The Old “New Media” and Marketing Tools with Novel Twists [UML]

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Disruptive opportunities like the chance to rank first for voice search in search engines: “Beyond playing into trends, voice interactions with chatbots, virtual assistants and other IoT technologies have the potential to upend traditional search and display advertising models in the near future, even for giants in the space like Google. By comparison, users make an estimated two trillion searches on Google per year.

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The advent of pay-to-play publicity

Doctor Spin

For a comparison, 10,000 SEK is roughly 1,100 USD. A majority of such companies won’t be happy, however, about not being able to unlock the article in full; they will have to take full ownership of distributing their “super link” (which, for most brands, will force an additional investment in programmatic advertising).


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Tapping the Power of Pinterest for Public Relations Blog

By comparison, Facebook has 2.7 Augment PR with advertising. Although PR pros traditionally concern themselves with earned media, barriers between PR, marketing and advertising have greatly diminished. Image by kirstyfields from Pixabay.

Mobile marketing drives digital ad spending

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As advertising on traditional channels like TV, radio and newspapers declines, many brand managers are turning to the internet for a new audience—specifically mobile phone users. Online advertising is overtaking traditional outlets in a major way for most brand managers. AdAge’s Marketing Fact Pack 2020 reveals that online ad spending is projected to rise to about 60% of all advertising outlay in 2022. In comparison, desktop ads have remained relatively stagnant over time.

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11 Shrewd PR and Marketing Predictions You Can Bank On

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The audience kills advertising. In 2016, marketers will absolutely need to get better at native advertising as well as explore new ways of generating top of the funnel awareness – from sponsored podcasts and influencer partnerships with bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers through to a renewed commitment to experiential activity.”. Native advertising smack down. “At by Frank Strong.

PR and marketing: What’s the difference?

Public Relations Sydney

Here is our comparison between PR and marketing: Activities / tactics: Marketing generally covers promotional, direct marketing and advertising which seeks to return direct sales; whereas PR is focused on reputation management through generating positive media coverage and stakeholder communication. Generally, people can clearly recognise that advertising and marketing are driven by a company’s desire to increase sales.

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How Ditching the Filters on Instagram posts can Enhance Influencer Marketing


This is because influencers have a trusted, engaged audience who view them as more genuine and trustworthy than standard advertisements. Being bombarded with ‘perfect’, unattainable images can fuel feelings of inadequacy and unrealistic comparison for social media users and consumers.

3 PR Takes On YouTube’s Brand Safety Scandal

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In the wake of the scandal, some of YouTube’s biggest advertisers , including Disney and AT&T, have pulled the plug on their ad spend – at least for now. The frequency of the scandals created notable hesitation among advertisers and marketers. At the end of the day, YouTube’s audience is too big for advertisers to ignore. It gives them an opportunity to present their content as a “walled garden” that is high quality and brand-safe by comparison.

7 Social Media Trends that came into play in January 2021


This nifty partnership will allow WPP agencies such as MediaCom, Ogilvy and Wavemaker to gain early access to advertising products in development. A report from Socialbakers revealed that worldwide spend on social media advertising increased by 50.3%

The How and Why of PR Attribution


As a result, about three quarters of marketers are planning to increase their PR budgets over the next five years, according to research from the Association of National Advertisers. The traditional way of measuring PR is through impressions, a metric that was originally created by and for the advertising industry. In advertising, impressions refers to the number of eyes an ad receives.

How to show up in Google’s ‘featured snippets’

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Content targeted toward questions and comparisons. The researchers found that snippets tend to be served for terms involving questions and comparisons. Michael Del Gigante is the founder of MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with a leading reputation for developing effective branding strategies. When users search for products or services on their phones, Google features some brands at the top, boosting their visibility and performance.

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EU slaps Google with $2.7B fine

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The Commission concluded that Google "gave prominent placement in its search results only to its own comparison shopping service, whilst demoting rival services. It stifled competition on the merits in comparison shopping markets.". And advertisers want to promote those same products. That's why Google shows shopping ads, connecting our users with thousands of advertisers, large and small, in ways that are useful for both.

These are the local publishers getting engagement in the U.S. and U.K.


We thought it unfair to include these in our overall analysis but include them here for comparison. . The common thread among all the stories was personal narratives, whether that be feel-good or asking for support of some form, with one major outlier being WFLA advertising the full moon date.

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5 enduring functions of public relations

PR Daily

In technology, the classic comparison of Salesforce to Oracle is an iconic example. It used to be we had three choices: Rent a medium with advertising. Even amid today’s turbulent, rapid pace of change, these PR essentials remain unchanged. Two is the new five. When people ask what will happen in the next five years, chances are that whatever it is will happen in just two.

10 Most Common Media Monitoring & Measurement Mistakes – And How to Fix Them Blog

Comparisons to the wrong competitors. Unfortunately, some advertising and PR measurement efforts stop at impressions and don’t follow through with other metrics such as engagement (clicks, comments) and conversions. Image by Tumisu from Pixabay.

