Client Spotlight: Sunshine Nut Company


In 2004, company Founder Don Larson, who was working for Hershey at the time, travelled across the Atlantic to survey the African Bush of Ghana for potential cocoa buying. The story of the Sunshine Nut Company is one of the best stories we at ISEBOX have ever heard.

The Evolution Of Corporate Social Responsibility In PR: A Snapshot

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Was Dove’s famous Campaign for Real Beauty , launched in 2004, a similar co-opting of a cultural moment? Nearly a decade after winning the vote, American women took to the streets in 1929 to march against the patriarchy in a brilliant New York PR stunt focused around … smoking?

Burger King taps into nostalgia with Napoleon Dynamite ad

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Here’s a cultural refresher from the 2004 original: via GIPHY. Burger King is bringing back Cheesy Tots and will promote them using a famous character who shortened the phrase “tater tots” to “tots.”.

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How to Find Trending Topics Like an Expert


By time (search within a customized date range – minimum: past hour, maximum: since 2004). When it comes to real-time trending data, there are two free sources that most people use: Google and Twitter.

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Social Media Is More Than a Retweet

Flack Me

Facebook, founded in 2004, didn’t receive widespread Category: Flack Me Summary: When we’re knee-deep in planning our social campaigns or building up our influencer relationships, it’s easy to forget how new the everyday tools we use are. LinkedIn was founded in 2002, but didn’t release its publisher platform for article sharing until 2014.

How to Use Data Insights to Craft a Clever Content Strategy


Dove’s research on “The Real Truth About Beauty” (first commissioned in 2004 and then revisited in 2010 and 2015) highlighted a universal problem related to beauty and body image. Ever taken a long and hard look at the content on your website?

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The Silicon Valley Watcher to publish on PressPage


In May 2004, Tom Foremski became the first journalist to leave a major newspaper, the Financial Times, to become a full-time journalist blogger. He writes the blog Silicon Valley Watcher — reporting on the collision of media and technology. Press release!

Point Pricing: The Story of How We (Finally) Eliminated Hours from Marketing Agency Pricing

PR 20/20

In 2004, four years into my career, I became highly motivated to build a more efficient and profitable solution that shifted the focus to client needs and goals. We’ve gone through dozens of pricing-model iterations since I first started pursuing a better way back in 2004.

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Donald Trump Broke PR’s Golden Rule


Sometimes politicians lose because they slip down staircases ; other times because they say scream too loudly at political rallies like Howard Dean did in Iowa during the 2004 election. Cision is monitoring the primary season , and we analyzed 675,000 tweets between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

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Cracking the PR Code

Doktor Spinn

2004). PR is all about relationships. Understanding relationships is fundamental to understanding strategic communications and to crack the code of public relations. But that’s easy to just say — or write.

Media Interview Skills: Why Silence Is Not Always Golden


Another woman, Andrea Constand, filed a lawsuit against Cosby in 2004. A little bit of nervousness before a speech or interview is a good thing. A lot of nervousness—not so much. Yet public speaking and media interview skills are essential for most executives and business owners.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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In 2004, Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons raised $1 million to start a company that could help users answer and get answers to their purchasing questions. Where is the best place to get pizza in Chicago? (I’ll I’ll keep my opinion to myself—for the purpose of this post, at least.).

The 3 Biggest Media Mistakes Top Executives Make


Although every executive is different, we’ve observed clear trend lines in our work with hundreds of top C-suite inhabitants since starting Phillips Media Relations in 2004. This is a guest post by Brad Phillips , author of The Media Training Bible. Join his free webinar on Sept.

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How to Create Thought Leadership, Part 1: Introduction

Shift Communications

Since 2004, thought leadership’s share of search has risen from approximately 5,000 searches per month globally to nearly 22,000 searches per month as communicators seek ideas for creating it. Thought leadership. What is it?

The Three Biggest Media Mistakes Top Executives Make


Although every executive is different, we’ve observed clear trend lines in our work with hundreds of top C-suite inhabitants since starting Phillips Media Relations in 2004.

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Fiat Chrysler issues brief, dry release about record-breaking fine

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To fix it, Chrysler issued a recall to install a trailer hitch for 1993 to 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2002 to 2007 Jeep Liberties.

5 branding myths communicators should avoid

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Some real-life examples of this include: Martha Stewart, whose company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, suffered and never fully recovered after she was found guilty in 2004 of charges related to insider trading.

Anthem goes into damage control mode after breach

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Health insurance giant Anthem is reeling in the wake of a major data hack that exposed sensitive customer information dating back to 2004. The breach could affect as many as 80 million current and former customers, according to reports.

10 Tips to Become More Likeable


Volunteering - In a 2004 study, volunteerism is said to increase overall well-being and happiness. It was movie night and the kids were asleep. My wife and I had snuggled on the couch to watch two documentaries that on the surface had nothing to do with each other.

