Inspiring the Consumer: You Can’t Do That on Television

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How to Maximize Public Relations Placements


Whether it’s a television slot or an interview in a magazine, the right PR placements are a critical part of building brand awareness for any business. The post How to Maximize Public Relations Placements appeared first on 5W PR News and Updates, NY Public Relations Agency Blog.

Public speaking lessons from Judge Kavanaugh

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For Kavanaugh, the televised speech was an opportunity not only to set the tone for his confirmation process but to introduce himself to the American public. Political philosophies aside, Judge Kavanaugh gave a speech that offers several lessons for public speakers: Know the occasion.

4 Keys to Distributing Public Service Announcements


Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can be an excellent way to raise awareness for a nonprofit organization — to help bring their mission to life and drive intended actions to help support a cause. Although PSAs have been around since World War II and have been a tactical public relations mainstay for decades, the methods of distribution and best practices for PSAs have definitely evolved over the years.

#MediaMonday – Dan Spindle

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The Braaaaaaains of Zombie Public Relations


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4 Keys to Distributing Public Service Announcements

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Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can be an excellent way to raise awareness for a nonprofit organization — to help bring their mission to life and drive intended actions to help support a cause. It can take weeks of lead time before broadcast outlets air a public service announcement.

Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

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Timely, tailored, and fitting for both the journalist and the publication. In broadcast television, you had three choices – ABC, CBS or NBC. Today, are many more options both on the television – and on the web. It was a good pitch.

Volunteering – No Pain, No Gain

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3 Media Relations Tips for When Top-Tier Publications Seem Out of Reach


Consider trade outlets over top-tier publications. With publications like The New York Times , you have the potential to reach an audience numbering in the millions, which is precisely the problem. This is likely why they requested a top-tier publication in the first place.)

Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominations Announced

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The post Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominations Announced appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Last night, the best in the broadcast industry were honored at the Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominations Parties. Check out the full list of the 2017 nominees! Click below for more].

3 ways you can prepare for a public relations crisis

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Lately you can’t turn on the television, log in to social media or pick up a newspaper without noticing a company’s public relations crisis unfolding. Public Relations Featured Crisis PRPlanning proactively for potential crises with 3 key strategies. We have all seen what happens when a company isn’t prepared for an unexpected situation. It spirals out of control and creates a media storm of negativity.

Visual Search of TV Broadcasts – Detecting Logos and Other Objects of Interest


TVEyes has been working for some time to create a new service that meets the needs of national brands to know more about the appearance on television of their logos, products and people. Marketing Applications for Visual Search of Broadcast Television.

Brainstorming Tips for Your Public Relations Campaign

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Your being featured in a magazine, newspaper, television, or radio positions you as a professional in your field. Public relations allows you to reach your target market, build your audience, and solidify your brand. Blog Public Relations Campaign

Public relations versus publicity: What sets PR apart

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Public relations and publicity are often used interchangeably. Although PR and publicity are related, they are not the same thing. Here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition of publicity: · Something that attracts the attention of the public.

PR's responsibility to the public

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Though earning coverage is just one of many PR activities, the profound changes shaking the news business are good news for public relations. The time has come to take the “public” in public relations seriously. Can we give new meaning to the “public” in public relations?

Mary Meeker on the rise of the internet for marketing and public relations

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The report contains plenty of insight for anyone working in marketing or public relations. 4 Internet advertising set to pass television. Global spend on internet advertising is set to overtake television advertising in the next six months. These tools can be used to support marketing and public relations planning. #7 UGC is a powerful means of marketing or public relations. Public Relations internet Mary Meeker

Public relations tribes in the global village

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There is a recent tendency to divide public relations practitioners around their engagement with social media or digital communications – creating different tribes. There are upsides and downsides of digital technology, and its impact on public relations practitioners.

A Story About Two Guys Living On The Same Street: The ‘Publics’ In Public Relations And Why It Matters

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We must find our way back to the ‘publics’ in public relations. During the day, he reads dailies and weeklies on paper to which he adds some public radio on his commute back and forth from work. Think of it like this: There is no such thing as a general public.

Voice assistants: what you need to know for marketing and public relations

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Voice assistants can be used to serve media much like any other computing device, or indeed a radio or television. Revisiting the Turing test: challenges for public relations A critical aspect of voice technology is that it needs to be natural. A primer about Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and the opportunity for organisational communications.

How Marketing Has Changed

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To learn about a new product, a client would have to see it on television, or advertised on a magazine. 5WPR Brand PR Ronn Torossian PR Firm Pubilc Relations Public Relations Strategy

A Story About Two Guys Living On The Same Street: The ‘Publics’ In Public Relations And Why It Matters

Doktor Spinn

We must find our way back to the ‘publics’ in public relations. During the day, he reads dailies and weeklies on paper to which he adds some public radio on his commute back and forth from work. The “P” In Public Relations. Stories pr publics

Monitoring and evaluation: An essential part of a public relations strategy

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It is important that every public relations agency, or department, has a variety of monitoring tactics in place to ensure that they are able to measure the success of their public relations strategy. Here are some ways to monitor: Publicity clippings. Measuring public opinion.

How Sports #PR has Changed for the Better (Mostly)

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As with most fields in Public Relations, there is no arguing that social media is changing the game. Sports organizations would conduct their PR through traditional forms of media; newspapers, television, billboards, things like that.

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Six Ways Technology Has Disrupted Public Relations

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Because as television's favorite witchy woman is all too fond of saying, "The night is dark and full of terrors, none more horrifying than." PUBLIC RELATIONS DISRUPTION Category: Flack Me Summary: October's here, meaning it's that time of year again for scary monsters, super creeps, and. are your lights turned on? Are your doors locked?

Why public relations must wake up to wearables

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This year—partly thanks to the refrigerators that sent out their own spam emails, television sets sending unauthorised data into the cloud and smart LED bulbs leaking passwords as well as light—the conversation around wearable and connected devices has gained some traction.

Ethics and Accountability in Public Relations are Non-Negotiable

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For the record, I don’t watch the program regularly, mostly because I find just about everything about it repulsive to me, as a public relations professional now teaching the next generation/s of PR pros.). Because ethics and accountability in public relations are non-negotiable.

Survivor Continues to Live Up to Its Name

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While it wasn’t the first reality show to land on television , it has been one of the most popular, and it certainly has staying power. Public Relations BRANDING Celebrity PR Entertainment PR

Bridging PR and Sales Through Storytelling


movies, television, novels, etc.), PR Education GrowthBeat PR PR education PR tips public relations sales sales tips stories storytellingWhen it comes to influential forces, there are few as powerful as storytelling. While many equate storytelling with entertainment (e.g. the concept of compelling storytelling is now front and center in nearly every business conversation. In fact, it was a major theme during this year’s GrowthBeat conference. The business of storytelling […].

Behind the Headlines With Joanna Brahim


In this interview, Joanna discusses the ways television and entertainment brands have adapted to new audience consumption habits, what to do when a crisis hits and how to get started in the communication industry. My guiltiest pleasure is…binge watching mindless television.

Live Coverage Never Ends

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Live television coverage has always enthralled us and it is everywhere! The post Live Coverage Never Ends appeared first on HMA Public Relations. One of the live shows that Scott usually tunes into is called Live PD on A&E. Click below for more].

5 “Founding Fathers” Of PR

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As Father’s Day approaches, it’s a good time to remember the legendary figures who shaped modern public relations. It’s fascinating to chart the growth of public relations over the last century by looking at those who had the vision to create the industry.

PR Blast(off) from the Past: How NASA’s Apollo Program Shaped Public Relations and Innovation

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The nation sat fixed on the television as man set foot on the moon. Category: Flack Me Summary: July 20,1969. The social unrest of an entire country melted away as Americans saw man successfully go where no man had gone before. The distinct sense of community United States citizens felt during World War II was replaced by prosperity and individualism through the 1950s. Not until the success of the Apollo missions (specifically Apollo 11

Game of PR: What 'Game of Thrones' Can Teach You About Public Relations

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The popular television series, based on best-selling novels by author George R. Category: Flack Me Summary: Are you still staring wide-eyed at your TV in wonder from the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones? There’s no denying that this season was one of the greatest we’ve seen, and the last episode was on fire (or should I say, wildfire?) Martin, tells the story of different individuals and their quest

Digital Video to Kill TV by 2020?

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In a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show, YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl said, “Digital video will overtake television to become the single largest way people spend their free time before the end of this decade.”. Public Relations Advice BRANDING MARKETING Pubilc RelationsTV killed radio, so will digital video kill TV? Absolutely, say some market experts … and they are predicting a relatively quick death – by 2020.

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Preview of my PRSA Talk, "Hacking Public Relations"

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This Sunday, I will be delivering my talk " Hacking Public Relations " at the PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia. Friday5: Let’s Hack Public Relations. Everyone can agree that the complexity involved in public relations and marketing has skyrocketed.

8 PR Tools for B2B Thought Leadership

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Thought leadership is part of public relations best practices, and it’s particularly powerful in B2B and technology categories. PR Fish Bowl public relations B2B public relations brand reputation CEO visibility thought leadership

Top Must-Read Books For PR Professionals

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One of the smartest ways to keep producing high-quality public relations work is to keep reading – and not just work-related headlines or the clickbait on your Facebook page! The Platinum Age of Television by David Bianculli.

5 PR Horror Stories And The Lessons Learned

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With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to look at a new batch of gory public relations horror stories. We know of an agency that accidentally issued a press release with the word “public” misspelled throughout the release.

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#PRStudChat Discusses the Secret Nuances of Media Relations in 2017

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About Jason Mollica: Jason Mollica is the president of JRM Comm, an award-winning public relations and social marketing consultancy, located in a suburb of Washington, D.C. He formerly worked in television and radio in Philadelphia and New York City. In his past life, he served as a public relations guy for a motorsports complex, director of inbound partnerships for an inbound marketing agency and head of communications for a software startup.