How B2B Marketing Can Get More out of Trade Shows

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In person events like trade shows and conferences usually rank high on the list of priorities for B2B marketing organizations. A good way to do that is to build relationships through content before the show even begins. Are Trade Shows still a Good Place for PR Launches?

The Four Ps for trade show PR success

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As we head into March, many PR professionals will be thinking about the various trade shows that take place across the UK. Before you even start any planning or event management for any show, […]. Blog exhibitions trade shows

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Trade Show Marketing Tips for First-Time Exhibitors

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Exhibiting at your first trade show can feel a lot like the first day of high school. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re a small company at a big show. It’s important to register as early as possible for a trade show.

Are Trade Shows still a Good Place for PR Launches?

Sword and the Script

That’s the number of pre-trade show pitches one blogger told me he had received in a side bar conversation last week. A Traditional Case for Trade Show Launches. We still had a voice in the trade press. The post Are Trade Shows still a Good Place for PR Launches?

How to Get Killer B2B Leads at Trade Shows

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When it comes to trade shows, you might think that generating B2B leads is a piece of cake. And, although LinkedIn is responsible for generating as many as 80% of all B2B leads , trade shows are still a successful staple of any B2B marketing strategy.

5 Steps to Marketing at an Event Outside of Your Industry


Trade shows and events offer the perfect opportunity for companies to experiment. At trade shows and events, where everyone is vying for attendee attention, it can be tricky to create a unique experience that’s not overly gimmicky.

How to Pick the Perfect Time for Your Next Trade Show Product Launch

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There are many advantages to timing new product or service announcements around trade shows. For one, getting the media attention is easier since the press are already looking for big announcements coming out of the show. Before the show. During the show.

Does Sponsoring a Trade Show Result in a Positive ROI?


Participating in trade shows, conferences or other events requires significant investment of both time and money as well as careful planning (often for months) and artful execution. After all is said and done does sponsoring a trade show really result in a positive ROI? While the modern practice of PR can feel all-digital-all-the-time, there are moments when people actually look up from their smart phones and physically gather in one place at one time.

5 practical steps to get media coverage at trade shows

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A trade show is a great opportunity to engage with your target audiences, such as your potential customers and clients, sponsors and investors and media representatives. Trade shows allow you to meet journalists personally. Media Relations Public Relations Featured Trade ShowsHow to get publicity and build connections with media.

How to Use Your Blog to Connect with Your Audience


A funny meme or gif can show off your unique sense of humor, and an inspirational quote can amplify your thoughtfulness. Even if it’s a “thanks for leaving a comment”, it shows that you’re in touch with your audience and you care about their feedback.

Fast Five: Pitching Your Local Daily, Pitching National Business, Girding up for a Trade Show

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5) How to Work a Trade Show Tech PR War Stories People b h about trade shows all the time, myself included.

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The Inbound Marketer’s Comprehensive Event Checklist

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In spite of our increasing connectedness through digital channels, companies across industries continue to flock to trade shows, conferences and other industry events.

How to Hit the Right Notes with Keynote Speaker Announcements


This renewed sense of purpose and drive is one of the many reasons companies choose to send employees to trade shows and conferences year in and year out. Event speakers are a beacon for events that amplify the overarching message and attract multifaceted trade show audiences.

4 Ways to Cast a Lasting Spell with Your Digital Press Kit

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When the show floor closes on the last day of a trade show, it’s like a magic act. As tempting as it may be to let the magic fade as you go back to your normal routine, your trade show tasks are actually far from over. Write a Powerful Post-show Press Release.

How To Use Social Media At An Event

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With such a high concentration of news and innovation in one place, it’s no surprise that trade shows and other industry events generate a plethora of content. Here are three key tactics for taking advantage of social media during a trade show.

3 ways PR pros can participate outside the office

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Focus on trade shows. Spring and fall are typically the biggest trade-show seasons for PR executives. At the event itself, you’ll be focused on facilitating those briefings, staffing your clients’ booths and basically running around the show floor.

5 Questions You Need to Answer Before Publishing a Press Release


So if you’re exhibiting tomorrow at a trade show, make sure that press release goes live before the event starts so people can plan to visit your booth.

How to Promote Your Online Press Kit with Multichannel Marketing

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Trade shows can be an endless sea of opportunity, engagement, and information. Blog posts are a great way to candidly discuss everything from your brand’s excitement about an upcoming event to dropping hints about a new product launch at the show.

5 Tips to Digitizing Your Media Kit


On the other hand, if you frequently hand out paper copies of your media kit at a trade show, it can simplify things to have a single PDF you can use both online and offline.

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B2C Content Marketing Trends: Key Findings from the 2015 Study


Its ability to regularly reach a large number of loyal subscribers makes it more efficient than trade shows or other types of face-to-face encounters.

