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I wrote 1,087 Blog Posts, and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

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10 corporate writing crimes

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Corporate communicators with years in the trenches are all too familiar with seeing writing transgressions every day. Writing for your boss rather than your audience. In corporate communications, “writing for your audience” often takes a back seat to politics and the whims of executives. In a corporate environment, it can be tough to remember that the audience is the “end user” of what you’ve written. Using "corporate" verbs.

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Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture

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Tom Mueller, who interviewed over 200 corporate whistleblowers for his book Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud , proclaims this “the age of the whistleblower.”. ” Lepore writes, “Businesses have regulations, compliance departments, and inspections.

How brand journalism fills the void as media outlets dwindle

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Yet corporate communications teams have found a solution: creating their own publications to deliver their messages unfiltered by reporters and editors. As they report company news, they write in a journalistic style, cite industry experts and emphasize facts over fluff.

Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Tom Mueller, who interviewed over 200 corporate whistleblowers for his book Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud , proclaims this “the age of the whistleblower.”. Its implosion was in large part due to first-rate reporting by The Wall Street Journal ‘s John Carreyrou, yet Carreyrou was originally tipped off to irregularities by a company insider. Lepore writes, “Businesses have regulations, compliance departments, and inspections.

7 ways to sell your leaders on brand journalism

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to determine where to deploy crews and equipment, Duke Energy reported on its brand journalism site. That’s why so many organizations have gone all in on brand journalism. Brand journalism is not a product pitch,” he says. “It Brand journalism fills a void in business coverage.

Why 99% of companies should completely forget about brand journalism

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Relatively recently, Verizon joined a number of big companies in the business of brand journalism. ” It’s hardly the first brand to try brand journalism. But, will this brand journalism trend continue? Let’s examine some of the popular theories–and discuss why I believe brand journalism is a non-starter for 99% of the companies in the U.S. Sites like Unbottled started just like every other blog or news site–with 0 visitors.

Why and how you should prevent your CEO from blogging

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Their CEO will be calling them from her leadership conference to announce she is starting a blog. Intranets across the land are populated by the ghosts of well-intended executive blogs. RELATED: Senior-level comms pros, join your peers for a brand journalism deep-dive discussion ]. CEO blogs have three unfortunate tendencies that we need recognize up front and either resolve or use as the reason they should find something else to do.

24 great B2B and B2C brand journalism sites

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All three are examples of a trend that has accelerated in the past six years: brand journalism sites. Why practice brand journalism? Ragan Communications chief executive Mark Ragan, a former national political reporter and an early advocate of brand journalism, offers his philosophy : Stop begging the media, and become the media yourself. If you want your company's story told, you'd better write it or shoot it yourself. brand journalism.

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What if novels got critiqued like corporate content?

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In this week''s roundup, we find writing spots everywhere, why you should be happy to write for a living, how to read and how not to give feedback. You could argue that it''s tougher writing for a brand than doing journalism due to the precision involved in writing using a brand voice, and you''ve usually got lots more editors. Writing for a living : On an especially difficult day behind your computer, it''s never a bad idea to remind yourself why you write.

Study: Big Companies Lag at Blogging, Social Media

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These giant corporations are demonstrating an interest in experimenting with new tools.”. This is a group that now seems comfortable and even excited with its newfound ability to engage its vendors, partners, customers and others in ways that could not have been imagined when most of their corporations began.”. I’ve read and blogged about previous reports produced by the UMASS Center for Marketing Research for several years now.

Keys to writing the best headline ever

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When these three elements collided as I sat in my fluorescently-lit corporate cube in the late 1990s, I would flip through Adweek , its large letters gleaming back at me with that imposing black font, bathed in all of its Madison Avenue glory. As chief honcho of its cultishly popular AdFreak blog, Which covers all things digital advertising and creative. Griner’s topic, “How to Write Content Without Selling Your Soul,” was a bit misleading, but not in a bad way.

Triple 7s: The Best, Worst and Most Loved Blog Posts in 2017

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The news cycle was faster, social media was hitting the early majority in the Geoffrey Moore sense, and blogsblogs were everywhere. We started a blog for our employer, a startup in the IT operations space. Some of the newer and smaller startups that had been blogging for a while ran circles around us. Our new owners immediately began to eliminate redundancies, as they say in corporate M&A. Not long after that I started this blog and began writing.

How PR Pros Can Build Epic Personal Branding For Corporate Leadership

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Like fluffy yellow chicks marching in line after their mama, many companies are stuck in push marketing tactics of the past, favoring carefully crafted, conservative external messaging and expecting their executives to rigidly follow corporate directives when it comes to having (or not having) a digital voice. It’s a valuable piece of overall corporate trust and visibility? Three Essential Ways to Help Corporate Leadership Build a Personal Brand Online 1.