Study: Marketers struggle to prove social media ROI

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billion will be spent on social media advertising. In comparison, only 34% count revenue attribution as engagement, with 32% of marketers saying engagement is inspiring consumers to take action (such as clicking a link or visiting the website). The majority of marketers (89%) use Facebook for their organizations’ online presences, though in comparison, only two-thirds of consumers follow brands on Facebook.

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How to show up in Google’s ‘featured snippets’

PR Daily

Content targeted toward questions and comparisons. The researchers found that snippets tend to be served for terms involving questions and comparisons. Michael Del Gigante is the founder of MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with a leading reputation for developing effective branding strategies. Google’s featured snippets —the boxes with select information that appear before full search results—have become increasingly important.

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Net Neutrality and Your Brand: What It Means and What Can You Do?


A Train Wreck Would Be “A Bit of a Mess” in Comparison. Because banner ads may load more slowly, begin thinking outside the box of traditional online advertising. Look at your advertising metrics closely. Say “net neutrality” and get ready for an argument.

The Implications of the Growth of Social News


The decline of television as a news source pales in comparison with the decline of print, which has been drastically declining since 2013. This hypothesis is further strengthened by the increased consumption of media utilizing visuals in comparison to media using just text—the constraint of print media. This is in comparison to 81 percent of those between 18 and 24 who consider online or social media as their main source of news.

Newspaper reporters officially have the worst jobs

PR Daily

The resulting decline in advertising revenue has left newspapers -- and thus, newspaper reporters -- feeling the pinch.”. By comparison, PR, social media and marketing-related jobs fared pretty well, though they weren’t in the top echelon. PR pros: You may think you’ve got it rough having to pitch reporters to cover your companies and clients, but the guy or gal at the other end of that pitch has it worse—much worse.

The Power Of Creativity In PR

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Still, a prime impediment to PR teams’ showing out-of-the-box creative chops is clients’ aversion to risk– something not so prevalent in the advertising field. Advertisements for travel metasearch sites usually involve a cutesy gnome (Travelocity) or a charismatic spokesperson (Trivago). Expedia’s vision statement is milquetoast in comparison) Momondo’s daring, creative endeavor was no small project; it involved a heavy lift of DNA tests, interviews, and filmmaking.

A Useful New Model to Get The Edge in Public Relations

B2B PR Sense

Moreover, the dividing line between PR and marketing is blurring with some PR firms hiring creatives and taking on branding and quasi-advertising campaigns. In comparison, the New York Times and Washington Post ranked at 14 and 11 respectively. In announcing the change, Richard Edelman, Edelman president and CEO, wrote: “Public relations continues to be the essence of our business; we explicitly do not wish to replicate the advertising agency model.

5 enduring functions of public relations

PR Daily

In technology, the classic comparison of Salesforce to Oracle is an iconic example. It used to be we had three choices: Rent a medium with advertising. Two is the new five. When people ask what will happen in the next five years, chances are that whatever it is will happen in just two. A colleague said that at a recent seminar, and it really captures the chaotic pace of change we all must now endure.

State of Social Media 2Q 2015: Twitter Users Plateau

Shift Communications

This has caused quite a bit of consternation in the mainstream media; terms such as “turnaround” and comparisons to MySpace, Friendster, and Bebo have been alleged. Of note in the earnings call details is that 88% of Twitter’s ad revenue comes from mobile ads, a testament not only to its user base composition, but also that advertisers have embraced mobile advertising through Twitter. First, expect advertising revenue and options to continue improving.

3 Comparative Metrics if Organic Search is Your Raison D’etre for Content Marketing

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Making this comparison is usually easy because chances are, someone in your organization is responsible for buying traffic, whether that’s through pay-per-click (PPC), paid social, paid email distribution or other paid channels. Another source, WordStream , which makes software for PPC and social media advertising, puts the average Google CPC at $1-$2. Pitch these ideas as a comparison – a case for investing or investing more in content marketing – and not as a replacement.

$100 Million M&A for Internal Comms Tool: What’s Older is Still News in Marchlyjunetember [PR Tech Sum]

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For a size comparison, Cision reported $730 million in revenue with a net loss of $24.4 Internal comms tool SocialChorus acquired by a PE firm; Burton-Taylor digs up revenue numbers; Nexis Newsdesk Simplifies news search; Propel adds broadcast monitoring Welcome to the beginning of September.

Snapchat entices pharmaceutical marketers with its ‘friendlier’ platform

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As the social media app aims to grab lucrative drug advertising partnerships, it says users are more open to having intimate health conversations. Snap has not confirmed its advertising aim to reporters, but in February, Snap’s team presented advertising opportunities to drug marketing executives at the DigiPharma Connect Conference. Snapchat has also added a pharmaceutical and health care content section within its advertising policies.