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Q&A with Bryan Harris, COO, of Taylor


Since 2004, I have been the agency’s Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner. Can you share more with us about your role at Taylor and what areas you oversee for those you work with? I’ve been with Taylor for more than 27 years. For the first 15 years, I managed a wide variety of accounts for leading consumer brands and organizations in the sports and lifestyle space.

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Google sparks outcry after dropping ‘Don’t be evil’ guidance

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CNBC wrote : In 2004, to mark Google's initial public offering, founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page wrote an "owner's manual" for shareholders. Google has dropped an unofficial slogan from its internal paperwork—and the reason has some consumers concerned.

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The Influence of Influencers: Ways Healthcare Brands Can Leverage Their Impact


That study was discredited by 2004 and fully investigated and retracted by 2010. Humans are strange beings. We know what we believe and we believe in what we know. Sometimes we ignore facts, and sometimes we change our minds.

Bill Cosby’s ‘public moralist’ reputation led to unsealing testimony

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Specifically, Robreno cited a 2004 speech that has become known as the “Pound Cake” speech, in which Cosby said: Looking at the incarcerated, these are not political criminals.

How many of these banned books have you read?

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For wordsmiths, the idea of banning books might seem offensive. While conducting research for his high-school English class, my son discovered that some of his favorite childhood books were on the Top 10 banned and challenged books list. His incredulous response was: “’Captain Underpants’—really?”.

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7 tips to help you launch a blog

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It was in 2004, but not in 2016. Many PR pros are passionate about blogging and social media. During a recent guest lecture at one of Kirk Hazlett’s Communication. classes at Curry College , I talked about why and how to launch a blog.

If it’s Friday, you should be seeing red—for heart health

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A corporate sponsor of Go Red since 2004, the retail chain has donated over $48 million toward research and prevention of heart disease in women. Heart disease and strokes are still the top causes of death for women in the United States.

Could Yik Yak be the next Facebook?

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On a cold, blustery day in February 2004 at Harvard University, the seeds of the social media revolution were sown. Of course, that same demographic criticism could have been leveled against Facebook in 2004.

PR takeaways from Maria Sharapova's doping crisis

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Maria Sharapova captivated the world as a bright-eyed 17-year-old teenager when she defeated Serena Williams in the 2004 Wimbledon final. Since then, Sharapova has crafted a reputation as one of the best, smartest, richest players in the sport.

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8 Ways to Make Your Press Release More Effective


Building Design , (2004), 22.

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Tricks for crafting the perfect headline or subject line

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Here’s an example of a logline for the 2004 cult hit Napoleon Dynamite from TV Guide: A listless and alienated teenager decides to help his new friend win the class presidency in their small western high school, while he deals with his bizarre family life back home. In Hollywood, it’s the logline. In newsrooms, it’s the headline.

A crowdsourced post for a 6th form student on routes in public relations

Stephen Waddington

I went into tech recruitment (five years) then into tech public relations in 2004 aged 24. Ask a dozen people for advice on how to land a job in public relations and you’ll get a dozen different answers.

How the Mall of America uses its 55425 blog to bolster awareness for the largest mall in U.S.

Communications Conversations

When we moved to south Minneapolis in 2004, our new home was less than five miles from the mall. If you live in the Twin Cities, chances are, by now you’ve probably heard 2017 is the Mall of America’s 25th birthday.

3 former PR pros who made mid-career shifts and lived to talk about it

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I did go back to work at Fleishman Hillard for a summer while in grad school (2004). “I’m done with agency life. It’s too many hours, too stressful and I have other things I’d like to do.”

How to Get Into the Mind of a Millennial

B2B PR Sense

People born between 1982 and 2004 are typically considered to be of the Millennial Generation. On the other end of the spectrum, if you were born in 2004, you probably don't remember the world before the iPhone, or instant messaging.

Research Shows Journalists Want More Multimedia from PR Pros

Beyond PR

In 2004, Jon Forsythe was one of just a handful of Washington Post journalists who were given a video camera and told to go report on the news. With print becoming less important to audiences, telling stories in more visual ways is critical – and public relations professionals can help.

3 standard—and offbeat—ways to raise money and awareness for health issues

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In 2004, the Isenbergs launched a foundation to benefit health and education causes in Denver. PR pros in health care know that persistence and creativity can bring big payoffs.

How Snapchat became the world's hottest social media app

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Millennials, who were born between 1982 and 2004, also have latched onto Snapchat. Your kids probably know what 2014’s fastest-growing social media app was, but do you?

How to build your personal brand—from A to Z

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Look at the growth of the words “personal brand” in Google Trends from 2004 to the present. Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not around. It is how the world sees you, your reputation, who you are, what you value and your unique perspective on the world.

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Conducting historical interviews in a transparent age

PR Conversations

recommendation to gather “referential adequacy materials” to supplement interviews, I used an “eclectic process” (Kincheloe 2004 p.2) An important link between academia and practice is research. A notable difference is the emphasis within such research on methodological matters.

3 good reasons to break up with social media

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As we “celebrate” well over a decade with the likes of Facebook (founded in February 2004), Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s hard to imagine life before these platforms. Our torrid romance with social media has begun to sour.