Use strong nouns to fortify your writing

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RELATED: Attend the Business Writing Summit and start writing more powerful press releases, blog posts, internal memos and more. ]. Here are a few other examples related to PR and corporate communications. magazine, periodical, newsletter, newspaper, journal, blog, post, circular, digest, brochure, booklet, rag, review, manual, gazette, sheet, tabloid, broadsheet. Read more of her posts on writing, editing and corporate life at.

7 ways to revive your creativity and improve your writing

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When you write for a living, it can be easy to forget that you enjoy doing it for fun. You compose so many press releases, executive speeches and blog posts that writing becomes monotonous and uninspiring. Though writing is your job, that doesn't mean it has to be boring—it shouldn't be anywhere close. Your ultimate task as a communicator is to make lackluster corporate messages relevant, interesting and inspiring. Don't be afraid to "write ugly.".

All brands are media: The biggest lie the marketing industry has ever told

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One of my favorite blogs is the Content Strategist. The blog, after all, is written by Contently, a content shop with clients like Coca-Cola and AMEX. But, for every Red Bull, there’s a Verizon (you remember Verizon’s failed attempt at brand journalism, right?). For every Microsoft Stories (which is actually pretty good), there’s a Van Winkle’s (Casper’s new entry into brand journalism–10 articles a day about sleep?

Networks highlight Black-owned businesses for #BlackOutDay2020, TikTok promises to leave Hong Kong, and OKCupid opens pronouns feature to all

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The article provides helpful ideas and takeaways for corporate, employee and internal communications pros aiming to make their workforce more inclusive. In a blog post , the platform wrote: At OkCupid, we aim to provide a fun, affirming experience for all members.

The State Of Journalism, How It Might Evolve, And How PR Can Help

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By Seedepth The media industry and journalism are experiencing significant change. This dynamic creates new and complicated challenges for journalists and PR pros, who may end up relying on each other now more than ever to save journalism. We interviewed a few PR leaders in Boston to get their takes on journalism and changes we might see in 2017. Hopefully, we’ll see a shift to more thoughtful, long-form, investigative writing in 2017.”

Microsoft Stories: Best brand storytelling site on the web?

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The writing is fantastic. And it’s clear, the author (Jennifer Warnick, who writes many of the Microsoft “stories”) has spent a great deal of time in the Garage as preparation for writing the story. For those of you who write content for your company–when was the last time you actually spent time with the products or services you were writing about? They’re not slapped together like some make-shift blog.

Instacart to hire 300K, how COVID-19 is changing social media habits, and Facebook offers small business resources during the pandemic

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In a blog post , Fitbit wrote: Given the current circumstances, we know how hard it is to focus on your health and wellness. For enterprise customers, we are making certain enterprise features, like corporate challenges, available at no cost, so they can help their employees take care of themselves. Only 8% are focusing on brand journalism. Also: Ford, GE and 3M collaborate on medical supplies, Twitter ramps up verification, Cadbury announced its new ‘spokesbunny,’ and more.

Why your content should be written by your experts

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RELATED: Take the first step in achieving corporate communications excellence ]. Yes, your content creators can research and write a perfectly useful, informative article, blog post, or whitepaper on their own for you to slap your name on. Brand Journalism Content Marketing Writing & EditingGood content requires a personal touch, and making sure your strategy includes your knowledgeable subject matter experts is essential for success.

8 reasons a contemporary digital newsroom improves your coverage

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By upgrading your newsroom and supporting a brand journalism effort, you can improve your own messaging—and even interest more news outlets. When Amazon Go opened a futuristic grocery store, the technology was interesting enough for The New York Times to write it up. So Cisco used its brand journalism newsroom to feature its technological contribution to the futuristic marketplace. Is it still just a mishmash of press releases and rah-rah corporate jargon?

Google co-founders step down, Riot Games pays $10M in harassment suit, and most consumers distrust organizations’ data use

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Page and Brin wrote in a Google blog post : Today, in 2019, if the company was a person, it would be a young adult of 21 and it would be time to leave the roost. Their words are devoid of corporate jargon and instead relay the organizations’ missions and values in personal and positive ways.

Is Pay-to-Post Blogging The New Advertorial?

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Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Is Pay-to-Post Blogging The New Advertorial? A few weeks ago, they asked a question about paying for blog posts.

50,000 Thoughts, and Blogging Ain’t One of ‘Em

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Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in this extremely beautiful college town… the first time I’ve done something like this. I had a bunch of ideas on what I could, should, write about for my regular Friday post. So writing something business-focused – such as answering seven frequently-asked questions on Social PR strategy – is out of the question. 50,000 thoughts… and blogging just ain’t one of ’em.

3 writing lessons from infographics

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Infographics reach 54 percent more readers than blog posts do and can increase content marketing profits by as much as 12 percent, according to Contently. The infographics that get attention feature ideas and visuals that no one has ever heard or seen before,” says Karl Gude, a former director of information graphics at Newsweek and The Associated Press, who now leads the information graphics program at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. “It’s

Got style?


