Professional Sports Without Fans Will Increase Social Media Usage

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Since the rise of COVID-19, many sports fans have been on the edge of their seats regarding upcoming seasons and tournaments. Either way, we can conclude that sports fans will have to adjust to several differences this year. Instead of being able to talk to other fans at bars, tailgates or games, more fans will shift to social media to communicate with fans, teams and brands. Engaging with other fans is part of the joy of following any sport.

5 Expert Strategies to Add to Your Content Marketing Playbook


Content is a lot like football–the ball must keep progressing, otherwise it’s just a bunch of huddles. Consider using these five, expert-recommended, forward-moving content rules and strategies as this year’s NFL playoffs begin: 1. Often an overlooked (or procrastinated) step in the marketing discipline, the crafting of buyer personas helps a business more precisely target its budget and efforts. Businesses and brands need to think like publishers or brand journalists.

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Twitter apologizes for misusing data, Dick’s Sporting Goods mulls ditching all guns, and why employers must support mental health

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Also: Many consumers think social media has too much sway on news, WeWork to lay off 500 employees, insights on ‘snackable’ content from Amazon, and more. The news that Twitter was matching users’ emails to marketers’ lists to target ads won’t inspire confidence in users, but its immediate apology and transparency on the misstep might do so. 5 Twitter gaffes brand managers should avoid. Dick’s Sporting Goods considers pulling all firearms from shelves.

Walmart walks back guns stance, content marketers stay loyal to text, and Forever 21 sued over Ariana Grande ‘lookalike’

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Forbes wrote : A list of 77 stores that will be closed circulated over the weekend and was obtained from someone believed to be a former employee who said it was understood to involve Kmart branded stores in “the majority.” Dick’s Sporting Goods made news in March by announcing it would stop selling firearms altogether. Dick’s Sporting Goods doubles down on removing guns from stores. For content marketers in 2019, the written word is still the king.

Did Outbrain Try to Pitch Content Marketing at Cannes?

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Outbrain is one most recognizable brands in advertising technology (adtech). On the flip side, here’s of the Outbrain pitch to prospective advertisers: “Many of our largest partners are news and media publishers such as CNN, US Weekly, Fast Company, Mashable, WSJ, and The Guardian, but we also work with lots of more niche sites, including sports, entertainment, finance, health, and technology. Looking for a content marketing agency partner that can both.

Content marketing is changing with every passing second – A discussion

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In today’s hi-tech, fast-moving, cluttered digital world, content marketing is one of the most practical, effective and useful marketing strategies to date. It’s an essential aspect of today’s digital marketing landscape. With 70% of internet users saying they’d prefer to learn through content rather than ads (as per, don’t pass off content marketing as just a buzzword just yet.

Online Newsrooms in a Content Marketing World

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>screen does the blurry transition to note we''re considering the changes< Publishing: Content management platforms have decentralized publishing. This has changed the roles in publishing as consumers and brands can now participate in a world once reserved to the fourth estate. Over time, newsrooms gather a ton of content. Consumers prefer sharing content to creating it. As publishing roles have broadened, so has the ability to prove out content validity.

Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values

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Research suggests consumers want organizations to take a stand, but a high-profile position can turn your brand into a lightning rod. However, an organization can quickly defuse the situation and wait for social media’s Sauron-like eye to move on with a strong response and building a strong brand reputation. Starbucks has had years of practice responding to polarized criticism of its brand. That’s the true mark of a brand value: what a company is willing to risk.

How to Build Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

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By 2017, he’d built a billion-dollar brand. How Dubin pulled it off is the stuff of marketing legend. It established Dollar Shave Club as a funny, irreverent, bold, and most importantly, helpful brand. Brands love to talk about going viral; Dubin actually did it. He created a single piece of content, and suddenly, millions of people knew about his business. The brand’s success was about more than just going viral or getting lucky.

