Belgium transport minister steps down after document leak

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On Friday, Belgium’s transport minister, Jacqueline Galant, resigned after the surfacing of a confidential document detailing the government’s flawed airport security measures. As accusations emerge following the terrorist attack in Brussels, a Belgian official is stepping down.

How to Use Google Docs with WordPress, and Why It’s Awesome


Collaboration – one of the best features of Google Docs is the capability to share and collaboratively edit documents. By giving users permission to modify a document, multiple users can contribute and edit a piece of content simultaneously.

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B2C Content Marketing Trends: Key Findings from the 2015 Study


While many of the findings are predictable—the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy—there are certainly some surprises. Yet organizations that have a dedicated content marketing team and a documented strategy that follow best practices will reap the rewards.

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Using the PESO Model to Drive an Effective PR Content Strategy


Sometimes, despite our very best efforts to write down our goals, we tend to skip over creating a documented PR content strategy. While we typically like to plan for the following year in the fourth quarter, how many of you actually got it done?

4 INSPIRING EXAMPLES: How to tell your brand story via an end-of-year report

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Granted, the financials obviously need to be presented in a certain way but, unfortunately, chances are the rest of the document will be full of chest-beating and meaningless jargon and… MORE. Large companies with lots of shareholders tend to publish annual reports.

Cision Moves to Accelerate Pace of Innovation



7 Steps To Creating Customer Personas To Build Your Consumer Brand


Summarize all the information you’ve collected in a short document so you can easily refer to it when planning your next marketing campaign. Distribute your persona document to other members of your marketing, design, PR and social media teams.

Content Marketing: How to Get Ridiculously Awesome Reach With Minimal Effort

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It also isn’t just limited to slide decks; you can upload videos, infographics, images, and documents. 10,908. That’s the number of eyeballs I’ve reached with the eight presentations I’ve uploaded to SlideShare.

Free Issues Management Response Flow Chart (For Your Use)

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Here’s a preview (you can click the below image to download the.pdf version of this document): Remember!

Ten Awesome Free Digital PR eBooks to Put on Your iPad Tonight

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If you haven’t documented your 2015 strategy yet, impress your c-suite by using these free Content Marketing Management Toolkit templates that evolved from a Smart Insights – Hubspot collaboration. Wondering what my favorite eBooks are?

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How to Recover From a Brand Crisis


According to Burston-Marstellar , the brands that recoup and recover the fastest are the ones with well-documented policies. Crises happen to every brand, no matter how big or small they are.

10 Easy Hacks To Make You a Productivity Ninja


Scrivener is an application that subdivides your post into pieces (placed in individual word documents) and then associates the documents in a database that you can rearrange how you see fit. Create and maintain documents and lists in the cloud for mobile and desktop use.

Easily Convert PDFs to JPG for Social Media With Zamzar

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I will often get flyers sent to me that people want posted on our social media sites, but they are not my documents and not in an acceptable image format to be able to post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Help write the CIPR’s story as part of 70th anniversary project

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You should be comfortable using cloud based tools such as DropBox, private Facebook communities, and Google Documents. The CIPR is crowdsourcing the knowledge of its members as part of its 70th anniversary celebrations in 2018. The CIPR is 70 next year. It plans to create a book as part of a year of anniversary celebrations. It’s a special project that I’m delighted to have been asked to lead. Celebrating a special anniversary.

Business Wire Releases New White Paper: Is Your IR Site a Security Liability?

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At the top of that list should be the creation and maintenance of an investor relations site, a beneficial communications tool that makes it easy for analysts, shareholders and the media to find essential financial documents and material news. The modern IRO has many areas of responsibilities.

Donald Trump and the Question of Leadership. How Does He Measure Up?

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My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body. Yes, it does look like he’s in the middle of saying “Go F k Yourself.” ” The type of leader you are depends on your character.

Part I: Treat Every Meeting Like a First Interview

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It’s dangerous to rely on your memory to document what people say once the meeting is over. The more you can document, you may find new and interesting information post meeting. This post is Part I of a two-part series on Treating Every Meeting Like a First Interview.

Taking control of your corporate branding


The decline in the number of journalists and the rise of PR professionals are well documented. In the US, PR workers now outnumber journalists by about five to one.

7 PR Mistakes to Avoid in 2017


It is also very important to document your strategy. A clear, documented strategy could mean the difference between success and failure in your PR efforts.

Inbound PR vs. Traditional PR and Why Traditional PR Sucks


Either a) by being a thought leader in the space you’re in (typically manifested via blog) or b) by creating content for which your audience is willing to exchange contact information (think video, infographic, document, etc.). Ok, maybe it doesn’t suck. But definitely ageing. Anyways… “Inbound?” you’re thinking. “I’m in Comms. We’re meant to push – not pull.”

DIY or Pro Video: Which One is Best for Your Brand?


