Free White Paper! Protect Your Brand With Copyright Laws


Cision’s new white paper, “ The Professional Communicator’s Guide to Copyright Compliance & Fair Use ,” provides an overview of how copyright laws affect PR professionals, what you can do to follow them and how doing so will protect your content and reputation in the long run. Adhere to the following three of the many best practices from the free white paper to ensure your brand is safe: Want to discover more copyright compliance best practices?

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Free White Paper! Find the Right Influencer for Your Brand


Cision’s new white paper, “ Use Influencers to Expand Reach and Impact ,” explains how aligning your brand with influencers will help you better appeal to your audience. The free white paper will help you use influencer marketing to: Identify the best influencers for your brand. Read “Use Influencers to Expand Reach and Impact” white paper today! Images: Vanessa , Iain Watson ( Creative Commons ).

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Free White Paper! Build a Brand Journalism Program


Cision’s free white paper, “ Brand Journalism: From Awareness to Lead Generation ,” discusses the best strategies for telling impactful stories that resonate with your audience. Read the free white paper today! Image: Sboukatch ( Creative Commons ). Your audience no longer responds to traditional advertising. Today, they’re looking for custom content. In fact, custom content is 92 percent more effective than traditional advertising.

Get creative: 5 ways to revive your writing

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Here’s how to tap into the power of creative writing before you tackle that next pitch, post or press release. Communicators can be perfectionists,” says Rebecca Ferlotti, a freelance writer with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a client list that includes Executive Arrangements and FreshWater Cleveland. Pick the time you’re most creative, whether it’s during lunch break, before work or after you get home.”. Is your love of writing on the ropes?

Expand your business with 5 creativity tactics

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When you write a series of blog posts, you can repurpose some of them as free opt-ins for white papers or parts of an e-newsletter. If you’re creative, you probably don't want to use old content everywhere, but you should feel free to reuse your best work when you’re in a time crunch. She's creative, but she struggles to get new business. As online entrepreneurs, we can't just be creative and rebellious; we must also be savvy.

Popcorn and a Movie: A Creative and Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign that Could Work in Any Vertical

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Creativity and risky marketing efforts don’t always find receptive purse strings in B2B, but it could well be the only thing left in “a sea of sameness.”. From white papers to the trade press, the entire community is fixated on the next exploit, hack or breach. Looking for an agency partner that can both bring creative ideas and.

Why PR Pros Are The Most Versatile Writers

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It’s not the most creative PR product, but the news release is still essential for announcements – and don’t forget the power of SEO. The white paper has its own specific audience and purpose that separates it from other PR content. White papers offer insights in a long format and they’re generally written in a more academic style than a press release or byline. As a profession, public relations evokes images of media pitching or crisis management.

Capture viral behavior with strange projects


When you think of content marketing today, the traditional way you see it in the marketplace is as a blog post, white paper, video, or some other piece of easily sharable digital content that can help you make your purchasing decisions. IR/PR content marketing creative PR going viral hamberger helper's mix tape[By Karen Geier].

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5 Proven Ways PR can Develop Client Media References in B2B Organizations

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Marketing also has purse strings that can be creatively – and ethically – spent to appease a specific rep with the right reference. 3) Reports, ebooks and white papers. That may not work on a blog but can work for long-form content like a report, ebook or white paper. PR Social Media content marketing creative social media customer event marketing media relations trade show trust

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On the earned media side, there is so much content to choose from that people are far less likely to download a white paper or read an article through to the end, even if you can get it in front of them in the first place. And on the advertising side, over-reliance on the ad monetization model has resulted in massive amounts of spam, turning off prospects, leading to ever-declining response rates for even the best creative. (Credibility + Impact) versus (Reach + Frequency).

The Rise of Mobile Payment: What Financial Institutions Need to Know


To help financial institutions better understand consumers’ input about the EMV technology conversion and how they’re reacting, Cision aggregated thousands of English-language social media posts from key forums, blogs and social networks between November 2014 and May 2015 and put the results and insights into the white paper EMV Implementation: Is It Impacting Your Brand Reputation? Click here for your free white paper! Click here for our free white paper now!

Fear the Bot

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The adoption of a known anti-establishment author’s brilliant turn of phrase to market a white paper—about as establishment as establishment gets in the writing world—is irksome enough on its own. The bot was just doing what it was programmed to do: find correlations to trending topics of the day to actual content in the inventory of white papers needing attention, and promote the latter thusly. Heartbroken.

Social Listening: When #AI Takes Over

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AI helps us get rid of manual tasks, it allows us to automate processes so we can focus on the more creative aspects of our jobs. She lives on Twitter and works with social media experts from all over the world on white papers and webinars about new technologies and digital trends. A Guest Post by Albane Flamant, Marketing Manager – US, Talkwalker.

