8 Media Interview Mistakes To Avoid

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In the PR agency world , after weeks of fine-tuning messaging, crafting stories and pitching reporters, there’s no better feeling than landing a top media interview for a client. It signals that the overall public relations strategy is on the right track. Most importantly, of course, a media interview will lead to positive coverage – assuming it goes well. Nailing the interview, however, isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to technology PR opportunities.

Public Relations Plan - Prepare for the Interview

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When putting together your Public Relations Plan, preparing for the interview should be on your list. For television segments, see how that host does an interview. If it’s a print interview, read what they write. The more homework you can do to prepare, the better your interview will be. Be prepared to make sure you can weave that into the interview. It's Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. Free Publicity Friday


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Landing A Media Interview During COVID-19 Is One Thing; But Then What?

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The post Landing A Media Interview During COVID-19 Is One Thing; But Then What? Experts News And Experts Print Publicity Talk Radio TelevisionIn the last PR Insider, I shared with you some tips for reaching out to the media during the coronavirus crisis; tips that I had also discussed in a webinar I participated in titled “Authority Marketing in a COVID-19 World.”

Big Interview? Engage The Host And The Audience Will Take Care Of Itself

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You’ve been working on your publicity efforts, trying to land a radio or TV interview, and now the show is scheduled. PR Education Talk Radio Television marsha friedman Media Exposure Public Relations publicity firm talk radio tv interviewsIt’s finally happened! Since this is what you wanted, why are you starting to nervously ask yourself: What have I done? Jitters! Stage fright! Call it what you will, it’s perfectly normal to get […].

3 questions that can trip up your media interview

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In any given interview, a question may challenge your recall. Unless the interview is a challenging one or is hostile, the fact that you don’t know an answer shouldn’t provoke undue anxiety. This approach might not be enough if the reporter does not have the luxury of a follow-up interview, or the question concerns knowledge that you really should have had. Many interviewers will likely cease this line of questioning and move on to the next thought.

Preparing Media Interview Questions

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If you plan on doing regular, consistent media interviews - whether it’s television, radio, podcasts, or print - it’s a good idea to put together a list of potential questions that cover the basics of your business that any interviewer can use.

AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh


I believe each client begins at a different point on the PR spectrum … some need to start with blogs, online magazines and trades publications to perfect their narrative before moving to mainstream radio and television media outlets. The post AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh appeared first on AirPR. “Nail the elevator pitch.”.

Media interview tips: How to prepare for TV, radio and print media interviews

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When you’re asked to be interviewed in the media , it’s important to know that each medium – radio, TV and print – have specific requirements you should understand before the interview. Through understanding the unique requirements of each medium , you can put your best foot forward and have a successful interview that will benefit your business and your brand. Here are our top media interview tips for you to consider before your next media interview.

Doing a TV Interview From Home

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Television stations are still hosting interviews with experts who are home. In this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip, I show you how I’ve set up my living room for the interviews I’ve been doing. This makes you valuable to a television reporter. By providing the reporter with a great backdrop for their interview, and then you’re also prepared for the interview, they will want to have you back again.

Public Relations Review

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Now is the time to up-level your marketing plan by adding in free publicity. Most of you are already growing your visibility with social media and now by adding in free publicity, you’re making it all happen that much faster and to a much larger audience. In doing a public relations review, start with: have you ever landed media coverage before? One of my first interviews was in Examiner.com. The television stations need people to stay and watch the commercials.

Video Interview Etiquette to Avoid PR Mistake


That was true the first time it was said, and it’s exponentially truer in the days of digital marketing and online media, when a single interview – good or bad – can be played, indefinitely, on an endless loop, meaning people are “introduced” to new audiences all the time… a dynamic that is often out of their control. The rules for a successful TV or online video interview go all the way back to the first televised U.S.

9 journalistic interview tactics to identify and resist

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Some reporters use interview techniques that can catch corporate communicators off guard, resulting in replies they later regret. Sometimes remarks are reported by mistake if the interviewer, interviewee or both misunderstand when the off-the-record session ends. Consider everything, even post-interview banter, as being on the record. One last thing …” The reporter asks a pivotal question as she heads to the door after you thought the interview was over.

Expert interview – Scott Guthrie on PR in the Digital Age


He consults for public relations firms systemizing their approach towards influencer relations and works directly with companies helping them better articulate their business objectives along with what they stand for and then build a tactical path for realising these. He’s contributed chapters to several books on progressive public relations and writes regularly at www.sabguthrie.info. Too many public relations practitioners still think in terms of an online/offline world.

