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How United Airlines Is Communicating Its Vaccine Mandate to Employees


In August, United Airlines announced that all of its 67,000 employees must receive COVID-19 vaccines or risk losing their jobs. carrier to impose a vaccine mandate on its workers, initially set a late-October deadline for employees to prove their vaccination status, but then pushed the date up to Sept. The airline, the first U.S.

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Help Wanted, Marketing to Prospective Employees

Mindful Marketing

You’ve likely seen signs in restaurants, ads from retailers, and posts on social media from other service providers announcing pressing needs for more employees. However, firms can turn their current recruitment challenges into opportunities if they rethink how they market to prospective employees.

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Is technology killing employee communications?

Communications Conversations

Consider the following: Three out of four (75 percent) employees report wasting time to keep up with the constant dings, pings, chats and more. Two-thirds of employees (66 percent) report losing between 30 minutes and 1 hour every day from pressure to keep up, costing over three billion dollars in annual profits from wasted time alone.

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Why aren’t employers giving PR employees the benefits they want?

Communications Conversations

By now, the “war for talent” has been well-documented. Employees hold all the cards. Employers need to adapt in terms of what employees really want in the new economy. How do you expect to keep star employees motivated when you’re giving them, essentially, what amounts to a cost-of-living increase?

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The need for Due diligence data room


Significant international and state institutions of the distinct branches are used for the storage area of documents and essential data within a real primamry memory. The bestyrer with the necessary rights confirms a service for the synchronization of documents with a repository of company and business data.

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In praise of the press release

Stephen Waddington

Lee would have no problems recognising the modern version of his original document. If your public relations activity starts with a 600-word document you’re almost certainly starting from the wrong place. Press releases are multi purpose, multi functional documents. It was published verbatim by The New York Times.

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How To Work Remotely And Successfully From Anywhere As A PR Pro

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Often the main reason employees choose to work abroad is to experience a new culture. Employees work most productively when they feel trust, support and empowerment by their employers. Some even set alerts to remind them to move on to the next task. Sharpen your time-management skills. Ask for trust and support from your employer .

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