Journalism ethics versus public relations ethics

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How do we ensure that communication pros abide by their codes of ethics? Both the journalism and public relations industries have always struggled with negative reputations. Ethics Earned media

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Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture

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Its implosion was in large part due to first-rate reporting by The Wall Street Journal’s John Carreyrou, yet Carreyrou was originally tipped off a company insider. The key, of course, is for senior managers to model ethical behavior, and to cultivate an environment of full transparency.

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PR ethics and journalism ethics in the face of media business meltdown

Stuart Bruce

Since columnist Peter Oborne sensationally resigned from The Telegraph with a devastating public critique of what he believed to be its declining ethical and editorial standards I’ve read very little about the role and implications for PR, corporate communications and business.

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Ethics Month 2019: A Celebration of ‘Ethics Every Day’


On any given day, PR professionals from entry-level associates to senior executives face ethical dilemmas. How can PR professionals ensure ethical decision-making on a daily basis? In honor of PRSA’s annual Ethics Month in September, the Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS) will host programming focused on the theme “Ethics Every Day,” to emphasize how we as communicators can integrate ethics into our decisions and actions 365 days a year.

Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture

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Its implosion was in large part due to first-rate reporting by The Wall Street Journal ‘s John Carreyrou, yet Carreyrou was originally tipped off to irregularities by a company insider. Any crisis manager knows that it’s easier to prevent a reputation crisis than to clean it up after the fact.

It’s time to put PR ethics front and center

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Follow these guidelines to take the high road and shore up your reputation management. Public relations and corporate communications experts are urging corporations to more strongly embrace strict ethical standards. We need a road map for ethical persuasion,” Conner said.

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Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

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When it comes to reputation, there is little distinction between a real conflict and a perceived one. For public relations practitioners committed to ethics and professionalism, the natural first instinct was self-righteous shock. Most codes of ethics are clear about why this is wrong.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

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When it comes to reputation, there is little distinction between a real conflict and a perceived one. For public relations practitioners committed to ethics and professionalism, the natural first instinct was self-righteous shock. Most codes of ethics are clear about why this is wrong.

Companies walk a fine line when execs are ousted for ethics violations

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Several companies have ousted their CEO or other high-profile leaders due to “code of ethics violations,” veiled language that indicates a potential crisis for the company’s brand. The prevailing crisis response in the #MeToo era is straightforward: Remove the liability.

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How To Protect Reputation In The Age Of Leaks

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Serious problems at one-time technology highflier Theranos were exposed by a series of investigative reports by John Carreyou of The Wall Street Journal. Continuous communication of the daily decisions that represent an ethical culture is one of the best ways to self-police.

Would you buy a car from that man? Reputation is personal


I’ve been pondering reputation. Reputation, of course, is central to the public relations profession. But in my own household, reputation is also very personal. In the US, Gallup takes an “annual look at honesty and ethical standards among various fields”.

After the End of Journalism – The Revolution that Turned PR Experts into Publishers, Editors, and Reporters

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Throughout all those years that I’ve spent in PR business, I’ve been repeating almost every day that the players in this game should be honest, reputable and creative.

WeWork IPO debacle dings JP Morgan, Nike’s digital strategy pays dividends, and CEOs who speak out get a reputation boost

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The complex tangle of Neumann’s holdings eventually brought down the company’s IPO—and though JP Morgan has tried to get the deal back on track , the debacle has dinged its reputation. Learn to manage your risks, and don’t rely on regulators to sort out any ethical dilemma on the other side.

Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

And thank you Aaron for that fascinating insight into how social media has changed journalism. I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. We’ll look at ethics and governance.

Civility as Professional Imperative


Some of the answers lie in PRSA’s Code of Ethics , and I believe that acting on its principles is imperative for those who would call themselves PR professionals. Through such behaviors, Lincoln won allies, a terrible war and a legendary reputation.

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Why and how communicators must protect their brands from ‘techlash’

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Technology’s increasing presence in the marketplace has more and more consumers voicing ethical concerns and posing tough questions about those companies’ stands on key issues. These companies are under more scrutiny and face even more challenges when it comes to their reputations.

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PR problem? Hire a journalist… or rather don’t if you want to have successful PR

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New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn went one step farther and rather than even hiring a news journalist hired Seamus Milne who was a Guardian columnist so not even at the frontline of hard, investigative news journalism. Real public relations is about behaviour, reputation and relationships.

5 Insights On Corporate Activism From Top PR Experts

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Bill Nielsen, retired Chief Public Relations & Communications Officer for Johnson & Johnson, believes that the PR and journalism industries share a common currency: dedication to facts. People mistake ethical decision-making for deciding what’s right and what’s wrong.

A Glimmer of Hope for Journalism?

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The “fitness” category includes news reports on candidates’ policy positions, personal qualities, leadership abilities, ethical standards, and the like. Sure, quality journalism abounds in today’s news ecosystem. The post A Glimmer of Hope for Journalism?

The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation

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In today’s volatile media and social environment, brand reputation is fragile. But when it comes to most types of reputation crises, they are decidedly unwelcome. According to the World Economic Forum , more than twenty-five percent of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its brand reputation. So how should brands prepare for an unknown, uncontrollable event that could impugn its reputation? How To Spot The Most Dangerous Reputation Threats.