10 Social Media and Public Relations Tactics You Need to Know

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Social media and public relations might seem like an odd pair upon first inspection. Can public relations and social media really work together to bolster your business? How social media can help with public relations. How to prepare your social media profile to use for public relations. How to combine public relations and social media into one seamless strategy. How Social Media Can Help with Public Relations.

Thinking Critically with Robyn Stevens

Critical Mention

As owner of PR Media , a full-service public relations agency located in Philadelphia/New York area, Publicist Robyn Stevens has created innovative media and marketing strategies with her extensive industry knowledge and connections. We spoke to her about her views on public relations strategies and where she sees it heading in the future. Building a brand community and/or family on social media is now just as important as obtaining an interview in national magazine.

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The Key To Media Success Is Focusing On Their Needs, Not Yours

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As a result of their responses, let me share a few ideas on what you should be doing that will ingratiate you with journalists and increase your chances of publicity success: Pitch journalists via email. Be willing to do video interviews.

Book It! 8 PR Tips For Nailing TV Segments

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Yet television talk and news has been surprisingly resilient. Television is a visual medium, so use words to create a mental video the booker or producer will see in their mind’s eye as they read or hear the pitch. Crenshaw Communications imPRessions public relations Broadcast PR TV interviewAny good PR person knows that we consume news very differently than we did a decade ago, thanks to social media. Cable news, in fact, is booming.

How to prepare yourself to be a virtual expert resource

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As media outlets navigate COVID-19, many television and radio stations aren’t allowing in-studio guests for the near future. Learn more about how you can prepare for virtual interviews. The post How to prepare yourself to be a virtual expert resource appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Fink COVID-19 expert resource Media Training virtual interviews

Public relations versus publicity: What sets PR apart

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Public relations and publicity are often used interchangeably. Although PR and publicity are related, they are not the same thing. Here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition of publicity: · Something that attracts the attention of the public. Attention that is given to someone or something by newspapers, magazines, television news programs, etc. · PR pros might define publicity as news coverage , feature stories, executive interviews and speaking engagements.

How to Maximize Public Relations Placements


Whether it’s a television slot or an interview in a magazine, the right PR placements are a critical part of building brand awareness for any business. The post How to Maximize Public Relations Placements appeared first on 5W PR News and Updates, NY Public Relations Agency Blog. Media Relations Public Relations pr strategy strategyOne of the most important parts of any PR agency’s job is finding the right media coverage for their clients.

Putting Together A Public Relations Plan


Before you start making a public relations plan for your organization, decide who you want to impact with the plan. It’s not just about getting good publicity for an effective PR plan. It’s about getting the publicity that matters to your target audience. If you want to enhance your brand image with the public and specifically those who are your audience, how will you do that? Public Relations pr strategy

Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

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Timely, tailored, and fitting for both the journalist and the publication. In broadcast television, you had three choices – ABC, CBS or NBC. Today, are many more options both on the television – and on the web. Where the major daily newspaper – even the online version – was the single most influential local publication in any American city, today it’s just one among many. It was a good pitch.

Public Relations Tips: Grow to New Heights Fast in 2020

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Public relations , or PR, is the process of communicating with your public or audience. Public relations strategies and tactics center around different ways to connect with your audience. Most people focus on three main areas when trying to promote their business: advertising, content marketing , and public relations. Television and radio’s quick ads made it fall from favor for a few decades. An Earned Media Strategy: Public Relations.

3 Media Relations Tips for When Top-Tier Publications Seem Out of Reach


Consider trade outlets over top-tier publications. With publications like The New York Times , you have the potential to reach an audience numbering in the millions, which is precisely the problem. While readership numbers are lower than that of top-tier publications, trade outlets are a trusted source of information, and 100 percent of the content directly pertains to a particular industry. This is likely why they requested a top-tier publication in the first place.)

Why public relations must wake up to wearables

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In the end, I found myself dabbling with hindsight, thinking ahead to a few years from now, when the great and good will gather for the annual International History of Public Relations Conference and expound their views on how our profession dealt with one of its greatest challenges: The Internet of Everything and wearable technology. Strip search will take on a new and vastly more public dimension. In early July 2014, CIPR held a public debate around wearable technologies.

How You Sound Matters as Much as What You Say: 4 Voice Tips for #PR Pros

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Whether it’s a podcast, presentation, press conference, event, radio or television interview; vocal abilities matter in PR – though not many of us were born with a sonorous NPR-ready sound. Public Relations American University Jessica McClanahan PR Pro Tips public relations Voice TipsA Guest Post by Jessica McClanahan, Graduate Student, American University, PR Expanded Blog Contest Winner.

