Could It Be? Is PR Becoming Unnecessary?

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As we get more involved in the daily business happenings of C-level types, we ask tons of relevant questions and provide serious knowledge. Make the curious see for a change how you hold the keys to knowledge.

5 Content Pitfalls in Fast-Growing Businesses

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Not utilizing the knowledge and experts you have. Tap into the knowledge base in your organization and use it to create compelling content that meets the needs of your audience.

Even More Social Media Experts Weigh In with Top-Notch Advice


Kate Harvey, content & search marketing manager of Chargify , has great advice for bringing influencers to your side: “Answer their questions via social to build relationships with influencers, and put your knowledge in front of their followers and yours.”.

The Most Important PR Measurement Tool You’re Not Using


“When you talk about tracking user behavior on the web…at the base level everyone put a Google Analytics tag on each page of their site and they could see what page got the most traffic and where people were coming from.

PR 101: How to Pitch The New York Times


Cision’s Media Research team reaches out to thousands of journalists each day in an effort to enhance our knowledge base. It’s best to demonstrate your knowledge of the paper and the journalist you’re pitching by going the extra mile to sell your pitch.

SHIFT Shares: Websites to Help You Stay Smart

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Check them out below and start building up your knowledge base. Harvard Business: Working Knowledge. I’m constantly in awe of my coworkers. They’re some of the smartest people I know, and spending 9+ hours a day with them is a constant reminder of that.

What is the Difference between VILT and eLearning?

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Alongside this key benefit, with VILT, the instructor also has the flexibility to assess the knowledge base of participants and cater the content to best serve them in real-time, enhancing learning outcomes. Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) and eLearning are online educational forums that companies have been successfully using for decades to reduce costs and improve learning and development outcomes.

AMA Q&A: Marketer’s Confidence, Leadership Opps & Pokémon Plays


Interestingly, one of the components of the Confidence Index is the knowledge void and lack of empathy among senior management as to how rapidly marketing has evolved and how it can contribute to the enterprise. It should be a real blast for anyone looking to improve their knowledge base.

Guest Post: How Social Media Has Helped Me in The Process of Declaring a Major

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The biggest advantage of social media is that it allows us to interact with others who have common interests and knowledge. A Guest Post by April Pensa, Student, Marist College. A common misconception is that most college students enter their freshman year already having their major declared.

In the PR World, Technical Writers Need Apply

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As a result, a tech firm’s customer base crumbles and so does the company. And customers want to self-serve with the resources such as knowledge base articles and FAQs those technical writers provide.

PR 101: Five Tips for Pitching USA Today


Cision’s Media Research team reaches out to thousands of journalists each day in an effort to enhance our knowledge base. Getting coverage in the most widely circulated newspaper in the country is no easy feat, but the powerful reach of USA Today makes it a highly desirable target for PR professionals. To cut through the clamor of the thousands of pitches and press releases received by the staff of Gannett’s flagship paper, consider the following tips.

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Monday Roundup: Blogging for Veterans

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Quick tip: build a multi-media knowledge base. You should check out what she’s doing with Social Strata, especially if you are looking to build and manage an online community, but I just loved this post about building a knowledge base. Based in the Washington, D.C.,

#SoloPR Topic Chat: Your Career Track as an Entrepreneur

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As a consultant, it’s important to pursue opportunities for increasing your knowledge base and building upon your skills to help keep them fresh and your mind sharp. The growth question is one that all successful entrepreneurs face at some point in their business.

4 ways I’d sell this year’s MIMA Summit to my boss (if I had to)

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Here are four I would sell my boss (if I had one) on this year’s MIMA Summit: I will expand my knowledge base. OK, so I’m going to write this post like I would if I were trying to sell my boss on sending me to MIMA Summit.

What you should pack in your crisis communicator ‘go bag’?

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Trust departmental instincts to identify the best knowledge base in key groups. Silicon Valley has become synonymous with a rather distasteful piece of jargon: “disruption.”. While it’s certainly evocative of the tech industry’s habit of shaking up stable markets and producing perpetually fluid futures , it’s also descriptive of what locals expect from the very ground they walk on. Silicon Valley is earthquake country.

Behind the Headlines With Laura Braden Quigley


My knowledge base is a mile wide and a foot deep – just enough to be dangerous. Your audience cares more about who you are and what you stand for than what your brand does.

Extending the Life of Your Media Mentions


Do you have a knowledge base or support website? You work really hard to earn high-quality media mentions, only you see them lose visibility very quickly. You get an initial jolt then watch the piece slip down the Google rankings until it’s buried. And where’s the best place to hide a dead body? The second page of a Google search! So, what’s a PR pro suppose to do to keep our high-value media mentions evergreen?


Relationship advice for PR practitioners

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The relational perspective of public relations offers a good body of knowledge regarding the concept of organization-public relationships, albeit drawing on other fields such as marketing, organizational theory, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication (see Julia Jahansoozi’s excellent review ). They reference a vital “knowledge acquisition ecosystem”, and relationships are an important way in which culture and practice is developed and corrected.

#INBOUND17 HubSpot Product Updates—Beyond MAP & CRM

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Help customers help themselves with a native knowledge base. In efforts to double down on quality content and performance, HubSpot did an experiment based on the Pareto Principle—i.e. HubSpot’s Latest Product Updates Connect Marketing, Sales & Service.