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How to Do B2B Content Marketing That Doesn't Suck

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" B2B content marketing is so easy, anyone can do it." It takes a lot more than basic writing skills to create successful B2B content. The fact is that not everyone who can write can necessarily create content. Because content marketing is much more than writing.

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What to expect from your content marketing campaign

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Content creation is a long game, requires heavy investment and dedication, and might not provide immediate results. When it comes to content marketing, patience is a must-have. Content marketing is a long-term strategy. This means offering gated content (e.g.,

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Why content marketers shouldn’t overlook niche outlets

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Part of creating effective content is knowing where you want it to end up. By outlining your goals and knowing whom you want to reach with your content, you can decide which publication is the best bet for your company. a content marketing agency. Content Marketing

Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


No marketing and public relations executive is immune from the educational curve of bringing their client up to speed on the latest in search, bridging the digital and SEO divide on an hourly basis. Which strategic positioning direction should clients pursue, what kind of media material should be featured and how important it is to create relevant and eye-catching messaging content are integral to each and every digital communications effort.

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Why PR pros should be part of your SEO and social media teams

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The PR communicator is uniquely skilled in creating the content and strategy businesses need in the digital media ecosystem. Digital marketing is a puzzle that brands continue trying to solve. It’s no secret that much of search marketing equates to link building.

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State of Content Marketing 2019: Creativity Strikes Back

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The brand had a slick new site, detailed persona work, and a strong SEO gameplan. “Content marketing just doesn’t work,” they said. I’ve worked at Contently, one of the pioneers in content marketing, since 2013.

Announcing PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists

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The finalists in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards know that compelling content can capture the attention of busy audiences. Content Marketing for the Purpose of: Brand Awareness. The Call Tracking Study Guide for Marketers, Invoca. Audio Storytelling.

How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

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But what about two seemingly different teams, such as B2B PR and content marketing ? Recently there have been a variety of strong opinions circulating about PR and content marketing. Some believe that PR and content marketing are different strategies, and don’t mix well.

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How PR pros invented content marketing

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That was the advent of content marketing. Many years and lots of technology upgrades later, content marketing and public relations seem to have drifted apart, taking on identities of their own. Why, through content, of course. Content marketing vs. public relations.

Free remote tools to ease COVID-19 fears, chief D&I officers skew white, and PR pros say proving ROI takes time

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Though not a digital workplace tool, AdAge created an industry event tracker , showing updates on several events including Facebook’s Global Marketing Summit, SXSW and Adobe Summit.

3 Tips for Creating More Powerful Marketing Content

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Content. Creating content. Socializing content. Marketing content. Content, content, content. The SEO superstar. The post 3 Tips for Creating More Powerful Marketing Content appeared first on Stern Strategy Group. Content Marketing Thought Leadership brand storytelling business writing content marketingIt’s (almost) all we hear – and talk – about these days. It’s the king.

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A Marketing to Media Translation Dictionary For Journalists Turned Content Marketers

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In the marketing world, professionals tend to glom onto useful marketing buzzwords as a shared language, and those terms can actually prove useful to professionals in adjacent industries. Content marketers never make content for content’s sake.

Top 10 tips to Maximise your Video Content


It’s no secret that video is champion content when it comes to social media. Here’s our top 10 tips to help you out: Design your video content to be shareable . Use audience insights for video content inspiration . Embrace the power of storytelling in your video content.

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18 Marketing and PR that Read Like a Meta Description for the Year 2018

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As we close in on the year’s end, I looked back over these marketing and PR statistics in an effort to surface those points that in some way, shape or form, help to summarize 2018 as a year. Statistics about content marketing. 2) The marketing budget as a percentage of revenue.

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26 Thoughtful Marketing Predictions that Could Actually Happen in 2019 Across PR, Content, Digital, Social Media and Customer Success

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As I’m wont to do at year’s end, I ask many brilliant marketing and PR types for their take on what might transpire over the next twelve months. 5) Alignment of marketing and customer success. “A 6) Marketing spend rationalization. Also see PR and Storytelling; Off Script No.

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


But why is podcasting important to PR and marketing professionals? Welcome to The #AskGaryVee show, where I answer your questions about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Tools, tips and tactics on everything marketing and social media related. Marketing Over Coffee.

