The PR benefits of trade shows

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From a PR perspective, trade shows can be either a great investment or a waste of time. However, with the right strategy, the right team and the right level of preparation, you can convert an appearance at a trade show into actual trade. Trade shows aren’t always the best use of a PR budget, particularly if you don’t take advantage of the media presence. The post The PR benefits of trade shows appeared first on PR Daily.

Popcorn and a Movie: A Creative and Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign that Could Work in Any Vertical

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From white papers to the trade press, the entire community is fixated on the next exploit, hack or breach. They created seven more events – red carpet premieres – in cities around the world over a two-month period after the show. See these related posts: How B2B Marketing Can Get More out of Trade Shows. Marketing B2B marketing gated content trade show vert


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5 Proven Ways PR can Develop Client Media References in B2B Organizations

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We are winding down “the predictions post” season where many vendors strive to show how smart they are about the industry. 3) Reports, ebooks and white papers. That may not work on a blog but can work for long-form content like a report, ebook or white paper. PR Social Media content marketing creative social media customer event marketing media relations trade show trust

3 Awesome B2B PR Methods That Will Attract High Quality Leads

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White Papers. What are white papers? Each industry may have its own definition of white papers. In the end, white papers are meant to educate an audience about issues they face and ways to resolve them. White papers typically are at least six pages in length, with a title page, table of contents, and introduction. How do white papers increase quality leads? How to Get Killer B2B Leads at Trade Shows.

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How PR Supports “Thought Leaders”

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White papers – a great way to demonstrate thought capital in long form to a particular audience. Bylined articles – which can derive from white papers and other sources, for placement in key verticals, on a number of topics, calendarized to keep a steady flow of solid content. Speeches – at industry conferences, trade shows and other events which can be repurposed as articles, blog posts and white papers.

The Only B2B PR Event You’ll Ever Need

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One nearly surefire tactic for building thought leadership, creating quality content, and earning trade media coverage is a panel discussion event we call the business thought leadership panel. The elements of a successful panel include the obvious — a worthy subject, compelling participants, and a plan for capturing the terrific content produced for post-event white papers, bylines, videos, and other communications.

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5 Ways PR Beats Paid Advertising

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Customers who read or hear about an amazing enterprise software company in analyst reports, recommendations from third-party influencers , white papers, executive bylines, and in tech news outlets have gain a degree of trust that an ad campaign can’t provide. Ads pop up and disappear, while blog posts, news articles, and white papers stay searchable for months ie even years.

Influencer Relations For B2B Brands

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Media and influencers read analyst reports and white papers, so the reach can become exponential. Look for authors of recently published papers and studies, books, or industry consultants who teach as adjunct professors. Attending conferences and trade shows benefits young companies in many ways, not the least of which is the opportunity to network with various breeds of influencer.

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3 Cases Studies of Augmented Reality in B2B Marketing [UML]

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The first example comes from a white paper by the website B2B Marketing called 6 great examples of VR and AR in B2B marketing. As screenshot nearby shows, (photo credit: Kaon blog ), it creates “a magical pop-up AR appearance at trade shows that people can activate and walk around.” It is easy to see how this could be used as a visual tool in sales or marketing meetings anywhere rather than just a trade show booth.

Decoding Facebook’s Changes: 5 Ways PR Professionals Can Generate Reach and Impact in 2018

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Facebook Live was designed to generate engagement while showing your audience your attention, in real time! For PR pros, consider utilizing this service when you are launching a new event, hosting an external event or panel, walking a trade show floor and more. Download our free social sharing white paper to learn how to leverage social channels for business news amplification.

Pinterest Versus Instagram: Which One is Best For Your Brand?


Have a conference, trade show, or other special event to promote? These platforms allow you to showcase photos and video from previous events, highlight the event location’s city, promote the event’s suppliers, partners, and speakers, and share images from other publications on the topic of your event, as well as white papers.

PR 101: How to Pitch CNET


Ensure that your pitch is reaching the right person, and this means if you are pitching case studies and white papers, don’t send them to a product reviewer. If you are at a trade show, don’t be afraid to set up a face-to-face meeting. Cision’s Media Research team maintains hundreds of thousands of media profiles, and reaches out to thousands of journalists daily to ensure the accuracy of our data.

10 Steps to Win Major Earned Media Mentions during Quarterly Earnings Season Blog

PR can improve communications with their investor relations colleagues by informing them about media coverage throughout the year, providing information about industry trends and timelines of upcoming activities such as trade shows and presentations at both in-person and online events.

