6 storytelling lessons from the ‘NBA Bubble’

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Consider these insights from a rookie player as he invites fans to look at life inside of the isolation zone at Walt Disney World and the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. Show off your brand’s family. That can better power your content and expand your brand’s reach.

Twitter apologizes for misusing data, Dick’s Sporting Goods mulls ditching all guns, and why employers must support mental health

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5 Twitter gaffes brand managers should avoid. However, plenty of Americans get their news from social media, and brand managers would do well to consider how they can deliver their messages on the platform without irking readers. Dick’s Sporting Goods considers pulling all firearms from shelves. Related reading: Dick’s Sporting Goods doubles down on removing guns from stores.


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The winners and losers from Super Bowl LV: Brand edition

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After a season rife with disruptions from the COVID-19 crisis, punctuated by a limited attendance and many brands foregoing their big airtime plays this year, it was a remarkable evening to cap the National Football League season.

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4 storytelling lessons from Pixar

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Whether you’re shooting a company video or writing up a press release, one word sums up today’s communications: storytelling. This year Pixar, partnering with the online education provider Khan Academy, began offering a free video series on the art of storytelling. There are few organizations in the world that can claim more expertise when it comes to storytelling than Pixar,” TechCrunch noted. Still, a simple question lies at the heart of storytelling: “What if…?”

Microsoft Stories: Best brand storytelling site on the web?

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This is high, high quality brand storytelling folks. Microsoft may have figured out the key to fantastic brand storytelling–and I think it goes something like this… Your employees = personal stories. Many brands write these kinds of executive and employee stories. But, they frequently fail to let that human side of the story come through because they’re so worried about promoting the brand. Forget about the brand for a moment.

As brands rethink Super Bowl engagement, what stands out for consumers?

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Many of the traditional big players are sitting out this year’s event, but research shows that some brand awareness is already baked in for longstanding advertisers. sporting event? And Anheuser-Busch is still airing ads for other brands such as Bud Light and Michelob Ultra.

4 ways to boost your storytelling magic

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We all know that storytelling carries power in communications. RELATED: Join us for the Brand Storytelling and Content Marketing Conference at The Coca-Cola Company. ]. She cites the farewell column by Rick Reilly, a former Sports Illustrated writer. They were immediately hooked, recounting racist incidents they had faced. Chen had engaged their attention, she says, but the emotion was all wrong. She was connecting but not inspiring.

Lessons from ancient Greece - Aristotle on storytelling


Aristotle’s Framework for storytelling Next to the three big ingredients for a story mentioned above, Aristotle thought of a valuable framework for stories also. Their brand story has a particular setting that is vital to their identity: founder Blake Mycoskie was travelling through poor parts of Argentina when he thought of the idea for his business, he felt the need to help. This also goes for your brand story, blog post or video. Pity, Fear and Catharsis.

4 Brands Running Successful Brand Journalism Programs


Your audience is looking for stories, and the ones that resonate with them will generate leads and drive results for your brand. But is your brand telling the right story? For your brand’s content to be successful, you need to implement brand journalism. Through a combination of journalistic storytelling and brand strategy, brand journalism spreads awareness of your brand and influences purchasing decisions.

Social Media and Sports Trends and Teams to watch for College Football Season

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Some of the hardest and most dedicated professionals who are working in social media are the college sports teams in digital and social media. Tennessee: Consistent brand voice with visuals. Both their posts and IG stories are consistently branded, professionally designed, and aligned with their brand voice and culture. Oregon State: Branded content w/ fresh POV of uniform unveiling. Colorado State: Owning their story with branded show.

6 Resources That Will Make You a Better Storyteller

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Storytelling is a hot topic in the communications industry these days. They humanize giant corporations and make brands relatable to customers. Thankfully, there are resources that can make the process a little easier to make you a great storyteller. Pixar’s storytelling rules. As any writer can attest, this is often the hardest part of the storytelling process. Get some help from the experts; check out some TED talks about storytelling.

Creative executions and experiential storytelling: A #SMprof experiences College Gameday

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engaging in discussions about social media and sports, and talking all about football and shoes. Well, I was able to participate in a few different events related to several brands and teams I admire and respect, but I also was able to help create content to share with the #SMSports community. Adidas is one of my favorite brands not only for their shoes, but the people they have as part of their community. Sports Social Strategy & Community Management Manager.

Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values

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Research suggests consumers want organizations to take a stand, but a high-profile position can turn your brand into a lightning rod. However, an organization can quickly defuse the situation and wait for social media’s Sauron-like eye to move on with a strong response and building a strong brand reputation. Starbucks has had years of practice responding to polarized criticism of its brand. That’s the true mark of a brand value: what a company is willing to risk.

