Capture viral behavior with strange projects


They think of their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as an extension of their very dry, very corporate website, or they view it like a magical chute they drop very boring, heavily branded things down, and consider the job done. [By Karen Geier].

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7 hints to help create viral content

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If you manage to bring viral attention towards a specific piece of content, you’ll instantly boost the awareness. How exactly do you create viral content? For long-form content to go viral, it has to be perfectly formatted. Facebook.

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6 Research-Based Insights About Viral Content


If you’re like me, you probably greet articles about content virality with a healthy dose of skepticism. One of the most prolific researchers on the topic of virality and content perpetuation is Wharton Marketing Professor Jonah Berger , author of “Contagious: How Things Catch On.”

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Viral Math for Loop Designers

Doctor Spin

Going from 1,000 views (1 st cycle) to 1,100 new views (2 nd cycle) equals a viral coefficient of 1,1. And anything above 1,0 = viral, wohoo! you get 1,210 (1,100 x viral coefficient) additional views after the 3 rd cycle! Still hungry for viral success?

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Viral Loops (and the Math Behind Them)

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Let’s do some viral loop math! Going from 1,000 views (1 st cycle) to 1,100 new views (2 nd cycle) equals a viral coefficient of 1,1. And anything above 1,0 = viral, wohoo! you get 1,210 (1,100 x viral coefficient) additional views after the 3 rd cycle!

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Viral Loops (and the Math Behind Them)

Doctor Spin

Let’s do some viral loop math! Going from 1,000 views (1 st cycle) to 1,100 new views (2 nd cycle) equals a viral coefficient of 1,1. And anything above 1,0 = viral, wohoo! you get 1,210 (1,100 x viral coefficient) additional views after the 3 rd cycle!

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Super Original Thinking is Required to Topple Facebook

Sword and the Script

In the liberty of an abstract context, I’d re-introduce Ello and the new social network’s noble concept that there’s a better model than advertising. Virality, or appearance of virality, can be fabricated for a price. Rethinking How Advertising is Bought and Sold.

The science behind huge viral campaigns

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Virality is one of the most fascinating subjects in PR. Viral hits are (usually) not the result of some big brand spending a million dollars to make something popular. Not for lack of trying, because big brands do actually spend millions of dollars to make things go viral.

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Less Is More in Digital Marketing and Advertising


Everywhere we look, it seems that a brand is just waiting to entice us with flashy marketing or advertising. Consider the option of putting an ad into a viral video on Facebook.

Instagram fights bullies, Blue Bell’s viral mess, and the top reason consumers unfollow brands

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The Facebook-owned social media platform rolled out features designed to decrease cyberbullying. Blue Bell faces viral challenge meltdown. Why you should care: The Wall Street Journal called the challenge “ the wrong sort of viral advertising.”

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Facebook PR Exposed

Flatiron Communications

Facebook’s (Disbanded?) Nick Confessore, one of The New York Times’s better-known investigative reporters, appeared on MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes” within hours of The Times publishing its bombshell exposé on how Facebook dealt with the Russian crisis.

Facebook strives for transparency with metrics fixes

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Facebook is fighting to regain the trust of its users and marketers—and is hoping that tweaking its analytics can help. The first change comes in giving marketers a more accurate estimate of the number of users they could reach through Facebook ads.

Facebook seeks to keep publisher content, videos on Facebook

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Facebook is continuing its quest to offer users everything within its platform, including news and entertainment. The answer is simple: Facebook has 1.4 Facebook isn’t being altruistic in this deal, however, and increased views come at a price.

Ice Bucket Challenge, 'Like A Girl' win Facebook awards

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A pair of viral marketing campaigns have won the top prize in the fourth annual Facebook Awards. The “Ice Bucket Challenge,” which helped ALS charities raise more than $220 million, won the Blue Award. Sharing the award is the “ Like a Girl ” campaign from Always.

Awaiting 0% Organic Reach For Facebook Pages

Doctor Spin

We’ve all seen the decline of organic reach for Facebook pages. I have it on good authority from inside sources on Facebook that it will continue to drop for commercial pages. Also, Facebook advises against paid campaigns aiming for more fans for your page.

Facebook aims to help small businesses with jobs feature

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Facebook has a history of challenging (if not buying out­) its competitors, such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. On Wednesday, Facebook wrote in its business blog : We know that finding the right talent can be a challenge.

12 tactics that will boost your Facebook reach

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If you find Facebook marketing challenging these days, you''re not alone. Facebook''s algorithm updates can make it tough for brands to get noticed. posting more content to Instagram than to Facebook. Don''t despair—Facebook has plenty of life left. Late in 2014, Facebook.

What Compels People to Share Your Content?

Waxing UnLyrical

Facebook insists it has the answer: write better content. A Harvard marketing professor named Thales Texeira has done some recent studies of content virality and sharing. Sufficed to say that as dry as I write, I probably won’t be going viral anytime soon.

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Google limits political ad targeting, Facebook announces brand ‘safety controls,’ and Taco Bell enters the ‘chicken wars’

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More and more fast-food chains are clucking at the chance to get a piece of Popeyes’ continuing viral fame as consumers clamor for chicken sandwiches and beyond. Facebook offers marketing partners ‘safety controls’.

Barstool Sports founder’s anti-union rant, Philly and VW ads banned in the UK, and Kohl’s partners with Facebook to reach millennials

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Good morning, PR pros: Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s anti-union rant has gone viral , making the rounds across social media platforms, as well as in headlines. Kohl’s is partnering with Facebook.