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Adapting Strategies for Effective Storytelling in the Social Media Era


With the tremendous growth of social media in recent years, the PR landscape is continuously evolving and causing public relations professionals to adapt to the 24/7/365 news cycle we now work in as well as the instant, viral nature in which news breaks and spreads. I’ve been at adidas America for over five years now, working my way up the ranks of the Public Relations department and now sitting in the Portland-based Newsroom.

How to Get Invited Back as a Guest Expert on TV

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You only get one first time at a television station. Every single interview I have done on television I have come early, prepared, and did a great segment for them. It’s very easy to become friends with the people there and that relationship goes a long way in your future career as a guest expert on television. How do you get that first appearance on television? It's Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. Free Publicity Friday

Getting on Local TV

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Many people aspire for national television but starting local is the best place to get your feet wet. You wouldn’t want to get your first big break on a national outlet and then bomb the interview. Testing the waters on local television is a a smaller audience and allows you start slowly and get comfortable with how a television interview really works. It's Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. Free Publicity Friday

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How to Improve PR Pitches to Hispanic Media Outlets

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An interview with Telemundo. Aided by those demographic trends, media outlets serving Hispanics have become a powerful channel for public relations. Spanish-language interviews tend to be more polite and longer in format. Image source: Wikimedia Commons. The U.S.

Behind the Headlines With Joanna Brahim


In this interview, Joanna discusses the ways television and entertainment brands have adapted to new audience consumption habits, what to do when a crisis hits and how to get started in the communication industry. Between continuing to push strong publicity campaigns around our programming and digital/OTT efforts and getting our executives even more visibility within the industry, the goal is to keep our core viewer engaged while evolving and appealing to a broader audience.

Do you need media coaching?

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Have you ever watched a televised interview where the interviewee responds to questions with ease, using a flowing, conversational tone? Or perhaps you’ve seen an interview where a company spokesperson seemed defensive and dodged questions using the phrase “no comment.” Some people are naturally exceptional public speakers, while others require significant training to become comfortable talking in front of large crowds.

Six Ways To “Hack” Your PR Program

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Despite becoming more data-driven in recent years, public relations is still a relatively low-tech business. It pays to go beyond widely available stats from public-domain sources; think instead about an inexpensive, single-question surveys to probe customer attitudes about an emerging issue. These contacts can be a gold mine of information and access, particularly when it comes to cracking morning television or top-tier print publications.

What PR Can Learn From “Money Monster”

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Anyone who has worked in public relations is familiar with the tension created by a live broadcast interview. The film, featuring a behind-the-scenes look at TV production, certainly surpasses the garden-variety anxieties that PR people are prone to, yet it also offers a reminder of on-camera interview do’s and don’ts. Don’t go on any interview show you haven’t watched. Forget the interviewer.

Entertainment & Sports Section New Member Spotlight


I was able to jump in there with the media relations and publication relations teams at a time the country was on fire with Olympic pride and the Olympic movement was more popular than ever. That’s probably our biggest thing in certainly public relations, and corporate communications as well. Mikolich is the Founder of npm | pr ( www.npmpr.com ) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Entertainment and Sports Section 2016 Chair.

How COVID19 has Changed B2B PR & Media Relations

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COVID-19 has certainly changed the way business-to-business (B2B) public relations and media relations is now conducted. B2B PR Media relations Public relations Uncategorized business-to-business covid COVID-19 PR

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5 PR Horror Stories And The Lessons Learned

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With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to look at a new batch of gory public relations horror stories. We know of an agency that accidentally issued a press release with the word “public” misspelled throughout the release. The public relations team is responsible for proofing and proofing again so that this type of error does not occur. Crenshaw Communications PR Fish Bowl public relations Halloween PR public relations

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Closing the loop with your media coverage


Did you keep a copy of the news article, or had you already told your connections in advance to watch the television to catch your seven seconds of fame? save your media coverage to mention during public presentations and pitches for work. Prakky public relations presentation at X-Pol. If you’re the guest at a radio studio, take a photo of yourself behind the mic or with the interviewer. communications journalists Media public relations

5 Tips to Pitching Success – When PR Stands for “Personal” Relations

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When I started out in PR, my focus was building relationships with the media who were mostly print journalists at newspapers and trade publications. As I found editorial success for my agency’s clients, I was able to branch out and pitch radio and television broadcast opportunities. Public Relations Building Media Relationships Marketwired Personal Relations Pitching for Smarties Pitching Success PR

PR Secrets For Scoring Great Media Coverage

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When it comes to good public relations , a company can have great potential that for one reason or another is never realized in the form of media coverage. One thing that makes for an excellent PR partnership is the organization’s willingness to share raw information that can be translated into media interviews and stories. Certainly if a story is stirring interest, it’s a good idea to be ready for follow-up interviews.

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