Storytelling Returns to Marketing

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I have been noodling over this topic for a while but a couple pieces of communications caught my attention in the past week which are prime examples of the power of storytelling. The first was LeBron James’ “ essay” in Sports Illustrated. ABC News | ABC Sports News. Before the other day, I never thought for a second about the sustainability of my favorite skinny jeans, but it’s now on my radar – though I don’t think I have ever worn any brand other than Levi’s.

More on PR2020: social media activism, internal comms resurgence, storytelling and professionalism

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There were some clear misses in my original essay: social media activism, internal communications, storytelling and professionalism in PR. Social media activism: brands don’t listen In 2012 Steve Earl and I wrote a book called Brand Anarchy. Brand shaming has become commonplace. It is almost a sport on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Twitter has recognised that brand trolling has become such an issue that it is rolling out moderation tools.

Amazon, Instacart and other essential workers strike, Disney offers branded face masks, and Deloitte shares crisis recovery tips

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Register here to learn about data-informed storytelling from Kaye as well as speakers from AdCouncil, Twitter, AMEC, Forbes, CHG Healthcare, Southwest Airlines, Twitter and more. Disney creates branded face masks. Other companies such as Fanatics are selling branded face masks, featuring images such as sports teams logos. Proceeds from Senators-branded face masks to go to Food Banks Canada #ottnews [link].

Branding Together: Inside Influencer-Targeted Events From Don Julio and Princess Cruises


The two events — “ Neon Carnival ,” presented by Levi’s and Don Julio Tequila; and a Princess Cruises dining experience and storytelling workshop with chef Curtis Stone — illustrated the varied approaches that big brands are taking to create sharable experiences and engage their most sought-after social media influencers. The strategy was to insert the brand into a large gathering of influencers who were already in the mood to celebrate.

Sports organizations respond to Jacob Blake shooting, Coca-Cola offering 4,000 voluntary job cuts, and Girl Scouts offers its members new looks

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Sports leagues postpone games, practices after Jacob Blake shooting. Other sports organizations soon followed the NBA’s lead. Learn from 10 of the biggest brand messages in our special report, “ Organizational responses to Black Lives Matter.”

Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

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Dick’s Sporting Goods doubles down on removing guns from stores. A whopping 46% of consumers tell us they are more likely to try new brands than they were five years ago; a clear signal to a trend we should expect to intensify. How can brand managers build loyalty with their audiences? million for the rights to the word “We” to brand the holding firm that held WeWork.

How to Build Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

Contently - Strategy

By 2017, he’d built a billion-dollar brand. It established Dollar Shave Club as a funny, irreverent, bold, and most importantly, helpful brand. Brands love to talk about going viral; Dubin actually did it. The brand’s success was about more than just going viral or getting lucky. Like other companies that have mastered content marketing, Dollar Shave Club had a clear mission, audience research, a unique voice, and high-quality storytelling.

‘MSNBC Mom’ goes viral, Nestle goes vegan (sort of), and brand managers support #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values. Brian Pittman spoke with Cisco’s senior social media and talent brand manager, Carmen Collins, about how to advocate for bigger social media budgets. Brand managers voice support on #WorldMentalHealthDay. Twitter apologizes for misusing data, Dick’s Sporting Goods mulls ditching all guns, and why employers must support mental health.

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Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to drop name, Facebook restores news content in Australia, and 71% of execs worry disinformation will be weaponized

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” … “I think we’re in a day and age in this country where it’s time for both corporations and team sports to retire the use of Native American names, images and mascots from their products, team jerseys and sports in general,” Chief Hoskin said in his statement.

Free White Paper! Build a Brand Journalism Program


So how can you create content that will spread awareness of your brand and drive sales? The key is brand journalism, a subtle form of storytelling that benefits both your brand and your audience. Through brand journalism, you can strengthen your reputation, attract the attention of your audience and influence their purchasing decisions. While traditional journalists seek to inform and educate, brand journalism aims to engage audiences and increase brand impact.

5 Brands That Earned Our Trust in 2018

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Knowing that people are skeptical about what they see—especially what’s shared online— how did brands create content and campaigns this year that encouraged people to believe in them? Faced with audiences that were predisposed not to trust them, a few brands stood apart from the rest. In August, the fitness clothing brand Athleta launched their “Stay in the Game” campaign, which encouraged young teen girls to stay involved with sports. Brand

The Power Of Creativity In PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In today’s atmosphere of continuous communications from a multitude of channels, PR people (and their marketing peers) must come up with original approaches to storytelling to break through the noise. Creativity helps express company values in a distinct brand voice. Momondo started an important conversation by espousing its bold, positive values — through entertaining storytelling. Creative PR helps B2B brands be accessible.

Which brands are scoring big at the World Cup?

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The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event to hit the media all year. Many companies are looking for opportunities to align their marketing and branding strategies with the global soccer phenomenon. RELATED: Join us in San Jose for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Intel ]. Chinese companies, in particular, are buying more ad time and real estate than ever before to keep up with the trend.