6 storytelling lessons from the ‘NBA Bubble’

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Consider these insights from a rookie player as he invites fans to look at life inside of the isolation zone at Walt Disney World and the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. Show off your brand’s family. That can better power your content and expand your brand’s reach.

Are You Fully Promoting your Brand?

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If there’s one thing prosperous organizations have in common, it’s successful brand promotion. . With that in mind, we advise you to take a look at your brand’s promotional tactics. If you’re not sure which cracks to fill in when promoting your company, read on and see our top ways you can easily promote your brand. Another way to strategically promote your brand is to boost your social media posts with ad spend. The post Are You Fully Promoting your Brand?

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Amazon, Instacart and other essential workers strike, Disney offers branded face masks, and Deloitte shares crisis recovery tips

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Hello, communicators: Jake Sanders, content strategist and owner of POSMarketing, shared the debut of “ROI: The Musical” for communicators’ stay-at-home enjoyment: *World Premiere* | "ROI: The Musical" | A comedy-musical-podcast-experience for anyone in business that's ever asked, "RO-Why are we doing this?" — Twitter Marketing (@TwitterMktg) April 27, 2020. Disney creates branded face masks.

Nordstrom to lay off 400; Sports Chalet parent files for bankruptcy

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Consumers' increasing desire to use online platforms has given communicators many content marketing opportunities, but the shift is hitting retailers hard. Initiatives include a new operating model in its Technology group focused on strengthening its ability to deliver on e-commerce and digital initiatives, and proactively addressing opportunities to improve supply chain and marketing effectiveness.

How to Turn Earned Media into Brand Endorsements

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PR and marketing professionals have the opportunity to expand their organization’s brand reach by leveraging earned media coverage. Earned media is significant for businesses because it is unpaid content that is published by journalists, influencers, reviewers and organizations who have valuable thoughts and opinions about your brand. Most importantly, a positive mention from an accredited person or brand can boost your audience numbers.

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ESPN, Discovery Education, Ketchum among the winners in Corporate Social Responsibility awards

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As VP of corporate citizenship, he exceeded his 2020 goal of enabling 1 million kids’ access to sports by reaching 1.7 Under Martinez, ESPN enhanced its relationships with sports leagues, sponsors and other business partners.

10 Influencers Who Dominate Brand Promotion

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Known as one of the most successful and powerful athletes in the world, Serena Williams is a brand’s ideal influencer. Her follower count and reputation as a winner make her an incredible influencer and promoter of the brands she displays in her posts. Such high viewership numbers are a proxy for her popularity, which is what makes Grande a perfect influencer for brand exposure. Her fame has made her a high commodity in brand representation. Share Tweet Share.

How Amplifying Your Media Coverage Can Build Your Brand

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Today’s organizations can help build their brand by garnering and distributing earned media, because earned media can have significant influence on brand reputation. The more positively covered your brand is – and the more you share and distribute that coverage – the better your organization’s public perception will be. Earned Media Builds Brand Credibility. Share your reviews and testimonials to bolster your marketing efforts.

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The New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin, UPS makes uniform policy more inclusive, and NFL’s Houston Texans fires female PR head

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Also: PlayStation offers customized Twitter ‘like,’ how many PR pros’ roles encompass content marketing strategies, a sculpture restoration fail in Spain goes viral, and more. Introducing our latest groundbreaking brand, Workplace Wellness Insider.

‘MSNBC Mom’ goes viral, Nestle goes vegan (sort of), and brand managers support #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Jefferies predicts that by 2040, the alternative meat market could generate $240 billion in annual revenue globally. Related reading: Forever 21 files for bankruptcy, McDonald’s tests meatless option, and email’s the go-to for ‘conversational marketing’. Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values. Brian Pittman spoke with Cisco’s senior social media and talent brand manager, Carmen Collins, about how to advocate for bigger social media budgets.

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3 ways to protect your marketing budget

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Marketing is chronically underappreciated. Only about half of CEOs think highly of their CMOs’ effectiveness (according to Deloitte research), making marketing departments more likely to suffer budget cuts than their counterparts. Be the best sport in the organization.

