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6 Steps to Launch Your Small Business or Start-Up PR Campaigns | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

Small business and start-up professionals wear many hats. You manage the budget, payroll, inventory, website, social media channels, marketing campaigns – and more – all while overseeing your team and providing top-notch customer service. So it’s no surprise that public relations may be pushed to the back burner.

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The Top 10 PR Strategies for Small Businesses

Doctor Spin

Here are my 10 favourite PR strategies for small businesses. As a small business, having a successful PR strategy is essential for reaching your target audience and achieving growth. Luckily, plenty of PR strategies cater to small businesses needs, allowing them to compete with larger companies.


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Barry Moltz on ChangeMasters, Small Business and Social Media


Why do so many small business owners pay for expensive advice, agree to take action. ” In the latest episode of “ Growing Social Now ,” I interviewed Barry about his book, social media, and the challenges small businesses are facing. .” Barry Moltz gets small businesses unstuck.

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The Power of Emerging AI Technology in PR- and How to Use It

Remote PR Jobs

But the power of AI goes beyond content generation, and can assist PR teams with tasks like data analysis and customer service. Zapier, a competitor, offers similar services for small businesses. Customer Service AI-powered chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in providing customer service support online.

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Main Street Revival: 41% of consumers went local during COVID–and 94% plan to continue

Agility PR Solutions

Although the COVID crisis was a catastrophic and even fatal event for many small business owners, others were able to take advantage of these trying times by drawing consumers to their shops with the magic wand of 2020—excellent customer service.

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5 Things Small Businesses Need To Know To Avoid The Groupon Curse

Waxing UnLyrical

I even emailed customer service and was told my order would arrive on time. She explained that they were a small family business and that Groupon had actually misunderstood their offer dates, posting them incorrectly. They were overwhelmed with calls and a flood of customers they weren’t prepared to handle.

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That Solo Life Podcast Celebrates 200th Episode

Solo PR Pro

Steak, Sizzle, and Service What makes your customer service sizzle? In this episode we discuss how you can bring even more value to client engagements with great customer service. To truly enjoy this freedom means we need to take the time to set up some structure and systems. It’s a key component to our success.