what it takes to produce better brand journalism. ].

What makes a piece of writing successful?

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Is it better to write fast or slow? Should students be tested on writing? That''s what GQ contributor Drew Magary thinks: I''ve written stupid internet blog posts for nearly decade and I still have no idea which ones will get decent readership and which ones will be ignored.

25 ways to tighten your writing

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After you've revised your book , story, blog post, or article until you can revise no more, you just hand it off to your editor to clean up, right? Well, that'd be ideal, but most of us don't have the luxury of hiring an expensive editor to review our personal blog post.

Straightforward techniques to improve your writing

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Whatever you write, you want to get your thoughts across as clearly and effectively as possible. If your writing isn’t as strong as you’d like, there are plenty of straightforward techniques you can use to improve it: 1. Write directly to ‘you’ (in nonfiction). The Write Life.

Keys to writing the best headline ever

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As chief honcho of its cultishly popular AdFreak blog, Which covers all things digital advertising and creative. Griner’s topic, “How to Write Content Without Selling Your Soul,” was a bit misleading, but not in a bad way. We all suck at writing headlines. Shoulder pads.

6 vital reasons you should write a horrible first draft

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Writing flawed copy can be freeing. My library of books about writing expands every year, but no author has shaped and affirmed my writing process like Anne Lamott. FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today. ]. Write a stream-of-consciousness-style draft.

Triple 7s: The Best, Worst and Most Loved Blog Posts in 2017

Sword and the Script

The news cycle was faster, social media was hitting the early majority in the Geoffrey Moore sense, and blogsblogs were everywhere. We started a blog for our employer, a startup in the IT operations space. Not long after that I started this blog and began writing.

13 rules to sharpen your PR writing

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When a PR pro writes, it usually is a marketing activity—and that writing must be sharp, clear and focused. PR writing is as varied as marketing content: press releases, brochures, letters, blogging, website content and video-script writing.

9 steps to writing engaging content

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In the blogging world, it takes more than solid writing to hook a reader. Although it’s enticing to report events, share facts and tell a newsworthy story, I've always missed the human element that falls flat with most traditional journalism. When I write, I focus on the reader.

7 free tools to attract readers to your blog

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There are dozens upon dozens of great tools that professionals can use for lots of purposes, including drawing readers to a blog. helps you refine your blog topics based on search traffic. If you’re having trouble coming up with new, fresh blog topics, Ubersuggest.

8 writing tips for young PR pros

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Writing is a cornerstone of all that we do as PR professionals. To become a PR pro, many of us (like me) attended journalism school—where the PR program resides at some universities—or took journalism courses. That gives you an idea of how important writing is to the PR industry.

Rethinking Ogilvy's 10 tips to writing

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So it was with David Ogilvy’s advice on writing that recently made the rounds on LinkedIn. Ogilvy penned these 10 tips for writing on Sept. Read the Roman-Raphaelson book on writing. The actual title of the book is “ Writing that Works.” Write the way you talk.

What data-driven journalism is, and why it matters to PR

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For the last five to ten years, the phrase “data-driven journalism” has been popping up more and more frequently. What is data-driven journalism—and why should PR pros care? What data-driven journalism is. Why data-driven journalism matters to PR.

Data 95

5 journalism predictions for 2017 from Nieman’s Lab

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One of the most insightful looks ahead is Nieman Lab’s annual Predictions for Journalism from journalists, editors and other key figures in the media. Selfie” journalism: This will become more prevalent as 2017 rolls out, says Taylor Lorenz, director of emerging platforms at The Hill.

8 simple ways to improve your PR writing

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The public relations profession is evolving, but good, persuasive writing remains a core component of good PR. Since strong writing is a skill to be maintained and improved, a refresher course is always in order. This one is particularly apt for public relations and journalism.

Why writing a miserably bad first draft is essential

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My library of books about writing expands every year, but no author has shaped and affirmed my writing process like Anne Lamott. In “ Bird by Bird ,” Lamott liberated me with these words: “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. Writing nonsense is fun.

How to Create an Editorial Strategy for Your Blog – Part One


In my first post of the year, I confessed my blogging sins and provided some insights around what caused me to blog less the past few years, and what I learned from the process. This posts was the first step in my journey to blog more in 2016.