Sports organizations respond to Jacob Blake shooting, Coca-Cola offering 4,000 voluntary job cuts, and Girl Scouts offers its members new looks

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Also: ‘The West Wing’ reunites to urge voting, Giphy offers moving Zoom backgrounds, Gen Z consumers are shifting the PR and marketing landscape with values, and more. Sports leagues postpone games, practices after Jacob Blake shooting.

The Gap deletes post-election tweet, ‘Baby Shark’ becomes most-watched YouTube video, and Snapchat adds follower counts

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Many Twitter users called out Gap for using a divisive presidential election for marketing purposes, with some comparing it to PepsiCo’s 2017 commercial featuring Kendall Jenner among protesters. It went through layers of approval & was put on a content calendar for today.

How podcasts offer new audiences during the pandemic

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Brands and organizations that create content-rich podcasts can transport their audiences out of COVID-land, earning their deep trust and loyalty in the process. Among the most popular podcast genres are comedy, news, politics, science, arts, sports, and business.

MGM Resorts cuts 18,000 jobs, NBA teams to offer arenas as voting locations, and 78% of B2B marketers say prospects rely on influencers’ opinions

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Hello, communicators: Many celebrities, athletes, brand managers and more issued their condolences and shared memories of Chadwick Boseman during the weekend. Concerts, sports and awe-inspiring entertainment remain on our horizon.”. Image courtesy of TopRank Marketing.

AI and Content Writing: How to Adapt to the Future

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Content has ruled digital strategies for the past couple decades now -- and with that reign, we've seen some great content writing, as well as some misfires. With recent developments in the realm of AI and PR, we now have access to tools and strategies that make better content possible. We have AI programs designed to mimic human writing styles and improve the content that brands create. What can AI do for your brand? And writing content is no different.

Mattel’s Black Barbie runs for president, 60% of COVID-19 restaurant closings are permanent, and Post partners with Dunkin’ on caffeinated cereal

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Also: Consumer Electronics Show 2021 will be entirely online, the NFL shares a conversation about allyship and workplace culture, Twitter to remove links to hateful content, and more. Mattel partnered with She Should Run on the Barbie dolls and marketing campaign.

4 keys to savvy influencer marketing campaigns

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It’s more important than ever to be thoughtful and strategic when embarking upon influencer marketing. Here are four tips for cutting through the noise and developing influencer marketing opportunities that matter: 1. Work with social media influencers who like and buy your brand while consistently representing your brand values and identity. We live in the age of authentic communication, and brands that don’t deliver a genuine influencer experience risk a backlash.

Emmy Awards go virtual, Hearst Magazines staff vote to form union, and more retailers to close for Thanksgiving

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Also: Domino’s Australia and New Zealand face backlash for ‘Karen’ campaign, Instagram account calls out brands’ lack of diversity, how marketing budgets are shifting, and more. Doing so can help stakeholders adjust to changes and increase both trust and your brand reputation.

LinkedIn lays off 960 employees, Marriott and Hyatt announce mask requirement, and Walmart to close for Thanksgiving

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Also: Amazon delays its #PrimeDay, Twitter reveals marketing and engagement opportunities with sports fans, Twitter cracks down on conspiracy theories, and more. Sports are back. — Twitter Marketing (@TwitterMktg) July 9, 2020.

How to Get Around Paywalls with Licensed Content

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Have you ever clicked on an interesting article that refers to your industry or brand, only to find that you could not finish reading it unless you have to make a one-time purchase or sign up for a paid subscription? One way they’ve done so is by limiting their content to the public through the use of media paywalls. Media Paywalls: Locked licensed news content that is only accessible through purchase or paid subscriptions. Licensed Content.

