How to Do B2B Content Marketing That Doesn't Suck

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" B2B content marketing is so easy, anyone can do it." It takes a lot more than basic writing skills to create successful B2B content. The fact is that not everyone who can write can necessarily create content. Because content marketing is much more than writing.

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8 Content Marketing Trends That Will Fire Up Your Strategy

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Has your content marketing strategy been on the decline, figuratively dwindling to embers? We've collected content marketing trends designed to blow new life into your strategy and rekindle it into the roaring blaze it once was. Longer Content Takes a Back Seat.

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What clients want from content marketing

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Many content marketers have invested heavily in technology and marketing solutions to better measure their efforts. They’ve doubled down on AdWords and SEO. That’s the contention of Edelman U.S. Content marketing’s value. Content Marketing Marketing

33 Statistics Summarizing the Year in Public Relations, Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO

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It’s good to know where and how other marketers are finding success. We are after all forever students of marketing. Those categories are: Content marketing statistics. Social media marketing statistics. Marketing measurement statistics.

What to expect from your content marketing campaign

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Content creation is a long game, requires heavy investment and dedication, and might not provide immediate results. When it comes to content marketing, patience is a must-have. Content marketing is a long-term strategy. This means offering gated content (e.g.,

Why content marketers shouldn’t overlook niche outlets

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Part of creating effective content is knowing where you want it to end up. By outlining your goals and knowing whom you want to reach with your content, you can decide which publication is the best bet for your company. a content marketing agency. Content Marketing

Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


No marketing and public relations executive is immune from the educational curve of bringing their client up to speed on the latest in search, bridging the digital and SEO divide on an hourly basis. Which strategic positioning direction should clients pursue, what kind of media material should be featured and how important it is to create relevant and eye-catching messaging content are integral to each and every digital communications effort.

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7 Reasons Your B2B Content Marketing Program Fails to Deliver that You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

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There’s are several industry organizations that field annual surveys about content marketing and they are gearing up. Last year, the data overwhelmingly found every business says they are doing content marketing. 2) You don’t treat content marketing is its own channel.

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State of Content Marketing 2019: Creativity Strikes Back

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The brand had a slick new site, detailed persona work, and a strong SEO gameplan. “Content marketing just doesn’t work,” they said. I’ve worked at Contently, one of the pioneers in content marketing, since 2013.

How to Tailor a Content Marketing Strategy By Company Size

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” Too many content marketing teams try to half-ass a bunch of things—blog posts, whitepapers, video, social media, SEO—in the pursuit of a cohesive content program. Level 1: A small, committed content team. Can you update your core pieces for an SEO boost ?

18 Content Marketing Resources for Proven Results in 2019

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Why is it that content marketing is touted as one of the best online marketing strategies for business exposure? OK, that’s great, but exactly how do you go about perfecting the art of content marketing ? Content marketing resources… lots and lots of resources —that’s how! 18 Popular Content Marketing, Statistic, and Thought Leadership Resources for Proven Results in 2019. ? Content Marketing Idea Resources.

How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

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But what about two seemingly different teams, such as B2B PR and content marketing ? Recently there have been a variety of strong opinions circulating about PR and content marketing. Some believe that PR and content marketing are different strategies, and don’t mix well.

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Announcing PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists

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The finalists in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards know that compelling content can capture the attention of busy audiences. Content Marketing for the Purpose of: Brand Awareness. The Call Tracking Study Guide for Marketers, Invoca. Content Series.

10 Content Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

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The best way to stand out from the noisy crowd is by employing a few tricks of the content marketing trade. As you work on your content marketing strategy, keep these in mind: Talk to your audience, not at them. Segment your target markets. And long-form content.

Starbucks’ plan for ‘new normal,’ Layoffs at Boeing, Lyft and Norwegian Cruise Line, and SEO tips during COVID-19

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As you respond to questions and concerns, remember that not all content has to be lengthy or complicated. FREE DOWNLOAD: How to create content that converts leads into sales ]. How is your brand joining or avoiding the trend of nostalgic content during the COVID-19 crisis?

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18 Content Marketing Resources for Proven Results in 2019

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Why is it that content marketing is touted as one of the best online marketing strategies for business exposure? OK, that’s great, but exactly how do you go about perfecting the art of content marketing ? Content marketing resources… lots and lots of resources —that’s how! 18 Popular Content Marketing, Statistic, and Thought Leadership Resources for Proven Results in 2019. ? Content Marketing Idea Resources.

How PR pros invented content marketing

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That was the advent of content marketing. Many years and lots of technology upgrades later, content marketing and public relations seem to have drifted apart, taking on identities of their own. Why, through content, of course. Content marketing vs. public relations.

Content Marketing World 2016: 4 Key Sessions and Lessons Learned

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Content Marketing World or as others may know it, #CMWorld , is an incredible event for marketers, journalists and techies from across the globe to gather and share niche content knowledge. How to Use Content to Maximize the B2B Buying Process. Content

B2B Thought Leadership: How to Promote Your Brand with Social Media

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B2B thought leadership is the pinnacle of success for any business leader. In fact, thought leadership is one of best ways to. Let's look at how you can leverage each of these social networks to reach your thought leadership goals. Create and share content. Create content.

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How PR Pros Can Build Epic Personal Branding For Corporate Leadership

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Their content marketing and brand journalism has not yet evolved to a place where they are comfortable letting employees take the spotlight, allowing independent voices to ring out with options, truth and expertise. You still have your content. Content Marketing

7 deadly PR truths from ‘Tiger King’

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Work your social media and SEO. Both Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin leveraged the power of SEO and knew that it was worth killing for, literally. Be sure to follow these tips so you’re not held captive by bad PR and marketing.

