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How to select a long-term PR technology partner


If you want to choose a PR technology partner that can stay with you for the long-term, it must not only meet your immediate needs but also respond well to future customer needs and anticipated industry shifts. That’s why it’s important to look at the product direction, or product roadmap, of your technology provider.

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6 creative tips for a successful press launch in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

However, press releases have been evolving each year and adapting to new technologies and tendencies. The post 6 creative tips for a successful press launch in 2021 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. If […].


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Addressing the Working Class inequality gap in the creative industries

Stephen Waddington

Education and workplace practices are critical to change according to Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre. Social mobility in the Creative Economy: Rebuilding and levelling up? Social mobility in the Creative Economy: Rebuilding and levelling up? billion and 2.2 million jobs. This creates double disadvantage.

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Strategic planning for creative agencies

Wadds Inc.

tool supports business planning for creative agencies. As professional advisers to creative agencies and comms teams, we have done some of the work here at Wadds Inc. Strategic planning and crisis preparedness: A guide for creative agencies. We’ve published a strategic planning tool for creative agencies. A new Wadds Inc.

Agency 80
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Separating Creativity from Technology in Thinking about Marketing Innovation [UML]

Sword and the Script

How many people think of technology when they hear the word innovation ? However, when I really consider the word innovation in marketing, I tend to think of creativity. While technology can certainly change how we do marketing, it’s still reliant on creative inputs. I’d imagine it most. ideas and execute them?

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Digital Transformation & Content Marketing Technology

Contently - Strategy

It’s no secret that technology is changing the very fabric of business today. With thousands of MarTech tools on the market, it’s difficult to keep up with the content marketing technology needed to strategize, create, optimize, and measure content. Content Marketing Technology: A New Way Forward.

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Four Ways to Stay Curious & Creative in Our Digital World

Deirdre Breakenridge

The role of technology in our digital age is more apparent than ever. So, how do you stay creative when you are inundated with so many different platforms to promote your ideas? As a millennial who has grown up surrounded by technology, I have felt how its presence can damper our individuality. Visit a Bookstore.