Trends That Will Shape PR in 2018

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What can PR professionals expect in 2018? Yet in 2017 we’ve seen the growth of specific trends that might reasonably be expected to continue through next year. Get ready for more of the same in 2018. Crenshaw Communications imPRessions public relations 2018 PR trends

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Research Trends™ Shows Top 5 Brands with the Most Buzz at CES 2018


It’s hard to open Facebook or Twitter, watch the news on TV or go to your favorite site this week without finding a roundup of the coolest gadgets and most cutting-edge technologies featured at 2018’s Consumer Electronics Show. Social amplification trends.

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How To Master Branding in 2018

Ron Torossian

Even if there was an ultimate guide to branding, the marketplace and its trends change so frequently that it’s difficult to keep ahead of an ever-evolving space. The post How To Master Branding in 2018 appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

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What Lies Ahead for Public Relations in 2018?


In 2018, discussions about the future for PR and communications pros will likely include the topic of robots. Look for these and other changes to become part of the PR and communications process during 2018 and beyond. Pulse of the Profession 2018 PR trends Social Media Trends

2018 PR Trends: Social Media [Video]

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2018 is here, and we’re digging into what look to be some of the biggest trends that will affect PR practitioners this year. In this installment, we’ll look at 2 major trends in social media: Influencer Marketing Train Keeps Picking Up Speed.

Global PR Trends And Practices In An Age Of Uncertainty

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Every two years, the New York-based Corporate Communication International ( CCI ), conducts an in-depth survey of senior PR and communications officers at Fortune 500 companies about the latest global PR trends.

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8 realistic social media trends for 2018

Communications Conversations

It’s 2018 trend prediction season! Yes, it’s that time of year when we see roughly 4,632 social media trend posts on the internet. That’s because they harp on trends that are painfully obvious. 2018 is the year video explodes! Trends

2018 PR Trends: Search Marketing [Video]

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2018 is here, and we’re digging into what look to be some of the biggest trends that will affect PR practitioners this year. In this installment, we’ll look at 2 major trends in search marketing: Advanced PR Practitioners Embrace AI Fully.

2018 PR Trends: Earned Media [Video]

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2018 is here, and we’re digging into what look to be some of the biggest trends that will affect PR practitioners this year. In this installment, we’ll look at 4 major trends in earned media: ?. Public Relations Trends Video

5 PR-Friendly Brands For 2018

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So, in the spirit of forging ahead into 2018, we offer a look at some brands poised to find their way into consumer hearts and minds this year. Brands to watch in 2018. There are lessons to be learned from each as new brands come on the scene in 2018.

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Empathy and Analytics: Communications Trends for the 2018 MLB Season


” sequence can be viewed as a timeless cautionary tale for the importance of team-wide togetherness in baseball, 2018’s communications predicaments transcend language barrier issues and pitch selection stare-downs between pitchers and catchers.

3 PR Trends to Watch in 2018

The Proactive Report

Here are my picks for the top 3 PR trends in 2018. It should come as no surprise then that the ability to craft a content strategy is the number one skill CMOs are looking for in 2018. This could be a huge opportunity for PR Agencies in 2018.

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2018 PR Trends: Owned Media [Video]

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2018 is here, and we’re digging into what look to be some of the biggest trends that will affect PR practitioners this year. In this installment, we’ll look at 2 major trends in owned media: PR Professionals Blindsided by Rich Media.

Infographic: What graphics design trends are hot in for 2018?

PR Daily

that identifies the latest trends for visual graphics. Find out just what graphics trends are coming (or coming back) this year by reading the full infographic Are your visuals current enough to hold viewers’ attention?

Gigging, Measurement and Accelerated Integration: A 2018 Outlook


If you think 2017 was a year of change in public relations, then brace yourself for 2018. I expect we’ll see the following in 2018: Integration acceleration: It’s now a must that strategic planning, creative, analytics and digital are fully integrated in client teams.

The Top 3 Branding Resolutions Your Business Needs to Make for 2018


If you haven’t set any, now is the time to start thinking of ways to improve your branding strategies to make 2018 your best year yet. Here are three awesome branding resolutions all marketing teams should consider in preparing themselves for 2018 and beyond. Resolve to bring on the right team members who will positively contribute to your brand in 2018 by recruiting the talent whose values fall in line with your own.

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CES 2018


With over 4,000 companies showcasing the latest and greatest technology advances, and an additional 500+ up and coming startups hoping to inspire attendees with their showmanship, CES is THE event for discovering trends that will drive the industry forward in the year ahead.

AirPR Interview Series: Content Marketing and PR Experts share measurement predictions for 2018


With the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, an increased focus from the C-suite on business- and metrics-driven KPIs, and a new trend toward Growth PR , PR & content marketing measurement is changing – radically and rapidly.

Top Public Relations Trends in 2018: Introduction

Shift Communications

In this series, we’ll examine some of the major trends we see ahead and how PR practitioners of all stripes should prepare. If there’s one theme that unifies all the trends, it’s acceleration. With that, let’s look quickly at the trends we’ll be investigating in this series.

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Infographic: Video marketing trends to watch

PR Daily

Is video a big part of your content strategy for 2018? As more companies develop video teams and offerings, several important trends have separated effective campaigns from futile exercises.