How to Use B2B PR in SEO to Boost Your Results

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Have you thought about using tactics typically reserved for PR in SEO ? For years now, people have focused on the differences between PR and SEO -- you’re either an expert in one or the other. When SEO PR service professionals incorporate PR tactics into their SEO strategy, we see an uptick in positive results. This should come as no huge surprise -- after all, SEO and PR work toward many of the same goals, including brand awareness and credibility.

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3 Ways to Promote Content Marketing with Press Releases

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As a content marketer, I’m always on the lookout for whatever edge will improve my content’s reach. But with so many other brands also using content marketing, the task can seem Sisyphean at times. Content Teaser. Content Round-up.

Facebook launches Zoom competitor, Live Nation amends refund policy and Google shares ways to market during COVID-19

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You can do the same, no matter your organization or industry, with compelling content and behind-the-scenes peeks. In a guide titled, “ Navigating the road ahead ,” Google shares several ways brand managers can adjust their digital marketing campaigns and strategies during COVID-19.

Free remote tools to ease COVID-19 fears, chief D&I officers skew white, and PR pros say proving ROI takes time

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Though not a digital workplace tool, AdAge created an industry event tracker , showing updates on several events including Facebook’s Global Marketing Summit, SXSW and Adobe Summit.

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Infographic: How to build links to improve your SEO

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One major factor in moving up in the search rankings is to have other websites link to your content. Links are crucial for building your SEO results. This infographic from Spiralytics offers ways you can build links to improve your SEO.

Boost your health care practice’s SEO

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Clinics that rank better invest in content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more traffic to their websites. Blogging and thought leadership. Sponsored/promoted content. Optimize content for both the search engines and for prospective clients.

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Designing Deliberate Questions, Content and Customer Experiences [UML]

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CThere’s an old saying that good marketing will make a poor product fail faster. There’s something similar at play in those B2B organizations facing challenges in content marketing. Certainly, the most successful content marketing is very deliberate.

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3 Tips for Creating More Powerful Marketing Content

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Content. Creating content. Socializing content. Marketing content. Content, content, content. The SEO superstar. The post 3 Tips for Creating More Powerful Marketing Content appeared first on Stern Strategy Group. Content Marketing Thought Leadership brand storytelling business writing content marketingIt’s (almost) all we hear – and talk – about these days. It’s the king.

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A Marketing to Media Translation Dictionary For Journalists Turned Content Marketers

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In the marketing world, professionals tend to glom onto useful marketing buzzwords as a shared language, and those terms can actually prove useful to professionals in adjacent industries. Content marketers never make content for content’s sake.

Google’s Mother’s Day salute, Souplantation permanently closes, and only 4% of consumers demand a halt in advertising

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It’s a fun way to encourage engagement with social media users without shouting PR or marketing messages. The good news for PR and marketing pros is that only 4% of consumers think organizations should stop advertising. Image courtesy of Rio SEO. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

6 Frequently Committed Content Marketing Mistakes That You Need to Be Aware Of

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Whether it’s web or social media or mobile apps, it’s still the content that dominates every digital space. With the proliferation of digital channels, there’s been an increased demand for content marketing. Not Curating Content Frequently. Guest post by Atman Rathod.

14 ways to spring-clean your online pressroom

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Have your most up-to-date digital assets ready to go, and make sure they’re the first thing a journalist sees, says Jason Myers, senior executive at The Content Factory. Media outlets are always coming up with new ideas: columns, newsletters, sponsored content and more. “Go

Top 10 tips to Maximise your Video Content


It’s no secret that video is champion content when it comes to social media. Here’s our top 10 tips to help you out: Design your video content to be shareable . Use audience insights for video content inspiration . Embrace the power of storytelling in your video content.

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15 Takeaways from Killing Marketing [Book Review]

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Marketing has made so many small incremental changes over time – think social, digital and content – that we’ve forgotten to pause and examine the effects. Marketing has evolved substantially – as anyone that works in marketing will attest. Content has been democratized!

18 Marketing and PR that Read Like a Meta Description for the Year 2018

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As we close in on the year’s end, I looked back over these marketing and PR statistics in an effort to surface those points that in some way, shape or form, help to summarize 2018 as a year. Statistics about content marketing. 2) The marketing budget as a percentage of revenue.

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The Competitive Edge of Marketing Tools Stems from Application [UML]

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There is more than one way to view tools of the marketing or PR trade. While there are certainly some advantages to early adoption, in a broad sense, B2B marketers all have access to the same general set of tools. And that’s the theme for this week’s Unscripted Marketing links [UML].

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26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

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As I’m wont to do at year’s end, I ask many brilliant marketing and PR types for their take on what might transpire over the next twelve months. 5) Alignment of marketing and customer success. “A 6) Marketing spend rationalization. More content marketers will get frequency right.

How To Optimise B2B Content

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Inbound marketing and B2B content publishing is giving brands lots of control. Inbound marketing encapsulates everything from content marketing and email marketing to on-site SEO and conversion optimisation. Rank Math has a free SEO tool for WordPress.

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Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


But why is podcasting important to PR and marketing professionals? Welcome to The #AskGaryVee show, where I answer your questions about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Tools, tips and tactics on everything marketing and social media related. Marketing Over Coffee.