Fashion Brands Respond to Animal Cruelty Charges

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The post Fashion Brands Respond to Animal Cruelty Charges appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Social media connects in a way nothing else before ever has.

PR 101: How to Pitch Fashion Bloggers


It is no secret that fashion blogs have become lucrative real estate for PR professionals. So how do you capture the attention of a fashion blogger with your pitch? This is valid for big fashion influencers and smaller blogs alike.

Social Media Marketing for Fashion Brands


How can social media marketing benefit your fashion brand? Branding Social Media Social Media Marketing marketing for fashion social media for fashion brands social media listening for fashion brands social media marketing for fashion brandsTake a look at our article and learn how to grow your business with bulletproof social media strategy!

What’s next for PR pros in the fashion industry?

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How has PR in the fashion sector changed? As the industry embarks on the last quarter of 2018 and on the heels of yet another fashion week season, five leaders within the fashion and lifestyle field speak up about the shifts witnessed and how they plan to serve clients next year and beyond.

Fashioning a stunt

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Textiles and fashion occupy a central position in the realm of material culture. This week Karl Lagerfeld sent a parade of waifs down the runway brandishing placards for women’s rights (of a Barbie doll kind of flavour) Lagerfeld certainly knows how to pull off a stunt, but is this really the best fashion can do? Apart from fulfilling the basic human need for clothing and protection, textiles play important political, economic, and religious functions.

How Fashion Tech Brands Can Win On Social Media


In the fashion tech industry, it’s more crucial than ever to have a strong social media game with competition at an all-time high. So what does this all mean for the fashion tech industry? Social media has become a very good way in which brands can connect with consumers.

How fashion retailers are using SEO for product promotion

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The post How fashion retailers are using SEO for product promotion appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. With the introduction of search engine optimization and its application in improving the ratings of various sites, many stores now have an opportunity to boost sales.

Wanted: Automotive, fashion and technology PR campaigns

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Does Old Fashion PR Still Have the Magic in the Digital Era?

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Since media has gone through a rigorous paradigm shift in the recent decade, one has to wonder, does old fashion PR still have the magic to swing public opinion? Lesson learned from this fabulous fashion class? Well, if you don’t dig fashion or cigarettes, I hope you like bananas.

Campaign Recap: Indie Beauty Expo 2018


5WPR News Beauty & Fashion Public RelationsAs a top independently-owned agency in the Beauty Communications space, it’s no surprise that the 5W team is obsessed with all things beauty.

26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

Sword and the Script

I think this year will be a swing on the pendulum back towards good ole’ fashioned creativity. Prediction posts have their critics that often rightly cite hyperbole and nonsense – but this post isn’t one of those by any stretch.

5W Knows Men’s Grooming


Beauty & Fashion 5wpr5W’s Beauty and Grooming practice understands what it takes to catapult indie as well as established men’s brands in the ever-evolving grooming & styling categories.

Hilfiger Line Especially for Disabled

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When it comes to fashion lines , you don’t tend to see a lot of name brand designers coming out with special lines for disabled people. It’s a common complaint of those who desire to be fashionable but need clothes that fit their challenges.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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The fashion world is focusing its attention on Milan. The second installment of this year’s Milan Fashion Week is underway and continues through Sept. The show is considered one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks , along with New York, London and Paris.

Burberry Burns Overstock, Riles Consumers

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A recent example of this is the upscale British fashion brand, Burberry. Exclusivity is a vital component of any luxury brand’s marketing message, so it should come as no surprise that some brands go to extreme ends to protect that exclusivity.

Snapchat’s PR firm sues influencer for failing to deliver

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He is famous for, among other things, hanging out at parties and fashion shows, being photographed while hanging out at parties and fashion shows, and briefly dating a Kardashian (Kourtney). The Fashion Law reports , apparently there are many more like these happening behind the scenes.

Lions for logos. Branding cases from Cannes Lions


The fashion house Burberry has recently revealed its bold new logo, once again proving the fashion industry’s unflagging zeal for experimenting with graphic marks.

The Problem With Influencers

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But from YouTube kids to #dogsofinstagram, influencer marketing has grown fast, especially in consumer product sectors like toys, fashion and beauty. It then invited high-end fashion influencers to attend a special opening event to sample the luxury footwear.

Top 10 Harper’s Bazaar Staff on Twitter


New York Fashion Week is just around the corner, and if you want to get live updates from the runways our top list might help. Avril Graham – Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor – 2,735. Cassie Anderson – Fashion Market Editor – 439.

Creating a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Fashion, makeup, and lifestyle tend to be the key areas focused on by the Kardashian and Jenner clans , but every niche and industry has people who are known for their expertise – behind and in front of a camera.

How to Think About Gender Inequality and Diversity in Tech


Last fall I attended the very fashionable and mildly geek-chic Anita Borg Institute’s Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing event, now home to “Nadella-gate.”

Behind the Headlines with Crosby Noricks


Crosby Noricks is the founder and director of PR Couture , the leading source for fashion and lifestyle communicators and the author of Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR. Further, just last month, in light of their 10-year anniversary, PR Couture announced the creation of their very first inaugural award program, the 2017 Bespoke Communication Awards (the BCAs) , to celebrate excellence among those working in fashion and lifestyle communications.