How to adapt your PR strategy for the COVID-19 outbreak

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With the coronavirus dominating the headlines, and marketers needing to pivot in the face of cancelled live events, here’s how communicators can make a change. For many businesses, there’s a pressing question: What should you do about your marketing and public relations initiatives? With headlines about the coronavirus dominating the news, it’s challenging to develop marketing and PR plans and execute accordingly.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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RELATED: Share the content that captivated audiences ]. Here are 30 of the top new jobs in PR and Marketing: Senior PR manager—Walker Sands, Illinois. Marketing director—YMCA of the USA (National Resource Office), California. Director of PR and social marketing—Chico’s FAS, Inc., Director, public relations and brand experiential—Wingstop Restaurants, Inc., Senior PR manager—Amazon Web Services (Sports), Washington.

How Wyndham Destinations changed tactics during the COVID-19 crisis

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Wyndham Resorts decided to change its tack, pursuing new partnerships and virtual interactions to keep consumers connected with its brand. During this downtime, we’ve shifted our efforts towards thought leadership by offering our CEO, Michael Brown, as a leading industry expert to top cable networks,” explains Noah Brodsky, chief brand officer for Wyndham Destinations. What makes a partner valuable for a brand right now? Sports was an easy fit for the brand’s creations. “We

Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians consider rebrands, Vogue Portugal pulls psych ward cover, and Uber acquires Postmates for $2.65B

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Also: Netflix hires Bozoma Saint John as new chief marketer, Stouffer’s pleases a fan with birthday drawing, employees want more diverse workforces, and more. Hello, communicators: Netflix recently hired Endeavor’s Bozoma Saint John as its new chief marketing officer. Saint John brings marketing acumen to the role, with former leadership positions at Endeavor, Uber, Apple, PepsiCo and more. It can’t just be the brand.

Top 10 Influential PR Businesses to Follow in 2020

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From tweets to blogs, many PR organizations publish great PR content. Values: Weber Shandwick’s core values involve bringing attention to companies through engagement, finding empathy and understanding in order to maintain respect, gathering a variety of perspectives to raise inclusion and delivering content that is always truthful. Golin provides effective solutions and reaches diverse global markets to best represent brands.

Making marketing more measurable – the hacks that ensure your campaigns convert


The world of marketing looks very different from what it once was. We’re now seeing investment in digital marketing overtaking investment in traditional marketing at a rapidly increasing rate, with Britain being the largest online advertising market in Europe, and predictions that almost two-thirds of UK ad spend will be online by 2020. Without a clear definition of the ultimate aim of your marketing campaign, it’s impossible to be able to measure the results.

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9 ways PR pros can increase their skill sets

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Remember when you were applying to colleges and people recommended having a well-rounded resume including AP classes, after-school activities, sports and volunteer activities? Continue to volunteer, join an intramural sport or get a hobby. Write for an industry blog or join an organization’s board of directors to grow your skills and build your personal brand. Content Marketing External Communications Marketing Media Relations PR Industry

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Twitter suspends Planters’ ‘Baby Nut’ accounts, top platforms tackle privacy and fake news concerns, and Hulu chief is out

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The commercial, which depicted the funeral of Mr. Peanut and the birth of “Baby Nut,” was promptly followed by a Periscope stream and a flurry of tweets, retweets and replies from the brand’s @MrPeanut account. Insider reported: “As we prepared to launch Baby Nut, we knew our fans would want as much content as they could get. Make sure your organization’s content strategies are transparent and that you are following cybersecurity best practices.

Top 7 Communication Resources

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With that said, if you’re looking to grow your brand, brush up on media ethics and improve your writing skills, PRSSA Webinars are the perfect fit for your learning needs. The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Priscilla is the marketing coordinator for Critical Mention.

3 places to find fresh ideas

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Whether it’s pitching an ad campaign to a new client or rejuvenating a stale marketing content strategy, the end product will only be as good as the brainstorm that birthed it. So how do you improve idea generation, especially with more obscure brands or products (can we get people to care about bobby pins?). Don’t just look back on your brand’s founding history–look back on the role its product or service has played in people’s lives from the very beginning.

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