2016 PRTech Awards Recap


Last week in New York, we held the third annual PRTech Awards honoring individuals who work to bring together PR, marketing, technology, and media selected from 100+ nominations. For the last half decade, PR software providers have built technologies around third party data from web crawlers, social media sites, TV and radio broadcasts, and print […]. Industry Insights & Trends PRTech PRTech Awards PRTech ecosystem PRTech solutions

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Were our 2016 PR predictions spot on?


Industry Insights & Trends PR Education 2016 PR predictions PR strategyOh, the last few weeks in December — that special time of year when industry prediction posts become as ubiquitous as ugly holiday sweaters and peppermint-flavored everything. While I’m certain there will be plenty of articles about what’s next for the world of PR and communications (like this one from the incomparable Gini Dietrich) I’m […].


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AdTech NY 2016 Wrap

Flack's Revenge

Daniel Elder (@DanMacMan) November 3, 2016. David Polinchock (@polinchock) November 3, 2016. Sarah Fay (@sarahfayboston) November 2, 2016. Priya Mony (@Priyster) November 2, 2016. “On eMarketer (@eMarketer) November 2, 2016. ad:tech (@adtech) November 2, 2016. The post AdTech NY 2016 Wrap appeared first on. I attended AdTech last week, which featured a great lineup of keynotes and panels and over 100 vendors.

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In PR? This is all you need to know for 2016


Industry Insights & Trends Hotwire Communications Meredith Fineman On fleek PR in 2016 PR predictions PRTech public relations Qualcomm Wireless Reach Survios Virtual realityAhhh, the new year. A time for resolutions, preparations, and perhaps my favorite: bright-eyed predictions. Our propensity to look toward the future through lens of the past is as necessary to the human experience as breathing. Not wanting to be left out (FOMO alert. BTW that word is so last year.

#FeelTheBern is Election 2016’s Top Hashtag


Featured Trends 2016 presidential election social mediaIf campaigns are using social monitoring properly, a hashtag calls out a potential donor, supporter or volunteer. Brands should be doing the same, translating commenters into leads, advocates or consumers. Over the last seven days #FeelTheBern has been used more than 525,000 times. That’s 75,000 times a day, or 3,125 an hour. Why hashtags matter. When someone uses a campaign hashtag it is tantamount to an endorsement.

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Kicking Off #PRStudChat in 2016 with PR Strategy

PR Expanded

ET to kick off 2016 with a Twitter chat discussion on PR Strategy. On January 19th, Shonali and our community will share insights on how to move forward in 2016, with a solid PR strategy in place. We’re looking forward to an informative chat session with our special guest, focusing on how to raise the bar on strategy and creating more PR and business impact in 2016. The post Kicking Off #PRStudChat in 2016 with PR Strategy appeared first on Deirdre Breakenridge.

How To Use Hashtags More Effectively in 2016


Every day I text my wife hashtags. She thinks it’s kind of stupid and she’s right (#superfluous), but it’s always funny to me because it demonstrates how little thought goes into using them. Everybody knows that hashtags are a way to contextualize and index content, but it’s evident that people who use hashtags don’t think very much about how people discover content with them.

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Coachella 2016: Music Fest or Gossipy Mess? Let the Data Decide.


Featured Trends 2016 music festivals coachella real-time influenceWhen the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival started in 1999, it boasted music acts like Beck, Tool and Rage Against the Machine. They were $800,000 in red after that. Fast forward 14 years to last year’s Coachella event and it’s a different story: 190,000 tickets sold resulting in $84 million , making it the world’s “highest-grossing festival,” according to Billboard.

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“Internal” PR: Takeaways for Summer 2016

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The post “Internal” PR: Takeaways for Summer 2016 appeared first on Crenshaw Communications. A wave of mild panic is sweeping over public relations agencies all over the land this week as this year’s crop of summer interns prepares to go back to school. These student employees add value and voice to all PR teams, and we hope they reap as many benefits as we do.

In #PR This is all You Need to Know in 2016

PR Expanded

Thank you Meredith Fineman for keeping me relevant), I have pulled together everything a PR person may have done in 2015 that they don’t need to do anymore, while giving y’all some guidance for 2016. Here’s what is O n Fleek for 2016: 1. Any other emerging trends you’re keeping an eye on in 2016? The post In #PR This is all You Need to Know in 2016 appeared first on Deirdre Breakenridge. The following article originally appeared on the AirPR blog. .

2016 Media Landscape

The Proactive Report

In 2016 74% of Americans have ever access news on a mobile device. The media landscape is still shifting – and will continue to do so as the young digital natives grow up and grow older. Right now TV is still the number one choice for news across the entire American population, but it’s by a narrowing margin. The 18 – 49 year-olds prefer to get their news online.

2016 Year In Review

The Stalwart Blog

Here's a quick look back on just some of the work we did on behalf of our valued clients! We're honored to have helped give a voice to deserving organizations. In lieu of cards, we'll make a donation to Operation Homefront. Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Here's to a great 2017


The #PRStudChat Community Discusses PR, Twitter & Politics on Tuesday, October 11th

PR Expanded

With the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign being coined “The Twitter Election” there is no question that Twitter is topical. On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, at 8:30 p.m. Technology Public Relations 2016 Presidential Election John Gray Politics PR PR Ethics twitterThere is a lot to learn (and will be learned) from this mainstream news channel.

Dreaming of Christmas 2016

Mark My Words

It’s November 2016 and we’re watching the latest John Lewis Christmas ad. But it would be fair to concede that the 2016 contribution to the cannon was comfortingly familiar. In 2016 the joke is on us: it was all dream, a sleepy composite of half-remembered fragments from adverts past. Mark My Words advertisements advertising campaigns christmas John Lewis 2016 lewis toothless moon

Announcing our 2016 CSR Awards finalists

PR Daily

Next, the judges will revisit the finalists’ entries and will name the 2016 winners of the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Inspirus Credit Union 2016 Media Kit, Inspirus Credit Union. IAC Appications CSR Program 2016, IAC Applications (IACA). 2016 Eye Care Initiative, Honest Tea. Our entrants channel their time, energy and intelligence to help employees, leaders, community members and foundations to strengthen the greater good. It’s time to recognize them.

Behind the Headlines 2016: A Year in Review


Looking back on the 2016 segment gives us a snapshot of thought processes, lessons, and insights from a variety of journalists, VP of Communications, PR professionals, communications directors and more. This might have been the biggest theme from 2016 interviews — if you want a journalist to respond to your PR pitches, you need to explain why the news is important and relevant.

4 Things PR Pros Should Do in 2016


We ’ re two weeks into 2016 so I can ’ t say “ Happy New Year, ” but it ’ s not too late to make resolutions. In 2016, make yourself the focus. And there are a couple spots still available if you ’ re ready to write a great business book in 2016. These are four things you can get accomplished in 2016. When asked about their careers, most people want to advance. But then they ’ re not quite sure where to start. Plus, life gets in the way.

PRSA 2016 International Conference: Be Aggressive, Be Audacious, Be Bold


The PRSA 2016 International Conference in Indianapolis brought together some of today’s top thought leaders in the field of communication– and then some. PR Newswire (@PRNewswire) October 23, 2016. PR Newswire (@PRNewswire) October 23, 2016. PR Newswire (@PRNewswire) October 23, 2016. Cision (@Cision) October 24, 2016. PR Newswire (@PRNewswire) October 24, 2016. #PR PR Newswire (@PRNewswire) October 24, 2016.

Pitching Kit: Cision’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide PR Kit


Every brand wants to stand out during the holiday season, but this can be a challenge when your competitors are looking to do the same. So how can you grab the attention of shoppers? You need to earn a spot in a trusted third-party publication. Major lifestyle magazines and newspapers publish holiday gift guides to make it easy for shoppers to find the perfect gift.

Earned Media Highlights from 2016

Shift Communications

As 2016 winds down, we look forward to a new year to bring our clients the kind of coverage that continues to help them grow their businesses. cta] The post Earned Media Highlights from 2016 appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. Garnering earned media coverage that is meaningful for our clients is our number one priority as their public relations partner.

10 Facebook features to watch in 2016

PR Daily

Facebook's ecosystem (which includes Instagram and WhatsApp ) offers unprecedented usefulness, and the social media giant is expanding its native services substantially in 2016. That appears to be what Facebook hopes to become in 2016. Expect the service to expand to more users in 2016 and for brands to begin experimenting more with live video. in 2016. A recent Cornell study describes how people are becoming increasingly dependent on Facebook's usefulness.

What PR salaries look like in 2016

PR Daily

PR professionals have "every reason to be increasingly confident," reports the 2016 PRWeek Salary Survey , from which that median salary figure stems. The median PR salary rose to $92,125 in the last 12 months. Averages pose pitfalls in data interpretation, but the fact that the median PR salary is up roughly $8,000 from last year suggests competition for PR talent has sharply increased.

2016’s most powerful brands

PR Daily

You can check out the full list here , but 2016’s top 10 are listed below: 1. It can be a struggle for organizations to get to the top. Which is the best of the best? Tenet Partners has the answer. It recently released its annual list of the top 100 most powerful brands. The firm uses the CoreBrand Index to determine its list and surveys roughly 10,000 opinion leaders on familiarity (awareness of a brand) and favorability (a brand’s perception).

How to Evolve with the 2016 PR Trends


Just in the past month many predictions have been made about 2016 PR trends, and a lot of them have overlapping themes. We all know the importance of curating organic content for your online audience, but new levels of pressure to do so have made this truly vital for 2016. Now (as of 2016) Panda is integrated into Hummingbird, Google’s core algorithm. How to Evolve with the 2016 #PRTrends Click To Tweet. [By Alex Hoag].

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2016 – A Year in Traditional Media

Shift Communications

cta] The post 2016 – A Year in Traditional Media appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. As SHIFT and the entire industry continues to evolve there is always the question… Is traditional media relations dead? From the perspective of the consumer team in the Boston office the answer is a resounding, NO!

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How Will #PR & Marketing Pros Approach #Content in 2016? A Q&A With Lisa Davis, Marketwired

PR Expanded

Content marketing will be more than just a trend to watch in 2016. to find out exactly how PR and marketing professionals felt about their content efforts in 2015, and to also see how they plan to approach content marketing in 2016. The #ContentMachine survey was our chance to better understand what practitioners are doing with content today, and what their plans are for 2016. The post How Will #PR & Marketing Pros Approach #Content in 2016?

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7 important digital marketing trends for 2016

PR Daily

Many marketers are ignoring key trends that could revolutionize digital marketing. Lean thinking. , for example, has become an important approach, but many marketing trend spotters are scoffing at it. Here are seven digital marketing trends that dedicated marketers shouldn’t disregard: 1. Dataless digital marketing just won't cut it anymore. Most of your competitors are using data to secure their brand’s position and wield influence within the digital marketing world.

SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q2 2016

Shift Communications

Our top posts from the second quarter of 2016 focused on PR and marketing technology skills, Facebook branded content, and measuring influencer performance. In April of 2016, Facebook decided to change the game and reporting methods for the typical influencer. cta] The post SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q2 2016 appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.

PRSA Hoosier Chapter Excited to Welcome 2016 ICON Attendees


Learn more about the PRSA 2016 International Conference or register to attend. When I learned that Indianapolis would be the site of the 2016 PRSA International Conference, I considered turning down the role of 2015 Hoosier Chapter president-elect/2016 Hoosier Chapter president. We can’t wait for you to join us for the 2016 PRSA International Conference!

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2016 Global Social Journalism Study: How to Reach More Journalists on Social Media


According to Cision’s 2016 Global Social Journalism Study published this week, nearly half (48 percent) of U.S. Uncover more social media trends by downloading our 2016 Global Social Journalism Study now. Connecting with journalists via social media should be a no-brainer for any PR pro.

The Top 10 Storytelling Posts for 2016

Ishmael's Corner

If there were ever a year that proved life is better than fiction, it was 2016. The post The Top 10 Storytelling Posts for 2016 appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. As always, subjectivity rules my curation of the best posts of the year.

7 Best, 7 Worst and 7 Favorite PR Blog Posts in 2016 [Sword and the Script]

Sword and the Script

The year of 2016 brought a fairly significant evolution for this website. In May 2016, the blog Sword and the Script became the digital foundation of an Atlanta-based PR and marketing agency: Sword and the Script Media, LLC. Over the course of 2016, I published some 84 posts, on PR , marketing and social media. The 7 Best Performing Posts in 2016. 2) PR Salary: What’s a PR Pro Worth in 2016? The 2016 salary survey by PR Week was a big hit.

Announcing the 2016 Content Marketing Awards winners

PR Daily

The 2016 Video Awards are now open

PR Daily

Video 78

PR Salary: What’s a PR Pro Worth in 2016?

Sword and the Script

The PR professional “every reason to be increasingly confident,” according to the 2016 PRWeek Salary Survey , from which that median salary figure stems. The post PR Salary: What’s a PR Pro Worth in 2016? by Frank Strong. Across the industry and experience levels, the median PR salary rose to $92, 125 in the last 12 months. By definition, averages pose pitfalls in data interpretation.

SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q3 2016

Shift Communications

Our top posts from the third quarter of 2016 focused on Google Analytics, digital ethnography, and content overload. Google introduced its Google Analytics™ Demo Account in August 2016. cta] The post SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q3 2016 appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. As each year comes to a close, we like to analyze the SHIFT archives to learn what content performed best.

5 Buzzworthy Social Media Trends For 2016

The Stalwart Blog

If this history and a handful of recently emerging trends are any indication, 2016 will be the host of yet another boom of social innovation. . Be on the lookout for these 5 social media trends in 2016: . 2015 was a big year for video, 2016 will be even bigger. Facebook already unveiled its 360 Video platform late last year and likely has more in store for 2016 with it’s Oculus Rift virtual reality technology. The world of social media changes quickly.

What Are Your Social Media Marketing Resolutions for 2016?


Decide what matters most to your brand and set numeric goals to reach in 2016. I’m big on setting resolutions for my business every January. And no, they’re not vague goals I’ll never achieve like the business equivalent of “lose 5 pounds.” They’re highly specific, with deadlines and action steps that ensure I’ll actually move the needle toward my goal. What about you? Do you set resolutions? I challenge you this year to do so, starting with your social media marketing.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2016 Media Relations Awards Finalists

PR Daily

Next, they will study the finalists’ entries again and name the 2016 category winners of the Media Relations Awards, and we will announce these winners in mid-July. We asked to see your plan, pitch placement and earned media coverage. You displayed your hard work and imagination again and again in integrated marketing communications, issue/cause advocacy campaign, press event/media tour, use of video and many more. Our judges have chosen the finalists.

Make #Leadership a Priority in 2016

PR Expanded

If you want to make leadership a priority in 2016, then you have to challenge yourself to uncover your own leadership qualities and skills. Are you making leadership a priority in 2016, and what does leadership look like to you in the New Year? The post Make #Leadership a Priority in 2016 appeared first on Deirdre Breakenridge. Early on in my career, I remember being asked if anyone can be a leader.