An Ethical, Decision-Making Model to Consider


Bowen , now an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina, found in 2002.

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Little-known facts about Google

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In 2002, Google added Klingon as a language option. You probably didn''t know Google''s original name was Backrub. It was inspired by the system''s method of using back links to find and rank pages.

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Medical recruiter uses social media newsroom as central hub for communicating with multiple audiences


Formed in 2002, ID Medical works with over 90% of NHS trusts, in addition to private medical organisations. Their recruitment offering spans doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals.

Content Marketing Can’t Just Be a Top-Funnel Activity

Contently - Strategy

”) to digital transformation (“OMG how do we stop acting like it’s 2002?”) Good journalists and good marketers have something in common: They’re obsessed with understanding their audience so they can help people learn something new.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Named after the PBS show “Austin City Limits,” the festival started in 2002 as a one-weekend event, featuring 67 bandsand live performers and 25,000 attendees. Beginning this weekend, the capital of Texas will be rocking.

Boris Johnson and what brands can learn from him

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An incomplete list of Mr. Johnson’s gaffes: 2002: Wrote that the Queen enjoys visiting Africa ‘partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies’ and that when Tony Blair went there ‘the tribal warriors will all break out in watermelon smiles.’.

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Fiat Chrysler issues brief, dry release about record-breaking fine

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To fix it, Chrysler issued a recall to install a trailer hitch for 1993 to 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2002 to 2007 Jeep Liberties.

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NGINX engages Firefly Communications Group to drive EMEA presence

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The NGINX open source project started in 2002 and was formally created as a company in 2011. NGINX, Inc.,

Behind the Headlines With Laura Braden Quigley


When I started back in 2002, we were still faxing press releases and op-eds to newsrooms. Your audience cares more about who you are and what you stand for than what your brand does.

Join #PRStudChat on March 22nd for a Chat on How to Build Relationships Through Content

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As President and Founder of Affect , a public relations, marketing and social media agency, Sandra has successfully led the company with consistent growth since the agency’s inception in 2002. Content gets your audience’s attention.

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Bold Personal Branding for Brave Women | Enhance Your Image & Influence


Announcing a new program. Bold Personal Branding for Brave Women. If you had a chance to change your fate, would you? Join us for a transformative evening at Chico’s in downtown Naperville.

What marketers can learn from Alfred Hitchcock

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By 2002, the video-renting giant had more than 8,000 retail stores, but faced increasing competition from Netflix. It can be hard to take a risk after years of success, but the legendary filmmaker epitomized why it’s important to keep changing. Here’s why you should never stand still.

Spotify Playlists to Help You Focus

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A study conducted in 2002 had children ages seven to 10 listen to calm music and then aggressive music while taking a test. You’re at your work desk and it’s chaos all around you. Your team is under a tight deadline to finish a crucial campaign. How do you even begin to focus?

The Four Dot Ellipsis Mystery

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If you use a three dot ellipsis (without parentheses or brackets) to remove words at the end of the sentence, it would theoretically look like this: “Doctor Spin is a PR blog… It was launched in 2002.” It was launched in 2002.”

Gawker to pay Hulk Hogan $31 million in settlement

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Denton founded Gawker in 2002, and it is widely credited for defining the voice of internet-gossip journalism. In a blog post published on Medium this week, embattled Gawker founder Nick Denton wrote, “The saga is over.”.

Behind the Headlines With Imelda Suriato


The last one was in 2002. Photo by Paul Morejón Studio. Brands need to connect with their audiences through effective communication. But how will you send the right message if you don’t know what consumers want?

What is Investor Relations?

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Investor relations as a formal discipline has been around as long as publicly traded companies, but became much more important in the United States in 2002. What is investor relations? How does investor relations relate to public relations?

The secret to writing successful content

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Author, lecturer and historian David McCullough identified the crucial writing skill in an article published in the July/August 2002 issue of “Humanities”: “Writing is thinking. What do you think is a content writer’s most important asset? An encyclopedic vocabulary?

Critical Mention Adds International Online News to Industry’s Largest Content Set

Critical Mention

Founded in 2002, Critical Mention is headquartered in New York City. NEW YORK, OCTOBER 8, 2017 — Critical Mention integrates massive amount of international online news feed into its full-service media monitoring and measurement platform.

LexisNexis Implements Critical Mention’s Broadcast Media Monitoring API

Critical Mention

Founded in 2002, Critical Mention is headquartered in New York City. NEW YORK, October 17, 2017 – LexisNexis has chosen Critical Mention, a full-service media monitoring company, to bolster the real-time television and radio broadcast coverage in its media intelligence solution.

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The 5 Myths About Bulgarian Employer Branding

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When in 2002 I was among the authors of Bulgaria's first Ethical Business Standard and I was traveling the country to promote it and explain it, mainly in small towns the most common question was what “ethical business” actually is.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy Speaker Presentation Guide


A digital marketing pioneer, Barbara launched her first site in 1996, produced Chicago’s first sold out writing for the web conference in 2002, began blogging in 2006 at [link] , co-founded Social Media Club’s Chicago chapter in 2008 and was selected by Nokia as one of two social media experts to represent the U.S. To get you ready to launch or upgrade your influencer marketing campaigns, here's my Influencer Marketing Days Speaker presentation guide.

