Free White Paper! Protect Your Brand With Copyright Laws


Cision’s new white paper, “ The Professional Communicator’s Guide to Copyright Compliance & Fair Use ,” provides an overview of how copyright laws affect PR professionals, what you can do to follow them and how doing so will protect your content and reputation in the long run.

Free White Paper! Find the Right Influencer for Your Brand


Cision’s new white paper, “ Use Influencers to Expand Reach and Impact ,” explains how aligning your brand with influencers will help you better appeal to your audience. The free white paper will help you use influencer marketing to: Identify the best influencers for your brand.

Free White Paper! Understand Your Audience Through Real-Time Monitoring


Cision’s new white paper, “ The 3 Audiences Real-Time Monitoring Unlocks For Brands ,” shares tips on how you can monitor your audiences’ conversations to learn valuable information about your target audience’s needs, what your competitors are doing and what is making an impact in your industry.

Free White Paper! Build a Brand Journalism Program


Cision’s free white paper, “ Brand Journalism: From Awareness to Lead Generation ,” discusses the best strategies for telling impactful stories that resonate with your audience. Read the free white paper today! Your audience no longer responds to traditional advertising.

Free White Paper! Measure PR Using Multi-Touch Attribution


Our latest white paper “How to Measure PR in a Multi-Touch Attribution Model” explores seven types of attribution models and provides readers nine tips for getting started with multi-touch attribution. Click here to get your free white paper today!

Business Wire Releases New White Paper: Is Your IR Site a Security Liability?

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The modern IRO has many areas of responsibilities. At the top of that list should be the creation and maintenance of an investor relations site, a beneficial communications tool that makes it easy for analysts, shareholders and the media to find essential financial documents and material news.

Free White Paper! Combat Crises in Real Time


Cision’s free white paper, “ Leveraging Crisis Communication’s Real-Time Tactics ,” explains how to implement the two real-time tactics you may be overlooking in your crisis plan: influencers relations and media intelligence. Get the free white paper today!

White Paper: Want Content Success? Think Outside the Box!


Our latest white paper, “ Outside-the-Box Content Marketing for PR ,” explains this new era of content marketing and provides 10 ideas to inspire the content strategy that works for you. Here are some of the highlights from the white paper: How to Get Started.

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Free White Paper! Manage Crises With a 3-Part Communication Plan


Our latest white paper, “ How to Plan and Manage Crisis Communication in a Social World ,” describes the best strategies for crisis communication and how to implement them. Click here for our free white paper now! No brand is free from crises.

Free White Paper! Defend Against Crises With Grassroots Support


Cision’s free white paper, “ The 7 Steps to Building Grassroots Support That Mitigates Crisis ,” outlines how you can rally the right support, inform your audience of important issues and get them involved when a crisis hits. Read the free white paper today!

Infographic: Become Informed on Copyright Compliance


Brush up on your copyright knowledge with our free white paper! Cision’s latest white paper, “ The Professional Communicator’s Guide to Copyright Compliance & Fair Use ,” explains the rules on copyright and fair use and how PR professionals are affected.

5 Must-Have Types of Content Marketing


White papers & E-books. When you’ve got more than enough content for a blog post, you can turn it into a white paper or e-book. When you think of content marketing, you probably think of blog posts.

Infographic: What to Do During the First 48 Minutes of a Crisis


Read Cision’s free white paper! Crises can hit your brand without warning, and if you’re not prepared, you could have a full-blown catastrophe on your hands. So how can your brand be ready for anything? Start by arming yourself with a crisis communication plan.

10 Types of Content That Drive Demand & Boost Engagement


Nearly 100 percent of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders, and white papers fulfill your target audience’s desire. Though, spending hours writing and researching a high-quality white paper does not automatically translate to inbound leads.

The Rise of Mobile Payment: What Financial Institutions Need to Know


Click here for your free white paper! Click here for our free white paper now! Recent data breaches as well as increased credit card fraud have shaken consumer confidence in payment security. As U.S.

5 Tips for Generating Fresh Content Ideas


Use trending topics to get ideas for your blog posts or white papers. Want more content creation tips and ideas, check out our free white paper: “ Outside-the-Box Content Marketing For PR.”. Writer’s block is the worst, no?

3 Reasons Why Social Media Influencers Make Powerful Brand Partners


Cision’s new “ How to Use Influencers to Expand Reach & Impact ” white paper examines the impact influencers can have on your brand and how you can harness their power. Read the free influencer marketing white paper today!

How to Drive Traffic & Lift Awareness With 8 Types of Content


These three benchmarks go hand-in-hand; and on paper, it sounds very easy. White Papers. Persuasive and authoritative, white papers remain vital to B2B marketers. Without a distribution method, spending hours writing and researching a high-quality white paper does not automatically translate to inbound leads. Grow your sales funnel by distributing white papers to your target audiences. Content, content and more content.

21 rules for content marketers

PR Daily

FREE White Paper: How to Be a Brand Journalist - Tell compelling stories and take your story directly to your audience. ]. Content marketing has grown up and no longer deserves a seat at the kids’ table.

