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Great questions can prompt great insight – What should you ask?

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If you are prepared, can tell compelling stories of your career and chemically connect with the hiring managers, more than likely you have struck a resonant tone for a positive outcome.

Stories: Better than Cuddling?


But now it turns out that stories be better than sophisticated legal maneuvers, be the best way to help someone solve a logic problem, and flood our bodies with the same chemical we produce when cuddling with a loved one. Give readers a shot of the love drug, oxytocin.

Crisis Avoidance Strategy: Neighbour of Choice

Melissa Agnes

You may be manufacturing some chemical which, if not contained could wipe out half the countryside, or perhaps you have the word “nuclear” as part of your title. By Garth Rowan, Communications Consultant and member of the Agnes + Day Crisis Intelligence Team.

Getting an Edge; Why Your Elevator Speech is Crucial to Job Search

PR Job Coach

Employing your 30-second elevator speech will give you an edge that will increase your chances of connecting emotionally and chemically with a potential boss. Landing an interview, let alone a job has never been tougher as we enter 2013.

Content Credibility: Increase Yours with Science

Spin Sucks

As part of the same set of experiments, the Cornell researchers also presented information with and without a chemical formula. It’s highly unlikely that any of the subjects had the slightest clue as to what the chemical formula represented and how it might relate to drug performance.

Internal Communications: It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Spin Sucks

I selected this title because it is a pretty true statement when it comes to working in the chemical and oil and gas industries, both of which I’ve worked in for most of my career.

Huffin' N' Puffin'

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That is why this call to Syria to turn over its chemical weapons is absurd. Assad has already deployed chemical weapons once and can be considered likely to use them again. In international diplomacy, as in every other human endeavor, one should speak from a position of authority and credibility. There is no guarantee that America will strike the country. The President is scrounging for votes, although he could have sent in missiles already.

Issue? Crisis? What’s The Difference and Why Is It Important?

Melissa Agnes

If heavy equipment is needed to rescue men from a mine collapse; or if you have to undertake costly medical tests; or if you need to hire a bulldozer to stop leaking chemicals reaching a river; no-one will say “but there’s no provision for that in this year’s budget.” By Tony Jaques.

4 Things Big Pharma Can Do About Medical Marijuana


By reclassifying marijuana, drug companies will be able to conduct research using the natural plant, deriving targeted drugs from the more than 400 chemical compounds present in a cannabis plant. Twenty-three states plus the District of Columbia have legalized the use of medical marijuana.

Study: Big Companies Lag at Blogging, Social Media

Sword and the Script

The most active category of business in digital media, social or otherwise, tends to be retailers, followed by the regulated industries which the researchers categorize as chemicals, banks, utilities and mining/oil production.

How to say ‘I’m sorry’ and make it stick

PR Daily

For example, when Sean Spicer misspoke about Hitler’s use of chemical weapons in World War II, his initial statements afterward were more of a clarification than an apology. Each day seems to bring a fresh story of PR missteps in the news. Pepsi. Adidas. The White House. Don't forget the poster child of poor apologies, United. This is nothing new. Organizations can and will make mistakes.

How to Write a Killer Lead

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From an Article about Using Salt Instead of Chemicals as a Weed Killer It’s a warm spring day in Central Florida. By Stacey Zinn Roberts The cursor blinked at me. Blink. Blink. Blink. White page staring back. Blank. Blank. Blank. How could I do it one more time?

Issue? Crisis? What’s The Difference and Why Is It Important?

Melissa Agnes

If heavy equipment is needed to rescue men from a mine collapse; or if you have to undertake costly medical tests; or if you need to hire a bulldozer to stop leaking chemicals reaching a river; no-one will say “but there’s no provision for that in this year’s budget.” By Tony Jaques.

DuPont, Dow announce merger in jargon-laden press release

PR Daily

Chemical giants Dow and DuPont are about to come even more powerful. The $130 billion merger, which is subject to regulatory approval, would be the largest ever in the chemical industry.

Theranos: Triumph Of PR Over Science?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

She was the sole female chemical engineering student in her class at Stanford University. The suddenly sober mood of 2016 is extending to Silicon Valley. The tech sector’s experiencing a sense of caution and maybe a renewed commitment to diligence after much recent exuberance.

Cooling our jets: anger literacy in communication

The Stalwart Blog

Stress chemicals can actually shut down our cortex, the thinking part of our brain, and activate the limbic system which is all about fight, flight, freeze or faint. You’re being rude.

The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communications

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Methylmercury is a nasty chemical and can damage the central nervous system of humans and animals. Today’s guest post is written by Bhaskar Sarma. In 1969 and 1970, a large part of Iraq was hit by a severe drought and famine causing a shortage of wheat.

Top 3 Things to Resolve Before a Crisis Strikes

Beyond PR

For example, if your business requires employees to use dangerous machinery or chemicals, your risks will differ from those of a business dealing with online sales. Accidents and mistakes are part of being human.

Stop with the hocus pocus – employee communications is for muggles

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Likewise, when it comes to effective internal communications, we shouldn’t hope for intervention, chemical, divine or mystical magician spells or potions to attain our objectives with employees.

A Reminder

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When one thinks about old-line industries -- autos, industrial equipment, chemicals -- the number of survivors is miniscule by comparison to the beginning of their businesses. This roster of tech companies that were losers in 2015 is a reminder to PR practitioners, as if they needed one. Nothing is permanent. Few companies last 50 years. Fewer still remain in business for 100 or more.