Five Reasons Why B2B PR Works

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A solid B2B PR program offers ample tactics for a brand to educate its customers and convey its expertise through business conferences, content like bylined articles and white papers, customer seminars, and the like. I’m a late convert to B2B public relations.

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We Should Measure Content Marketing by Relationships

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As a metric for content marketing, pageviews are flawed according to a white paper – Why Content Marketers Are Using All the Wrong Metrics – published by Contently. The white paper calls the pageview a “superficial impression of how people behave on the web.” The paper traces the use of pageveiws for measurement to online advertising, where CPM, or cost per thousand pageviews, became standard for advertising fees. by Frank Strong.

How to Establish Brand Identity: Top Tips From Jeff Barrett


Cision’s social media manager, Shirien Elamawy, recently sat down with Jeff Barrett , co-founder of Status Creative and one of Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Influencers, to discuss personal branding and best practices for social and PR strategy. Learn about influencer marketing in Cision’s new white paper! See which of your posts get positive results and consider creating a larger piece of content, such as a blog post, video or white paper, based on the topic.

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6 Benefits Of Long-Form PR Content

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Although longer content like books, white papers, podcasts, eBooks, and video can take more time and effort than shorter bites, and it demands greater depth and creativity, it can prove very effective. E-books, white papers, bylines, books, films, and podcast guesting all make up a thought leadership arsenal to fortify authority as a subject-matter expert.

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Influencers Make Powerful Brand Partners


Cision’s new “ How to Use Influencers to Expand Reach & Impact ” white paper examines the impact influencers can have on your brand and how you can harness their power. Read the free influencer marketing white paper today! Images: jonsson , Quazie , ℒaura Tou ( Creative Commons ). Who would you rather have promoting your products or services: Kim Kardashian or Michelle Phan?

How to Build a Digital Newsroom


That means including all types of content such as news releases, blogs, white papers and more. Featured Image: Alan Cleaver ( Creative Commons ). You want media coverage, but do you make it easy for reporters and influencers to do their jobs? A digital newsroom offers a central location for important, public-facing information about your brand. Having a single hub makes it easy to track your collateral and stand out in search.

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How To Make A Killer Content Calendar

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For B2B clients like those we represent, it can include the topics and suggested resources for bylined articles, blog posts, social media posts, digital video, and longer-form content like white papers, among other elements. Refresh with formal creative sessions.

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Data-driven Storytelling with Matthew Lynley

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The data can be repurposed for webinars, white papers, social media and other highly shareable avenues that show your company has unique insights both internally and externally. By Account Manager Matthew Burrows. Data!’ he cried impatiently. ‘I I can’t make bricks without clay!’”.

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5 client presentation pitfalls

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Another mistake is relying on “outputs” such as earned media placements and white papers, instead of more tangible results that support business goals. Be creative and clever without being overbearing. FREE White Paper: Learn to measure your communication efforts, align PR objectives to business goals, and prove your value within your organization. ]. 2014 has been a busy year in the PR agency world, with a whirlwind of new business opportunities.

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B2B Marketers Focused on Long Term Tend to Outperform the Competition

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As soon as you’re done with that white paper or webinar – boom – you’re onto the next thing. The only thing left to help a brand stand out as different is often creative – but we don’t have time for it when we’re rushing from one campaign to the next.

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3 Keys to Convincing Influencers to Work With Your Brand


Cision’s white paper, “ How to Use Influencers to Expand Reach and Impact ,” shares tips on how to pitch influencers the right way so you can ensure success. Read the free white paper today! Image: Jamie ( Creative Commons ). Influencer marketing is different. For some marketing tactics, such as email or content marketing, all you need to do is set your mind to it, develop a plan and follow through. But influencer marketing involves people.

3 Rewards to Reap From Brand Journalism


Cision’s white paper, “ Brand Journalism: From Awareness to Lead Generation ,” offers insights on building a successful brand journalism program and a look at the brands that are already doing it well. Read the free white paper today! Images: Steven Lilley , Quinn Dombrowski ( Creative Commons ). Gone are the days of pushing your brand’s message to your audience through traditional advertising.

B2B Solved the Biggest Content Marketing Challenge Yesterday

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There is a straight forward answer to this problem: Upwards of “60-70% of content produced by B2B marketing goes unused,” according to a white paper by Kapost which cites research by SiriusDecisions. It’s easy to find white papers and other assets that a team probably invested a lot of time and effort into developing – but it’s been more or less hidden from public view on a landing page buried several levels down and long forgotten. by Frank Strong.

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Essential questions to ask about brand journalism

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Vibrant, creative storytelling is a lot more fun than churning out bland press releases, drab copy and mind-numbing white papers. If you take the plunge into brand journalism, you’re committing to a fundamental change in the way you plan, produce and deliver content. It’s also a lot more work.

