Free White Paper! Measure PR Using Multi-Touch Attribution


Measurement is crucial to finding success now and in the future. Consequently, marketers and PR professionals should reassess how they measure PR. Multi-touch attribution provides PR professionals with the opportunity to measure each step in the lifecycle, including those “murky middle” touch points. By measuring multiple touch points in a singular model, multi-touch attribution can help you: Make campaign changes in real time. Want to become a measurement master?

Business Wire Releases New White Paper: Is Your IR Site a Security Liability?

Business Wire

A platform offering important financial news, requiring stringent security measures, might seem like cause for stress, but the good news for IR professionals is that Business Wire just released a new white paper outlining the best practices for internal workflow, technical compatibility, and security awareness and diligence. The modern IRO has many areas of responsibilities.


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White Paper: Want Content Success? Think Outside the Box!


B2B and B2C marketers want to learn more about measurement, automation, video and visual storytelling. Our latest white paper, “ Outside-the-Box Content Marketing for PR ,” explains this new era of content marketing and provides 10 ideas to inspire the content strategy that works for you. Here are some of the highlights from the white paper: How to Get Started. We profile 10 options in our white paper. Get our free white paper now!

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Free White Paper! How Strong Is Your PR Foundation?


Measuring. Can it be measured? Everyone wants the latest tool or technology to help their PR campaign. And while the newest trends can be valuable, your PR efforts will be for naught if you don’t have the foundation to back them up. Having a strong foundation gives your PR campaign a leg to stand on, so that no matter what gets thrown your way you can handle it. PR tools are constantly changing, but if you understand the basics you can continue to find success.

Free White Paper! Give Your Story Legs


Cision’s new white paper, “ The 3 Stages of Expanding Your Content’s Reach: Creation, Distribution and Amplification ,” provides a detailed guide to help you create a truly great piece of content and extend its lifespan by distributing it to the right audiences in the right ways. To understand which audiences prefer what format, topic and platform, measure all content efforts. Best Practices Featured content marketing white paper

Free White Paper! Grab Your Audience’s Attention Using Live Video


Our new “ Video Streaming Best Practices for PR ” white paper offers information on how to use live video, including: Strategies for promoting and preparing your live stream. Tips for the measurement and analysis of your message. Check out the free white paper today! Meerkat and Periscope have had over 1.5 million live streams since their launch in March.

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PR Measurement: 10 Important Metrics That You Need to Monitor

B2B PR Sense

PR measurement has been a bugaboo of the PR industry for years. Why do PR professionals need to show measurable results now? Does this mean that PR is impossible to measure? Numerous benefits accrue from active PR measurement. How to Measure PR. Before you begin to think about measurement, it's important to outline your key goals. As measurement expert Katie Paine advises, "Be very clear about your goals. Measure your rank in Google regularly.

Your 5-Step Plan to Modern PR Measurement


Today, PR professionals and practitioners believe measurement should provide concrete data on how well you can engage with influencers on social media, communicate stories to reporters and more. Align your brand’s PR strategy with long-term business objectives by following this five-step plan for modern PR measurement. Get even more PR measurement tips? It starts by measuring a single campaign. Want to master PR measurement? Best Practices Featured measurement

Survey: 3 PR trends in tactics, measurement and organization for 2019

PR Daily

Measurement (66 percent). RELATED: Struggling to measure the success of your comms programs? White papers (36 percent). PR pros are measuring online engagement and email efficacy. Almost half of the respondents (48 percent) say they have measurement programs in place. About one-third (29 percent) think they do an adequate job of PR measurement; 46 percent say their efforts need improvement. Marketing Measurement PR PR survey

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We Should Measure Content Marketing by Relationships

Sword and the Script

As a metric for content marketing, pageviews are flawed according to a white paper – Why Content Marketers Are Using All the Wrong Metrics – published by Contently. The white paper calls the pageview a “superficial impression of how people behave on the web.” The paper traces the use of pageveiws for measurement to online advertising, where CPM, or cost per thousand pageviews, became standard for advertising fees. How do you measure the value of that?

4 Things to Measure in Your PR


So I guide people toward reasonable goals and then show them what to measure so they know that their press releases were actually a success, despite the lack of fame that resulted. So What Do I Need to Measure? OK, get out your paper and pen, because I’m going to tell you what numbers and metrics to pay attention to when you publish a press release online. Modernize your PR measurement with our free tip sheet. Want more accurate PR measurement?

Free Tip Sheet! 6 Steps to Modern PR Measurement


The industry has made major leaps in PR measurement, allowing you to show the C-Suite (or clients) your PR efforts’ bottom line impact. So where do you start measuring the value of your PR? Our free tip sheet “ How to Replace AVE for Modern PR Measurement ” reviews the Barcelona Principles and will show you how to: Increase revenue and customer engagement with data-informed PR. Implement a PR measurement program immediately. Get started with your PR measurement today.