10 Free (or Cheap) Tools that Deliver Extraordinary Results for Content Development

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Contrary to popular belief, content is not king. Compelling content is king; i.e., content that offers fresh insights or educates or informs in a way for easy consumption. As discussed in previous posts, most B2B content falls into the dreadful content bucket.

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How PR Helps Turn Prospects Into Customers

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Does good PR create more prospects at the top of the marketing funnel? ” Earned media doesn’t work as consistently as email marketing or paid media. Branded content like bylined articles and blog posts offer multiple benefits. PR content offers depth, credibility.

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The Top 25 B2B Marketing Experts You Need to Follow Here.

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B2B marketing is constantly evolving, with new innovations and strategies that used correctly can stake your success. Along the social corridors of Twitter and LinkedIn you will find many experts -- including many of the top B2B marketers in the field. Why Follow B2B Marketers on Social Media? These are individuals who have their finger on the pulse of what’s new and hot in the world of B2B marketing strategy. We’ve assembled some of the best minds in modern marketing.

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How to Upgrade Your PR Strategy for 2020

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As you'll see in this post, such developments as artificial intelligence and influencer marketing have been widely adopted by PR pros, with stellar results. Storytelling does more than simply relay your message. Create Content. Google Adwords -- Storytelling.

The Top PR Trends For 2017

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Like nearly any other marketing or strategic discipline, public relations has changed in recent years. Content will move to new (and old) channels. PR and SEO are joined. When it comes to content, quality and relevance have replaced sheer quantity as a key metric.

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Five Myths About PR And Customer Acquisition

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Many businesses use a mix of email marketing, paid search, SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing to create prospects and turn them into customers. But most businesses aren’t marketing that kind of “lightning in a bottle.”

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20 of the Coolest Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020

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Marketing conferences have shaped my top team memories. To share the knowledge wealth, below is my list of the 20 coolest marketing events in 2020 (coming to a venue somewhere in the U.S.). Social Media Marketing World. He loves to talk about marketing AI.).

3 tips for repurposing your old content

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Content is everything in today's social media landscape. Whether a long-form contributed article or timely news post, well-executed social content can have a significant positive impact on your organization’s success. Repurposing does NOT mean copying and pasting content.

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Why Your Content Strategy is Failing And How to Fix it

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It’s no surprise, 70 percent of society wants to learn about products and services through content and not advertisements. Content that is authentic, accessible and relevant has the power to shape our behavior — whether it’s making a purchase, supporting a cause, or requesting a demo.

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Ernst & Young slammed for sexist seminar, musicians protest Amazon’s ICE ties, and content creators tap into the customer journey

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Ernst & Young has vociferously defended the seminar content. In new research from the Content Marketing Institute, content marketers shared what habits and tactics helped them become more successful with their creation efforts. 1 content priority for next year?

The Eight Habits Of Successful PR People

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It’s not just about having a voracious appetite for all types of content, although that’s solid advice for anyone starting out in PR. My former colleague and friend Bob Pickard of Signal Leadership Communications is my role model here.

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What Are the Best Practices in B2B Public Relations That Will Drive Success?

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Content Optimization. Influencer Marketing. Storytelling. Establish Thought Leadership. This could be anything from media relations, to content marketing, to social media, to awards, to speaking engagements, to get the idea. Educate Your Audience with High Quality Content. Your goal should be to craft blog posts and other content that will answer every possible question your readers could have. Optimize All of Your Content.

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Where Does the PESO Model Belong?

Waxing UnLyrical

A few weeks ago, Brandon Andersen wrote here about the PESO model and how to use it in content distribution. As an example, he used the goal of producing 2,000 downloads that equate to marketing soft leads for sales. It’s not a content marketing goal or a PR goal.

Searching for Marketing Inspiration? Check out these 55+ Inbound Marketing Resources [UPDATED]

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We originally published a blog in 2015 listing 40+ inbound marketing resources. We’ve added even more to the list, so read below for an update with even more resources for marketers. As marketers, we spend hours researching the top trends and tactics to prove top-notch ROI and success.

10 Types of Content That Drive Demand & Boost Engagement

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That’s where your content marketing efforts come into to play. On top of crafting compelling content, the most prominent challenge is driving engagement from targeted audiences. Brands who blog have more indexed web pages, which boosts SEO.