How to generate authentic brand advocacy from your employees

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Some PR and marketing pros caution against the practice, questioning whether it’s effective or ethical. Besides being unethical, the practice risks reputational damage when bogus reviews are exposed, and it won’t improve recruitment over the long run.

Survey: Most PR Pros Say that Media Relations is Getting Harder – Here’s What You Can Do About It

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The days of objectivity are gone and the days of combative, aggressive, argumentative ‘in your face’ journalism has taken its place.”. “It’s The Intersection of Bias, Ethics and PR Stunts in Media Relations. That particular company grew a reputation for manufacturing controversy.

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Health care communicatiors scramble to address COVID-19 case in California; Disney, Coca-Cola, JetBlue and more respond to outbreak; and Smithsonian releases 2.8M images

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Also: A Facebook Live gaffe enlivens a weather report, what makes a company’s reputation, Ragan’s 2020 Salary and Workplace Culture Survey, and more. What are the factors that help a brand build its reputation? Does this align with your views on reputation?

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Wendy’s drags McDonald’s in breakfast rollout, key elements of public trust, and Barnes & Noble’s Black History Month misfire

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When it comes to building your reputation, is it more important to exhibit competence or ethics? Can yours be a company that is really good at what it does and still hold public trust without also touting ethical behavior on the environment, employment and comensation and other issues?

Mattel’s gender-neutral dolls celebrate inclusivity, seniors stereotyped in ads, and eBay and WeWork execs depart

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As PR and marketing pros fight to attract consumers’ attention, what tactics do you consider underhanded or ethically shady? FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ].

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What lies ahead in 2020? Predictions from 20 industry experts

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In 2020, I think we’ll see greater emphasis on corporate reputation and workplace branding. Brand Journalism Content Marketing Crisis Communications Marketing Measurement PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Writing & Editing

Is Any PR Good PR?

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Additionally, in December 2013, the Orlando Business Journal shared a nonscientific poll on its website to gauge if Blackfish changed the public’s opinion of SeaWorld. Public Relations Reputation Management Feature

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The symbiotic relationship: PR practitioners and journalists


At the same time, I understand that newsrooms are shrinking and, where a reliable source of media releases emerges from a trusted, reputable organisation, some media outlets will use media releases verbatim. Professional PR practitioners are ethical, in fact our industry encourages us to be the conscience of our organisations. Not all PR advisors have high ethical standards or professional pride – and in this, the PR industry isn’t alone.

What the Media Gets Wrong About PR (And What We Can Do About It)

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As public relations practitioners and communicators, we’re in the business of reputation management. Yet, our own reputation is often seriously misunderstood. It’s our ethical obligation to do our jobs to the best of our abilities. Blog communicator Public Relations reputation

PRoust Questionnaire: José Manuel Velasco

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Probably because of my background in journalism (see the next answer), the thing I continue to enjoy the most is writing (for effective communications). For that matter, I don’t know why I felt at a young age the “call” of journalism, as there was no family tradition in this type of career.

#MeToo Slams Under Armour: Can It Recover?

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The #metoo movement has claimed the reputations of many high-profile men. The past two years have been particularly rough, and its fumbles show how hard it can be to salvage a reputation when faced with simultaneous business challenges.

Paying for the destruction of public relations

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And let’s not think about ethics – or social justice – or worry about feminism, when clearly all women are bothered about is bread. This route is unlikely to secure a reputation for the quality of our professional intellect either.

Pitch Imperfect: PR’s Lost Art

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2017 : Can the ethical breakdown of political PR with its purposefully spread false narratives poison other industry sectors? The Flack JOurnalism Media Media Relations PR Public Relations social media

Al Jazeera: America’s Not-So-Warm Embrace

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Minimally, those charged with re-positioning Al Jazeera America into a reputable journalistic enterprise, by U.S. The Flack AJAM Al Jazeera Al Jazeera America brand identity Cable TV News JOurnalism PR

Interview with PRSA’s National Chairman, Anthony W. D’Angelo

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meaning diversity, advocacy, technology and ethics. Ethics is our foundation, and the guidance that we give through our Code of Ethics in concert with our Board of Ethics and Professional Standards is what research has shown our members appreciate and value the most about PRSA.

PRoust Questionnaire: Gregor Halff

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more ethical colleagues. Which real, historical or fictional person or brand would you like to give a reputation makeover? Access to a broad range of quality journalism is essential.

Who Is Fighting Fake News? [article]

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has radically changed journalism and public relations , two industries that rely on the free exchange of information and ideas. It also includes the development of educational programs for young journalists and programs to assist the growth of reputable news outlets. Web 2.0

Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


Most businesses rely not only on their brand equity, but market reputation and repeat clients. In a world where the norm is constant and accurate information at the touch of a finger – companies and their reputation is dependent upon participating across digital communication channels. The reputation of a brand is ideally in alignment with each tweet, blast or post distributed online.

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A Look at Today’s Crisis Realities and How To Manage Them

Melissa Agnes

To make matters even more challenging, the rush for immediacy and to be the first to report on a story, and the fact that the news cycle is no longer solely comprised of journalists and reporters who work by the journalism code of ethics, but is also made up of citizen journalists, bloggers and the general public, means that facts don’t always get checked before they’re published (and potentially go viral).

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Smart PR-Non-Profit Collaborations

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Non-profits are businesses, and as such, need to operate with ethical business practices and proper reporting structures. Charity Navigator, The Journal of Philanthropy and even the Better Business Bureau offer updated information.

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