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Cision’s new white paper, “ The 3 Stages of Expanding Your Content’s Reach: Creation, Distribution and Amplification ,” provides a detailed guide to help you create a truly great piece of content and extend its lifespan by distributing it to the right audiences in the right ways. For example, blog posts, social media posts, infographics and video clips are all ways to break down larger pieces of content and reach audiences across multiple platforms.

Infographic: Tips for creating ‘big rock content’

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This infographic from NewsCred helps identify how you can make this strategy work. It offers: Examples of your “big rock content”: white paper, brand film, etc. See the full infographic for all the details.


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Infographic: How to create content that produces results

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This infographic from Spiralytics offers tips for creating content that serves a clear purpose. Webinars, case studies and white papers are best for driving conversions. To learn more about how to create content that suits your specific goals, read the full infographic. The post Infographic: How to create content that produces results appeared first on PR Daily. Content Marketing InfographicsYour content marketing efforts aren’t just an exercise.

Infographic: How to create audience personas

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The point of communication is to drive to an outcome, whether that is buying a product or engaging with content, downloading a white paper, adopting a tool or some other action. This infographic from Clever Tap offers a guide on how to build your personas for a given campaign. To see an example of a fully developed audience persona, consult the full infographic. The post Infographic: How to create audience personas appeared first on PR Daily.

Infographic: Where to start with your social media call to action

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This infographic from Dog-Eared Social offers some helpful starting points to shape your CTA to persuade customers to take the action you want. You want a reader to download a white paper or take a closer look at your website. To see the full list, consult the infographic. The post Infographic: Where to start with your social media call to action appeared first on PR Daily. Infographics Marketing Social Media marketing infographic social media infographic

Infographic: Become Informed on Copyright Compliance


Brush up on your copyright knowledge with our free white paper! Cision’s latest white paper, “ The Professional Communicator’s Guide to Copyright Compliance & Fair Use ,” explains the rules on copyright and fair use and how PR professionals are affected. Take a look at the following infographic from Cision for best practices on copyright and fair use and the top strategies for staying compliant: Image: Horia Varlan ( Creative Commons ).

Infographic: How to make money by writing and editing

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This infographic from Global English Editing shares information such as the average salary of writers and editors and outlets for savvy communicators to turn their writing acumen into cash. It suggests: Being an on-call editor or writing white papers earn the highest hourly rates. For vital signs that the writing and editing industry is alive and well, and to discover outlets to put your skills to work, peruse the full infographic below

Infographic: What to Do During the First 48 Minutes of a Crisis


A new infographic from Fineman PR illustrates what your brand should do during the first 48 minutes of a crisis. The initial minutes of a crisis are crucial, and this infographic will help guide your brand through them. Read Cision’s free white paper! Crises can hit your brand without warning, and if you’re not prepared, you could have a full-blown catastrophe on your hands. So how can your brand be ready for anything?

Infographic: 38 ways to engage your team

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Instead, consider the 38 employee engagement opportunities proposed in this infographic from Officevibe. WHITE PAPER: The 10 best ways to use mobile to engage employees. Check out the full infographic for more: ( View a larger image. Want to bring your team together? How about a horrible ropes course? Of course not. You don't want to be the person in charge of coordinating that awkward attempt at team building.

Infographic: 6 ways to reduce stress at work

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An infographic from SnackNation. WHITE PAPER: How to break bad news to staff and take tough questions head-on. If you're feeling burnt out, the infographic offers six strategies to help you cope. Work got you down? You're not the only one. says 65 percent of adults claim that work causes them significant stress. "Of Of course work is stressful," you might say. That's why we get paid the big bucks!". Well, stress can cost a lot of big bucks, too.

3 tips to create better infographics, faster (and cheaper)

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Here are three ways to pump up your infographics. Infographics remain among the most shareable content formats on social media. They’re also perfect for anything from white papers and articles to reports and sales brochures. ” Register for Ragan’s March 2 virtual summit “ Next-generation infographics that pop ” for more infographics tips from Bill Shander, Amanda Todorovich (Cleveland Clinic), and Angie Blackmar and Casie Harbin (Aflac).

3 ways infographics can power your content marketing campaigns

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Despite some naysaying, infographics are thriving. A recent article on infographics on PR Daily reviewed a report from Clutch that stated: “The age of infographics is dying, and most of them are quite bad.”. RELATED: Ragan creates custom content, from white papers to emails to intranets and more! When done well and as part of a larger marketing and PR strategy, a creative infographic can make otherwise dull content more digestible for a wider audience.

Infographic: Tips to boost your email open rate

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WHITE PAPER: Do employees delete your emails unread? An infographic. Check out the infographic below for more How many unread promotional emails are in your inbox? Gmail simply tells me I have 99+, but I probably have well over 300. The subject lines feature dozens of tactics that marketers think will get me to open their emails: emojis, exclamation points, "SALE" (in all caps) and clever wordplay. One subject line simply says, "You need this.".