10 measurement essentials for PR

PR Daily

Measurement has been a bugaboo of the PR industry for years. This doesn’t mean PR is impossible to measure. Measure your rank in Google regularly. Take your top 10 keywords, and measure your position quarterly. Is it a gated offer, such as an e-book or white paper? You can use email marketing software, such as MailChimp , to measure email addresses and their sources. Engagement measures such factors as “likes,” comments, views, shares and more.

20 PR Measurements Beyond Impressions & AVEs for Sales Value


As public relations professionals, we know that PR measurement is essential to the success of our campaigns, budgets and client relationships. We attend webinars, dabble with Google Analytics and follow the latest blogs to learn how to move from traditional to relevant measurement. If you still secretly dread questions about how to measure PR or if you feel in over your head at times, don’t lose hope. PR measurement is not only a science — it’s an art.

Storytelling, PR, and Measurement

Waxing UnLyrical

” Today, policing can be found through the organizations that are measuring the paid, earned, shared, and owned results of their public relations efforts. PR practitioners now must be able to work with big data and possess the skills needed to measure what matters in order to ensure that their stories are engaging and also truthful and transparent. So it seems 50% of PR pros are not measuring, but in all reality they should be. Start off by only measuring what matters.

6 Tips for Your PR Measurement Program


Consider these six tips when implementing a PR measurement program: 1. It’s the only way to move PR measurement away from vanity metrics like AVE and impressions to ones with concrete value. Establishing outcomes and audience profiles is crucial to PR measurement success. PR measurement and refinement never end. Want to improve PR measurement? Click here for our free white paper now! Best Practices Featured measurement

Get The Resources You Need to Measure PR Effectively


Ninety-five percent of communicators say they measure their PR, including social media. Whether you’re new to PR measurement or want to refine or upgrade your efforts, Cision has the resources for you. Use the following PR measurement resources to get a true read on your efforts. How to Measure PR in a Multi-Touch Attribution Model. Advertising value equivalencies (AVEs) and hits aren’t the metrics you want to rely on when measuring PR.

A Trust Measurement Checklist

Katie Paine's Measurement Blog

Thinking of commissioning trust measurement or research? Review the IPR White Paper, “Guidelines for Measuring Trust.” Define the timeline for the trust measurement effort. The post A Trust Measurement Checklist appeared first on Paine Publishing. Checklists The Measurement AdvisorMake sure you work through the following checklist and have the requisite data on hand. Write down the specific goals and/or objectives for your program.

4 Steps for Turning Measurement Into Money


Everyone’s talking about PR data and measurement. For instance, how are you measuring your PR program? What data is being fed to analytics or other measurement software? When it comes to the laws of supply and demand, the PR measurement beast need never go hungry. What you get out of a measurement program is only as good as what’s put in. Learn About Measurement Models. A number of measurement “beasts,” or models, exist.

Can You Measure ROI To The Dollar?


They either lack the skills needed to get the job done, or put their trust in oversimplified products claiming to measure efforts with perfect accuracy. But marketing and the measurement that’s needed to determine success is no longer as straightforward is it once was. While you should measure all the possible factors that influence your success at scoring a sale or increasing brand sentiment, keep in mind that the real world has a plan of its own.

6 keys to successful social media measurement

PR Daily

Social media measurement tools enable marketers to determine which tactics work best. Marketers use measurement to track their progress and contribute to meeting their organization’s overall goals. Without measurement, marketers often rely on their gut feelings instead of data. Most social media platforms provide basic analytics, but a monitoring service can help you measure your sentiment across networks, forums and online publishers.

B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success

Sword and the Script

The first measure came from a business with a marketing automation system implemented. The second measure was largely a manual effort: going back through the deals closed at the end of the year and identifying which ones had downloaded gated for content featured on the blog. For all the flaws we can find with traffic , when used in conjunction with additional measures, it can guide our thinking as to whether or not a program or initiative is headed in the right direction.

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4 ways to misinterpret your measurement

PR Daily

It''s no different with manipulating measurement data. FREE White Paper: Learn to measure your communication efforts, align PR objectives to business goals, and prove your value within your organization.]. a great paper. At Paine Publishing, we keep a supply of data geek jokes for when we need to get through tough number-crunching days. Our favorite is: "Data are like political prisoners: Torture them long enough and they''ll say anything.".

10 PR measurement predictions for 2015

PR Daily

The PR and social media measurement industry is going through some exciting times, and you''ve probably read plenty of review-of-the-past-year articles, (including mine: The Measurement Industry''s Evil Empire? ). 2015 will be a boom year for the independent public relations and social media monitoring and/or measurement companies that remain standing. Social media listening tools, media monitoring and influence measurement must dovetail.

3 Factors to Measure During a Crisis


Get Cision’s free white paper today! When a crisis hits, it’s easy to assume you’re taking on water. But before you start bailing your brand out, you need to know whether or not your brand is truly sinking. If you react before you have the proper context, you could make the issue worse. So how can you gauge the true impact of a crisis on your brand?

