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The four best social media executions I’ve seen during Super Bowl week (so far)

Communications Conversations

Best Buy — Facebook Live with the Minnesota Vikings’ Stefon Diggs. But, you didn’t see too many brands truly “activate” the celeb like Best Buy did with its Facebook Live with Stefon Diggs. Celebrity activations were a big thing this week. Now, Best Buy didn’t really do anything all that innovative.

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Where do you get your news from? From now on, this website

PR in High Definition

Featuring reddit, Digg, Buzzfeed, Reuters, CNN, the New York Times and many, many more. In the absence of iGoogle (although we often use netvibes) we’re delighted to discover Hvper , one web page including a feed of all the major news outlets from around the world.

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It’s time to call the Popeye’s tweet a huge social media win

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And Stephon Diggs. Wendy’s (again, the veteran of all Twitter wars) jumped in, but Popeye’s quickly responded. Like other Twitter wars, this one spawned quick mainstream news coverage, which drew even more interest, especially among celebs like Emeril Lagasse.

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Mission Impossible? Migrating to a Career in Public Relations

PR Job Coach

Build, enhance and/or check your profiles on Linkedin, Facebook, Myspace, Google Profile, Twitter, Digg, Tumblr, Ning, etc. Start assessing your online brand and insure that what is on the web about you is correct and is positioned the way you want. Make sure the information is accurate and says what you want.

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29 Advanced Digital Newsletters That Help You Learn


Digg Deeper’s Daily Wrap. I know so many people now who work in the most weird and wonderful places. This bi-monthly emailer is chock full of tips on how to make work fit your life, not the other way round. Suggested Content Emailers. Medium Daily Digest. My best source of reliably interesting content. Upvoted Weekly.

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The Byline Article GOOD Pitch is Fresh Content

Bad Pitch Blog

5 social bookmarking websites to enhance the visibility of your press release – a useful article that consider how StumbleUpon, Digg and related services can increase brand awareness via press releases. - The Press Release is not dead – a reflection on press releases in the social web times. -

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Content Marketing: Don’t Make Home Improvements to Rental Property

Sword and the Script

The list of sites have closed, changed, or in some way shifted focus is long and getting longer – Digg, Delicious , Orkut, Amplify, Freindster, and MySpace – among others. After once declaring Google+ a social layer that would, in essence, be Google, the future of Google+ today is questionable.