How to use social media to win at customer service

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Social media has become the customer service center for most organizations, large and small. Include a comprehensive description of what your company is “about,” your hours, price range and anything else applicable to consumers.

Where to Focus Your Marketing Efforts If You Only Have 5 Hours a Week


There’s a misconception that marketing a business is always time-consuming. You can also create email templates for common customer service inquiries, such as: Where’s my product? Best Practices Featured marketing strategy Small Business Marketing

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Fix (or Establish) Your Brand Reputation

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Brand reputations can make or break a company; a few bad reviews or questionable comments on social media could turn away customers instantly. Make your customers happy. Make your customers happy by revving up customer service and customer interactions.

More Australian businesses than ever have a presence on social media (but they could be a lot more social!)

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The proportion of Australian businesses with a social media presence has reached the highest levels recorded, according to new research. The 2018 Yellow Social Media Report (Business) , released today, is an annual survey of how Australian consumers and businesses use social media.

4 marketing automation tools to help small and mid-size businesses

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Marketing automation isn’t a thing of the future—it’s very much a part of the here and now for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) worldwide. . However, many pros are unaware of an array of marketing automation tools that can help SMBs reach customers in a timely, effective way.

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Listen to Your Customers: Why You Need to Embrace Customer Complaints


Are you listening—REALLY listening—to your customers, even (perhaps especially) those that are upset? Erin got a green light to add nudges for feedback to just about every customer touch point. That is remarkable, and means that your unhappy customers are your MOST IMPORTANT customers.

How Social Media Drives B2B PR

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We associate social media platforms with splashy consumer campaigns, but social is increasingly important in B2B public relations. Business vendors who have overlooked social media strategy in the overall PR or marketing plans are missing opportunities. Educate future customers.

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Facebook Business Tools Update: Just In Time for Holiday Season


Digital marketing comes heavily into play around the closing part of the year as consumers gear up for the holiday season. In preparation for this year’s holiday season, Facebook is introducing some enhancements to its business pages.

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7 Signs Your Company Is Ready To Step Up Its PR

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At a certain point, most small businesses outgrow their first forays into public relations. These early arrangements can include a junior in-house employee or possibly a “shared” situation where the PR function is wedged into marketing or even customer service.

Why social media can’t solve all your problems

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Recently, I came across this request from a pizza parlor owner on one of the business mentoring groups I participate in. I’ve tweaked it for privacy: I own a pizza parlor in a busy food court in a Chicago mall, and I’m trying my best to keep afloat. A small box of crayons.

Apple and Google mum amid outrage over Saudi wife-tracking app

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Your company might be known for great customer service and high-end technology, but if you are peddling software that crosses a moral or ethical line for your consumers, expect backlash.

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Lowe’s nebulous layoffs, Pinterest’s earnings soar, and UK House of Commons’ banned words

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Though customer satisfaction matters, how we measure public sentiment and its effect on sales seems to be inherently flawed. McDonald’s frequently ranks near the bottom for customer satisfaction surveys but tops the list in sales figures.

Facebook to roll out chatbot features in Messenger

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The company announced its intention to connect more small businesses to customers through enhanced chatbot features. This will enable consumers to order goods and services, get answers to easy customer-service questions and more.

The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation

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Some argue that presidential tweets might actually be good for business, even when they’re negative, and recent evidence bears that out. For a startup or small business, a sudden wave of negative coverage can be fatal. A sudden crisis can be an externally driven event that is entirely unpredictable, like the death of a chief executive or an accident by a business partner. The Viral Customer Complaint.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Here’s what Paladin says: Because of technology, social media, shifting consumer behavior and marketing’s increased role in customer service, these professionals need to be agile, adaptable and always willing to learn.

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Dynamic Pricing or Discrimination?

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They are a beast to deal with and it can really wreck a small business. And there is nothing the business owner can really do to combat their practices. New customers : The risk of trying a new business or products may warrant giving a discount to first-time buyers.

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


We’ve recently observed the explosion in popularity of podcasting, especially among business influencers and their audiences. Grow your business by improving your capabilities and connections. Learn from business pros and owners just like you. High Income Business Writing.

4 Ways PR Is More Than Media Relations

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But we live in interesting and challenging times and, with the advent of social media, PR pros and businesses now have the opportunity to not only reach masses, but to create a dialogue and to start a conversation for brands in a more meaningful way than through media relations.

Marketing as Communication and What It Means for Your Business

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Further, if you are unable to convey these ambitions, it will prove disastrous to your bottom line, Let's simplify the process, and take a look at some basic tenets of how to use your marketing to effectively communicate before, during, and after the lifecycle of any product or service.

15 Up-and-Coming PR and Social Media Marketers to Watch

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A North Minneapolis native, Tess excelled in her journalism program at Drake University, during which she presided over the Coalition of Black Students and interned in business development with The Integer Group and in marketing/group sales with Iowa Events Center.

Why You Need to Embrace Customer Complaints – Listen to Your Customers

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Are you listening—REALLY listening—to your customers, even (perhaps especially) those that are upset? Erin got a green light to add nudges for feedback to just about every customer touch point. That is remarkable, and means that your unhappy customers are your MOST IMPORTANT customers.

More About Customers – Love On ‘Em, Talk To ‘Em

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Make Every Day Feel Like Customer Appreciation Day. Often the “Customer Appreciation Day/Week/Month” can come across as a corny way to get people inside your store to buy more stuff. Crown Your Customer King. But what if that customer calls and tells you they hate your website?

The Power of a Good Story: What’s Your Company Narrative?

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A company narrative is not a mission statement nor is it an inventory of your products, services or accolades. It’s the story of why you got into business, and how you want to change the world. Stories of your customers. The business owner.

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PR Rock Stars: Polaris’ Jamie Kvamme

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I sat on a team of smart and driven women and got to participate in a handful of internal communication, PR and creative services projects. That, and the amount of autonomy over my work, are things that make academia (or small business) a fun space to work in.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Marketing Jobs

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AI has massive potential to make our lives and businesses more successful. We need to start asking questions about our businesses, industries, and careers in the coming age of AI. You won't just use services and tools with AI baked in. Consumer attention goes elsewhere.

PR Basics Based on Principles will Never Change

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How much do we forget this when a crisis happens to our company or business? We think we know exactly what our customers want, but sometimes, we’re wrong. Going through them all is time consuming, meaning you need to simplify your pitch as much as possible. Retail outfits should always include directions, for both drivers and customers using mass transit, to locations. Consumers and members of the media like to know who they are doing business with.

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