A video project usually starts with the client completing a concept development document. This document helps define the objectives, the target audience, the key messages, the call to action and the budget. Almost anyone can shoot a video with a smart phone.

Let the Out of Office Messages Begin

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I’m sure each and every movement will be well-documented, so I’ll know exactly when she’s reachable. Memorial Day Weekend heralds the beginning of the summer vacation season and the prospect of getting away from it all for a week or two.

How to modernize your PR team workflow – The Essential Guide

Frederik Vincx

The issues we face in practice are well documented: measurement, media, paid, planning, and workflow. Document this workflow overview. This workflow documentation can also be used as training material for new hires and as a quality checklist for all employees.

Key Stats and Trends in Content Marketing [Infographic]

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Having a documented and consistent strategy and clear metrics for success can help us to ensure that our content marketing efforts deliver as expected. Content remains an important cornerstone of public relations strategy.

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Handling Social Media Complainers

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It also doesn’t hurt to turn that planning into a written document. Trolls. Complainers. Haters. They’re unavoidable on social media and most of us quake in fear at the thought of handling them wrong.

Why Brands Need to Get Emotional


In the 2016 CMO survey, 87% of respondent said they can’t document that social media activity actually creates new customers. Emotion and reason are the two key forces that wrestle in every executive, politician and consumer’s mind as they make decisions every day.

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Work on what matters: the start of my social sabbatical

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That’s why I’ll document my learnings, in the hope that it will inspire other builders to help out. Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s time for a reset. To start over and reconnect with the things that really matter to me and to the people around me. It’s been ten years since I graduated.

Does Your Crisis Scenario Plan Need Some Love?


Open that document up and marvel at your smarts! As a team-centric PR and social crew, we are always updating our roles and responsibilities documents to ensure we have our aces in their places.

Starting a global conversation on global public relations standards

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We have received an invitation from Professor Anne Gregory and Jean Valin for all readers and contributors to PRConversations to get involved in a global project defining the capabilities of proficient public relations practitioners.

Why Your Writing Sucks: Business Writing Skills for the Digital Age [Book Review]


If a comma is out of place in a legal document, there could be costly repercussions for a client. When it comes to writing, lawyers are notoriously loquacious. Just ask Kate Erickson , a former lawyer turned human resources professional.

Best PR Practices For Working With International Clients

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We are big fans of sending an agenda in Google docs so the various parties can edit in real time and we are all working from the most accurate document. Also important, make judicious use of powerpoints and other documents, keeping them as clear, visual and non-wordy as possible.

How To Create a Simple Facebook Messenger Bot


It has robust help documentation but perhaps is a little more difficult to set-up than the other solutions. Facebook Messenger bots (chatbots) are a controversial feature that was added to the standalone Messenger service earlier this year.

8 more tips for better proofreading

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That's] especially helpful for a document you've been working on for a while and have reader/proofer fatigue.”. Sit outside as you review your document. A few weeks ago, I wrote about ways to improve your proofreading skills.

Webinar: 5 Things Journalists Hate About Your Newsroom With Peter Shankman and Joe Witte


Feel free to download the document using the link below. . It came, it went, and you missed it (or it was so awesome you’re watching it again). But never fear, the recording of the webinar, 5 Things Journalists Hate About Your Newsroom is right here. What did we cover? What goes on in a journalist’s mind throughout their work day? The Actual 5 Things Journalists Hate About Your Newsroom. How to fix those said 5 things. What journalist DO look for in your media center.

Corporate Ghosting: Can We Bust It?

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When contacted, a team member told me they had carefully marked up each document with comments on the recommendations in order to send back to the agencies as feedback. Have you been ghosted lately?

Inside Innovation: ING Bank Communications team

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We have cut so much wasted document writing and meeting time. When we started the ‘Inside Innovation’ series we thought we would come across teams trying some new tactics or learning new skills.

10 Annoying Grammar Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Just About Anything


Whether you’re writing a blog post, an eBook or a budget recommendation to your boss, your reader will appreciate a well-crafted document that avoids common—and annoying—mistakes. I’m not actually that good with grammar.

3 Hacks for Editing.pdf Files and Images

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Our job requires us to work with a lot of documents and images. Bend Portable Document Files To Your Will Anyone that''s wanted to edit a.pdf file knows how frustrating it can be. Zamzar is great for converting documents of all shapes and sizes.

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Stop Taking Pictures of Your Private Parts and Other Online Reputation Advice

David PR Group

Resist the urge to digitally document everything. We have to resist the urge to document everything that we do, and stop ourselves from documenting the failings of others.

5 Unexpected Life Lessons I Learned Working in PR


One of my former managers edited documents so heavily that when I sent him something to review, I joked that the draft was on its way to “Caveat Hill.”. This is a guest post by Nova Halliwell, a PR professional in New York City. Forty minutes.