4 essential branding tips for hospitality marketers

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They will consider several factors when making their decision including the price and the location, but another key point of comparison is the branding. The post 4 essential branding tips for hospitality marketers appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations brandin

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3 PR Takes On YouTube’s Brand Safety Scandal

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YouTube was hit with a major brand safety crisis this week after a blogger revealed that a community of predators have been using the platform to view content in inappropriate ways that exploit children. To its credit, YouTube has been aggressive in its response, promising to clean up its comments system, improve its video recommendations engine, and apply more stringent brand safety standards. A year ago, YouTube was constantly plagued by brand safety issues.


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Minneapolis hires influencers to share information about George Floyd trial, brands tweet for Golden Globes, and 77% of ‘outperforming’ CEOs say workplace wellness is crucial

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Brand managers for Charmin, Velveeta, Doritos and Panera Bread took a humorous approach to capturing the limelight: To all of those who came in #2 tonight, you’re still #1 in our eyes. Apple products will also get special branding on Target’s website. .

What Makes A Brand Story Authentic?

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Any PR or marketing expert will tell you that for a brand to connect with customers, it should strive for authenticity. But what about brands that don’t have a compelling story, or who have strayed from their roots due to their very success? But a recent New York Times feature points up the dilemma of established brands who struggle to appear “genuine” as younger, upstart companies move into their space. Revisit the brand’s roots. Karly Gomez.

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5 PR-Friendly Brands For 2018

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Smart public relations can help put a new brand on the map or burnish the image of an older one. So, in the spirit of forging ahead into 2018, we offer a look at some brands poised to find their way into consumer hearts and minds this year. Brands to watch in 2018. ” The brand boasts an all-female workforce and also gives 10% of profits to Planned Parenthood. The digital landscape is full of bed-in-a-box brands claiming product superiority.

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NHL’s Arizona Coyotes drop draft pick after backlash, Walmart removes guns from shelves due to ‘civil unrest,’ and brands make fun of tone-deaf Kardashian tweet

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Along with setting meaningful DE&I goals and initiatives that will keep you accountable to your consumers and employees, communciators should also remain hyper aware of situations that could negatively affect their brand image—far before the damage can be done.

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‘MSNBC Mom’ goes viral, Nestle goes vegan (sort of), and brand managers support #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Kube took the interruption in stride, but comparisons arose between her and Robert Kelly—the man whose interview-gone-wrong has forever given him the nickname “ BBC Dad.” Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values. Brian Pittman spoke with Cisco’s senior social media and talent brand manager, Carmen Collins, about how to advocate for bigger social media budgets. Brand managers voice support on #WorldMentalHealthDay.

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3 Brands That Aced Real-Time Opportunities


With so many voices speaking to your audience, what can your brand do to stand out from the crowd? Here are three brands that identified a real-time event, successfully leveraged it at the right time with the right approach and reaped the benefits of leading a conversation: KitKat. Smartphone competitors rushed to point out the superiority of their products, while brands like Ford and Delta Lights discussed the positive side of bends.

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Your Brand’s Road Forward: Digital Shopper Marketing

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The ways consumers gain information about products have shifted due to accessibility on mobile devices – 60% of online users have discovered their favorite brands while scrolling on their phones through RSS feeds, e-mails, YouTube videos, text messages or influencer posts on social media.

Why brand managers should choose Instagram over Snapchat

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Brand managers and celebrities caught on to the fad, giving fans a more personal, behind-the-scenes peeks into their worlds without having to send photos and videos directly. Snapchat Stories was the go-to for connecting with friends and brands on a more intimate level, and quickly became a daily habit for many users. For brand managers, when used correctly, Instagram is a tool that tells a stimulating and cohesive brand story.

4 reasons for brand managers to use Periscope

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However, though many people are talking about it, few brands are actually walking the talk. Despite this, most brands have been slow to adopt Periscope or Meerkat into their marketing mix. Not every brand should be on Periscope, but marketing pros in industries where live streaming is gaining traction can’t afford to lag behind. Though some data shows a lack of awareness about Periscope in comparison to platforms like Vine or Snapchat, more and more users are joining.

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Taking control of your corporate branding


Consistent branding Protocols and standards enhance consistent branding. A lot of this has to do with your organization's visual branding. Consistent use of logos, icons, colors and fonts goes a long way in generating a brand that is instantly recognized by readers, viewers and visitors. For global brands with many different national websites, this means ensuring all newsrooms look the same at any given moment. news,consistency,branding,workflow,content

Report: 49 percent say brands don’t meet customer experience expectations

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More than half of consumers (55 percent) think that brand managers are “behind the times” for online and offline interactions, and nearly half (49 percent) say the brands they interact with don’t meet their experience expectations. More than 60 percent of consumers said brand managers don’t do a good job of predicting their needs based on consumers’ personal preferences.