How To Measure PR Outcomes: A Practical Guide

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For years, the PR industry’s response to the problem was to measure outcomes by treating earned media stories as paid advertising, with a dollar value calculated from standard ad rates. The ad equivalent formula was popular with marketers because it translated PR output into something familiar – advertising! But the problems with AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) are obvious.

A week of spin can’t save Top Gear from ratings slip

Mark My Words

Evans is a professional but with such formulaic scripts that beg comparison with his predecessor he simply isn’t able to break free of the shadow. Specialist in media and advertising Ivan Clark –whose predictions for next week’s audience are particularly bleak- points out that in contrast to the laddish camaraderie of the old front-men Evans and LeBlanc barely seem to know each other.

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Data-use questions resurge, this time with Google in the vortex

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New reports have Gmail users asking just how secure their data is—and drawing comparisons to other recent data scandals. for information to personalize advertisements, saying it wanted users to “remain confident that Google will keep privacy and security paramount.”. Sawers also saw comparisons to Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, writing, “It’s just impossible to know for sure how Gmail users’ data is actually being used.”.

Email Newsletter Subscribers or Blog Subscribers: Which is Better?


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—these popular social media platforms all pale in comparison to the power of email and an email newsletter. But interruptive marketing is also used to describe traditional TV and radio advertising, email sent to you without permission and unsolicited direct mail. Consider the stats: Close to two-thirds of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of receiving an email marketing message ( Direct Marketing Association ).

Writing The Killer PR Plan

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The beauty of public relations, in comparison to traditional advertising and even some forms of direct marketing, is that it is built for flexibility. Ask yourself if your PR plan meshes with other marketing and communications plans including advertising and direct marketing. When a public relations firm signs a new account, excitement is in the air. Take a little time to celebrate, then let the real work begin. And that work starts with a strategic plan.

Why marketers’ Google boycott is a PR move

PR Daily

Swiss companies, such as Swiss Life and soft-cheese manufacturer Baer, have announced that they’re halting advertising on Google , because ads have appeared alongside YouTube videos with inappropriate content. Investors are asking whether this controversy marks the beginning of the end for Google’s advertising dominance. Swiss Life and Baer said that they will no longer advertise on YouTube and the Google Display Network (GDN).

Report: When marketing to seniors, drop the humor and emotional pleas

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In comparison to 69 percent of millennials, more than half of senior consumers (56 percent) have switched or are planning to switch to a streaming service, such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. Though consumers 55 years and older are using technology more frequently, several differences between older generations and millennials remain when it comes to advertising and marketing preferences.

PR Goal-Setting For 2018

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Some still use Advertising Equivalency to evaluate coverage, but the industry deems AVE a less than substantive measurement in most cases. Share of voice – This can be a valuable metric in comparison to a key competitor. Where is your company in its public relations planning for 2018? Whether a brand needs B2B or B2C PR next year, the steps to manage the process are similar.

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Top PR Takeaways For The Year

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

We know they are rare in comparison and that is what makes them so important to acknowledge. Firms blur lines across advertising, marketing, social media, event planning, content creation and more. Each December public relations agencies spend time crafting pitches and byline articles capturing clients’ takeaways for their particular industry.

Podcasts are booming but how do you measure success?

Stephen Waddington

Podcasts have traditionally been hard to monetise through advertising because the audience is fragmented and data imperfect. Podcasting analytics are awkward by comparison. As a result, podcasting is underserved by advertising. It’s difficult for podcasters and publishers to get meaningful audience information because data is fragmented. Here are some suggestions. Podcasts are enjoying a resurgence. In fact, they never went away.

State of Social Q3 2015: Twitter Flatlines Growth

Shift Communications

The more effective Twitter is at advertising, the more ad revenue it collects. The more effective Twitter is at advertising, the more marketers can rely on the service to ensure that marketing messages are reaching audiences. For comparison, above I put Twitter and Facebook side by side to showcase new vs. returning audiences by channel, this year and last year. The 140 character social network released its Q3 2015 earnings. How is everyone’s favorite blue bird doing?

Amid the Rapid Pace of Change, These 5 Fundamentals of PR are Still Essential

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In technology, the classic comparison of Salesforce to Oracle is an iconic example. It used to be we had three choices: Rent a medium with advertising; Earn coverage in a medium by being useful; or. Two is the new five. When people ask what will happen in the next five years, the chances are, whatever it is, will happen in just two. A client of one of my clients said that at a seminar and it really captures the sense for the pace of change.

4 Tips to Create PR Campaigns that Stand Above Competitors


From the moment commercials blare from your TV as you’re getting ready for work to the countless ads that populate your news feed as you surf social networks throughout the day, you’re bombarded with advertisements. In comparison, its closest competitor was Marks & Spencer, whose Mrs. Claus spot only garnered a little more than 43,000 mentions during the same period of time.)