Your Email Campaigns Are Generating More Leads Than You Think

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The response exceeded expectations with double the amount of potential clients downloading a specific white paper. For every person that filled out the form and downloaded the white paper, another person clicked on the link and visited the landing page. Maybe their internet access froze, or a cybersecurity software program on their computer prevented them from accessing the white paper.

We Should Measure Content Marketing by Relationships

Sword and the Script

As a metric for content marketing, pageviews are flawed according to a white paper – Why Content Marketers Are Using All the Wrong Metrics – published by Contently. The white paper calls the pageview a “superficial impression of how people behave on the web.”

How to Build a Digital Newsroom


That means including all types of content such as news releases, blogs, white papers and more. You want media coverage, but do you make it easy for reporters and influencers to do their jobs?

The 3 Factors to Consider Before Sharing Content


Cision’s white paper, “ The Professional’s Guide to Copyright Compliance & Fair Use,” provides tips on understanding the rules of copyright, avoiding violations and protecting your brand’s own content. Read our free white paper!

64% of PR and Marketing Pros Will Increase Content Marketing Efforts in 2016: Marketwired Survey and Infographic


[By Lisa Davis]. If you’re curious about content marketing, a quick Google search will serve up no shortage of information on trends, best practices, benefits for B2B and B2C companies and what it all means as 2016 approaches. We’re curious, too.

Another Nail in the Rotting Coffin of the “Manhattan Beach Principles”

Katie Paine's Measurement Blog

A while back, a PR flack from Manhattan Beach, California penned a white paper promoting Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) and declared his own “Manhattan Beach Principles” should replace the Barcelona Principles. Yup…one guy on a beach challenged a set of mandates for measurement of PR agreed to by every major industry association, Fortune 500 companies, […].

Tips for successful digital marketing measurement

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RELATED: Download this free white paper to discover smart ways to measure your internal communications and link your efforts to business goals. ]. Sixty percent of social media marketers say measuring social media's ROI is their biggest challenge.

Tips and tools for repurposing content

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FREE WHITE PAPER: Ninety-three percent of communicators think it is important to measure the impact of internal communications. ].

Dos and don'ts of press releases

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FREE White Paper: How to Be a Brand Journalist - Tell compelling stories and take your story directly to your audience. ]. For all of our technological advances, the good, old-fashioned press release is still a staple in the PR pro’s diet.

Where and How B2B Marketing Generates Leads it Likes [Study]

Sword and the Script

According to the survey, the top five content types are as follows: White papers: 52%. Just producing more white papers or blog posts may not be the right answer. For example, webinars might be the good basis for a white paper, which later broken out into blogs.

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5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication


The Institute for Public Relations recently released a white paper entitled Organizational Clarity: The Case for Workforce Alignment & Belief. Here are five key takeaways from IPR’s white paper about how to improve internal communications: 1.

Moving Target: How Technology Changed the Travel Experience


Our latest white paper, “Integrating Travel Technology Into the Customer Experience” details how consumers are responding to the latest in travel technology by focusing on three phases of travel: planning and booking, getting there and the destination experience.

3 Valuable Lessons From the B2B Marketing Forum


Learn how with our free white paper! For B2B marketers, the struggle is real. Presenting our products in a fun and sexy way sometimes doesn’t come as easily as it does to B2C products and services.

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How to Establish Brand Identity: Top Tips From Jeff Barrett


Learn about influencer marketing in Cision’s new white paper! See which of your posts get positive results and consider creating a larger piece of content, such as a blog post, video or white paper, based on the topic.

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Drive Blog Traffic With These 4 Content Marketing Tools


Both ebooks and white papers are fantastic for providing additional information on a topic, and boosting your email subscription list. Get our free “Outside-The-Box Content Marketing for PR” white paper now!

3 Steps to Engaging Influencers on Social


Cision’s new white paper, “ Targeted Outreach: Turn Influencers Into Brand Advocates ,” outlines the process you need to take to establish a strong relationship with your targeted influencers. Influencer outreach must start long before you send a pitch.

9 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule The Roost In 2016


Learn how to build a brand journalism program with Cision’s free white paper! And if you’re really looking forward to standing out in the ever-so-competitive market, do yourself a favor and get Cision’s free white paper – A Roadmap to Multimedia Storytelling. .

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3 Things You Need to Know About Brand Journalism


Get our free white paper now! Consumers have started to tune out brand messages. But don’t fret, there’s a way to break through, gain back their attention and make your brand be heard: brand journalism.

The Only B2B PR Event You’ll Ever Need

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The elements of a successful panel include the obvious — a worthy subject, compelling participants, and a plan for capturing the terrific content produced for post-event white papers, bylines, videos, and other communications.

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3 ways to get past the ‘spray and pray’ social media approach

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The quickest way to do this is to repurpose an existing white paper into a more visual, sharable asset on Slideshare,” says Peter Barros, digital content strategist at IBM.

How PR And Content Marketing Can Work Together

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More importantly, an important white paper, study, or other long-form content can be used for months or even years to attract prospects, as long as the topic is reasonably “evergreen” and it’s promoted properly.