Making the most of LinkedIn Analytics for your brand

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If you run a company page for your business or brand, you may have noticed the little Analytics button on your page. Other insights in this section include follower trends (you can see whether there was a spike in follower growth at a particular time) as well as a comparison against similar competitor pages. I previously walked through Twitter''s analytics platform , and today I''d like to take a similar dive into LinkedIn''s free Analytics offering.

Working with Micro-Influencers to Create Effective Brand Campaigns


As the old-school press release takes its last gasping breath, these “real” people are being handed the torch as the new spokespeople for brands. The outrageous amount spent on say, getting Kim Kardashian to hawk a product, is more akin to celebrity endorsement and does not provide an apples-to-apples comparison to real people telling authentic stories. Seems the going rate is around $400 to $500 for a brand campaign whose deliverables are a blog post and accompanying social shares.

Net Neutrality and Your Brand: What It Means and What Can You Do?


A Train Wreck Would Be “A Bit of a Mess” in Comparison. Where does that leave your brand? Consider increasing your branded content on your site, sponsorships, and affiliate programs. The post Net Neutrality and Your Brand: What It Means and What Can You Do?

New website powers Denver Water's brand journalism

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on its new brand journalism website, " Tap." RELATED: Attend the PR and Media Relations Summit in NYC and find what it takes to produce better brand journalism. ]. Brand journalism—or "content journalism" as Chesney calls it—won't replace traditional media relations. By comparison, over the entire previous year the blog got 24,000 views.

New website powers Denver Water's brand journalism

PR Daily

on its new brand journalism website, " Tap." RELATED: Attend the PR and Media Relations Summit in NYC and find what it takes to produce better brand journalism. ]. Brand journalism—or "content journalism" as Chesney calls it—won't replace traditional media relations. By comparison, over the entire previous year the blog got 24,000 views.

How to digitally boost your personal brand

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It’s a question that many organizations ask—but PR, marketing and social media professionals should also apply the query to their personal branding efforts. You’re probably already branding yourself, even if you don’t know it. RELATED: Learn how to boost buzz, build brand recognition and engage employees on the hottest social media platforms. ]. A well-crafted video can also impress people and remove viewer bias (in comparison to judging a static image).

Twitter to flag misleading COVID-19 vaccine content, Instagram launches ‘Live Rooms,’ and Volvo pledges to go fully electric by 2030

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Also: Six Dr. Seuss titles will no longer be published due to racist imagery, brand managers ramp up content for Women’s History Month, 66% of marketers are boosting online lead-gen budgets, and more.

The Power Of Creativity In PR

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Creativity helps express company values in a distinct brand voice. Expedia’s vision statement is milquetoast in comparison) Momondo’s daring, creative endeavor was no small project; it involved a heavy lift of DNA tests, interviews, and filmmaking. Creative PR facilitates the identification and amplification of a company’s differentiating brand voice. Creative PR helps B2B brands be accessible.

Hormel buys Planters for $3.35B, Facebook working on Clubhouse clone, and Lucasfilm drops Gina Carano

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Hormel Foods announced its acquisition of Kraft Heinz’s nut business, which includes “most products sold under the Planters brand,” including Cheez Balls, Corn Nuts, Nut-rition products and more. You don’t need to purchase a snack brand to embrace shifting consumer behavior, however.

‘The Simpsons’ earns kudos for hiring Black voice actor, Fry’s Electronics shuts all stores, and 61% of marketers say video is crucial

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Why it’s important: Communicators are adept at considering business and branding decisions in terms of the optics it provides—along with how those moves will affect organizations’ bottom lines.

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Report: Brands’ posts to Instagram outnumber those to Facebook

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Frustrated with Facebook’s crackdown on unpaid page posts, brands have found a new significant other on social media: Instagram. Research firm L2, partnering with Olapic, recently published the Instagram 2015 Intelligence Report , a study evaluating 250 brands’ performance on the mobile social media platform. The study found that by the end of 2014, brands posted on Instagram an average of 9.3 By comparison, brands posted an average of 11.1

Media Relations Shrinks as a Public Relations Service; Cliff Notes to 3 Industry Reports

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The most common way PR pros engage with influencers for brand collaborations is through discounts or competitions and giveaways (49%) followed by attending events (41%) and affiliate marketing (30%),” the study found.

Beyond Your Brand’s Media Coverage: What You Need to Monitor

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Tracking this coverage helps reveal how your brand is perceived by the media and the public. To truly get a comprehensive understanding of how your brand fits into the media landscape, and figure out new ways your brand can be included in future coverage, you need to think a step beyond traditional media monitoring. This will help establish comparison points. What audiences are important to your brand and what influencers do they want to reach?

People with Messy Offices Perceived Negatively, Research Finds


By comparison, books in the “somewhat” messy office were tilted on the shelves, a textbook and papers lay on the floor, and the wall clock was an hour off. Career Guide personal brand personal branding work lifeIf your workspace is sloppy, co-workers might think you’re neurotic and disagreeable, new research from the University of Michigan says. Psychologists explored how messy workspaces affect perceptions of the owner’s personality.