3 writing lessons from infographics

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Infographics reach 54 percent more readers than blog posts do and can increase content marketing profits by as much as 12 percent, according to Contently. The infographics that get attention feature ideas and visuals that no one has ever heard or seen before,” says Karl Gude, a former director of information graphics at Newsweek and The Associated Press, who now leads the information graphics program at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. “It’s

6 reasons your content marketing program is struggling

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A CTA can be as simple as “Contact us”—or can link to an archived webinar, a recent white paper, or a case study in a particular industry. For example, here’s how a white paper might be repurposed: Reframe the white paper per market vertical, for example: Healthcare.

3 tips to create better infographics, faster (and cheaper)

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Infographics remain among the most shareable content on social media. They’re also perfect for anything from white papers and articles to reports and sales brochures. Register for Ragan’s March 2 virtual summit “ Next-generation infographics that pop ” for more infographics tips from Bill Shander, Amanda Todorovich (Cleveland Clinic), and Angie Blackmar and Casie Harbin (Aflac). Don’t just say, ‘I need an infographic that looks like X’ and assume you’re right.

Infographic: Little-known punctuation marks to start using

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If that sounds intriguing, check out this infographic from Mental Floss; it reveals 13 little-known punctuation marks that you’re probably going to want to start using. Download this free white paper to discover 10 ways to improve your writing today. Communications experts often preach the importance of face-to-face interaction. When you hear a person’s voice and see his facial expressions and gestures, you get a clearer understanding of his message.

6 steps to clean, striking infographic design

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You know how popular and effective infographics are, but what does it take to create a successful one? Who would benefit from reading an infographic about the topic you’re considering? Make sure that aspect is crystal clear before committing to an infographic design. Establish the purpose of the infographic before getting too far down the road. Key data points can drive your infographic, so it’s important to identify these early in the process.

64% of PR and Marketing Pros Will Increase Content Marketing Efforts in 2016: Marketwired Survey and Infographic


Check out the survey highlights in our original infographic and read more in our news release. Here are 5 quick survey takeaways: PR & marketing pros use a lot of different kinds of content in their communications: blog posts (55%), photos (29%) and news releases (24%) are used most frequently by our respondents, but newsletters, video, infographics and white papers were also named, along with case studies, webinars and tip sheets. [By Lisa Davis].

Survey 137

10 Steps to Writing Content that Gets Read [Infographic]

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This infographic from SmartBlogger presents a nice visual checklist of 10 steps to produce all types of content from blog posts to white papers. The Epic Content Cycle Infographic from Solo and solo plus communication consultants are often involved in client content production from developing the strategy to writing and amplifying the content.

How Storytelling Connects Paid, Earned, and Owned Media


In 2012, in response to the Altimeter group’s white paper on “converged media” last summer, Jeremiah Owyang took a stab on his blog at defining the new workflow for paid, earned, owned and shared media. Creating content involves everything from traditional marketing content like white papers, collateral and ads, to earned media placements, to owned media content like blog posts, infographics and videos.

5 Ways PR Beats Paid Advertising

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Customers who read or hear about an amazing enterprise software company in analyst reports, recommendations from third-party influencers , white papers, executive bylines, and in tech news outlets have gain a degree of trust that an ad campaign can’t provide. Ads pop up and disappear, while blog posts, news articles, and white papers stay searchable for months ie even years. Close behind are e-books (67%), infographics (66%), and blog posts (66%).”

21 rules for content marketers

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And if only those rules were disseminated in easy-to-follow infographic format. FREE White Paper: How to Be a Brand Journalist - Tell compelling stories and take your story directly to your audience. ]. Content marketing has grown up and no longer deserves a seat at the kids’ table. While it''s something that successful brands do well as part of an overarching marketing portfolio, not all brands are getting it right.

B2B Content Marketing: 5 Trends That You Need to Watch in 2020

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Whether it's writing a blog, creating a video, or crafting an infographic, it can take a lot of work to create. What about written content such as blog posts, ebooks, or white papers? How has B2B content marketing changed since the start of the pandemic?

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Tips for successful digital marketing measurement

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an infographic. If you can relate, the infographic can help. RELATED: Download this free white paper to discover smart ways to measure your internal communications and link your efforts to business goals. ]. Check out the infographic for more Sixty percent of social media marketers say measuring social media's ROI is their biggest challenge.

5 Must-Have Types of Content Marketing


White papers & E-books. When you’ve got more than enough content for a blog post, you can turn it into a white paper or e-book. You could offer a white paper called “10 Reasons Your Software Company Needs a Blog” and get people to give you their email address to download the white paper. Infographics. Infographics , which visually interpret data, appeal to visual learners.