7 ways to reignite your creative spark

PR Daily

Whether it is running, swimming, biking, or simply walking, activity will provide you added physical confidence, increase your endurance, boost your brain’s chemical levels and make you smarter. Call it what you like: writer’s block, mental block or artistic rut.

The Top10 Fiction Books Every PR and Marketing Pro Should Read

Spin Sucks

The trilogies, like the new Chemical Garden rage, provide lots of creativity. Today’s guest post is written by Molli Megasko. A few weeks ago, Gini Dietrich wrote how reading fiction can stimulate your brain to think more creatively and help you in your career.

Three Lessons from Rebranding an Established Brand 

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Lucky Goldstar was a successful and growing chemical and electronics company in Asia, when it decided to expand to the international market. By Danny Iny. Remember when you had to choose a name for your business? You must have felt a lot of pressure.

How to Communicate Effectively During Operational and Reputation Crises


Operational crises tend to create dangers for stakeholders such risk of injury to customers or exposure to hazardous chemicals for employees or community members. When planning and preparing, crisis managers need to think about both operational and reputational crises.

Avión Tequila “Health Claim” PR Snafu Part of Bigger Problem

PR Breakfast Club

The pitch offered cocktail recipes and sourced an American Chemical Society study that suggested agave could lower blood sugar, aid in weight loss and boost insulin production. But these kinds of mistakes are only going to become more commonplace as spirits brands fight for customers and reputable organizations, like the American Chemical Society, continue to publish legitimate health studies on alcohol.

Winning better relations with the community

PR Conversations

One of the notable developments of scholarship in public relations in recent years has been an increased focus on its role in society.

The Best Business Storytelling Posts from 2014 (Part II)

Ishmael's Corner

Genius Storytelling from the American Chemical Society : How do you help the masses understand the importance of chemistry in our everyday lives? Very clever on the part of the ACS to explain the science —and specifically the chemical makeup of Sriracha sauce.

How Convenience Is Transforming Dating, Fast Food, Fashion And More

The Influential Marketing Blog

The latest tool in this ongoing consumer empowerment is this device that will literally scan your food to track the amount of chemicals and pesticides it contains. This week I kept seeing the recurring theme of convenience.


Mark My Words

Where other recent stunts have at least capitalised on the real affection many have towards these chemical calorie buns the joining of the two burger giants spectacularly misses the point. The sea turns to blood. The sun scorches the earth. The seven seals open. The Whopper and the Big Mac unite. Such is the vision of cataclysmic world destruction prompted by this cynical invitation to McDonald’s to join forces with Burger King in aid of, erm, world peace day.

Beyond Zika: 3 crisis PR tips

PR Daily

It can be a natural disaster such as a tornado, a hostage-taking in the workplace or a chemical spill fro a laboratory or nearby railroad line,” she says. Zika struck shortly after the world thought it had laid Ebola to rest. Zika still has many countries on alert.

Can't Walk Back

Online PR Thoughts

The cause for this lesson is the now famous "red line" that Obama said Syria dare not cross with the use of chemical weapons. President Obama is learning a truth of the internet age. One can''t change what he said in the past without being caught. Commentators have resurrected his words from a year ago and pilloried him with them. Obama''s first mistake was when he said the phrase. His second misstep was attempting to disavow what he said.

2014's top stories on Facebook vs. Twitter

PR Daily

Twitter’s top stories were a mixture of hard news and entertainment, as people shared articles about LeBron James’ return to Cleveland, Iraq’s chemical weapons, the death of Eric Garner and Shawn Mendes’ hit song.

The Anatomy of an FDA-Approved Tweet


Shortening chemical terms down to their scientifically accepted abbreviations as necessary. Read Time: 2 minutes. In case you missed it, we recently discussed the FDA Guidance on advertising via platforms like Twitter, Google Ads, and anywhere that characters are limited to make posts short and sweet. But even if you did catch our “Guidance on the Guidance,” you probably noticed the lack of step-by-step instructions.

How to accelerate your online response when a crisis hits

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Meanwhile, near my home, a massive chemical plant explosion killed two people and injured 114. To be an expert in crisis communications you have to move your organization at the speed of Twitter when "it" hits the fan.

How to write a killer lead

PR Daily

From an article about using salt instead of chemicals as a weed killer. The cursor blinked at me. Blink. Blink. Blink. White page staring back. Blank. Blank. Blank. How could I do it one more time? How could I write a compelling story about a subject matter so dry it made my lips crack.

Beginner’s Guide to Blogging 6/10: The Telephone

Shift Communications

The chemicals that give coffee its wonderful flavor degrade within a week, and become undrinkable inside of a month.

GMO vs. Organic Food: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


GMO stands for “genetically modified organism” and uses biotechnology to alter plant DNA, making certain crops resistant to pesticides and other chemicals so that farmers can more easily protect their crops from diseases and pests.

McDonald's, Costco join antibiotic-free chicken trend

PR Daily

Over the last several years, the world’s consumers have become more socially conscious, but McDonald’s insisted on serving customers the same chemically fortified food.

Pepsi pledges to reduce sugar, fats in drinks and snacks

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But at the same time, diet beverages have also been falling out of favor as consumers worry about chemicals in their drinks. Folks who may have needed an extra boost to get going Monday morning awoke to news that Pepsi plans to significantly reduce the amount of sugar in its beverages.

Trade association in damage control mode after NYT's nail salon articles

PR Daily

The PBA specifically responded to one part of the “Poisoned Workers” piece, which called out the use of certain chemicals in nail polish that were potentially harmful to workers. The New York Times last week published a two-part investigative series on the poor state of nail salons.