Why today’s SEO requires a three-pronged approach

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Integrate PR, website design and savvy social media efforts to rank your brand higher. As we look ahead to 2020, and even the coming decade, brands managers will have to revamp their search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to stand out. . Long valued in the marketing world, SEO must align with a company’s PR, design and social media efforts to help a brand rise on consumers’ screens. Brands often undervalue earned media and its impact on SEO.

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Rhetoric vs Story: The Art of Persuasion


Conventional Rhetoric vs Storytelling: A Quick Comparison. As much as we don’t always admit or realize it, we make our buying decisions based on how the brand, product, or even the person behind the brand makes us feel. We make our buying decisions based on how the brand or product makes us feel. If any of your copy references for your product or brand are written in the third person, get rid of them.

Which holiday trends in 2019 are making waves on Pinterest?


There hasn’t been much engagement in 2019 by comparison, but we’re just barely into the real holiday season, so rest assured, there will be crafts and food aplenty in the weeks to come. Brands Communications & PR Holiday Trends pinterest analytics Pinterest Data pinterest monitoringWe’ve already established that holiday campaigns are starting earlier and earlier each year , but one platform that consistently helps customers plan ahead is Pinterest.

The New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin, UPS makes uniform policy more inclusive, and NFL’s Houston Texans fires female PR head

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Why it’s important: With increasing pressure to cultivate diverse and equitable workplaces with inclusive company cultures, organizations must react quickly to crises that could put those efforts—and the brand’s reputation—at risk.

The advent of pay-to-play publicity

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A Swedish company is offering a pay-to-play functionality that allows brands to unlock paywalled articles to increase visibility for positive mentions. Quite a few number of Swedish news organisations have already joined: Swedish news organisations now offer to unlock a specific paywalled article with positive brand mentions. Below is a local news article with a positive brand mention behind a paywall: A positive brand mention behind a paywall.

Dior’s China dustup, Dunkin’s CMO departs, and Vatican introduces a digital rosary

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A partnership with another organization to help boost both brands? The French luxury brand Christian Dior issued a mea culpa on Weibo, China’s largest social media platform, after an employee’s presentation included a map of China that didn’t include Taiwan. In comparison, 47% listen to online radio stations and 39% listen to podcasts. We asked how long branded videos should be, and 73% of you said “short and snackable” is the way to go.

New Yorker suspends reporter for exposing himself on Zoom, CVS to hire 15,000 employees and 64% of consumers to holiday shop online during COVID-19

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Deloitte listed several factors pushing consumers toward e-commerce options, including avoiding crowds (65%), 24-hour availability (58%) and price-comparison options (53%): Image courtesy of Deloitte.

Uber pledges to double Black leadership, Kroger releases COVID-19 comms ‘blueprint,’ and Trader Joe’s addresses ‘racist packaging’

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Trader Joe’s responded to a recent Change.org petition calling for it to remove “racist packaging” across its store-branded ethnic foods, such as “Trader José” for its Mexican food products and “Arabian Joe” for its Middle Eastern offerings.

3 SEO tips to increase your Google rank

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Here are three of his favorite free keyword research tools to get you started: Answer the Public : Type in a keyword and the site provides a visual map of common questions, prepositions and comparisons you can use in your copy related to your keyword or phrase. “It’s Branding Content Marketing Marketing PR Industry Visual & Video Communications Websites Writing & EditingStop worrying about Google’s BERT update. Here’s how to increase your reach.

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Mobile marketing drives digital ad spending

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As advertising on traditional channels like TV, radio and newspapers declines, many brand managers are turning to the internet for a new audience—specifically mobile phone users. Online advertising is overtaking traditional outlets in a major way for most brand managers. In comparison, desktop ads have remained relatively stagnant over time.

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Why Your Brand Should Be on Tumblr

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What separates Tumblr from the rest of the pack, and why should your brand use it? Tumblr can also boost your brand’s SEO – it allows search engines to index your blog, and you can tag posts with keywords you want related to your brand. A Brand That Dominates on Tumblr. One brand that utilizes Tumblr to great effect is Coca-Cola, which may not come as a surprise. So, why should your brand be on Tumblr? How does your brand use Tumblr?

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Marketers respond to #WorldRecordEgg with humor and pleas for attention

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Steak-umm and Burger King compared their social media profiles, which paled in comparison: @instagram did you seriously verify an egg before us? Gone are the days when stale and unrelatable brands were the gold standard. People want to see the human side of brands, particularly younger audiences like Millennials and Gen Z. Though many brand managers took the humor route, many social media teams couldn’t resist newsjacking to promote their own offerings.

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Hilton partners with Lysol on ‘CleanStay’ initiative, NBA’s Lakers return $4.6M loan, and 51% distrust news media outlets

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In comparison, 30% of you said you’ve only made and shared a few videos, and 15% aren’t using the content format at all: Has your organization used video for key messages to stakeholders during this crisis? Branding Content Marketing COVID-19 Crisis Communications Daily Scoop Employee Engagement Executive Communication Leadership Communications Marketing Measurement Media Relations PR Industry Social Media Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing