4 Pitfalls of Brand Journalism to Avoid


Not only have we spent thousands of hours building a product that can give it definitive value and metrics, but we’ve also dedicated endless amounts of energy developing, executing and #shamelesslyplugging our own blog, brand channel, whatever-you-wanna-call-it-where-no-one-tells-us-what-to-do.

NYC Journalism Mourns One of its Own

Ronn Torossian

Journalism as a trade is undergoing a strange shift , both in ideals and applications. As this is happening, there’s an Old Guard who carried the torch for traditional journalism their entire lives who are dying off, leaving a legacy and an example for others to follow.

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How brand journalism fills the void as media outlets dwindle

PR Daily

Brand journalism—sometimes called corporate journalism or corporate media—can increase website traffic, educate stakeholders, publicize the organization’s good deeds and attract customers. A version of this post first appeared on the Glean.info blog. Brand Journalism

What is Brand Journalism?


What is brand journalism? Brand journalism is no different than content marketing. However, brand journalism is different. That is, they attempt to create a dividing line that says blog posts belong in one camp while interviews belong in another.

Jay Baer Asks: Is Social Media And Journalism Linked?


Recently, Cision published the 2017 Global Social Journalism Study , conducted in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University, which surveyed journalists on their social media habits, preferences and views. Jay Baer: Are social media and journalism completely linked?

Media Moves at The Wall Street Journal & Parents Magazine, KCIX-FM Radio in Idaho Debuts Morning Show.


Alexa Corse, Jim Christie, Caitlin McCabe new at The Journal, Evi Helibrunn joins Parents magazine, and more. Media Blog

Radio 120

Media Moves at NBC News & Law360, The Wall Street Journal Hires Economics News Editor


Chris Wellisz joins The Journal, Sam Brock hired by NBC News, and more. Media Blog

Media Moves at Washington Post & The Wall Street Journal, Travel + Leisure Brings on Senior Digital Editor


Steve Kolowich joins The Post’s Style Team, Kevin Poulsen new at The Journal’s Investigations Team, and more. Media Blog

Travel 120

Media Moves at Fast Company & Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal Hires Aviation Reporter in London


Benjamin Landy heads to Fast Company, Ben Katz joins The Journal in London, and more. Media Blog

9 Blogs To Make You PR-Smart

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

One of the best ways is to stay on top of key PR industry blogs as well as more general sites that offer a fresh take on business, creativity, and content. Blogs That Can Make You Smarter. Industry or Workplace Blogs. The Cision Blog. Pop Culture/Creativity Blogs.

Media Moves at The Wall Street Journal & The Washington Post, WPXI in Pittsburgh Hires a News Anchor


Kenny Wassus, Lindsay Huth join The Journal, Kelly Gilblom has a new beat at Bloomberg, and more. Media Blog

Media Moves at Reorg Research & The New York Times, Library Journal Announces New Leadership Team


Media BlogElana Dure joins Reorg Research, David Gonzales rejoins Metro at The Times, and more.

Zuckerberg defends Facebook with 1,000-word Wall Street Journal op-ed

PR Daily

The platform has shared blog posts and tweets from security experts. Now, Zuckerberg is trying an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. His latest peace offering is a Wall Street Journal op-ed titled, “The Facts About Facebook.”

3 Things You Need to Know About Brand Journalism


But don’t fret, there’s a way to break through, gain back their attention and make your brand be heard: brand journalism. Here are three aspects of brand journalism all PR and communication professionals should understand before deciding to include it into a marketing strategy: Approach.

Media Moves at POLITICO & Washington Business Journal, The New York Times Announces Staff Role Changes in Beijing Bureau


Steven Lee Myers, Chris Buckley have new roles at The Times, Katishi Maake changes beats at Washington Business Journal and more. Media Blog

Why 99% of companies should completely forget about brand journalism

Communications Conversations

Relatively recently, Verizon joined a number of big companies in the business of brand journalism. ” It’s hardly the first brand to try brand journalism. But, will this brand journalism trend continue?

7 ways to sell your leaders on brand journalism

PR Daily

to determine where to deploy crews and equipment, Duke Energy reported on its brand journalism site. That’s why so many organizations have gone all in on brand journalism. Brand journalism is not a product pitch,” he says. “It Brand journalism fills a void in business coverage.

3 Factors That Shape Your Brand Journalism Strategy


Today, audiences turn to blogs, online reviews and social media before making decisions. That’s where brand journalism comes into play. Unlike content marketing , brand journalism places people front and center, rather than the products that affect those people.

'Discover' feature brings brand journalism to Snapchat

PR Daily

A Snapchat blog post. I remember sitting in a journalism lecture a long time ago and hearing a professor talk about how journalists of the future will need to know how to tell stories on mobile devices.

Media Moves at PAPER Magazine & Memphis Business Journal, POLITICO Founder Announces New Digital Launch


Media BlogKat Gillespie promoted at PAPER, Robert Allbritton to launch Protocol in early 2020, and more.

15 PR, marketing and journalism pros to follow on Twitter

PR Daily

Start with this list of 15 communication professionals who are experts in journalism, PR, marketing, social media and writing: Journalism. Brad Phillips is the president of Phillips Media Relations and the author of “The Media Training Bible” and the Mr. Media Training Blog.

Media Moves at Quartz & The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider Welcomes Back Correspondent


Media BlogOliver Staley’s new role at Quartz, Eugene Kim returns to Business Inside, and more.

Blogging Upstream

Waxing UnLyrical

Tootzypop , the lifestyle blog I founded for savvy women over 40 , is no exception. In women’s online media, the formula is one part fashion and beauty, one part yoga and fitness, one part recipe swap, a ginormous dose of mommy blogging; mix and cover with a thick frosting of e-shopping.

Uber Flap Shines Harsh Light on Tech Journalism

Flack's Revenge

Indeed, I covered similar ground in my posts from a couple of years ago: Tech Media Thrashes About , and Sniping Between Tech Blogs Reveals Intense Competition ). Most of all, unless you like to blog about flacks and revenge (guilty) you stay very quiet and let this blow over until next time

Defining Thought Leadership in a Business Blog

Ishmael's Corner

Such dot-connecting points to blogging as one of the best platforms for thought leadership. At the risk of stating the obvious, defining the objectives for a company blog goes a long way toward determining whether a blog truly delivers on the promise of thought leadership.

The Top Challenges in Journalism According to a Survey of Journalists and the Cliff Notes to 3 Studies by PR Tech Vendors [UML]

Sword and the Script

1) The top challenges in journalism. I’ll leave the ethical implications of this trend in journalism to the media critics and ombudsmen – but will note it’s introducing new ethical considerations for PR pros. How Long Should a Blog Post be in 2019?

Survey 136

Journalism tactics for telling your story and securing coverage

PR Daily

FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ]. A version of this post first appeared on the Axia Public Relations blog. Where’s the human interest in your story? That’s a key question I learned to ask in my 25 years as a journalist.

Publications Continue to Characterize Brand Journalism as “The Devil Wears a Keyboard.”

Ishmael's Corner

With the story “ The Invasion of Corporate News , The Financial Times became the latest publication to skewer brand journalism. I suppose the FT figured a headline along the lines of “You’re Too Stupid to Figure Out Journalism from Propaganda” might alienate readers.

Brand journalism: Why the faulty arguments must end

PR Daily

stated in bold letters, " There''s no such thing as brand journalism." brand journalism. I had to smile; it included brand journalism in its list to affirm that it doesn''t exist. Let the brand journalism rant begin. An elitist''s view of journalism.

Brand journalism strategy boosts hospital's profile

PR Daily

The story, which quoted a staff endocrinologist and pediatrician, once again demonstrated the effectiveness of the hospital's brand journalism site, Checkup Daily. The brand journalism strategy has changed the way the nonprofit hospital handles news. brand journalism.

24 great B2B and B2C brand journalism sites

PR Daily

All three are examples of a trend that has accelerated in the past six years: brand journalism sites. Why practice brand journalism? But brand journalism works only if your story is credible, is helpful to the reader and eschews all corporate-speak and jargon. brand journalism.

B2C 124

Flawed Dot Connecting from Washington Post Correlates Rise of PR to the Fall of Journalism

Ishmael's Corner

At some point, it became fashionable for these “poor me” stories to blame the PR industry for journalism’s shrinking job pool. Reviewing this 18-year runway doesn’t show PR is taking “oxygen” from journalism.

When journalism and public relations intersect

PR Daily

He blogs about storytelling in business at. Many journalists have taken to social media, particularly Twitter, to promote their stories online. As publishers increasingly rely on analytics to measure the performance of their journalists, every click counts. The New York Times.

Will quality journalism become extinct?

PR in High Definition

This week, the News Media Association (NMA) wrote to ministers to say that it is becoming “increasingly difficult” to fund quality journalism, and the diversion of advertising revenues is to blame. Other papers with significant readerships, like The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Daily Telegraph, have followed suit with paywalls. The post Will quality journalism become extinct?

The Wall Street Journal, Twitter look to mobile apps

PR Daily

The Wall Street Journal. It’s the first product the Journal has created that’s available only to mobile readers, and it will offer a digest of the day’s most important stories. Brands and social media platforms are responding to the increased demand to make content mobile-accessible.

Mobile 168

Blendle: Bite-sized saviour of journalism or future apathy victim?

PR in High Definition

By and large, most publications are still struggling to find ways to maintain quality journalism and keep […]. The post Blendle: Bite-sized saviour of journalism or future apathy victim? Blog firefly pr Journalism marketing PR

Blog positions UPS as logistics leader

PR Daily

The global transportation and logistics company had a blog, but traffic was low. The blog is drawing praise in the industry. Reading the UPS blog is often like looking a year or so into the future," Capterra stated. All this reflects a philosophy that animates the new blog.

5 journalism trends affecting PR in 2017

PR Daily

the company’s blog. The news media landscape continues to transform; PR professionals must adapt our methods and approaches accordingly. A report from Cision sheds light on important issues that PR pros face in 2017.

Jeff Bezos confronts crisis with a bare-all blog post

PR Daily

A salacious blog post, published on Thursday by Amazon chief and The Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, has done the latter. His blog post is, well, a blog post. It reads like a blog post Bezos stayed up late to write.

“Dear Marketing Diary,” or Why Marketers Should Keep a Journal

Shift Communications

Many marketers and PR professionals keep a blog. But how many keep a journal? Written content can pose a particular challenge, as anyone who blogs can tell you. Many a marketer has suffered the frustration of sitting down to write a blog post….