Why one size does not fit all in PR measurement

PR Daily

For many industries, services can be measured and return on investment can be easily quantified. PR measurement has become a point of contention even to those within our industry. What is frustrating is that they stop short of offering a new solution, or they offer intensive measurement processes that completely bypasses that time spent on measurement means time away from pursuing PR opportunities. Public Relations is a service.

How to Develop Meaningful PR Measurement

Waxing UnLyrical

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Odds are that you’ve heard someone say that PR can’t be quantified, or social media ROI can’t be measured, or that a media impression or social post generated an advertising value equivalent (AVE) of hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars. All of these statements are correct in their limited context, but are also misstatements meant to reconcile the difficulty of communications measurement.

Why PR measurement is broken, and how to fix it

PR Daily

In 2010, 225 of the best minds in PR measurement met in Barcelona and brought the Barcelona Principles down from the mountaintop. These principles recognized the system was broken and established a new, standardized way for communications professionals to measure the efficacy of PR campaigns, shifting the focus of measurement from output to outcome. The flurry of white papers and op-eds on the subject hasn’t changed anything.

5 tools to help PR pros measure storytelling efforts

PR Daily

However, like many traditional PR strategies, measuring the impact and success of storytelling campaigns can seem an insurmountable task. Use these five measurement tools to help prove your worth to executives and clients: 1. PR pros have struggled with measuring the impact of media relations and other communications efforts, but AirPR offers a missing piece to the puzzle. Google Analytics is a vital tool for measuring storytelling efforts.

Getting Your PR Measurement Program in Shape for 2016

Shift Communications

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet measurement tool. Have a great but technical white paper? This helps you measure how a campaign or individual piece of content performs. Check out our PR measurement tool. It’s a measurement dashboard from our own Chris Penn that you can download and use now for the low price of $44. It’s the fall – which means back to school, back to work and pretty soon planning for 2016.

3 signs you should invest in PR measurement tools

PR Daily

Not all PR tactics directly affect the bottom line, but if you don''t have measurement tools and dashboards in place, the questions that clients and managers commonly ask could indicate that it''s well past time to start. Here are a few questions you''re likely to hear if you don''t have a measurement plan: 1. Earned media—the coverage you obtain through effective public relations efforts—is notoriously difficult to measure.

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6 reasons your content marketing program is struggling

PR Daily

It all comes down to strategy, calls to action and an effective measurement program. Define how you will measure success. Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure frequently. You’re not measuring your successes (or failures).

Media measurement partnerships: a roadmap for PR agencies and clients

Media Bullseye

One of the primary stumbling blocks for setting up measurement programs is that because they are both highly individualized (dependent upon individual business goals) and produce valuable data (much of which could be considered proprietary and confidential), there aren’t as many easy examples to point to and say, “there—that’s what we need to be doing.”. Yet, one of the best ways to demonstrate to clients how measurement can help them is to point to case studies and concrete examples.

Tips for successful digital marketing measurement

PR Daily

Sixty percent of social media marketers say measuring social media's ROI is their biggest challenge. Only 21 percent of content marketers say they successfully measure ROI, and just half of all social media marketers say data inform their organizations' social media strategies. by Constant Contact, indicate that measurement is still a major challenge for marketers.

Changing How We Measure and Report What We Do

Solo PR Pro

Rather than debating if the press release is dead or the media market is viable, we should be seeking how to align our programs against the goals clients care about and be able to accurately measure success. New: The lead ad that we ran resulted in 300 downloads of our product white paper. To that end, we are offering a series of webinars that show you how to harness the power of Google analytics to track, measure and report success.

Why PR Pros Are The Most Versatile Writers

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The white paper has its own specific audience and purpose that separates it from other PR content. White papers offer insights in a long format and they’re generally written in a more academic style than a press release or byline. White papers are key collateral in the B2B world, as they can enjoy a long life as educational documents designed to move sales prospects toward buying decisions – while remaining overtly non-self-promotional.

Stronger PR reporting is hidden in keyword data

PR Daily

Let’s be honest, PR reporting has fallen behind the rest of the marketing profession when it comes to ROI measurement. Fortunately, there is a better measurement solution in commonly used search engine KPIs. Audience measurement using Monthly Search Volume.

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6 meaty content marketing metrics to monitor

PR Daily

How are you measuring the weight and worth of your efforts? However, go beyond measuring mere “open rate,” which doesn’t tell you much. There are several ways to measure and capture leads. Email subscriptions, signups for a white paper or other downloadable content—any piece that gathers contact information of potential customers or clients is fair game for lead generation. Content Marketing Email Marketing Measurement Websites

10 Steps to Win Major Earned Media Mentions during Quarterly Earnings Season Blog

Media measurement will gauge the overall success of PR and investor relations teams during earnings season. Sign up for a free trial of the media monitoring and measurement service. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

5 Rules-Based Attribution Models PR Pros Should Know


This post is based on content from our free white paper “ How to Measure PR in a Multi-Touch Attribution Model.” However, many are intimidated by the thought of implementing such an involved data measurement process. Check out these five types of rules-based multi-touch attribution models that will help you get started with PR measurement. The single-touch model simply gets your noggin thinking critically about data and measurement.

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