Infographic: 10 web design errors for PR pros to eliminate

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Whether you sell online or use digital marketing to reach prospective customers, most consumers will interact with your brand online before having any physical contact with your team. That means your web presence must be robust and competitive.

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Report: Most consumers recognize content marketing, but say it’s useful

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The typical consumer is bombarded with marketing messages as they surf the web and interact on social media. To capture attention, many brand managers create articles, videos, infographics and other visuals to reach audiences and help them solve pressing issues.

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Fans swarm the web to save Spider-Man, SFO and Hasbro are getting rid of plastic, and more online fans equals less engagement

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Many consumers issued calls to save Spider-Man: Look, I'm not in the mood to be excited about something right now! As one consumer pointed out , this won’t affect the plastic used in its products.). Infographic: Facebook leads all social media with 68% of U.S.

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How to use consumer insight to hone content marketing efforts

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If your audience can’t get enough of your infographics that give a specific number of tips and takeaways and you find that they’re widely shared, you might want to create more. For example, 47 percent of consumers expect web pages to load in two seconds or less.

Infographic: 10 essential parts of highly ranked websites

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This infographic from Quicksprout offers 10 ways for brand managers and web designers to improve their performance on Google. Learn what steps you can take to make your website a potent brand magnet for consumers by reading the full infographic below.

Infographic: 10 essential parts of highly ranked websites

PR Daily

This infographic. offers 10 ways for brand managers and web designers to improve their performance on Google. Learn what steps you can take to make your website a potent brand magnet for consumers by reading the full infographic below

Why and how communicators should create infographics

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Together with the predicted rise of content marketing, it''s likely that during the next couple of years we''ll witness a growing interest in brand infographics. Infographics are a smart content feature. Compelling infographics are built around content, not design.

Infographic: 20 tips to keep website visitors’ attention

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This infographic. offers 20 tips on how web designers and brand managers can keep users on their websites and minimize bounce rates. To learn how to keep consumers coming back to your website, see the full infographic below

20 tools to help you craft irresistible infographics

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Readers want quick access to information, and infographics are a creative way to deliver it. Infographics are quickly gaining popularity and, in some cases , replacing lengthy blog posts. You should look into infographics because: We receive five times more information.

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Think of Your Website as an Asset and Your Marketing as an Investment

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In the eyes of many consumers today, if you do not have a website, it’s as if you do not exist. Infographic Know Like and Trust Social Media Web sites

How to build a compelling infographic quickly and easily

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Infographics are a great way to spread your message. Danny DeMichele, CEO of Elevated, says: "Infographics make data accessible to the masses. These assets were once intended for slide decks but can easily be modified into beautiful infographics. Take it to the Web.

Infographic: Does Wall Street Require Issuers to Have an IR Website?


Now in its fifth year, this exclusive study asks investors 30 tactical questions regarding how they consume your shareholder communications content. If just a startup but with a web presence under construction, perhaps; more mature business, no.

Why Mobile Content Strategy is Important to PR

The Proactive Report

In October 2014, comScore provided data to Internet Retailer that showed that 52% of the time consumers spent online occurred within smartphone and tablet apps. The Exact Target 2014 Mobile Behavior Report found that consumers use their mobile devices for connectivity and content.

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Monday Roundup: Compelling Storytelling

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A Visual Guide to Telling Compelling Stories for Your Brand [Infographic]. Around the Web Content Marketing compelling storytellingWhen it comes to storytelling, quality over quantity is a pretty standard rule of thumb.

Monday Roundup: the Indian Scene

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Why: “… Most consumers would get engaged with the brand, in trying to find out what the name stands for,” says Kiran Khalap who believes that the philosophy of a brand matters when it comes to launching a brand name. Public relations in India: Climbing up the value chain [infographic].

The ultimate list of blog post ideas

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We’ve hooked you up with some pretty useful infographics these past few years, but I can’t think of a more useful one. This infographic shares 55 ideas—55!—to The way we consume information on the Web is phenomenally different than in print—that’s certainly no secret.

Social Media Marketing for Complete Beginners


Everyone wants to produce viral content that gets shared all over the web. Liking your page is free and takes less than a split second, but engaging in an actual business-consumer relationship requires much more effort and time.

The social video starter guide

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To put a number to it, video will account for more than two-thirds of consumer Web traffic by 2017. For instance, did you know that Instagram is a great resource for business-to-consumer marketing? The infographic below from 1-800 Numbers answers those questions and more

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How Data-Driven Storytelling Drives PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Journalists look for pitches that are backed up by data in the form of charts, graphs, tables, or interactive infographics. Journalists need to be data-savvy,” said Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web. Infographic from a 2017 article in MarTech Advisor.

A communicator’s guide to perfect blog posts

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For PR and marketing pros looking to shape their strategies for 2018, an infographic from Red Website Design highlighting blogging trends and developments can help you hone your efforts. You must capture and keep consumers’ attention to be truly effective, though. With over 1.5

What’s in Your Fall 2014 Communications Toolkit?

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However, Digital Reach sample data relies on sharing activities across social media communities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+), which increasingly drives web users to the content they choose to view everyday.

How to tailor your Instagram for millennial audiences

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Younger consumers won’t respond well to traditional advertising, so your social media strategy must get creative. That’s why you need to take an omnichannel approach by repurposing content for various platforms (converting a blog post into an Instagram post, presentation, or an infographic).

Copywriters, are you committing these 7 deadly sins?

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Writing for the web poses all sorts of hazards, from an overload of SEO to neglecting proofreading. Writing for a novel, and not the web. Readers on the web approach text differently. Include infographics and pull quotes to draw attention to important information.

Modern Journalism: What You Need To Know To Keep Up In Today’s World

Masters in Communications

It often involves the use of statistics, charts, and infographics. Journalism In The Age of the Open Web. At the risk of beating a dead horse, the open web has changed everything. The way we consume data will never be the same.

Transform your online content with visuals

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Although many brand managers are using content to interact with consumers, not all of them are doing an adequate job. Here’s how to implement strong visuals into your next marketing campaign: Improve your web design. Use infographics.

Why and how to use a media kit in your 2020 PR efforts

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Here is your opportunity in an owned space to tell your brand story creatively and convey its relevance to consumers. The brand’s social media team, content writers, web team, digital strategists and more all have content needs that the media kit should support.

Take advantage of these top B2B content marketing tactics

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Anyone who’s worked in business-to-business marketing knows that it’s a much different game than the business-to-consumer approach. Emphasis on lead generation and web traffic.

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Facebook tests ‘News’ feature, Lyft offers rides to job interviews and doctor visits, and YouTube’s 20M trees campaign

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However, today’s banner ad gets a click-through rate of roughly 0.5%, partially because the average consumer is faced with 1,700 banner ads every month. Given the sea of content and branded messages bombarding consumers’ attention, marketers must be even more innovative with their tactics.

Does Direct Mail Really Work for Millennials?

Critical Mention

As social media and search advertising have become integrated into our everyday lives, many believe that direct mail is an outdated way to reach consumers as smartphones allow millennials to access information, products and services instantly. Millennials are the wave of the future.

How to recycle key marketing and PR content for superior reach

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Regardless of your company’s size, marketing and PR consume a significant amount of the budget. . Some enjoy reading blog posts; others prefer deriving information from an infographic. A blog post shouldn’t be a one-and-done endeavor.

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Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

Sword and the Script

It used to be that the salespeople, knew far more about a vehicle than the consumer ever could. The web has obviously changed that – a few quick product searches on a mobile device leads a buyer to reviews and commentary from sources other than the brand. It was a good pitch.

6 Common Problems Holding You Back from Content Mastery

Contently - Strategy

My friend is a web engineer for a large media company, and whenever we talk shop, I’m always surprised at how big of an impact his tinkering can have on the content we read. Who are these consumers, and where do they typically find the articles they read?

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10 Types of Content That Drive Demand & Boost Engagement


Brands who blog have more indexed web pages, which boosts SEO. We’ll deliver your multimedia assets, and you’ll leverage the industry’s most authoritative web property,, to drive SEO results. Infographics. I love infographics.

How to build your social media content calendar

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Your social media channels are a crucial part of your content distribution strategy and an important way to stay connected to your consumer base. However, industry insiders will tell you that it isn’t enough to blurt your thoughts onto your Facebook page and wait for consumers to click.

Here's Why Your Static Premium Content Won't Cut It Anymore— And How to Future-Proof It With Interactive Content

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We as marketers love our ebooks, whitepapers and infographics— they’re mutually beneficial pieces of content for both us and the downloader. 91% of B2B buyers prefer to consume interactive or visual versus static content. Repurposed Ebooks, Infographics or Whitepapers.

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Let’s talk about you

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It can be messy and time-consuming. Infographics development. Web development and construction. Custom content is hard to pull off.

How immersive 360-degree video could work for your organization

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Immersive web design is enjoying a renaissance of sorts, transforming users’ expectations and making their online experiences more valuable and memorable. Communicators always aim to shape a web experience into a story, not a simple information dump.

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Let’s talk about you

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It can be messy and time-consuming. Infographics development. Web development and construction. Custom content is hard to pull off.

When There’s a Gap in Big News, Surveys Can Fill the Void – But, Are You Asking the Right Questions?

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Developing a set of solid survey questions is time-consuming – and you could spin your wheels drafting and re-drafting content only to learn later that someone has already collected, analyzed and released the very same data.

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9 ways to get your message through to skimmers

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The following techniques help skimmers consume content quickly while still comprehending key PR and marketing messages: 1. Web browsers (the people, not the technology) have built in fluff detectors so keep your writing concise,” comments Rishi Patel , founder and creative director of Monazu.