Embrace these 2018 trends in health care marketing

PR Daily

Health care marketing in 2018 is as complicated as ever—if not more so. As you plan your marketing efforts for the year, be prepared to adapt along with these trends: Video. Communicators, how do these trends resonate with you and your health care professionals?

5 marketing megatrends for 2018

PR Daily

The folks at MDG Advertising have published an infographic that touts five emerging marketing trends, which should offer some clarity for what savvy professionals should prioritize in 2018.

2018 Predictions: Consumer PR Edition

Shift Communications

From a B2C public relations perspective, here are two trends that stand out as attention-worthy: integration across the board and the ability to take a stand. The keys to creating such power-filled moments in 2018 will be authenticity and action.

Surveying the Past, Present and Future of PR


Yet as we look at 2018 — and the years to come — there is much that remains to be done. Pulse of the Profession 2018 industry trends leadership PR trends

Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer: Trust continues to slide

Media Bullseye

This trend did not hold this year, as the informed public’s trust cratered, dropping in every category. From 2017 to 2018: trust in NGOs dropped from 73 to 51 (a -22 point drop); business, from 74 to 54 (-20); government, from 63 to 33 (-30); and media, from 64 to 42 (-22).

How to Succeed in Public Relations & Spark Change for 2018

B2B PR Sense

The winds of PR often change with new public relations tactics and trends that affect the industry. Recent trends, including this survey, mark this social media channel as a potential winner for both B2B and B2C brands. Successful PR does not happen by chance.

Happy 2018 + Lessons of Blogging

Karen Freberg

Happy 2018 to everyone! We all have a way to share our perspectives on trends, cases, and topics. In 2018, I will continue to share what I am doing as a professor and social media consultant. Here’s to a great 2018!

Infographic: 6 trends shaping the digital advertising industry

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dives into the trends that will drive the coming year in digital advertising and where your marketing team should be investing its time and money. See the full infographic below to discover the digital advertising trends your organization should watch

From PESO to Instagrammable Moments: 9 Trends Communicators Need to Own

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It’s on you to get your head around these trends and make something of them. The post From PESO to Instagrammable Moments: 9 Trends Communicators Need to Own appeared first on PR News Blog.

Public relations in 2018

Stephen Waddington

This is an article and deck about the outlook for public relations and social media in 2018. I’ve also included a call to action that may be helpful in your planning for 2018. My view is that 2018 will prove to be a breakthrough year for the professionalism of public relations as a result of a concerted effort on a number of fronts. The conversation around ethics will inevitably get louder in 2018. The application of data in public relations isn’t a new trend.

New Webinar | 3 Marketing Trends to Track in 2018


What will be hot - or not - in 2018 marketing trends? In this 2018 marketing trends webinar , you'll discover how to increase happiness, productivity, and profitability. You'll learn the three key trends you need to track: influencer marketing, automation and PR. Get ready to kick off your best year ever - 2018!! When: January 10, 2018 at noon CST. The post New Webinar | 3 Marketing Trends to Track in 2018 appeared first on wiredPRworks.

Breaking Down the Results from the 2018 PR Salary Survey; Are You Earning What you are Worth? 

Sword and the Script

The 2018 survey was based on responses of 1,053 communications professionals and here’s how the numbers stack up. Continued growth in the trend in the gig economy promises incredibly difficult times ahead for traditional recruiting and retention – and perhaps even to procurement processes.

4 Key PR Trends to Watch in 2018

PR News

The post 4 Key PR Trends to Watch in 2018 appeared first on PR News Blog. I haven’t heard Christmas tunes in the shops of New York yet, but any minute they’ll be cranking them out.

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8 App Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018


How mobile app marketing trends are going to shape up in the year 2018? Here is a detailed look at the trends to watch out for. The post 8 App Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2018 appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Marketing apps marketing tools

Infographic: 6 social media marketing trends to watch

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When it comes to social media marketing, one thing is certain: Nothing lasts forever. What worked last year for your marketing strategy might not this year. The landscape is constantly evolving, and brand managers must stay privy to the latest practices to have the upper hand.

Three Steps to Finding Better Influencers


Identify trends and anomalies that can drive better decision making. AirPR’s software allows users to identify related topics, co-mentions and trends and understand the influencers who are driving conversation – and conversion. Blog Industry Insights & Trends

4 trends that prove content marketing is on the rise

PR Daily

You’ve probably come across the same marketing trends, posts and research studies that everyone else has. These are all important trends to keep on your radar, and it’d be a good idea for all of us to watch them closely as they evolve and continue testing them out ourselves.

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PepsiCo faces backlash after ‘Lady Doritos’ trends

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The term “Lady Doritos” trended throughout Monday on Twitter, making it to the second-most popular among U.S. Justine Raymond (@jmarieray) February 5, 2018. Tiffany Midge (@TiffanyMidge) February 5, 2018. ariel (@arielgitlin) February 5, 2018.

Facebook executives silent as #DeleteFacebook trends

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The crisis has deepened, with the hashtag #DeleteFacebook, reminiscent of the backlash to Uber , trending on Twitter. chachina) March 21, 2018. reggie watts (@reggiewatts) March 21, 2018. GarinCFC1905) March 20, 2018. Brian Acton (@brianacton) March 20, 2018.

2018 CHE Senior Summit Spotlight: Balancing Opposing Student Voices


As communications leaders in higher education face unprecedented challenges and uncertainties, it is imperative that we understand those trends in order to lead our institutions, provide counsel and deploy solutions.