ESPN, Discovery Education, Ketchum among the winners in Corporate Social Responsibility awards

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As VP of corporate citizenship, he exceeded his 2020 goal of enabling 1 million kids’ access to sports by reaching 1.7 Under Martinez, ESPN enhanced its relationships with sports leagues, sponsors and other business partners.

What Professional Communicators Can Learn From Oscar Acceptance Speeches


But beyond being simply entertaining and memorable, Academy Award speeches can also offer a lesson in both public speaking and personal branding, says Rob Biesenbach , presentation expert, actor and author of “Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results.” Storytelling is what acting is all about, and it’s what people respond to and remember the most. It was “on brand,” as cynical as that may sound.

Social media lessons from BarkBox’s campaign for the NFL’s big game

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Alexis Nelson, social media manager for Bark, the parent company for BarkBox, breaks down the team’s approach to joining the conversation online for Super Bowl LV and how other brands can think about joining a trending topic on social media. Any sport becomes a convoluted game of fetch.

Barstool Sports founder’s anti-union rant, Philly and VW ads banned in the UK, and Kohl’s partners with Facebook to reach millennials

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Good morning, PR pros: Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s anti-union rant has gone viral , making the rounds across social media platforms, as well as in headlines. The Guardian reported : In the ad for Philadelphia, the Mondelez-owned cream cheese brand, two new dads were shown eating lunch at a restaurant where food circulated on a conveyor belt. Instead, consider the growing call for diversity and inclusion in brand voice and messaging.

During COVID-19, some business owners are their own worst enemy

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Cineworld is a brand whose reaction sticks out for all the wrong reasons. We’ve seen a number of other brands garner negative attention for their handling of the situation, with the insensitive message to “go and get a job at Tesco” from Tim Martin at Wetherspoons, and Sports Directs’ Mike Ashley boasting of business as usual and vowing to flout guidelines by remaining open. It’s not just household names and global brands, but smaller companies too.

LinkedIn lays off 960 employees, Marriott and Hyatt announce mask requirement, and Walmart to close for Thanksgiving

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Also: Amazon delays its #PrimeDay, Twitter reveals marketing and engagement opportunities with sports fans, Twitter cracks down on conspiracy theories, and more. Sports are back. By looking at the talk on Twitter, brands can find the best ways to connect and be part of this epic moment.

Facebook bets on video with new tools, Twitter to shut down Periscope, and Ally Bank offers New Year’s babies $250

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Also: Eventbrite reports virtual events are helping people thrive during uncertainty, Wisconsin sports teams partner for social good, Innocent Drinks’ holiday contest, and more.

The Gap deletes post-election tweet, ‘Baby Shark’ becomes most-watched YouTube video, and Snapchat adds follower counts

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The New York Times reported : A representative for Gap, which has been working to increase the relevance of its brand, said the sweatshirt was not actually for sale and that the image had been created for social media.

Emmy Awards go virtual, Hearst Magazines staff vote to form union, and more retailers to close for Thanksgiving

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Also: Domino’s Australia and New Zealand face backlash for ‘Karen’ campaign, Instagram account calls out brands’ lack of diversity, how marketing budgets are shifting, and more. Doing so can help stakeholders adjust to changes and increase both trust and your brand reputation.

MGM Resorts cuts 18,000 jobs, NBA teams to offer arenas as voting locations, and 78% of B2B marketers say prospects rely on influencers’ opinions

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Hello, communicators: Many celebrities, athletes, brand managers and more issued their condolences and shared memories of Chadwick Boseman during the weekend. Concerts, sports and awe-inspiring entertainment remain on our horizon.”.

The New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin, UPS makes uniform policy more inclusive, and NFL’s Houston Texans fires female PR head

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Why it’s important: With increasing pressure to cultivate diverse and equitable workplaces with inclusive company cultures, organizations must react quickly to crises that could put those efforts—and the brand’s reputation—at risk.

24 great B2B and B2C brand journalism sites

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All three are examples of a trend that has accelerated in the past six years: brand journalism sites. Why practice brand journalism? Ragan Communications chief executive Mark Ragan, a former national political reporter and an early advocate of brand journalism, offers his philosophy : Stop begging the media, and become the media yourself. But brand journalism works only if your story is credible, is helpful to the reader and eschews all corporate-speak and jargon.

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How podcasts offer new audiences during the pandemic

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Brands and organizations that create content-rich podcasts can transport their audiences out of COVID-land, earning their deep trust and loyalty in the process. Among the most popular podcast genres are comedy, news, politics, science, arts, sports, and business. Episodic storytelling.

Don’t be a #PRFail: 5 common pitch fumbles to avoid

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It’s about what your brand or client has to offer that is of value to the journalist’s audience. It’s not enough to know that a journalist covers sports. Marketing Media Relations PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing