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What Do Financial Earnings and Comic Books Have in Common? | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

The dawn of the real-time Internet brought a new kind of investor audience for companies to consider. Investors previously placed stock orders with brokers, but now they can buy and sell stocks on their own via online trading platforms such as E*TRADE and TD Ameritrade or mobile apps like Robinhood.

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Book review: Leading the Listening Organisation

Wadds Inc.

A new book Leading the Listening Organisation advocates for organisations to adopt a culture of active, empathetic listening to employees to drive better business outcomes. The book advocates for organisations to listen to their employees through active engagement. The book is a mix of theory and practice. Thanks, Richard.


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How to turn a PR coverage book into a ‘social impact report’ ?

The Resolution Blog

The post How to turn a PR coverage book into a ‘social impact report’ ? Estimated coverage views, social shares and engagements are all metrics most PR people are familiar with, but when we recently saw them alongside stats on social isolation and ‘no. of friends made’ we needed to know more! Who was this report for? What job does it do?

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New book: AI tools for public relations

Wadds Inc.

The book features insights from 20 experts on leveraging large language models, AI productivity tools, and integrated AI platforms to help practitioners work smarter. I’ve launched a new book today about artificial intelligence (AI) tools for public relations. Buy the book It is organised into three intuitive sections.

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Book to blog: Iliyana Stareva's story

Stephen Waddington

Inbound PR is a new book about modernising marketing and public relations by Iliyana Stareva. The book describes a modern approach to public relations based on identifying and listening to publics, and developing content to engage them in a conversation. This book is about an innovative application of modern public relations.

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What Was Hot on Iliyana's Blog in 2022

Inbound PR

Even though I didn't write much here last year (although I had great intentions but ended up writing a book ), the blog kept being popular with lots of views and readers so today I'm doing a review of what you liked the most in 2022 here. I will use this info to create new content that aligns with what you're reading the most.

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10 Books about PR that every PR practitioner must read

PReview: A Blog by NewsVoir

As a PR professional, be it an expert or a beginner; you mustn’t miss reading these books Reading books is a great source to learn and grow your knowledge and skills as an expert communicator. Someone has famously said that “Readers are Leaders” and most of the Public Relations professionals are known to be […].