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5 Steps to Marketing at an Event Outside of Your Industry

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Trade shows and events offer the perfect opportunity for companies to experiment. At trade shows and events, where everyone is vying for attendee attention, it can be tricky to create a unique experience that’s not overly gimmicky.

Why You Should Network More to Get Press for Your Business


If you attend events that journalists attend, you have the chance to show them what’s great about you and your company. Journalists attend the same conferences and trade shows as you. You want journalists to write about your business.

Pinterest Versus Instagram: Which One is Best For Your Brand?


Have a conference, trade show, or other special event to promote? I recently spoke with the director of marketing for a popular food brand who told me her organization was debating the pros and cons of Pinterest versus Instagram. She’s not alone.

The Rise and Rise of Online Video

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Gone are the days when a corporate video was only used in the reception area of the office, at trade shows or investor meetings. Video is a brilliant way to show off expertise and engender trust in an individual. By Cokey Falkow.

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How long before virtual reality transforms corporate storytelling?

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Two weeks ago on the Talking Points Podcast , I lauded a local company (Victory Motorcyles) and agency (space150) that recently killed it with a virtual reality execution at a trade show in Chicago.

4 Sources to Find the Right Reporters to Pitch


That can happen at a trade show, conference or networking event targeting a particular niche. A successful public relations pitch has the potential to elevate your brand in a way advertising simply can’t.

#PRStudChat 11/15 Discussion: From Student to PR Pro & Transitioning Into the Workplace

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Siera is responsible for the development and execution of WebMax’s business and marketing plans, lead generation strategy, digital marketing campaigns, national trade shows, and building and maintaining the company’s social media networks.

Making the Move from In-House PR to a Top PR Agency

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This is especially important if you are relatively new to the field and want to develop a well-rounded skillset for everything from media relations to trade show best practices, integrated campaigns and measurement. Maybe you’ve never worked at a PR agency.

5 Rules for Publishing High Quality Press Releases

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An upcoming trade show you’re excited about participating in? Producing high quality content – and delivering it to a specific audience – is difficult.

Convergence: The intersection of marketing and PR

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Perhaps time is better spent creating a heavy presence at a trade show that prospect enterprises will be attending. showed that marketers more than doubled their use of data-driven marketing in 18 months, with 78 percent systematically making use of data.

7 ways PR pros can use Periscope to take content deeper

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Humanize your brand by showing a different side of your organization. Events and trade shows. Businesses can offer previews of an upcoming sale, broadcast live from a trade show booth, or show how employees give back to the community during a charity event.

HIMSS15: How-to Position your Organization as a ‘Snowflake’

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Prepare for a marathon, not a sprint – We know how taxing trade shows can be in and of themselves, and the work leading up to them is nothing short of exhausting.

How PR Agencies Set Budgets And Billing

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The thinking behind a flat fee is that agency staff may overservice in a given month – for example, during a trade show or a major launch – but it will not request extra billing because it may then underservice during another, less busy month.

8 ways to boost media coverage

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There’s no better place than a trade show for capturing the attention of a journalist specializing in your industry. Not every day in PR can end with a new project launch or major initiative. In today’s digital age, reporters are often inundated with countless emails each day.

Do you have a good answer for 'What do you do?'

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Attend trade shows, coordinate advertisements, organize sponsorships, etc. Not long ago, someone asked me, “What do you do all day?”. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure how to answer.

6 New Rules Changing the B2B PR Game

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The same was true for a placement in trade journal. In times past, these industry moguls may have only been known in a small circuit -- perhaps because of a trade show or a speaking engagement. B2B PR has been morphing into a more robust vehicle.

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3 Easy Ways Your PR Campaign Can Boost Thought Leadership

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Prospects don't know you, but they recognize the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show, and other well-known media sources as reputable. If your PR campaign landed you press in a trade magazine or other publication, use the article as the basis for a speech.

Survey: Are events the marketing goldmine they’re cracked up to be?

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More than half of marketers view conferences and trade shows as a necessary evil, with 64 percent of them saying they’ve been disappointed when attending a major event. Journalists were difficult to reach or did not show up for scheduled interviews (23 percent).

The Often-Overlooked PR Gold Mine: Online Public Speaking

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Look for industry conferences, trade shows and associations. The trick is to first identify the target audience you want to reach, then match up trade shows, associations, conferences, webinars and podcasts that reach that audience.

Are You Using These 33 Ways to Promote Your Content That Most Marketers Overlook?


Show them a photo of your content offer—and bonus points if you explain it in a video with the author. For example, Twin Cities communicators Arik Hanson and Kevin Hunt produce the Talking Points podcast, which often cites blog posts and research reports—and direct links to them in Show Notes.

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