Reference Rules of the Road, Rigorous, Reliable, Respectable and Repeatable

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Who and what references can you provide that will help seal the deal and pave the way towards the job offer that has had you in the waiting room for what appears to be a lifetime. References are critical to bringing to a close your search for your next gig.

Coke pulls Fanta ad which refers to 1940 Germany as 'good old times'

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While World War II may have spawned the “greatest generation” in the United States, these weren’t exactly what anyone would refer to as “good old times” in Germany. Fanta was created 75 years ago in Germany, which would place its birth right around the peak of Nazism in that country.

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Bloomingdale's apologizes for 'date rape' reference in holiday ad

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If Bill Cosby’s downfall has taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t put things in peoples’ beverages without their knowledge or consent. Apparently Bloomingdale’s didn’t get the memo.

Wired goof replaces Trump's name with reference to hand size

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The size of Trump's hands (which, at the risk of taking a stand on one of the major political controversies of our day, look normal to me) have been a subject of jokes since the now-defunct Spy magazine long ago referred to him as a "short-fingered vulgarian.".

Rubio’s appeal to youth includes TV references, Snapchat, emojis

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Marco Rubio, R-Florida, became the latest candidate to announce a bid for the presidency Monday, and his big pitch focused squarely on young voters. Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday,” he said, indirectly referencing Hillary Clinton. But yesterday is over, and we are never going back.”. Rubio went on to describe his children’s generation as “the most important generation in American history.”.

Survivor Continues to Live Up to Its Name

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The show is so embedded in the American consciousness that it has spawned a series of cultural references we would not have without it. While it wasn’t the first reality show to land on television , it has been one of the most popular, and it certainly has staying power.

The Pros Weigh In: The Best Books for the Marketer on Your List


Most useful offline reference resource: Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi. Most Useful Offline Reference Source: The Heart of Yoga, by T.K.V. Yoga practice guides Kathi (wise woman) so she picked The Heart of Yoga as her go-to reference book.

#DataTalk: Harnessing Big Data to Propel PR


Does anyone else feel like everywhere they turn there is some reference to Big Data? While that statement may be steeped in a bit of hyperbole, there is some truth to it. Big Data really is impacting every industry and what’s better, it’s rocking the PR world in a ridiculously awesome way. PR pros have […]. All About Tech big data DataTalk Experian PR PR education public relations

10 Annoying Grammar Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Just About Anything


I often refer to Grammar Girl (or my handy Canadian Press Style Guide ) to avoid common pitfalls of punctuation, capitalization and other grammatical fundamentals. Bonus tip: “Myself” is only used when you’ve already referred to yourself in a sentence.

Step-By-Step Guide to Measuring PR with Google Analytics


With Google Analytics, you get hard data to use as a valuable reference for your campaigns. PR is no longer a shot in the dark. This comprehensive step-by-step guide will walk you through GA. The post Step-By-Step Guide to Measuring PR with Google Analytics appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Whitepapers Google Analytics PR SEO

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We Asked Today’s PR Influencers: What is #CreativePR?


Include customers: If you can include a quote from a customer or offer a customer to use as a reference, he or she can sing your praises, and again, strengthen the story. This is post 1 of our 5-part #CreativePR blog series.

How To Tell A (PR) Client They’re Wrong

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Reference specific experience. Once, after I offered unvarnished – and fairly negative – feedback to a prospective PR client about his company’s branding, an associate cautioned me for being so frank.

The Power of One Very Happy Customer

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Here’s the thing: When Just One Person is Enough In theory, you only need to reach one other person, as long as that person becomes a customer for life and refers one other equally dedicated customer each month. This article originally appeared on Idea Hunt.

Well, this is awkward…


Referral – someone who has worked with us before refers us to them. So funny story. Sort of. Has your email inbox felt a little colder over the last oh-sure–let’s-go-with “several” Sundays? We haven’t been there. And we said we would be. Our bad.

How Content Makes Loyal Fans: Part One

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Anyone considering doing business with your company moves along a particular path, often referred to as the customer journey. Every person that has an interaction with your brand – whether it’s good, bad or indifferent – forms a perception about your brand.

The Best Way to Handle Online Trolls: Engage Versus Ignore


Other 2 kids are fine,” the former referring to Lindy, the latter to her 2 siblings. Conventional wisdom suggests the best way to deal with online trolls is to ignore them.

The How and Why of PR Attribution


In advertising, impressions refers to the number of eyes an ad receives. Most marketers are obsessed with attribution—and with good reason: not only are they being held accountable for campaign performance, but they’re also on a mission to continually optimize that performance.

5 Ways Our Weekly FB Live Show Helped Grow Our Business & Our Work Culture

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After discussing multiple names, taglines and pop culture reference our weekly Facebook Live show, SocialLIVE, was born. One of the greatest results since starting our show is when applicants or new business leads reference it as a reason for contacting us!