Firefly braves the cold at Byte Night 2016

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Funnily enough, the Firefly team first supported Byte Night fourteen years ago in 2002 during its fifth year. Last Friday, three of the Firefly team slept outside in a park. No, this wasn’t a vastly over-running planning session or pitch preparation. Instead, we were delighted to join the Action for Children team and many, many others in raising money to help end youth homeless at Byte Night 2016.

Mailing Away Your DNA

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For instance, what if police were to use genetic information to predict those likely to commit crime, along the lines of the 2002 sci-fi thriller Minority Report ?

Look up, don’t look down. Think ‘reputation in the round’

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I wish I’d known that in 2002 but it was still a useful learning in 2012. Many years ago, a colleague once asked me why I walked through the office staring at the floor. At the time, the truth was, I was struggling to resolve a particularly challenging problem and I was inward-looking. Ever since then I have made a conscious effort to look up and look around for inspiration.

#InnovateNow With Sandra Fathi: The Merits of ‘Controlled’ Failure


As President and Founder of Affect , a public relations, marketing and social media agency, Sandra has successfully led the company with consistent growth since the agency’s inception in 2002. The proliferation of owned media. The democratization of voice through social.

The 5 C’s of mastering media interviews

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If I told you that I founded my company in 2002, you probably won’t remember that by the time this sentence ends. There are many situations where “be yourself” is good advice—but during a reporter interview is not one of them.

The Four Dot Ellipsis Mystery

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If you use a three dot ellipsis (without parentheses or brackets) to remove words at the end of the sentence, it would theoretically look like this: “Doctor Spin is a PR blog… It was launched in 2002.” It was launched in 2002.”

3 former PR pros who made mid-career shifts and lived to talk about it

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Fall of 2002. Since the fall of 2002. “I’m done with agency life. It’s too many hours, too stressful and I have other things I’d like to do.” ” It’s a conversation I’ve had with more than a few friends and colleagues over the years.

What courage can do for your brand

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Perhaps this, though, was his most spot-on prediction, according to a 2002 interview from The New York Times: “Music itself is going to become like running water or electricity.”. Brand values can influence an organization’s destiny.

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6 ways to boost your SEO for Google’s new algorithms

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In 2002, when Jarboe first delved into SEO, 80 percent of success was technical. Editor's note: This story is taken from Ragan Communications' distance-learning portal Ragan Training. The site contains hundreds of hours of case studies, video presentations and interactive courses.

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Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


Courtney Lukitsch is the Principal and Founder of Gotham Public Relations Inc, located in New York City since 2002, and is a media and marketing strategist responsible for hundreds of noteworthy brand launches and successful national & global Marketing PR campaigns. This news article was written by Courtney Lukitsch, Founder and Principal at Gotham PR in New York and London.

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Lessons for critical communications from the Sochi Olympics

Melissa Agnes

I have been supporting the communications goals of many of our Olympic athletes since the Salt Lake games in 2002. By Garth Rowan, Communications Consultant and member of the Agnes + Day Crisis Intelligence Team. When bad things happen, some of us rise and some fall.

Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer: Trust continues to slide

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Each year that the trust barometer is conducted, Edelman identifies the key theme on which the results seem to turn, such as “Fall of the Celebrity CEO” (2002), “Trust Shifts from Authorities to Peers” (2005), and “Trust in Crisis” (2017).

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A font of historical context for 7 popular typefaces

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Myriad was Apple’s corporate typeface from 2002 to 2017. We take typefaces for granted, rarely changing the default fonts that come with our software, web browsers or devices.

Managing the Narrative: Investor Relations Officers and Corporate Disclosure


The lionshare I have read (or snoozed through) are invariably based on share price and volume juxtaposed against some activity calculated with a painful equation built on old data i.e. “earning share price from 2002 to 2008 and the impact of XYZ.” Academic whitepapers regarding investor relations tend to disappoint me.

How many of these banned books have you read?

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For wordsmiths, the idea of banning books might seem offensive. While conducting research for his high-school English class, my son discovered that some of his favorite childhood books were on the Top 10 banned and challenged books list. His incredulous response was: “’Captain Underpants’—really?”.

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Behavioral science – why a base understanding of it can be useful in PR

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The 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Daniel Kahneman for his study of the psychology of how humans make economic decisions when faced with uncertainty.

Zignal Labs Integrates Critical Mention For Expanded Broadcast Media Coverage

Critical Mention

Founded in 2002, Critical Mention is headquartered in New York City. SAN FRANCISCO, June 23, 2017 — Zignal Labs today announced it has integrated Critical Mention’s industry-leading television media data, broadening access to the full media spectrum for media intelligence and insights across the enterprise.

5 marketing lessons from Disney to emulate

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We've all seen signs that say "Hepburn's Hats, est. 2002." The Walt Disney Company is a juggernaut. Obviously. With its recent acquisition of Star Wars and Marvel Comics, Disney is attempting to own the rights to every bit of your childhood nostalgia.