Our PR agency started preparing for COVID-19 epidemic 15 years ago

Axia PR

Axia Public Relations was an early adopter of cloud technologies in 2004. agency news

The Current State Of Podcasting

Axia PR

A few decades later, podcasting took flight alongside Apple, with then-journalist Ben Hammersley formally coining the term in 2004. Podcasting as we know originated from “audioblogging,” which emerged in the 1980s.


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Onclusive + RepTrak Partner to Merge Reputation & PR Metrics


Since 2004, RepTrak has quantified corporate reputation using a proprietary algorithm that assesses the seven key drivers of reputation, including earned media coverage.

In Memoriam: Kathleen S. Kelly, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA


“Kathy Kelly made our profession — and our academic community — better, stronger,” said Del Galloway, APR, Fellow PRSA, PRSA’s president in 2004. Kathleen S. Kelly, Ph.D.,

The Waffle House Index, why TikTok removed 113M videos and more

PR Daily

The informal system was created by a former director of the agency after a run of hurricanes in 2004. Plus: Facebook is testing subscriber posts. You know the weather is bad when your local Waffle House closes. The restaurant chain is known for rarely closing – even during natural disasters.

Video 97

Meta tests video AI, Jim Cantore needs to go inside and more

PR Daily

A new report from Consult shows that tech brands are the most favored among Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2004). How brands are using Instagram Reels. AI is now able to generate not just images, but videos.

Video 110

Maxim Behar for TBmagazine: Facebook Feuds From Dawn Till Dusk

Maxim Behar

First – from the beginning days, when it was created, sometime in February 2004, Facebook has grown to be the freest media to date, all of this simply because everyone and anyone owns that medium and can write whatever they want on it.

Burger King taps into nostalgia with Napoleon Dynamite ad

PR Daily

Here’s a cultural refresher from the 2004 original: via GIPHY. Burger King is bringing back Cheesy Tots and will promote them using a famous character who shortened the phrase “tater tots” to “tots.”. Actors Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez—stars of the cult movie hit “Napoleon Dynamite”—reunited to promote BK’s latest menu endeavor. Watch the spot here: That’s it—simple, direct and full of nostalgia. WHITE PAPER: How to communicate with a millennial workforce.

Brand 70

How PR can help journalism survive

PR Daily

In fact, since 2004, the U.S. It’s a tough world out there for journalists — but PR pros can help. . Tina: Welcome back, Mark.

The Speed of Change

Konnect Agency

As recently as this week, I was speaking with someone who was telling me all the wonderful things their company was able to achieve through events and sampling in 2004 and the easy media recognition they were able to garner with little to no expenditure. What immediately went through my mind is, yeah 2004. At that point, Facebook was not yet for the masses (it was founded in 2004 but only open to students with a.edu address).

How to respond to the backlash over diversity work

PR Daily

Over dinner recently, I had a long conversation with Johnson, my DEI teacher and mentor since 2004. Use empathy to help bring along the people who feel excluded from your DEI efforts, says Deborah L. Johnson.

How To 143

How to successfully advocate for transparency – Jamie Floer

Ethical Voices

Back when I think I first memorized it in 2004 when I was testing for the APR, everybody remembers the HEFAIL, right? Joining me on this week’s episode is Jamie Floer, APR, CPRC, Fellow PRSA , the Communications Manager for the Toho Water Authority.

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

PR in High Definition

Allow me a brief retrospective: it’s 2004 and I’ve just graduated, but I’m visiting friends still at university. In 2004, the web was barely relevant to my life. One of them tells me about Facebook – ‘it’s the best thing ever!’ – but because I don’t have a university email address any more, I can’t use it.

Web 52

Corporate email: Too much of too much

PR Daily

In fact, it can take 64 seconds for someone to “recover” from an email interruption (regardless of the email’s importance) and return to work at the same pace, according to an often-cited 2004 study by the U.K.’s

Celebrating the PR Profession’s LGBTQ Community


Galloway, a Gold Anvil recipient who served as president and CEO of PRSA in 2004, shared some of his thoughts about the LGBTQ community and how the work of PR professionals is crucial for promoting and preserving diversity and inclusion.

Mastering the art of simplicity to make your brand stand out  

PR in High Definition

The Free Hugs Campaign began in 2004, founded by an Australian man under the pseudonym Juan Mann, where volunteers offer hugs to complete strangers in public as a random act of kindness. Loneliness. A feeling that most people have experienced at some point in their life.

B2C 62

The PR Industry Needs More Than Just Better PR

Doctor Spin

Social media began to emerge with behemoths like Facebook founded in 2004 and Twitter in 2006. You and I must save the PR industry. PR is in constant flux, and our industry must evolve. But we’ve already messed up. Big time.

ConAgra to pay millions in tainted Peter Pan peanut butter case

PR Daily

It wasn’t until 2007 that the company recalled all of its Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter dating back to 2004. ConAgra is set to pay more than $11 million in penalties nearly a decade after its Peter Pan brand peanut butter sickened hundreds with salmonella. As part of a deal struck with prosecutors, the Chicago-based company pled guilty to a misdemeanor. The fine is said to be the largest ever in a food safety case in the United States.

5 films to help you think like a journalist

PR Daily

Anchorman” (2004). Tips on reporting and writing from Woodward, 60 Minutes – and Ron Burgundy. In our work with communicators, we’re always offering sage advice like, “think like a reporter” and “write like a journalist.”. RELATED: Join us Feb.

Film 151

Earned Media vs. Media Relations [PR Tech Sum]

Sword and the Script

Summary of monthly PR tech news: Critical Mention adds a media database; Talkwalker acquires Nielson Social; Watch out for fine print in media monitoring contracts As a term, earned media made a big splash in search trends in late 2004 or early 2005…and then interest waned.

Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Ebony Vaz

Solo PR Pro

She started the company in 2004 as a side hustle before taking it full time five years ago. Ebony Vaz’s path to PR was a bit untraditional. “I’ve I’ve had quite an interesting background, but it’s funny how it all comes together with what I do now,” she explains.

Fiat Chrysler issues brief, dry release about record-breaking fine

PR Daily

To fix it, Chrysler issued a recall to install a trailer hitch for 1993 to 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2002 to 2007 Jeep Liberties. Fiat Chrysler’s press release about its “consensual resolution” to pay the largest fine in the history of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is understandably brief.

How PR pros can harness the power of podcasts during COVID-19

PR Daily

Since the first podcast was recorded in 2004, this medium has grown exponentially, and today podcasts actively competing for serious advertising dollars. The format has grown even more popular despite fewer commuters during WFH. Here’s how communicators can make the most of it.

Radio 171

Anthem goes into damage control mode after breach

PR Daily

Health insurance giant Anthem is reeling in the wake of a major data hack that exposed sensitive customer information dating back to 2004. The breach could affect as many as 80 million current and former customers, according to reports. Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish and the company are now in the initial steps of crisis communications. They’re trying to figure out how it happened, exactly how significant the breach was and what they’ll need to do moving forward.

News planning, tools and workflow to build an editorial calendar

Stephen Waddington

Further reading Organise your Life the Downing St Way , BBC, Giles Wilson (25 May, 2004) Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms , Gartner, Kirsten Newbold-Knipp, Christopher Ross and Stephen R. News planning is an important PR technique. Here’s a process, tools and forward planning data to help build a news or editorial calendar. A news calendar is used to coordinate announcements within an organisation.

Tools 175

Client Spotlight: Sunshine Nut Company


In 2004, company Founder Don Larson, who was working for Hershey at the time, travelled across the Atlantic to survey the African Bush of Ghana for potential cocoa buying. The story of the Sunshine Nut Company is one of the best stories we at ISEBOX have ever heard. That’s not just lip service. In talking to Ryan Shenk, Manager of US Operations at Sunshine Nut, it’s hard not to get excited about what these guys are doing.

Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Doug Levy

Solo PR Pro

When a former FDA commissioner became dean of medicine at the UCSF School of Medicine in 2004, Doug became his chief of staff and communications director, an incredible opportunity that allowed him to see how major research programs are put together and funded.

Could Yik Yak be the next Facebook?

PR Daily

On a cold, blustery day in February 2004 at Harvard University, the seeds of the social media revolution were sown. Of course, that same demographic criticism could have been leveled against Facebook in 2004. That’s when Mark Zuckerberg and his then-pals launched what now is Facebook, the world’s largest social media network. Facebook germinated at college campuses around the U.S. and eventually spread to the global public.

How to Find Trending Topics Like an Expert


By time (search within a customized date range – minimum: past hour, maximum: since 2004). When it comes to real-time trending data, there are two free sources that most people use: Google and Twitter. There are ancillary tools to find “trends,” and there are trending tools on sites like Facebook (whose primary limitation in this regard is that people don’t search or discuss topical events as they do on Google or Twitter ).

Trends 253

The Importance of PR Skills in a Hyper-Globalized World


By 2004, Mitsubishi was forced to leave the DaimlerChrysler alliance. In a world where stakeholders are globalized, dramatic change is happening at unprecedented speed. Human communication is global and instant, and leaders must now master public relations as the essential management skill by which they can achieve goals quickly, efficiently and consistently. The importance of public relations as a management ability is illustrated by the case of Mitsubishi Motors.

Ethics 174

Remembering Dr Roger Hayes

Stephen Waddington

Roger worked as a Senior Advisor at the firm since 2004. The public relations industry has lost one of its foremost thinkers and doers. Six intellectual public relations heavyweights have been a huge influence on my professional career and personal life over the past decade. Professor Anne Gregory is the Professor of Corporate Communications, Huddersfield University. She’s a plain speaking former CIPR President who continues to push the boundaries of theory and practice.

Brands Must Show They Understand and Respect the LGBTQ Community, PRSA Webinar Panelists Say


Finzel, who helped launch FH Out Front in 2004, the first global LGBTQ communications practice within an international PR firm, said that recent marches for “Black trans lives matter” have been “life-affirming.”.

Bill Cosby’s ‘public moralist’ reputation led to unsealing testimony

PR Daily

Specifically, Robreno cited a 2004 speech that has become known as the “Pound Cake” speech, in which Cosby said: Looking at the incarcerated, these are not political criminals. According to court documents released late Monday, comedian Bill Cosby admitted in 2005 to giving quaaludes to at least one woman with whom he intended to have sex.

The Silicon Valley Watcher to publish on PressPage


In May 2004, Tom Foremski became the first journalist to leave a major newspaper, the Financial Times, to become a full-time journalist blogger. He writes the blog Silicon Valley Watcher — reporting on the collision of media and technology. Press release! In 2006, Foremski published one of his most unforgettable blogs titled Die! Press release!

The Evolution Of Corporate Social Responsibility In PR: A Snapshot

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Was Dove’s famous Campaign for Real Beauty , launched in 2004, a similar co-opting of a cultural moment? Nearly a decade after winning the vote, American women took to the streets in 1929 to march against the patriarchy in a brilliant New York PR stunt focused around … smoking? That’s right, in the innocent days before the first Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health, public relations industry godfather Edward Bernays hatched an ingenious plan.

Metaverse for Marketing: Twice the Hype?

Shift Communications

Facebook, mind you, didn’t launch until 2004. Why brands should approach the impending rise of the Metaverse with caution.

10 Facebook trends of 2015 (so far)

PR Daily

And by the looks of it, the company that Mark Zuckerberg started in a Harvard dorm room in 2004 is just getting started. Facebook has been busy. Over the last several months, it has been rapidly evolving from a site where you were subjected to an endless stream of photos of your acquaintances’ children to a modern media company. Perhaps the biggest shift in Facebook’s model is its insistence on video.

Trends 129

How to get crucial data from your media list

PR Daily

When I began my career in public relations in 2004, the act of building a media list was an isolated one. Here’s how one PR veteran argues you should think about cultivating connections with the media in the digital age.

Data 134

Apple delays return to office indefinitely, study finds managers lack communication skills, and J&J responds to shifting CDC guidance

PR Daily

One purportedly occurred in Los Angeles in 2004 and the other allegedly took place in New York in 2015. Also: Americans prioritize vacation travel for 2022, Peloton pulls Chris Noth ad following sexual assault allegations, and more.

Study 124

A venerated communicator shares hard-won wisdom from a remarkable career

PR Daily

Before founding Communications Strategies in 2004, Woolfolk served as a Clinton White House appointee in the U.S. Peter Woolfolk drops his best tips on media relations, crisis comms and delivering meaningful messages amid turmoil. When it comes to comms, Peter Woolfolk has done it all.