Inbound Marketing is a New Paradigm

Doktor Spinn

Here’s a slide with a few examples to illustrate the difference: This way of drawing the line between those who know you and those who don’t know you is nothing new: In traditional marketing, this has been referred to as the difference between “push- and pull marketing.”

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Back to Basics: Press Release “Musts” To Check For Before You Submit


Many PR professionals are well-versed in the basics of writing news releases (for those of who you want a refresher, refer to our editorial guide – revisit our post, How to Build Successful News Releases ). By Angela Buna & Kait Fowlie].

6 Tips For Picking The Right PR Firm For You

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Don’t neglect references. Speaking to references isn’t a surefire solution, but it helps to raise red flags, if there are any.

Google Earns Positive PR On Diversity – Under Duress

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” He presses his case by saying that women “prefer jobs in social or artistic areas” while “more men may like coding” and – though professing to reject stereotypes – refers to a “higher drive for status” among men and a female dislike for long hours and stressful work.

7 Steps To Creating Customer Personas To Build Your Consumer Brand


Summarize all the information you’ve collected in a short document so you can easily refer to it when planning your next marketing campaign. Instead of referring to customers as consumers, encourage them to use the actual persona names you’ve developed.

Looking for your dream PR job? Five ways to become the right candidate today.

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This isn’t about having three references “on request,” but about knowing what skills you’ll need to add value years from now. Everyone dreams of that PR job - The One.

5 Reasons Why Communications Internships Are Extremely Beneficial


These people can lead to references, introductions and even best friends. The larger network you build, the more references, introductions, and best friends you will obtain. As a freshman marketing major in college, finding an internship was not easy.

8 sticky note walls to keep our team on track

Frederik Vincx

Initially we referred to them as “sections”, “themes”, or “categories”, which caused confusion at times. While I coached two student teams to build working software last month, during the Open Summer of Code , visitors were surprised to see that we externalized our work so much.

The Worst Stereotypes About PR People

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The term originated with the expression to “spin a yarn,” which isn’t a bad reference if you think about it. It’s a joke in our business that no one outside public relations really understands what we do.

4 Ways to Link Facebook Posts to Business Outcomes


Measurement of this kind is oftentimes referred to as “last-touch attribution.” Google lists some of the popular attribution models on its support site : Last Interaction – 100 percent attribution to last action (this is what I referred to as “last-touch”).

PR Pro Showcase: Michelle Garrett

Rock the Status Quo

Some of my former colleagues still refer business to me, even after all these years. One of my favorite things about my Twitter chat, #PRprochat, is that it brings smart new people into the spotlight, giving them a chance to shine and make new connections.

Are Stories Coming to Buzzfeed?

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If you’ve read my blog posts, you may have noticed that I reference Buzzfeed, like, a lot.

Optimizing Your Content in the New SEO Environment


These links still carry the value of delivering quality referring traffic like journalists and end users to the company newsroom,” she says. [By Aaron Broverman].

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The 20 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


Our job descriptions tells us what we’ll be responsible for in a given public relations or communications role, but we rarely reference the J.D. Most of us see what our jobs entail at the point of hire.

PR Tips On Being Quoted In The Media

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Don’t just refer to the congressional investigation; condemn it as a “political strip search.” As public relations professionals know, there are many different types of media interviews. Some are features based on in-depth contact with company representatives.

Landing Page Design: Rules of Thumb Your Boss Expects You to Know


Above the fold” comes from the newspaper business and refers to the top half of a broadsheet newspaper—basically the most important news of the day.

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Lin Pophal on the Evolving Role and Field of PR

Flack's Revenge

I definitely cautioned students in my university classes against using these types of sources as credible references in their papers/projects.

Does PR Have a Reputation Problem with the Media?

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When Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg took a trip to DC last week to assure politicians that Facebook was taking serious the claims about Russian meddling in our elections, it was referred to as a “PR Blitz” by The New York Times, which also mentioned in the NY Times article that the social network hired three crisis… Continued.

PRTech Is Evolving. Is Your PR Strategy?

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Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer: Initially, we started referring to “PRTech” because there wasn’t yet a way to bucket what we do. In a recent post , I suggested leveraging Nielsen’s research in order to create data-driven marketing and communications plans.

5 Traits of a Great Origin Story


It stays with us and becomes a frame of reference and a part of our truths. “I was a child prodigy and I only got better at it with age” is a really lousy way to start an origin story. It may feel great to say it.

Communicate From the Inside Then Out: Build Trust and Relationships Through Communications

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When the public or your staff demands "more transparency", this is often what they are referring to. When people talk about "communication is key", this is the type of philosophy and strategy they are referring to. The public should never receive information before your own staff.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for PR Professionals in 2016


A micro-moment refers to thoughts consumers have that can be fulfilled by taking an action online. Whether you’re a fan or not, New Year’s resolutions are a trending topic right now, to say the least.