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5 storytelling lessons from Square’s COVID-19 campaign

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Storytelling has become a buzzword in business communications. Is “storytelling” on it its own really enough to make your brand stand out? The truth is: You have to be a great storyteller to break through the digital noise.

Writing for a weary, worn-down workforce

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Here’s how to maximize your output and creative energy during this anxious, stressful time of life. Write for yourself, too. It’s good to stretch those writing muscles in new and different ways. Do these writing prompts spark any creative ideas for a new series or campaign?

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6 ways to up your storytelling game

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You’ve launched a brand journalism site. Welcome to brand journalism 2.0. Brand journalism helps organizations rise above the clutter of content on the web. Here are six reasons to take your storytelling to the next level—or maybe the one above that. Brand journalism 2.0 In brand journalism 2.0, Here’s a good news story—and a not so good one—both broken by the news team at Blue Sky, the brand journalism site for the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Why and how to embrace multimedia storytelling

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According to Muck Rack’s 2019 State of Journalism Report , adding an image was a top method to get the attention of many reporters. Storytelling is also a growing trend within the communications discipline. In our Future of the PR Pro Report , 73% said storytelling was the No.

How to Write a News Release in the Modern Age of Journalism

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Among other things, this means that you need to learn how to write a news release that speaks to the needs of modern journalists. Let’s see exactly how journalism has changed in the last decade, and what this means for your press release. A lot has happened since the glory days of 10 or 15 years ago, when newsrooms were full and buzzing, and journalism was a bustling career. 6 Helpful Tips on How to Write a News Release That Captures the Interests of Modern Journalists.

Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


Insights provided by the agency practitioner client-side include the importance of mobile, from both a creative and business standpoint. As Harvard Business Review notes, the ability of the agency to critically and creatively coach the client is vital in order to engage specific solution. Many times, the agency spearheads the job of launching and maintaining multiple content marketing platforms to deliver the client’s message — journalism aside.

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Essential questions to ask about brand journalism

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If you take the plunge into brand journalism, you’re committing to a fundamental change in the way you plan, produce and deliver content. Vibrant, creative storytelling is a lot more fun than churning out bland press releases, drab copy and mind-numbing white papers. Will brand journalism help us tear them down? How do I convince my boss that brand journalism is the right way to go?

Once Upon a Time…3 Keys to Good PR Storytelling


In today’s digital age, there are two key ways to find success for both brands or individuals: remember to be human and solidify your storytelling skills. Many think that good storytelling stems from talent, but really, all it takes is time, trial and error, and basic writing know-how. Sprinkle in a dash of inspiration, and your writing will go from good to great. Jodi Gersh and Jen Nycz-Conner continued on a similar note while discussing the changing journalism world.

6 Resources That Will Make You a Better Storyteller

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Storytelling is a hot topic in the communications industry these days. But while stories can work magic for corporate communicators, writing a good story isn’t easy. Thankfully, there are resources that can make the process a little easier to make you a great storyteller. McKee is a creative writing instructor who leads screenwriting workshops for some of the best writers in Hollywood, including Peter Jackson and the writers at Pixar.

Yelp launches alert to stand against racism, JPMorgan Chase commits $30B to advancing racial equality, and Slack launches short-form video feature

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NBC News reported : “We believe that this moment calls for a direct discussion about racism to help children grasp the issues and teach them that they are never too young to be ‘upstanders’ for themselves, one another, and their communities,” said Kay Wilson Stallings, executive vice president of creative and production at Sesame Workshop, in a statement.

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Bon Appétit journalists quit YouTube series, Facebook employees to WFH until July 2021, and Hasbro pulls Trolls World Tour doll

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The effort is a creative way to help consumers “travel” during COVID-19. Don’t be afraid to get creative when adjusting your efforts throughout the pandemic. First, video content, when done well and coupled with excellent storytelling strategies, has the power to boost your bottom line.

Rethinking Ogilvy's 10 tips to writing

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So it was with David Ogilvy’s advice on writing that recently made the rounds on LinkedIn. Ogilvy penned these 10 tips for writing on Sept. Read the Roman-Raphaelson book on writing. The actual title of the book is “ Writing that Works.” And: “To get action from busy people, your writing must cut to the heart of the matter. I also found shards of wisdom such as this one on the value of reading: “Most people who write well read a lot.

Google lifts COVID-19 ad ban, Cannes Lions 2020 canceled, and Boeing asks for voluntary layoffs

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The organization has called off its yearly event celebrating creative advertising and marketing efforts, announcing it will instead take place June 21-25, 2021. We realise that the creative community has other challenges to face, and simply isn’t in a position to put forward the work that will set the benchmark. A creative campaign that used a popular song to teach people life-saving skills.

Disney reorganizes to focus on streaming, Facebook bans Holocaust denials, and Barbie speaks out about racism

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Employees are crucial to any organization, and communicators have had to exercise creativity along with engagement strategies to keep members of their workforces connected to one another and the organization’s mission.