4 things every marketing and PR pro can do during coronavirus

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Whether that’s a media op-ed, a white paper, blog posts, or graphics for social media, there is a wide range of potential for companies now that many people will have more free time from a lack of in-person meetings and live events. Get creative.

How Politics Redefined the Vaccine Debate


Get the free “Social Media and the MMR Vaccine: Conversations and Controversy” white paper today! Cision’s “Social Media and the MMR Vaccine: Conversations and Controversy” white paper analyzes media coverage by brand, share of voice, thematic positioning and market opportunities. Take a look at it by downloading the white paper or contact us today to learn more about Cision’s customized insight reports.

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The 3 Factors to Consider Before Sharing Content


Cision’s white paper, “ The Professional’s Guide to Copyright Compliance & Fair Use,” provides tips on understanding the rules of copyright, avoiding violations and protecting your brand’s own content. Read our free white paper! Use resources like Creative Commons or Wikimedia Commons to look for content that is licensed for sharing. Images: Hey Paul , VBC17 , Pictures of Money ( Creative Commons ).

Infographic: Become Informed on Copyright Compliance


Brush up on your copyright knowledge with our free white paper! Cision’s latest white paper, “ The Professional Communicator’s Guide to Copyright Compliance & Fair Use ,” explains the rules on copyright and fair use and how PR professionals are affected. Take a look at the following infographic from Cision for best practices on copyright and fair use and the top strategies for staying compliant: Image: Horia Varlan ( Creative Commons ).

The 5 Biggest Takeaways From Content Marketing World


Click here for our free Outside-the-Box Content Marketing white paper! Learn to be more playful and employ your creative mind. John Cleese’s words on accessing our creative side to create brilliant content from his day one closing keynote speech carried through to day two. Several speakers referenced his discussion of the hare brain vs. the tortoise mind , encouraging everyone to open their minds to access the creative, “tortoise” side.

What PR Can Do – And What It Can’t

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It is PR’s job to fill the space with “constant content” such as byline articles, lifestyle surveys, white papers and blog posts. We need to have ongoing conversations ideally up and down the organization about everything going on in a company’s business to be able to develop timely and creative story angles and effective bylines.

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How to Plan Content for Your Product Launch

Beyond PR

But what about thought leadership content like blog posts and white papers? Of course, this doesn’t mean blog posts, white papers and other content marketing pieces can’t support your product launch. The call to action in the other two posts focused on a white paper published around the product launch. She believes the key to successful content is balancing creativity, analytics and commonsense.

How’s Your Press Release Call to Action?


Without one, your web copy, white paper, or email can fall flat, and customers won’t do what you want them to do. Click here to get our free “Outside-The-Box Content Marketing for PR” white paper now! . Image: Maria Elena ( Creative Commons ). In the content marketing world, there’s a lot of buzz about having a strong call to action. It’s kind of like herding cats.

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Behind the Headlines With Nathan Friedman


You will never go wrong with data-driven insights and a simple strategy that leads to ownable creative. It’s not a sales pitch or creative that feels like a traditional commercial. Download our latest white paper Master the Mix: Amplify Your Campaign Results With Earned Media and get a communications framework that will help you develop and demonstrate your value across earned, paid and owned media channels. The world of PR is constantly changing.

4 Things Brands Should Do After Surviving a Crisis


Click here for our latest white paper today! Image: Andrew Kuznetsov ( Creative Commons ). Once you take control of a crisis and find operations returning back to normal, you may feel tempted to sit back and celebrate your plan’s success. But don’t take your eye off the horizon when the storm moves on to wreak havoc elsewhere! A post-crisis plan is just as essential as a pre- or mid-crisis plan.

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What’s hindering your content marketing efforts?

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White papers and blog posts. B2B health care marketers say their priority is to invest in more thought-leadership pieces, specifically white papers and articles. Michael Del Gigante is the president and creative director of marketing and communications agency. How are health care marketers handling content strategy, and which key issues keep them from delivering engaging communications?

Much to Loathe About Programmatic Thinking

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In my last post , I covered what for me was a particularly egregious misuse of marketing technology, when a bot promoted a white paper with “Fear and Loathing” in the title on the 10 th anniversary of the suicide of Hunter S. It’s not just the automation of marketing without any use of human insight, but it’s the automation of the act of creation itself—the programmatic approach to everything from white paper titles to full-fledged integrated campaigns that irks me.

'Discover' feature brings brand journalism to Snapchat

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Discover is different because it has been built for creatives. RELATED: Learn how to write compelling stories that your audience wants to read with this brand journalism white paper. ]. Snapchat has partnered with brands on a new “Discover” tool that will help the service connect its young user base with new content.