When PR gets scary: 9 client no-nos

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They cancel a meeting with a reporter, or worse, fail to show up at all. And if you just plain forget or fail to show up, 20 lashes with a Wall Street Journal. An editor who saw the client’s product at a trade show proactively contacted us about getting a product to review. FREE White Paper: How to Be a Brand Journalist - Tell compelling stories and take your story directly to your audience. ].

Beware these 6 social media traps

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Download this free white paper to learn how to tell compelling stories that navigate through the noise, boost your brand and drive sales. into a positive experience and show your customers you care. This shows you have control of the situation and, though you care, you're not willing to engage in a verbal argument. Some social media mistakes are so common that nearly every digital marketer and business owner has made them at some point.

Why you don't need a crystal ball to predict PR results

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Personally, I couldn’t have been happier when "Oprah" went off the air so clients stopped asking about getting on the show.). You always knew, for instance, that VIP events at trade shows don’t get a huge win, now you’ll have the data to back that up. FREE White Paper: Learn to measure your communication efforts, align PR objectives to business goals, and prove your value within your organization. ]. PR measurement always makes PR pros squirm.

Is the Buyer’s Journey Becoming Passé?

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The consulting community seized on this and published white papers, and reports, and diagrams all attempting to visualize the complexity of the buyer’s journey. How B2B Marketing Can Get More out of Trade Shows. A few years ago, a big story in B2B suggested the buyer’s journey was nearly complete by the time a prospective customer engaged a vendor.

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Should journalists or sources hire PR firms when stories turn out false?

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In the latest gaffe by New York , the story claimed a 16-year-old had made $72 million in stock trading. Who decided not to review the documents outlining the supposed stock trades showing the profit? Clearly a $72 million profit in stock trades can be documented. FREE White Paper: How to Be a Brand Journalist - Tell compelling stories and take your story directly to your audience. ].

Finding Leads: 6 Takes from the 2018 Chief Marketer B2B Lead Gen Report

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By contrast, another company that struggles to show a return on individual marketing campaigns has experienced year-over-year revenue growth of 650% percent. A PPC campaign might get you an email address but it takes a whole bunch of touches in between – blogs, emails, webinars, white papers, PR, sales calls – to close the deal. Don’t miss these related posts: How B2B Marketing Can Get More out of Trade Shows. 37% white papers.

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LiveIntent SVP of Marketing Kerel Cooper on How Brands Can Take a Stand and Back Up Their Words With Action

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It’s great to hear how you guys are developing real shows and series around it, and taking that to the next level. We can’t do trade shows, can’t do in person events. Kerel Cooper is not your average SVP of Marketing.

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12 ways to cover your organization like a beat reporter

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Download the free white paper, "How to be a brand journalist," to learn how to tell your organization''s compelling stories. From trade shows to company outings, events are loaded with story ideas," Raymond writes. You work for a fascinating organization. You know there are stories to tell—whether for the intranet or externally on the Web.

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How to Explode Your Startup PR with Growth Hacking

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While blog posts and infographics can attract customers at the beginning of the buying cycle, eBooks and white papers are valuable to those seeking more in-depth information. This feature allows you to find people based on upcoming industry events (trade shows, conferences, etc.) For example, a recent study showed that the 52% of B2B buyers do their research on the go, and need a smooth, mobile experience. Startup PR can feel like a monumental task.

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B2B Blog Metrics: 4 Effective Categories to Measure Success

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Naturally, we want to have measures that show a more direct impact on marketing and the business. If your organization gates content – white papers, webinars and or demos – track the source of registrations. Document any anecdotes you hear in the course of doing business – a customer that compliments a blog at a trade show, a comment noted in an NPS survey, or an enablement story from sales.

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5 Rules for Publishing High Quality Press Releases

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A white paper you’re proud of? An upcoming trade show you’re excited about participating in? Producing high quality content – and delivering it to a specific audience – is difficult. Whether your target audience is a customer, investor or journalist, you are competing against so much noise out there – from long headline queues at 8 a.m. Eastern to instant public reactions on Twitter.

Are You Using These 33 Ways to Promote Your Content That Most Marketers Overlook?


For content marketers seeking to generate leads from that new blog post, white paper, case study, event, infographic, research report, or webinar, here are 33 ways to ensure that your content is found, downloaded, clicked-on and consumed. Show them a photo of your content offer—and bonus points if you explain it in a video with the author. Does your white paper offer provocative new viewpoints on an industry topic?