What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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What’s ahead for storytelling, the ‘trust gap’ and the vexing matter of ROI measurement? I think brands will need to become story makers as much as storytellers. FREE DOWNLOAD: Timeless secrets for rocket-powered writing ]. Josh Bernoff, bestselling author of “Writing Without B t” and blogger at com. And then a human can review and edit these, test them, revise and add our creativity. Creativity and CMOs will come back into fashion.

6 Quick Tips For PR Writers

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Now more than ever, public relations recruiters prioritize writing skills. But some just entering our profession may be surprised by what type of writing a typical PR position requires. PR writing may not be what you think. Each requires different writing styles, though all feature the elements of persuasion. Meanwhile, an executive byline for a thought leader must not only be a solid piece of journalism, but it should reflect the voice of the executive.

Fisher-Price toys inspired by COVID-19’s WFH, the world’s last Blockbuster is on Airbnb, and Dunkin’ debuts fall menu early

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Why it’s important: As you shift business models and tailor your offerings to changing consumer behaviors during COVID-19, don’t be afraid to embrace creativity.

Popeye’s chicken sandwich returns, Adobe breach hits 7.5M, and rushing to measure ROI won’t produce results

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The software company recently announced that it left millions of Creative Cloud subscribers’ information unsecured for roughly a week, potentially exposing their emails, member IDs and other information. Brand Journalism Content Marketing Crisis Communications External Communications Marketing Media Relations Morning Scoop PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

McDonald’s to require masks, Everlane addresses claims of racism and toxic culture, and Microsoft teams up with NBA on virtual fan experience

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Along with these statistics, the video showcases favorite Frito-Lay snacks across the United States and can give you inspiration for harnessing data for brand storytelling. Everlane’s chief creative officer steps back after racist behavior claims.

Build your business and your pin collection in Disneyland

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Share your expertise, ideas and products at the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. Make magic happen as a sponsor at Ragan’s Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland , Sept. A video service that helps communicators creatively share their brand story. Brand Journalism Marketing Social Media Writing & Editing Ragan sponsorship

Health care communicatiors scramble to address COVID-19 case in California; Disney, Coca-Cola, JetBlue and more respond to outbreak; and Smithsonian releases 2.8M images

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million images that the Smithsonian uploaded were placed under a Creative Commons Zero license, meaning all are free to use and repurpose. We asked what you thought about creative job titles, such as “brand ninja,” and though nearly 22% of you think punched-up monikers are fun, almost 73% said communicators should keep it simple. Do you think organizations should embrace creative job titles or stick with traditional, less-flashy job descriptions?

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Audi pulls ‘insensitive’ ad, Disney+ to release ‘Mulan’ and Instagram rolls out ‘Reels’

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The effort is a creative way to offer consumers a family-friendly activity while still adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, and can serve to boost the brand’s reputation as well as earn it kudos and headlines.

Twitter, Google and Walmart address COVID-19, MSNBC anchor resigns on air, and Recording Academy fires chief

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We realize that we are not perfect, and we will use this moment to reflect on where we can be better, and pledge to realize a future in which our organization is known for its diversity, transparency, creativity, mutual respect, and overall excellence.” Brand Journalism Content Marketing Executive Communication Marketing Media Relations Morning Scoop PR Industry Social Media Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

Marketing opportunity: Be the resource content marketers rely on

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Share your expertise, ideas and products at the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. Make magic happen as a sponsor at Ragan’s Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland , Sept. A video service that helps communicators creatively share their brand story. Brand Journalism Content Marketing Marketing Social Media Writing & Editing Ragan sponsorship

A slew of must-read books for writers

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Content creators and other professional communicators, comb through these tomes to learn something, get inspired and hone your storytelling. If you’re mired in a writing rut, read. More specifically, to revive and refresh your creativity—and possibly recapture your passion for prose—it’s wise to read about writing. FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ]. Her recommendations include: Best books on writing.

Fans’ beef with Taco Bell’s tainted-meat response, Air Canada nixes gendered greetings, and Facebook Stories can boost social media campaigns

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The report suggests: Mobile-first storytelling in your stories ad creative is vital to driving even more campaign efficiency. Specifically, adding mobile-optimized stories ads—creative assets designed specifically for the vertical placement—can further increase the efficiency of your feed campaigns. Also: Fortnite goes silent to build anticipation, Jim Beam offers fans an Airbnb experience, ‘debt-free’ degrees for Chipotle employees, and more.

Employee emails worsen Boeing’s reputation, Taco Bell offers $100K salaries, and Carnival bans offensive clothing

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The suites are part of the travel company’s New Year’s campaign, which also includes 20 prizes of $2,020 to the most “creative and inspirint travel-related resolutions” and accommodation advice to fulfill your goals for the year: Last chance: tweet us your 2020 #NewYearsResolution by Jan 10th for the chance to win $2020! We'll be selecting the 20 most creative & inspiring travel-related resolutions to win $2020 and make them happen in 2020. Only 7% write press releases.