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5 Social Sites That Aren’t Facebook

Waxing UnLyrical

Facebook has been struggling since its IPO in May. Facebook was not initially built to monetize; it was built to go viral. The company is betting on huge advertising growth in the next five years, and many people, including myself, are skeptical.

U.S. presidential elections, marriage equality top Facebook’s stories of 2015

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This week Twitter published its year in review , and Facebook was right on the platform’s heels with its own snapshot of 2015: Twitter published the top 10 emojis used on its platform during the year, and Facebook gave a nod to the rising popularity of visuals with a list of its most-shared stickers.

Facebook Zero: When Will We Hit 0% Organic Reach For Facebook Pages?

Doctor Spin

We’ve all seen the decline of organic reach for Facebook pages. I have it on good authority from inside sources on Facebook that it will continue to drop for commercial pages. Also, Facebook advises against paid campaigns aiming for more fans for your page.

Future Proof Your Content Marketing Strategy with These 6 Tips


At the end of the day, Google, Bing, Facebook– you name it– are focused on creating an excellent user experience for their customers. But don’t simply post a link on your Facebook page and expect for it to go viral.

Facebook tests ‘News’ feature, Lyft offers rides to job interviews and doctor visits, and YouTube’s 20M trees campaign

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AdAge reported: Online advertising is expected to generate $120 billion in the U.S. this year, growing from just $100 million in 1995, according to an advertising forecast from Publicis Groupe’s Zenith.

Monday Roundup: Buzz Marketing a la Spring

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5 Clever Social Media Marketing Campaigns that Went Viral. Most viral April Fools videos of 2014. And because “April Fools is a great time for companies to get a bit playful with their advertising,” says Chris Quigley as he examines some campaigns that generated buzz last year. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Monday Roundup: Buzz Marketing a la Spring. Around the Web Business Building Marketing buzz marketing viral marketing

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What Goes in a Social Media Promotion Plan?


To give you an example, here’s the breakdown of two popular social media channels using research from Pew Research Center : Facebook’s prime users are females between the ages of 18–29, yet you’ll still find just as many 30–49 year old users on there too. 8: Paid Advertising.

30 Pragmatic Marketing and PR Predictions for 2020

Sword and the Script

We can measure the initial impacts of marketing and advertising efforts almost immediately, but that doesn’t mean we should. But it’s not advertising, and it’s not ‘influencer marketing’ in the Kardashian style.

7 social media trends to watch out for before 2020 hits

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The average user now spends around 45 minutes per day on TikTok, according to Fast Company, which is more time than users spend on Facebook. TikTok will probably siphon incremental ad budgets away from Facebook, as momentum keeps swinging in the new network’s favor.

Instant Articles lacks revenue, has too many ad restrictions, some say

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The 20 or so publishers that signed on to be part of Facebook’s Instant Articles aren’t all happy about the new service. Some are unhappy with the advertising options and lack of revenue from articles published directly on Facebook.

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2020 Social Media Trends

Konnect Agency

Brands are continuing to expand marketing strategies to utilize influencers for a wide range of tactics including advertising, content creation, events and more. Facebook Stories engagement is similar with about 500 million daily users.

Pan for Media Gold with Newswhip Social Data

Flack's Revenge

Other methods like advertising equivalency value and reach (or circulation or audience) seem outdated and only take you so far. And Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm counts engagement as an increasingly important signal. I have long held a fascination for Newswhip.

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10 social media promotion ideas for nonprofits

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An article about George Soros’ charity Open Society Foundations had the highest average engagement because of one viral article from, a site long on hyper-partisan news coverage and short on accuracy. ” Social media advertising.

How Public Relations Can Fight Fake News

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Like many in PR, advertising, and journalism, I was relieved when Google and Facebook announced they would ban “fake news” sites from using use their ad services. The move still won’t stop the patently fake stories in my Facebook stream, but it’s a start.

Why marketers’ Google boycott is a PR move

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Swiss companies, such as Swiss Life and soft-cheese manufacturer Baer, have announced that they’re halting advertising on Google , because ads have appeared alongside YouTube videos with inappropriate content. Everyone wants viral campaigns and total control.

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Starbucks uses ‘Game of Thrones’ gaffe to lift its brand

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Earned media coverage wins over a paid advertisement—even if the headlines are due to an accident. One reporter said the mistake’s virality was fueled by viewers’ disappointment of the HBO show’s current season. The virality spread past Twitter, too.

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5 social media tips for promoting your online course

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Content that delivers real value to your target audience can go viral. In an interview with Kajabi , Chris Becker, founder of Ketology, says his teachings on healthy weight loss began on Facebook, recalling, “I asked my friends, ‘Hey if you need help, I’m going to do this little challenge.’…

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PR In China: the Latest Hits (and Misses)

Flack's Revenge

Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes , Indecision Political Humor , The Daily Show on Facebook. Despite the heavy (and humorless) hand, if you think the state of media there leaves no room for PR stunts, viral marketing, and click bait, guess again. The Daily Show. Next week I will be posting the second part of the series Tech PR in Asia: Myths and Misconceptions. The first post was about the distorted view many have about Asian (and Chinese, in particular) media.

Analyzing First Responders In Crisis PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Facebook dodges blame. Facebook’s response to the recent data privacy controversy was immediate – so immediate that it happened the day before the scandal broke. Southwest later showed good taste along with solid PR judgment by suspending its marketing and advertising.

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Burger King draws ire with ‘racist’ social media ad

PR Daily

However, the post was later deleted after a post condemning the advert as offensive and culturally insensitive went viral, attracting over 2.7m A promo for a Vietnamese-inspired offering from its New Zealand faction depicted customers clumsily manipulating chopsticks.