Dolce & Gabbana apologizes for riling Chinese consumers

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The fashion brand is struggling after a boycott by Chinese retailers, consumers, celebrities and influencers. The backlash came after Dolce & Gabbana released an ad promoting its upcoming fashion show in Shanghai. Canceled fashion show and apology.

Payless trolls influencers with viral marketing campaign

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laces over fashion influencers’ eyes—and did so quite easily. Fortune reported : The goal was to remind customers that the retailer is a place to shop for affordable fashion. Payless is not traditionally a brand that influencers associate with high fashion.

Viral 92

Are consumers living in a “political brand bubble?” Quiz yourself

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Today’s polarized political environment is increasingly impacting brand marketers, illustrated in dramatic fashion by Nike’s decision to launch a controversial campaign featuring ex-NFL player and anthem-kneeling pioneer Colin Kaepernick.

Holiday tech offers a bright new way to set the mood

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Are you one who wants to have a good old-fashioned Griswold Family Christmas but without all the frustration, time spent handling lights and explosions?

Instagram Is the Rihanna of Social Networks


fashion. fashion sport. fashion. fashion sport. fashion sport. fashion luxury. fashion retail. fashion retail. fashion luxury. fashion luxury. fashion sport. fashion retail. fashion luxury. fashion luxury.

Harry’s Razors: Brilliant Consumer PR

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But, for those who exist outside the lumberjack fashion craze, razors remain a necessary part of everyday use. Men hate buying razors. They are expensive – increasingly so – and inconvenient. Some would say a “necessary evil”, but that’s not really fair. Particularly when a few companies still do what they can to turn the razor business model on its head. One of the most effective? Harry’s.

40 PR Pros Share Influencer Marketing Tips & Tricks [SlideShare]

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They currently serve businesses in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, food and family space. The following is a guest post by Sabrina Fenster.

#MediaMonday – Marisol Avila

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Marisol Avila is the founder of “All the Prettys,” a popular national fashion and lifestyle blog. Her Instagram page for the site, “alltheprettys” has a massive following. I am talking north of 45,000 avid fans. The post #MediaMonday – Marisol Avila appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Burberry faces backlash after burning excess stock

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company, known for fashionable clothes, perfumes and more, has made headlines by incinerating millions in overstock rather than allowing its products to fall into the wrong hands. It's a dirty secret of the fashion industry.

Infographic: The Brave New World of Public Relations

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Because the old fashioned news pitch is going by the wayside. It's no secret, the media landscape is changing at a rapid pace these days. The sphere of influence that once belonged to traditional news outlets is slowly slipping away.

How AI Can Take Your Email Marketing to The Next Level

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Email marketing might be an old-fashioned marketing technique for most companies, but it’s in for an overhaul in the coming years thanks to disruptive technology like AI, the blockchain, and more.

Coachella 2016: Music Fest or Gossipy Mess? Let the Data Decide.


If we tune into the buzz surrounding Coachella today, much of the conversations revolve around the celebrities making appearances and their bohemian and desert chic fashion statements. Fashion and celebrity gossip.

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H&M offers $1 million for best idea to recycle clothing

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Fashion retailer H&M is offering some hefty dollars to tap into the wisdom of the crowd in order to boost its corporate responsibility.

Top 10 Men’s Health Staff on Twitter


Sandra Nygaard — Fashion Director — 1,902. Happy Movember, everyone! This month we are celebrating all things men and men’s well being, so why not put a list together of the top 10 Men’s Health magazine staffers on Twitter.

Guest Post: The PR Generalist vs. The Industry Specialist

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Techies, for example, might enjoy working with a mobile start-up, while fashion gurus would rather work at a boutique PR firm. While some PR firms do specialize in an industry, such as technology, travel or fashion, the capabilities of most full service agencies cover many sectors.

Social & Display Marketing Analyst - Jacksonville, FL

Flack Me

Company: Venus Fashion, Inc. Location: Jacksonville, Florida Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Early Career (1+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: Associate Job Status: Full Time

Victoria’s Secret exec apologizes after interview gaffe

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The interview, published hours before Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, sparked immediate backlash. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has featured models of color since its inception in 1995 , and has hired more models of color in the years since.

How To Make Small Talk With PR People

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Today’s communications sector is fairly specialized, so it’s always safe to ask if they focus in a particular area, like fashion, technology, or lifestyle PR, for example. It’s that time of year when we chat up colleagues, family, and friends old and new at holiday gatherings.

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Delia's announces return as online retailer

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An entire generation of teens may never enter a Delia’s—but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to enjoy the beloved 90s fashion staple. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy late last year, the brand (also known as dELiA*s) has been acquired by Steve Russo of Fab/Starpoint. The brand will return online only, which was announced via Instagram: News flash! Delias will be coming back-to-school with you! Best part? Online only = ALWAYS OPEN!

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Infographic: What graphics design trends are hot in for 2018?

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What was fashionable last year could tank your latest creations. Are your visuals current enough to hold viewers’ attention? With the speed of change that drives online content creators, keeping your website fresh and engaging takes constant upkeep and redesigning.

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Why don’t writers indent paragraphs anymore?

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What I''m trying to remember is—when did indenting become so old-fashioned that it now hurts my eyes to look at it? It looks old-fashioned. You could, of course, use a pilcrow, if you really want to prove that you''re old-fashioned—or that you''re using "track changes.".