GM’s Hummer goes electric, Instagram beefs up video tools, and One Million Moms raise hell with Burger King

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The Wall Street Journal reported that the Hummer is the “first of several large, battery-powered SUVs and pickup tricks that GM is expected to roll out over the next several years.” Boomerang has new creative twists that'll make you say yaaassssss. Content Marketing Crisis Communications Executive Communication Morning Scoop PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

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Marie Kondo’s store sparks ridicule, Google’s weekly staff meetings are ending, and Macy’s falls short on data breach communications

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Also: Forty-two percent of organizations are looking at ways of taking agency creative assets in-house, Dunkin’ wins with limited-edition merch, and more. An eMarketer report titled “ The Brand-Agency Relationship: Streamlining with In-House Teams and Flexible Engagement Models ” underlined a growing challenge PR and marketing agencies face as more and more organizations explore bringing their digital and creative media strategies in-house.

KFC ‘seasoned tickets’ sell out, Malibu Barbie as an Airbnb host, and the beer wars slosh on

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Where do you get your best, most creative ideas? Brand Journalism Content Marketing Crisis Communications Executive Communication Marketing Measurement Media Relations Morning Scoop PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & EditingAlso: Juul pulls fruit-flavored products in U.S., Experian’s media relations secrets, interactions on Facebook and Instagram remain steady, and more.

The Motion Picture Academy touts ‘Best Picture’ inclusion standards, Netflix eyes a return to the office, and Mattel debuts ‘Dia de Muertos’ Barbie

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We’ve continued to get more honest, more thoughtful, more creative. Also: Microsoft Outlook asks for top email hacks, infographics and articles top content formats for marketing agencies, Uber pledges to go entirely electric by 2030, and more.

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TikTok launches PR campaign, Boeing announces more layoffs, and Walmart’s e-commerce sales rise 97%

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It’s similar to another video featuring TikTok power users, with the message that the app stands for family, creativity and expression: And to our TikTok family, your support means the world to us.

Insights into impulse purchases, Twitter’s new reply filters, and ‘Royal Sussex’ Instagram bombshell rattles the Palace

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FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ]. InterActive also sold CH Media to the company’s chief creative officer, Sam Reich, prompting Reich to plead for support in a Twitter thread: So, bad news – with a twist. ?IAC, Content Marketing Crisis Communications Executive Communication Marketing Morning Scoop PR Industry Social Media Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

Epic reverses course on ‘return to work’ plan, WarnerMedia lays off 600 employees, and Gillette Venus offers inclusive Animal Crossing options

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The effort offers an example of highlighting diversity and inclusion creatively, especially while consumers stay at home (and play more video games).

Q&A: ReCode’s Eric Johnson on podcasting’s power (and pitfalls)

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Looking for a reason not to give audio storytelling a shot? . EJ: Tech journalism isn’t just about the gadgets—it’s about complicated issues affecting our lives. PR Daily: You also write a movie reviews newsletter. PR Daily: What sets audio storytelling apart from other forms like movies? It’s a delicate editorial balance for a communicator to strike—so ask yourself how much creative license you have before you invest. .

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Buzzfeed and Verizon Media announce staff cuts

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I’m writing with sad news: we are doing layoffs at BuzzFeed next week. billion write-down on its media business , revealing in a December regulatory filing that the segment wasn’t as valuable as it previously thought. On social media, some mused about the future of journalism in the online age: What if there is literally no profitable model for digital news? If you’re mourning the collapse of clickbait journalism like HuffPo and Buzzfeed, consider a priority shift.

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Visual Storytelling Secrets: Think Like @Ekaterina

Social PR Chat

Social PR Chat caught up with the queen bee of visual storytelling: Ekaterina Walter! Who better to paint the image of how to use visuals, videos and social media to market your brand, than the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Think Like Zuck , and the women who has led marketing and strategic innovation for huge Fortune 500 companies such as; Intel and Accenture. The Do’s and Don’ts of Visual Storytelling. The Visual Storytelling Do’s.

How reading fiction can make you a better PR writer

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Reading good writing makes writing well more intuitive. The benefits of reading on one’s writing are fairly self-evident. The result is your writing will be richer and more interesting, with fewer mistakes. With the increased focus on storytelling as a necessary component of content marketing, the ability to build a satisfying story arc is a definite plus. Reading fiction improves creativity. Books Writing Feature

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9 fantastic holiday gifts for PR pros

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FREE GUIDE: The 7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism ]. You might not be able to help your loved one write a crisis response to a data breach, but you can give the gift of online security. Games to get creative juices flowing. Whether it’s finding an interesting angle in a boring corporate story or pitching a social media campaign to a new client, PR pros are continually exercising their creativity.

Cineworld to close and lay off 45,000 employees, Coca-Cola streamlines beverage offerings amid COVID-19, and Twitter battles fake news

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The Wall Street Journal reported: The decision to discontinue Zico by the end of the year “comes at a time when we are hyper focused on delivering on our consumers’ wants and needs,” a Coke spokeswoman said. Turn to Moo to make creative business cards that stand out.