When I studied journalism at the University of South Australia in the late 80s/early 90s, one of the compulsory text was The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. It was my introduction to style guides and an early lesson in the value of having a touchstone when it comes to … how you write stuff. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may know that – while I can write – I don’t always get it right when it comes to grammar.

The 20 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


The flipside of earned media is owned media: publishing content on brand-owned channels such as a customer-facing blog, Medium publication, and the like. The PR pro either writes some of this content themselves or helps drive strategy with a team of writers/editors and/or guest blog contributors. Corporate Communications. Corporate communications regularly involves interaction with senior leaders and HR departments. . Writing/Editing of Miscellaneous PR Assets.

Lin Pophal on the Evolving Role and Field of PR

Flack's Revenge

Is this a sign of the future of PR (and journalism)? Much of this may be because of the shifts taking place in journalism these days–traditional media outlets struggling to remain viable resulting in many journalists finding themselves needing to pursue different types of work; the rise of the “citizen journalist” where just about anybody can hang out a shingle and be a “writer;” the blurring of the lines between PR and marketing, news and advertising.

It’s time to put PR ethics front and center

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Public relations and corporate communications experts are urging corporations to more strongly embrace strict ethical standards. Ethical mishaps can cause corporations to lose customers, business partners, income and stock value, according to the Consequences of Managerial Indiscretions: Sex, Lies, and Firm Value , a study published in the Journal of Financial Economics. With corporations under intense scrutiny, PR crises have become all too common.

Ethics 117

9 fantastic holiday gifts for PR pros

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FREE GUIDE: The 7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism ]. A blog editorial calendar. Instead of another tchotchke that might get relegated to the corner of the cubicle or in the back of a drawer, give your PR pro an editorial calendar for his or her blog. The calendar, which can also function as a planner and strategic map, can help plot out major blog posts and campaigns on either a personal or organizational blog.

Ten Symbols That PR’s “Industrial Revolution” Is Underway

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You see, Max’s blog on consumer electronics had gained such a following that the likes of Dolby and HP were courting Master Swisher. While many fixate on native advertising, the partnering of publications and brands in the making of journalism is the more jarring trend. Change : What used to be a blurred line between journalism and corporate storytelling now often disappears. Might Fortune write content for Johnson & Johnson to be published on The Huffington Post?

Google, Microsoft and Verizon challenge Zoom, retail sales decline to new low, and PlayStation launches ‘Play at Home’ campaign

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Verizon is acquiring Blue Jeans Network, The Wall Street Journal reported , to “bolster Verizon’s business group as the carrier rolls out faster 5G networks and pitches new applications of wireless technology to its largest corporate customers.”.

An Interview with Richard Bistrong, CEO, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC

Critical Mention

My goal was to simply share my story and experience on-line through a blog, and to then re-share on social media. While I started engaging on social media channels, I realized that blogging and writing about my experiences would be central to sharing my story. So, whenever I saw an enforcement issue in the news that had similarities to my own conduct, I would blog about it. I was just enjoying the opportunity to write and speak about my experiences.

Quaker Oats to rebrand Aunt Jemima, PepsiCo offers plan to support racial equality, and HSBC, Hilton and AT&T announce layoffs

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People will also be able to see local election alerts from their officials about changes to the voting process,” Facebook’s Naomi Gleit, vice president of product management and social impact, wrote in a blog post. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and the University of Oxford recently published the 2020 Digital News report, which revealed that the number of people turning to Instagram for news has doubled since 2018, with 26% percent of U.S.

An Eclectic but Intriguing Mix of 32 Statistics that Summarize Public Relations and Marketing in 2019

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I review a lot of marketing studies and surveys – and write about the one I think will be helpful for readers. 1) The average blog post is 1,236 words. How long is the average blog post? How long does it take to write the average blog post?

3 Strategic Ways to use Press Releases for Meaningful Influence

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He wrote those words around 2010 or so and published his remarks on a blogging platform called Posterous. Most corporate press releases begin with a lede sentence that reads something like this: “ACME Company, Inc., Every corporate announcement looks the same and generally have these seven attributes. There’s one more key piece – all announcements must systematically tie in your owned media platform – a corporate blog, news site or resource page.

Coca-Cola revives the CMO role, Goldman Sachs vows eco-friendly investment, and Starbucks apologizes to law enforcement (again)

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It rolled out the announcement in a blog post titled Sustainable Finance. It is crucial for all kinds of businesses to engage in corporate social responsibility, not just organizations that interact directly with consumers. 1 option is your blog or website.

Creating a Communal Narrative: A Case for Skipping the Press Release

Waxing UnLyrical

We leveraged LinkedIn Pulse and several employees’ blogs to create a communal narrative about the funding. It’s pretty standard to have your CEO share funding news via a thought leadership article either on your company’s blog, LinkedIn Pulse, or Medium. “This is a signal of just how far we’ve come, but also how much more we have to do in our quest to give hard-working PR professionals a seat at the table,” writes Soza. Guest Post by Rebekah Iliff.