PRCA Digital PR Report 2015 need for more digital PR training and digital PR budgets expected to grow

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When asked to rate their top three, the majority of in-house comms people gain most of their social media education and insight from expert blogs (52%), although there is 12% growth in use of expert white papers since last year (From 17% to 29%). CIPR Infographic PR strategy PRCA public relations Research SEO social media

Is your newsroom a relic of the past?

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Telling stories with infographics. Bring your newsroom into the 21 st century with our free white paper, 11 Essentials for a Stellar Online Newsroom. Technology has made it easier and easier to build a great newsroom. So why do so many organizations still have a boring page crammed with links? It’s time to let the past go. Upgrading your newsroom can mean the difference between hunting for media coverage and having reporters flock to you.

Marketers, which LEGO character are you?

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RELATED: Ragan creates custom content, from white papers to emails to intranets and more! Check out The Website Group’s infographic full of Lego analogies, and see which character represents your current roll What can Lego teach us about digital marketing agencies? Plenty, it turns out. For one, the iconic toy’s characters can teach us about the roles we play in our agencies.

How to Drive Traffic & Lift Awareness With 8 Types of Content


These three benchmarks go hand-in-hand; and on paper, it sounds very easy. Infographics. Informative, aesthetic infographics drive immense engagement. Infographics are plug and play, citable and are liked and shared 3x more on social media. OpenTable used infographics to garner earned media and boost engagement from targeted yet unexpected audiences. White Papers. Persuasive and authoritative, white papers remain vital to B2B marketers.

Dos and don'ts of press releases

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A new infographic from Skadeedle/Vertical Response pulls together some of the things that PR pros should absolutely include as part of their press releases (a catchy headline, for example), and some of the things they should avoid at all costs (like exclamation points!). FREE White Paper: How to Be a Brand Journalist - Tell compelling stories and take your story directly to your audience. ].

Tips and tools for repurposing content

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An infographic from Express Writers offers six tips to do it well and tools that will make the task easier. FREE WHITE PAPER: Ninety-three percent of communicators think it is important to measure the impact of internal communications. ]. Infographic. Check out the infographic below, and please share your best content-repurposing tips in the comments.

Tools 94

5 Outside-the-Box Content Creation Ideas


This post was inspired by our free “ Outside-The-Box Content Marketing for PR ” white paper. Infographic? Just like a blog post or white paper, the video wasn’t designed to drive sales immediately. Get our free “Outside-The-Box Content Marketing for PR” white paper now! How do you stand out with content? With so much competition for people’s attention, that won’t always work. Content marketing is far from dead.

10 Awesome Content Marketing Tools That Will Up Your Strategy

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Once you've collected valuable information from your audience, consider using it in a white paper or infographic. Your B2B content strategy is like a machine -- it needs regular maintenance to run smoothly. And that's where content marketing tools come in.

10 Types of Content That Drive Demand & Boost Engagement


Infographics. I love infographics. I’m not alone, over 40 percent of marketers say infographics are their most engaging piece of content. Infographics are easy to read, easier to digest and boost engagement by up to 3x. To promote an infographic, you first have to create an infographic. Once you have an infographic it’s highly recommended to accompany in your wire release. Infographics absolutely do the trick.

How to Boost Your Strategy with B2B Video Marketing

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There are so many proven strategies for B2B marketing, including blogs, ebooks, and white papers -- why invest in a new content format, especially one that is such a departure from the "norm" that we've grown accustomed to? B2B video marketing has raised a few eyebrows in recent years.

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The most influential types of content

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An infographic. The infographic recommends determining what type of content your audience values most, and producing less, but higher-quality, content of that type. The infographic reveals the results of a survey that asked B2B technology buyers how much and what type of content they consumed before making a purchase. They said product brochures, white papers and case studies were the most influential content types.

Why PR Pros Need to Own Content Marketing


Whether it’s a short video, infographic or a blog post, PR pros can use their storytelling abilities to get directly in front of their target audiences. For even more tactics beyond the content marketing staples mentioned here, get our free white paper, “Outside-the-Box Content Marketing for PR.”. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “owning, as opposed to renting, media.

7 ways to easily create interactive content

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Make your white papers interactive. The classic white paper bears the weight of authority and the stamp of tradition. In fact, the history of the white paper dates to the 1920s. Today’s white paper isn’t just text anymore. Remember: People like what they can instantly grasp, so consider adding interactive infographics when possible to show the relationship between key concepts. We all love a good story.

Video 131

16 steps to make outstanding landing pages that readers and search engines love

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RELATED: Ragan creates custom content, from white papers to emails to intranets and more! You can learn about each of these steps in the organization’s infographic below If search engine optimization isn’t now a formidable piece of your overall marketing efforts, you might want to reconsider your strategy. Raising awareness of your organization’s product or service through organic online search is crucial, and it’s only becoming more so.